Apple Music Had People Convinced Ariana Grande Was Dating A Girl Named Aubrey

Do you ever listen to a song and hear something you’re not supposed to hear? For instance, have you listened to Elton John‘s “Tiny Dancer” and thought the singer-songwriter said, “Tony Danza?” Or have you turned on the radio and heard Taylor Swift‘s “Blank Space” and when the musician sings “Starcrossed lovers,” you thought she actually said, “Starbucks lovers?” (I’ll admit, I’m still guilty of this one) It happens all the time.

The point is, everyone is guilty of mishearing a song lyric from time-to-time. But when it comes to misunderstanding the words sung by Ariana Grande in her new hit single, “thank u, next,” it is causing a lot of listeners to jump to conclusions when it comes to the singer’s romantic life. As it is reported, there are several people who are hearing Ariana Grande say “Aubrey” when she actually sings “Ari,” in reference to herself. And it’s causing a lot of music fans to believe that Ariana Grande is in a relationship with a girl named Aubrey. To add to the confusion, Apple Music has the wrong lyrics currently available.

According to East Bay Times, there are music fans who believe Ariana Grande is coming out with her latest song due to a great deal of confusion resulting from its lyrics. To add to the mayhem, Apple Music has “Aubrey” written instead of “Ari” when Ariana Grande sings the following in her song:

Ariana Grande didn’t intend on coming out with this new song, but a lot of fans apparently believe that’s what she’s doing when they hear the mysterious name of Aubrey instead of Ari. Of course, Ariana Grande is using it as an abbreviation of her own name. In the actual song, the lyrics are meant to imply that she is in a relationship with herself, and she doesn’t need another relationship. But upon first listen, some fans heard differently.

Ariana Grande’s new song, “thank u, next,” was released on Saturday night, shortly before Pete Davidson addressed his broken engagement with Grande on the latest episode of Saturday Night Live. There were rumors of bitterness forming between the former lovers, but Davidson had nothing but kind words to say about his ex, and Ariana Grande is seemingly using this newest controversial single to make peace with the end of her relationship. She also uses “thank u, next” to address the recent, unexpected death of her previous ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, who tragically passed earlier this year.

You’ve probably heard the song already. But in case you haven’t, or you’re looking to hear it once again, here’s Ariana Grande’s newest hit single, “thank u, next.”

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Demi Lovato Is Reportedly In A Halfway House

In the middle of the summer season, Demi Lovato fans were given some shocking and saddening news: Demi Lovato was being rushed to the hospital in what was believed to be a severe drug overdose. Thankfully, Lovato was given proper care and medical attention, and the singer-songwriter has since spent the days after this tragic ordeal focused on her health and recovery. And she is allegedly at the next stage of her recovery process at this time. It is being reported that Demi Lovato is currently separating her time between living in a halfway house and residing in her private home in L.A.

Here’s what we know about Demi Lovato’s current living situation. According to TMZ, the pop musician is reportedly currently out of rehab, but she isn’t looking to return to her regular lifestyle just yet. Instead, Lovato is allegedly taking the time to live healthily and under supervision at a halfway house. Three days a week, to be exact. During the other four days of the week, however, Demi Lovato is reportedly continuing to live in her private residence based in Los Angeles, where she reportedly hoping to work her way back into her normal routine again. It looks looking to restore her sense of stability.

According to sources close to Demi Lovato, that routine involved in her daily commutes include frequent visits to the gym and other errands. In addition to these mundane activities, Demi Lovato is also reportedly visiting AA meetings regularly, and she is typically seen with a sobriety coach.

This news comes shortly after Demi Lovato quit her hiatus from social media by reminding her followers to vote on Tuesday, accompanied by a photo of the celeb doing the same thing. It was the first time she posted a picture of herself on Instagram since July, and it was one of the most recent times that the celebrity has spoken out publicly since the incident in July occurred. Thankfully, Demi Lovato looks healthy and happy as she is seen voting.

I’m glad to know that Demi Lovato is reportedly on the road to recovery at the moment and that she is taking the proper steps to live her life sober and clean. The musician celebrated six years of sobriety earlier this year, before she fell off the wagon and relapsed with this terrifying visit to the ER. Her health and sobriety seem to be among her top properties at the moment, and we’re thankful to know that she is looking out for herself at this time.

The last time we heard a report from Demi Lovato was two months earlier, when she was still in rehab but receiving regular visits from her former boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama. We’ll continue to keep you posted on all the latest developments with the celebrity right here at CinemaBlend.

Destiny 2’s Temporal Surge Brings Back Old Emotes

A new feature went live in Destiny 2 this week that will allow players to snag in-game goodies they might have missed. It’s called a “Temporal Surge,” and its first inventory is all about emotes.

Having limited time offerings in a video game is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it gives players something to chase. On the other hand, it can be a real pain if, despite your best effort or long hours played, you don’t get the special item you were hoping for. In Destiny 2, Bungie has come up with a way to address that situation, though only if you’re willing to fork over some moolah.

According to a recent blog post, Bungie has introduced a “Temporal Surge” feature in the game’s virtual marketplace, the Eververse. That’s where Guardians can purchase premium items or gain access to limited items, which are typically granted through Bright Engrams. In case that’s confusing, it breaks down like this: After you hit the game’s maximum level, your experience gains start rewarding you with Bright Engrams instead of a new level. Those Engrams can be turned in for free cosmetic loot. Bungie even introduced a new Matrix system recently that makes it so you don’t get duplicate gear, which is super helpful.

Despite all of that, sometimes players miss out on the sweet new gear, especially the more rare Exotic items. The solution is the Temporal Surge, a new wing of the Eververse storefront where items that are no longer part of the random roll can be obtained for Silver. You get Silver for spending real-world money at a rate of 100 Silver for a buck.

As noted above, the first inventory for the Temporal Surge is a bunch of emotes that were available for the first year in Destiny 2, before the Forsaken update, but have since been removed from the rotation. These include the popular selfie emote and the one that has your Guardian sweeping the floor. Those two Exotic emotes will set you back 10 Silver, while eight Legendary emotes are 500 Silver apiece and another eight Rare emotes are 200 Silver each.

This first group of Temporal Surge offerings will be available through 9 a.m. PST on Nov. 13 so, if there’s something you want to add to your collection, you’ve got a little less than a week to make it happen.

It’s important to note that the Rare and Legendary emotes are the same as they were when they were originally available while the Exotic Emotes will have recolored effects. So folks who like to claim that they earned their Exotic emote while others bought theirs will still be able to prove their superiority, or something, I guess.

There’s no telling what the next inventory refresh will bring to Destiny 2, but the Eververse has a lot to work with. From Sparrows and ships to Ghost shells and armor, they can probably keep the virtual shelves full for some time to come.

Exclusive Robin Hood Clip Shows Our Hero Planning A Suicide Mission

It has been years since Hollywood delivered a traditional Robin Hood adventure aimed at thrilling audiences. The industry has turned its collective attentions to superheroes these days, shelving the original hero — who fights with his trusty bow and arrow. However, Robin of Loxley finally returns to cinemas later this month in Otto Bathurst’s Robin Hood, and Lionsgate shared an exclusive clip with CinemaBlend to help get you excited for what’s to come:

The upcoming Robin Hood casts Taron Egerton in the lead role, trading his Eddie the Eagle skies and his Kingsman suits and gadgets for the trademark hood and bow of the world’s most famous archer.

In the clip shared above, we see Robin and his crew planning what sounds like, on the surface, a suicide mission. Literally, Jamie Dornan’s character, Will Scarlet, says that any attempt at attacking the convoy that Robin is targeting would basically turn them into lambs for the slaughter.

Think that’s going to stop Robin Hood from attempting the mission?

Don’t bet on it. As the clip ends, he demands that a meeting be set up at Loxley Manor, so you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be going ahead with the job… likely setting up one of the better action set pieces in Otto Bathurst’s pending adventure.

Stories of the outlaw Robin Hood date back to the 13th and 14th centuries, and they all follow a familiar path. Born from nobility, Robin is a warrior who chooses to fight on behalf of the common man. “Rob from the rich and give to the poor” is a popular mantra associated with Robin Hood, and various films over the years have played up that mythology for the entertainment of many.

The new movie Robin Hood will serve as a new origin story for the classic hero (in fact, at one point, this movie worked from a script titled Robin Hood: Origins). And Taron Egerton seems like the perfect choice to embody the swashbuckling hero for a modern age. The original trailer for Robin Hood showed how Otto Bathurst would mix period landscapes and contemporary action, almost in a Guy Ritchie approach. He also landed some incredible actors to surround Egerton in his starring role.

Though not featured in the above exclusive clip, Robin Hood will co-star Jamie Foxx in the role of Little John, Robin’s best friend and the leader of the Merry Men. Eve Hewson assumes the love-interest role of Maid Marian, though as we can see, she’ll be in on the action.

And in the final bit of casting that has us incredibly excited for this feature, Robin Hood lured Ben Mendelsohn to play the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Sure, it’s typecast to put Mendelsohn in your villain role. But seeing him as the Sheriff is too delicious to pass up.

The movie will be in theaters on November 21. It’s a thrilling option for your Thanksgiving theater excursion. Think you will check it out?

DC Universe’s Swamp Thing Cast A Friday The 13th Star As Its Comic Book Monster

While DC Universe’s streaming service may be mostly devoted to the myriad superheroes that put DC Comics on the map, a few delightful outlier properties are also getting some much-needed attention. For example, we’re getting a new Swamp Thing TV show, and now we know who will take on the central roles. The Friday the 13th reboot‘s Jason Voorhees himself, Derek Mears, will be covered in muck to portray the eco-altered bog monster, while Here and Now‘s Andy Bean was cast as the human alter ego, Alec Holland.

With Titans currently winning over audiences with its freshman season on DC Universe, Swamp Thing is just putting all of its various pieces together, with quite a few casting stories dropping in recent days. But none were more anticipated than the announcement about the creature himself.

Derek Mears is a pretty solid choice for the role of Swamp Thing, and not only because he’s donned the hockey mask as one of cinema’s most popular monsters for 2009’s maligned Friday the 13th. According to the official description, Mears’ Swamp Thing will obviously have a “monstrous physique” and will boast “strange new powers over plant life.”

Dark forces will be threatening the safety and well being of those in the town of Marais, which means our titular green anti-hero will have to come to terms with his transformation in order to save the town. Oh, and possibly THE ENTIRE WORLD. It probably won’t be the easiest set of goals, but I’m betting not everyone is willing to engage with a beast that looks like Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing definitely isn’t the first time the genre-friendly Derek Mears signed on for a DC Comics project. During The Flash Season 4, the actor played Sylbert Rundine, a.k.a. Dwarfstar, for a couple of episodes. He also tapped into his Marvel sensibilities as a Kree Captain on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. As far as other fictional badasses go, Mears also portrayed Kickpuncher on Community, and we’re bummed there hasn’t been a spinoff yet.

Meanwhile, the show’s central doomed biologist Alec Holland will be played by Andy Bean, who will be seen by millions as Adult Stanley Uris in IT: Chapter Two. A scientist with passion to spare, Alec discovers that a new illness affecting the town of Marais has connections to work he is doing in a local swamp. Enter one dark force or two, and Alec gets transformed into the flowery Swamp Thing.

For the most part, Swamp Thing projects tend to use Alec’s human form as an origin-story prop, while sticking almost entirely to the creature element in the aftermath. However, that may change with DC Universe’s Swamp Thing, which cast Andy Bean as a full series regular. He’ll clearly be around for more than just the premiere, but how will that work? Perhaps Derek Mears will just provide the intimidating physical form for Swamp Thing, while Bean handles the voice work?

This pair marks the latest bit of exciting casting for Swamp Thing in recent weeks. The first star cast was Flashdance‘s Jennifer Beals, who will play the practical and extremely tough Sheriff Lucila Cable. The Walking Dead recurrer Jeryl Prescott was cast as the sorceress protagonist Madame Xanadu. And when it comes to romance, Gotham‘s Crystal Reed will be playing Alec’s significant other Abby Arcane.

Over on the more villainous side of things, Falling Skies‘ Will Patton will play the antagonist Avery Sunderland. Designated Survivor‘s Virginia Madsen will play his originated-for-TV wife, named Maria.

It’s currently unknown when Swamp Thing will make its big debut on DC Universe, but you can bet we’ll be watching out for a date. In the meantime, the fall TV schedule has something for every kind of TV fan to start obsessing over.

Secret Life Of Pets 2 Trailer Is Full Of Hilariously Unstable Animals

Pet parents love to spill their guts to their furry friends, because there is no fear or judgement and they’re great listeners. Flip the perspective over to the adorable pets and there’s no limit to what could be going on in their heads. 2016’s The Secret Life of Pets explored what shenanigans your household animals could be up to when you leave them at home. The first look at the upcoming sequel checks back in with Max, the terrier, as he unwillingly pays a visit to the vet. Check it out:

Sometimes it’s ruff to be a pup! The first trailer for The Secret Life of Pets 2 from Illumination is a hilarious sneak peek of what’s in store for Max, as the story seems to have him facing a vet specializing in behavioral disorders. While in the waiting room, the terrier talks with a cute cat who tries to assure him about the coming appointment, before going off the rails a bit in front of him. The rest of the clip has various pets in the surrounding area revealing their thoughts. A hamster finding crisis in the fact that he keeps running in his wheel and it takes him nowhere, a dog wondering if he’s really a good boy and a pair of creepy cats who start fires.

This bunch of hilariously unstable animals is a clever introduction to the sequel, and reminds audiences why its original film had so many moviegoers were eager to go see it in summer 2016. The Secret Life of Pets snatched $368 million domestically and became the highest earning film for Illumination to date. So it’s no surprise a sequel was announced just a few months after the first movie’s release. The premise is a crowd-pleasing one that many pet parents can relate to and is comparable to the draw of the Toy Story movies.

The first trailer is the perfect introduction for the sequel, and it looks like it’s the first of many. This trailer is titled the “Max” trailer and announces at the end to “look out for more character trailers”. In anticipation for The Secret Life of Pets 2 we may get to check in other main characters such as Duke the brown mutt (Eric Stonestreet), the hilarious white rabbit named Snowball, played by Kevin Hart or Lake Bell’s Chloe the level-headed tabby cat.

While much of the main ensemble cast also including Jenny Slate, Hannibal Buress and Nick Kroll are expected to lend their voices to the sequel, the voice of Max was recast. In The Secret Life of Pets, the terrier was voiced by Louis C.K., but in light of the sexual allegations he was accused of, Illumination “terminated their relationship” with him and Patton Oswalt is reprising the role instead. Other new actors joining the cast are Harrison Ford, which will mark the actor’s first animated feature and Tiffany Haddish, who will also soon lend her talents to The Lego Movie 2.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 comes to theaters on June 7, 2019. Before the exciting release, Illumination Entertainment is gearing up for an animated remake of The Grinch, bringing holiday spirit to you this Friday, November 9.

HBO And George R.R. Martin Aren’t In Agreement About Game Of Thrones Prequel Title

Oops. Apparently author George R.R. Martin stuck his foot in it with recent comments about the Game of Thrones prequel, and now Clarification Is Coming. In his blog, GRRM had mentioned the new project being titled The Long Night. But he sent that raven too soon, and returned to his blog after getting a wrist-slap from HBO:

Come on, Hollywood. Let George R.R. Martin break some news. His blog is often a treasure-trove of behind-the-scenes intel, so hopefully HBO doesn’t try to silence him the way they’ve tried to shut down any spoilers for the final season of Game of Thrones.

Since Game of Thrones is based on the author’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, he should be allowed to reveal whatever he wants. And if he wants the title of this first spinoff series to be The Long Night, then maybe let that be it. This prequel is reportedly set thousands of years before the events of Game of Thrones, and “The Long Night” is what the people of Westeros called a (literally) dark time during the Age of Heroes when a great winter lasted for many years.

George R.R. Martin prefers the term “successor shows” to spinoffs, but we know several spinoffs — all prequels to Game of Thrones — are in the works at HBO. So far, only one of them has been ordered to pilot. As the author mentioned, it’s being led by co-writer and showrunner Jane Goldman. Naomi Watts and Josh Whitehouse were recently cast for it, and it sounds like GRRM knows more at this point, but just can’t say it. (He also hinted to more info on his Wild Cards series.)

The author has given some hints on the other potential spinoffs, ruling out Robert’s Rebellion or anything on Dunk and Egg. We’ll have to stay tuned for more details on this still officially untitled prequel series, plus the others that may or may not move forward to get pilots of their own.

Meanwhile, Game of Thrones Season 8 has wrapped filming, and we recently got new details on how the final season will begin. Those six episodes are meant to premiere in the first half of 2019 on HBO. We know the prequels won’t arrive on HBO until after the final season airs, so it will be many long nights before we see The Long Night — or whatever it’s ultimately called.

Brie Larson’s New Captain Marvel Image Accidentally Contains A Phone Sex Number

On Monday, Brie Larson shared an image from her upcoming film Captain Marvel while encouraging everyone to vote on Election Day. The image is seemingly innocuous enough, showing the titular hero in her Starforce uniform standing at a payphone. But presumably unbeknownst to Brie Larson, the payphone in the photo actually has a 1-800 number on it. This number is not only functional, but it leads to a phone sex line. Check out the photo below.

While it’s hard to see here, the phone number on the telephone reads 1-800-654-2192 (via Reddit). It seems that Disney once used this number for television shows similar to the way the 555 numbers are used in movies and TV today. The 1-800 number was once seen in the commercials for the Tipton Hotel on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

Well, the Tipton and Disney must have let the number go because it no longer leads callers to a pre-recorded message from ABC or to the fictional Boston hotel. So the shared MCU/Disney Channel universe is not canon. The number on Captain Marvel’s payphone is now used by a phone sex hotline. Check for yourself if you must, but yeah, it’s legit.

I don’t know whether it’s more shocking that this oversight happened under the tight ship Disney runs or that phone sex lines are still even a thing.

It’s not clear if Captain Marvel was calling the number, but if she was, no judgment here, Captain Marvel just got to Earth and doesn’t know anybody, and she’s probably a little lonely and could use someone to talk to. Maybe Carol Danvers wound up on the phone with Jennifer Jason Leigh’s phone sex operator from Robert Altman’s Short Cuts. Or maybe she was calling to hang out with Zack and Cody at the Tipton. We may never know.

I’m not sure if Brie Larson’s Instagram post encouraged people to get out and vote. Hopefully it did, but it has probably caused “America’s hottest talk line” to see a definite uptick in the number of calls it is receiving. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of those calls is Disney trying to buy the number back. Or Disney could just go the Justice League route and use CGI to scrub out and change the number in post.

If I had to take a wild guess at how exactly a phone sex number wound up on a payphone in a still from a Disney film, I’d say that the payphone is a prop that Disney has had since the company owned the number. This movie is set in the ’90s and a payphone was needed. This one was dragged out from wherever it was stored, knowing that it had a Disney-owned number on it. Nobody thought to check to make sure that was still the case, and here we are.

Captain Marvel arrives in theaters on March 8, 2019. Check out our 2019 release schedule for all the movies on next year’s jam-packed calendar, and for a good time that doesn’t cost you $3 per minute, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

How Queen Feels About Rami Malek Portraying Freddie Mercury In Bohemian Rhapsody

If there’s one genre that’s proven tried and true around Awards Season, its biopics. Seeing a real life story told through the magic of movies has been a winning combination for films like Walk The Line and The King’s Speech, and the latest blockbuster of this sort is Bryan Singer’s Freddie Mercury movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Telling the life of both Mercury and Queen itself, Bohemian Rhapsody has made a ton of money at the box office, with no signs of slowing down.

The original members of Queen are all major characters in the new movie, although Freddie Mercury takes most of the film’s focus. Mr. Robot standout Rami Malek plays Mercury, but what do the members of Queen think of his performance? Quite a few of them have spoken out since Bohemian Rhapsody hit theaters, and they seem to be pleased with Malek’s take on the late singer.

Guitarist Brian May was played by Gwilym Lee in Bohemian Rhapsody, and recently opened up about Rami Malek’s performance as his former band mate and friend. According to May, both he and drummer Roger Taylor could really see Freddie Mercury in Malek. As he tells it,

We kind of saw Freddie in him and we could sense Rami’s passion. The first time we saw him was actually in Roger’s flat. It must have been horrible for him, having us watching him for the first time. But we were really blown away by him and his ability to perform— he’s incredible.

Well, that’s pretty high praise. Rami Malek had to audition and get approval from the members of Queen, so he was literally seeking the band’s approval at one point. Luckily, Brian May seemed to think he had the stuff, and saw the raw passion and talent that Freddie Mercury had during his life.

Aside from the actual audition, Brian May also praised Rami Malek’s ability to inhabit the many sides of Freddie Mercury. In his same conversation with Arab News, May expanded his thoughts, saying:

I love the way that Rami has captured not only Freddie’s great power and ebullience, but also his sensitive, vulnerable side, of which there was a lot. You know, he came from very small, humble beginnings, as you see in the film.

While Roger Taylor wasn’t quite as eloquent and quotable as his bandmate Brian May, the Queen drummer did seem to agree with the assessment. A simple “Well done, Rami!” was what he added in their joint interview, which is enough praise to convince some of the naysayers out there. Bohemian Rhapsody had some controversy surrounding it before the release, so the approval of the original Band is a major step forward.

Of course, Rami Malek isn’t the only contemporary star who has had to win over the generations of Queen fans out there. American Idol alum Adam Lambert joined the group a few years ago, singing Freddie Mercury’s part to bring the band’s former glory to life. He’s got the never ending vocal rage of Mercury, so what did he think of Malek and Bohemian Rhapsody?

Adam Lambert spoke to ET about that subject, praising the sensitive way Rami Malek approached Freddie Mercury’s story. As he told it:

[I’ve] met him a couple times now. He’s great. He’s really good in the film too, very sensitive portrayal.

When Bohemian Rhapsody was first announced, there were some fans that were disappointed Adam Lambert wasn’t asked to play Freddie. He knows the band and music well, and knows how to perform all of the classic Queen hits. Given Lambert’s previous acting experience Fox’s in Rocky Horror Picture Show and Glee, it’s not like he’d be uncomfortable on camera. But Lambert explained he wasn’t right for the part, saying:

I don’t look like Freddie. I don’t sound like Freddie. I sound like me. Rami looks amazing. He’s a great actor. From what I understand, they used pieces of actual studio recording of Freddie and Marc Martel, who is an impersonator of Freddie Mercury, to do some of the other vocal stuff. So it’s really about recreating Freddie. So no, it wouldn’t have been me.

Well, that puts that to bed. Adam Lambert didn’t have an interest in playing Freddie Mercury, and seems to be throwing Rami Malek his full approval.

Rami Malek actively sought the approval of Brian May and Roger Taylor, bonding over drinks and maintaining a personal relationship. But they also made him stand there while they watched his audition tape, which was no doubt a nerve-wracking experience. But according to Malek, they were very happy with his portrayal. As the actor told The Daily Mail,

But Brian May was really sweet. I think he was taken aback. He used the word ‘uncanny.’

That’s pretty much the goal, no? The pressure of doing a biopic is accurately portraying the real-life figures involved. Brian May and Roger Taylor truly know what Freddie Mercury was like, so that stamp of approval must have been a relief for Rami Malek. It certainly was a winning combination for moviegoers.

Bohemian Rhapsody has had an interesting journey to theaters. Bryan Singer dropped out of the project before it was completed, although he’s still credited as the director. There was also controversy surrounding the portrayal of Freddie Mercury’s sexuality ahead of its release, with advocates claiming it didn’t focus on his romantic relationships with men. Still, the myriad controversies and mediocre critical reception didn’t stop the movie from making a ton at the box office.

Bohemian Rhapsody is in theaters now. Be sure to check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trips to the movies.

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Alec Baldwin’s New Show Already Got Some Bad News From ABC

Alec Baldwin’s yugely bad week just got worse. ABC is yanking The Alec Baldwin Show from its Sunday night schedule, giving Shark Tank that 10 p.m. spot starting November 18. Baldwin’s show will return to TV on December 8, but now airing on Saturday nights in what’s widely considered a TV dead zone.

It’s seen as basically a pre-cancellation move for The Alec Baldwin Show, which just debuted in mid-October and has only aired four episodes so far. This would be Alec Baldwin’s second canceled talk show — Up Late with Alec Baldwin was dropped after one season on MSNBC in 2013.

It sucks to see your shows canceled, but at least it’s better than getting arrested — which is what happened to Alec Baldwin over the weekend. That untimely incident may have paved the way for this network decision, though that’s not something ABC is vocalizing.

The Alec Baldwin Show premiered with a pilot episode back in March, with Jerry Seinfeld and Kate McKinnon as guests. That debuted to 3.6 million viewers, which was hopeful for anything airing in the time slot of 12:30-1:30 a.m. on Sunday night/Monday morning.

When the show officially launched Sundays at 10 p.m. on October 14, however, it did not do so well. The new series debuted to 2.2 million viewers and a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demographic for its first episode, which featured guests Robert De Niro and Taraji P. Henson. Later Alec Baldwin Show guests included Kim Kardashian West, Ricky Gervais, Jeff Bridges, and — most recently — Mike Myers and Cecile Richards.

The latest episode, airing November 4, only picked up 1.5 million viewers and a 0.3 rating. As Variety noted, that makes it one of ABC’s lowest-rated programs. So it’s not a shock that the network would move it to Saturdays for a quiet fade-out. When it does return on Saturdays, guests will include Sarah Jessica Parker, Kerry Washington, and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Speaking of Saturdays, Alec Baldwin is probably best known these days for his portrayal of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. But this past weekend, following the actor’s arrest for allegedly punching a stranger over a parking space, even SNL took a shot at him as “disgraced former actor Alec Baldwin.” Baldwin disputed the punch allegations, but it’s certainly not the first time he’s been associated with hot-headed spectacles. (If only his talk shows were as widely reported as his personal drama, they’d stay on air for decades.)

To be fair to Alec Baldwin, primetime talk shows are a tough sell in general. Remember The Jay Leno Show? NBC axed the former Tonight Show host’s 10 p.m. talk show after just four episodes, and Entertainment Weekly mocked it as the biggest bomb ever. So things could probably be worse.

Plus, Alec Baldwin still has a home on ABC as host of Match Game, which recently finished airing Season 3. He could’ve been part of the upcoming Joker movie, in the part of Thomas Wayne, but he reportedly stepped aside from that due to conflicts with other projects. (Among other reasons.)

Maybe now that Alec Baldwin’s talk show is riding off into the sunset, and he’ll reportedly be playing Trump less on SNL, he’ll have more time for other film projects. Starting on December 8, you can find The Alec Baldwin Show airing on ABC on Saturday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET. While waiting for its return, anyone else ready to see what his Blake from Glengarry Glen Ross is up to these days?