Walking Dead Actor Scott Wilson Dead At 76

Scott Wilson, the actor who played one of The Walking Dead‘s most-beloved characters, has died. Wilson, who played Hershel Greene in Seasons 2 through 4 of AMC’s zombie series, has died at age 76 following a battle with cancer. News of his death was confirmed by the official Twitter account for The Walking Dead, which said the following:

The news was met with much sadness throughout The Walking Dead community as actors including Chandler Riggs, Michael Cudlitz, and Garrett Dillahunt shared their condolences. At New York Comic Con, news of Scott Wilson’s death spread not long after new showrunner Angela Kang announced he would return to play Hershel at some point in Season 9. This means fans will have one more chance to see the actor onscreen in character despite the announcement of his passing, although it’s not known exactly when that will take place.

Scott Wilson became a quick fan-favorite on The Walking Dead, as Hershel Greene was the veterinarian healer of the group and sometimes the voice of reason for the Survivors when times got rough. Wilson’s time on The Walking Dead was initially supposed to conclude in Season 2, but the show’s writers decided to keep Hershel alive to explore the dramatic impact of him losing the farm. Wilson stayed with the series all the way to Season 4, where he was decapitated by The Governor. Hershel would appear via flashbacks in the Season 4 finale, but has not appeared in The Walking Dead since that season, although we now know that will change.

Scott Wilson’s career began long before his time on The Walking Dead, with his first credited role coming in the 1967 classic film In The Heat Of The Night. Wilson would remain active in the film world following that appearance, and wouldn’t get his first television role until 1986, when he appeared in an episode of The Twilight Zone. Wilson would slowly embrace television a bit more over the next couple of decades, and eventually landed a recurring role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as a casino owner named Sam Braun.

A few television appearances and some years later Sam Wilson would appear on The Walking Dead, although the end of Hershel Greene was not the end of his run in Hollywood. Wilson would appear in character roles in Bosch and Damien, and would get another major role as Prairie Johnson’s father in the Netflix original series The OA. The series was renewed for Season 2 some time ago, although it is not known if Wilson was set to appear in any of those episodes or not.

CinemaBlend would like to offer its condolences to the family and friends of Scott Wilson and wish them well during this troubling time.

What Outlander’s New Opening Credits Tell Us About Season 4

Outlander is known for many things after three full seasons on the air, and one of those things is the always-stunning opening credits sequence. Scored with a haunting version of “The Skye Boat Song,” the credits combine clips that have been used for the opening from the very beginning with clips from the upcoming season. While the credits don’t deliver full scenes or give away everything we can expect, there are generally very big clues for the eagle-eyed viewers. Luckily for those of us dying for new Outlander content ahead of the November premiere of Season 4, the fourth season title credits have released, and they tell a fair amount about what’s to come. Take a look!

Well, if there was any doubt that Outlander would embrace the colonial American spirit, the Season 4 title credits should be proof to the contrary! The latest version of “The Skye Boat Song” is even different, sounding more folksy, including more strings, and even featuring more voices chiming in by the final lines, Notably, the drums from the credits when the show was still primarily set in Scotland are absent. They’re not in Scotland anymore!

Jamie and Claire are clearly embracing America in more ways than just its colonial spirit, The shot of their cabin in the woods looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, meaning that they — or mostly Jamie — probably built it. Life in America will give them the chance to set down roots in a way they were never able to before, even in Lallybroch. Jamie inherited Lallybroch and his position as laird, however briefly he held it. He can build his life and legacy in America, and Claire’s knowledge of her future adopted country will surely come in handy.

Native Americans will be in the mix as well, and they may not take kindly to Jamie, Claire, and any other settlers setting up in their lands. A previous trailer indicated that there will be an area ideal for time travel known by the Native Americans, much as some of the local women knew of the standing stones at Craigh na Dun in Scotland and rumors abounded of Abandawe in the Caribbean. Given that we know Brianna will be traveling to the past, perhaps this portal of sorts will come in handy. Whether that comes to pass or not, the Native Americans will clearly have a significant presence in the new season.

Brianna looks to be at the standing stones at Craigh na Dun for her attempt to go to the past, so she probably won’t require the help of the Native Americans in reuniting with her mom and meeting her dad. Later in the credits, there’s a shot of a man with a sketchbook and a drawing of Brianna, although it’s difficult to say if that’s in 18th century Scotland or 18th century America. Depending on the source of the drawing, Brianna could be in danger.

What would an opening titles sequence for Outlander be without hints of nudity and 18th century fashion as well? Claire will have at least one occasion to tighten the corset strings in colonial America. My money is on her ditching the corset once she moves to the middle of nowhere with Jamie, but their time at Jocasta’s plantation will likely demand more of her.

It’s also evident that Outlander will spend some time in the 1960s beyond Brianna’s decision to journey to the past. The quick glimpse of men dancing in kilts with numbers attached to the fabric can only point toward Brianna on an outing with Roger. We should count on seeing him back at some point. As much as Season 4 will have to pack a lot into not a whole lot of time if Outlander wants to fit the whole fourth book in there, we can probably expect more than just a couple minutes in the 60s.

Now, if you’ve read the fourth book in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander saga or are just in the mood for some spoilers, head on over to the next page to discover a major arc that is teased in the credits. If not, prepare yourself for the premiere of Outlander Season 4, which hits the airwaves on Sunday, November 4 at 8 p.m. ET on Starz.

Kingdom Hearts Will Get One More Compilation Before Kingdom Hearts III



KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories

KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days (HD Remastered cinematics)


KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep Final MIX

KINGDOM HEARTS Re:coded (HD Remastered cinematics)


KINGDOM HEARTS Dream Drop Distance HD

KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 Birth by Sleep –A fragmentary passage–

KINGDOM HEARTS ? Back Cover (movie)

A Long Awaited PlayStation Feature May Finally Be On The Way

There has been one feature among many that gamers have been desperately asking for from Sony. And after years of begging, Sony has finally acquiesced and it appears as if the company might be giving gamers what they’ve been asking for regarding one particular feature for the PlayStation platforms. I’m not entirely sure why it took Sony so long to deliver the feature, but for gamers who have been begging and pleading for it, it looks like it will be coming sooner rather than later.

Kotaku is reporting that PSN name changes may be on the way. The change will enable users to change their PSN IDs into new IDs, according to the Kotaku article. The PlayStation Network name changes will reportedly be coming soon.

Supposedly, there are multiple studios working with Sony on the changes and that the changes are currently being worked on so that they will be compatible with the security and infrastructure setup of the current PlayStation Network system.

This isn’t just entirely hearsay, there were some physical forms of proof that were provided to indicate that the change was at least in development. The proof came in the form of a screenshot from an internal documentation that featured an “edit username” option and that the documentation itself was to help developers with implementing the ability to change the username of a PlayStation Network ID.

The article states that there is no time frame on when this particular feature will roll out, but that it is in the pipeline. It also mentions that there could be issues with the new change, given that PSN IDs utilize account usernames that link to the game’s user ID. As opposed to having the account ID and the in-game ID as separate identifiers. This means that there could be issues that arise where you might change your PlayStation Network ID but still have your old username when you enter into certain PSN-enabled games that relied on the old username setup.

This is presumably why multiple studios are working with Sony on the issue so that they can update and upgrade their user ID systems to fall in line with the new system that Sony has coming down the pipeline.

It’s been a long-requested feature from gamers given that Sony’s nearest competitors, including Microsoft, Valve, and Nintendo, all allow you to change your user ID when playing online. Now you know something is bad when Nintendo, of all companies, allows you to change your Nintendo Network profile name when playing online with just a few easy button presses, but Sony doesn’t.

Microsoft charges for name changes on Xbox Live, but it’s a fairly painless process to have your unique Gametag ID changed from the account settings.

Valve also allows you to change what your user display name is in Steam, even though your account ID will stay static.

If Sony finally does pull the trigger on this feature and implement the name changes, it would finally bring the company up to par with the rest of the competition.

Sounds Like The Walking Dead Is Really Fleshing Out Its Characters In Season 9

Fans of The Walking Dead are preparing for a season of significant change when the show’s ninth season finally begins to unravel. The loss of the series’ lead, among other developments, marks a sea of change for the veteran zombie drama. Instead of trying to rush things, Greg Nicotero is sharing that the show will be taking its time to flesh out its characters and make room for the important stuff. Nicotero said:

The Walking Dead‘s executive producer, director, and makeup supervisor shared the revealing Season 9 tidbit with UPROXX, and that is not all he told them. Greg Nicotero also compared the show’s ninth installment to Season 2. While acknowledging the backlash that season incurred, Nicotero also pointed out that it was a pivotal one that saw the audience fall in love with Daryl and Carol. The reason being, because the show took the time.

The nuanced approach that Greg Nicotero is teasing for Season 9 hints at a return to form for the series, at a time where it will be undergoing at least one radical alteration. One particularly stands to alter how it has always been. It is a move that fans are likely to appreciate. The Walking Dead will be taking the time to give them the conversations they care about, while they can still be heard. Sadly, fans will not be able to lean in and hear from certain characters for much longer.

While Daryl will be sticking around, conversations between he and Rick, where they talk about their feelings are not long for the series. It is a bittersweet angle that could offer an intense emotional draw for fans wanting to savor the moment. Remembering the way things were before they turn to face what is and will be. The interaction between the characters has been one of the show’s appealing factors for fans.

While the drama will be taking the chance to slow down and smell the roses, it will also be gearing up for a lot of nail-biting developments, including a death. Find out how it all unfolds when The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres Sunday, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. The zombie drama joins a slew of other series set to return and premiere this fall.

Greg Nicotero recently revealed that he directed Andrew Lincoln’s final scenes on the drama, while sharing he is still in a bit of denial over Lincoln having left it. In many ways, what Nicotero has teased sounds like the season Walking Dead fans have been waiting to see.

Red Dead Redemption 2’s PS4 Exclusives Revealed

For many games coming out in this day and age, there are usually pre-order bonuses, or deluxe edition exclusives, or console or retailer specific items designed to give gamers something extra for spending a little extra on the game, or for buying a particular version of the game. In this case, Rockstar Games and Sony have teamed up for the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 to offer gamers something special and unique for their adventures in the Wild West crime-drama, due out later this month. The PlayStation 4 exclusives were finally revealed for the game, and it includes four particular items that might help change the complexion of your success when engaged in gunfights, attempting to score a hot date, or trying to outrun or catch a stage coach. The revelation of the four items was well-received by the community and you can finally check out what they are right now.

Venom’s Opening Weekend Is Poised To Break October Records

Audiences just can’t look away from a certain alien symbiotic creature in the first weekend of October. While the villain’s friendly neighborhood comic book rival was nowhere to be found, (off in the depths of the MCU not feeling too well) as the solo origin of Venom has proved itself to be a record-breaking success story. The first installment of Sony’s Spider-Verse will own the charts as the highest performing October release of all time, since it took home a $32.75 million opening on Friday, including its Thursday $10 million earnings. While early tracking projected the spin-off to earn between $55-65 million, Venom is looking at a $75 million debut weekend, surpassing 2013’s Gravity, which previously held the October record with $55.7 million.

Venom was met with early mixed-to-negative reviews from critics, often calling it a throwback to Marvel’s darker days with a feel much like that of Catwoman and Daredevil. CinemaBlend’s review said what many feared, the film couldn’t stand on its own without Spider-Man sharing some of the spotlight. Apparently, Lady Gaga fans even waged a Twitter war against Venom, by tweeting out criticisms in hopes for her proper film debut, A Star is Born to gain more theater attendance. Yet none of this could keep fans away with these record-breaking numbers, according to Box Office Mojo results.

Venom follows reporter Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), obsessed with exposing genius billionaire Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed) and his unethical foundation. While digging deeper into his exposé, Brock bonds with the alien symbiote, giving him incredible powers and violent desires. The film is the beginning of a planned Spider-Verse franchise helmed by Sony to include spin-offs of other Marvel characters. Some of the studios plans include films for Morbius the Living Vampire, Silver Sable, Black Cat and Silk. Since Venom is set to become a record-breaking hit at the box office, these plans will likely move forward, even without most critics behind it.

Behind Venom in earnings is A Star is Born which also debuted this weekend. The critically-acclaimed film starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in a retelling of an age-old Hollywood classic story only made half as much with $15.8 million on Friday. While the film has received glowing praise since it was first screened, it certainly won’t compete with the curiosity and buzz surrounding Venom this weekend, as it makes a more solid mark on the box office. However, A Star is Born could very likely be winning the praise of Academy as awards season rolls around with the film’s dazzling reception.

With October typically being a month for big box office earners to slow down and award season hopefuls to roll in, the placement of Venom for this weekend was certainly a smart decision for Sony and it is paying off this weekend with a huge turnout.

Bullseye Is Coming To Netflix In Daredevil Season 3, And He’s Deadly

New York Comic-Con 2018 rages on this weekend, as Saturday marks the third of the four-day haul the festival brings to the Big Apple. One of the hotly anticipated panels was the one for Netflix’s third season of their Marvel drama Daredevil, and the event delivered more than anyone could have anticipated. Most importantly, among the heaping helping of clips we were shown, was a very special look at a fight that’ll rival every other Marvel Netflix conflict: Matt Murdock versus Benjamin Poindexter… better known to the rest of the world as Bullseye.

After officially confirming that actor Wilson Bethel’s Agent Dex is, in fact, Bullseye, for everyone in the Hulu theater in Madison Square Garden, there was an extended fight sequence shown to the crowd that showed just how lethal the eventual assassin actually is. After Foggy stumbles upon a room full of dead reporters in the New York Daily Bulletin, he sees something he wasn’t quite expecting: Daredevil. He almost pays for that moment with his life, but luckily, the real Matt Murdock steps in front of a weapon hurling towards his young lawyer friend’s head and prevents the impact. A quick introduction between “Daredevil” and the genuine article ensues, and then a knock down, drag out fight proceeds — with Murdock down for the count as a result.

It’s a hell of a challenge for a hero without sight, no matter how good his hearing may be, to face off against someone who’s a perfect marksman, and between this clip and a previous one shown that introduces FBI Agent Dex to Wilson Fisk, he is indeed perfect. Whether it’s with a gun, a pair of scissors, or even simple click pens, Poindexter is lethal. Not even a cubicle could help Matt Murdoch dodge every blow, as Dex bounces a baseball-like object off of a wall, which nails Matt square in the face. How do you give the Man Without Fear a run for his money? Apparently, with perfect marksmanship and some inventive tactics.

You can check out some of the scene in the official announcement video below.

Don’t expect this deadly combatant to go by his well known alias just yet, as the head of Marvel Television’s own Jeph Loeb spelled out a really good reason why “Bullseye” won’t be on everyone’s lips at the start of season 3. According to Loeb, much like Wilson Fisk before him, Benjamin Poindexter is going to have to earn the moniker fans have been whispering on the internet for Daredevil’s third season. We’re going to see him go from an upstanding federal officer straight to a man who Fisk’s Kingpin takes under his wing, in his quest to rid himself of a rather unpleasant presence in his life.

Daredevil Deason 3 hits Netflix on October 19th, but already that short wait feels way too long, after seeing a kick ass package of clips. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more breaking from New York Comic-Con!

Titans’ Starfire Understands Costume Concerns

When Titans unveiled Starfire and Beast Boy’s costumes for the upcoming live-action series, it sparked concerns from some comic book fans. On the red carpet of the show’s premiere, actress Anna Diop, who portrays Starfire in the DC Universe series, expressed her understanding for where fans are coming from while offering some insight into how Titans‘ journey will unfold. Diop said:

Along with sharing this crucial bit of info, Anna Diop also gave ComicBook a “yes” when asked about whether Starfire will someday don a costume that more closely resembles her comic book counterpart’s. So, there is assuring news on many fronts with this update. Given that many superhero television series have not jumped to a character’s finished costume from the top, what Diop is saying about fans’ being patient makes total sense. Titans will get there eventually, so there is no need to worry.

Fans will have to tune in to learn when Starfire will get said costume. The good news is that even if fans get to glimpse it briefly in Season 1 or hardly at all, there is a second season of Titans already in the works. Meaning there will be even more opportunities for Starfire to show off the costume in the future. The new DC Universe series marks the first time; fans will be seeing characters, such as Starfire, take on live-action form.

So, that is a milestone, in and of itself. As Anna Diop points out, Titans‘ first season will be more of an origin season for the beloved characters, which puts it more on the Batman Begins side of things, as opposed to The Dark Knight Rises. The DC Universe series is not the first to take its time building towards a big costume reveal. Many superhero dramas have traditionally taken their time before their character goes full-in on their outfit.

Smallville spent most of its time with Clark Kent rocking a blue t-shirt under a red jacket, while The CW’s Arrow also built up to Oliver Queen’s current costume. In the instance of Titans, fans can rest easy knowing their patience will pay off, as they prepare to take in this exciting show for the first time. Titans is one of the most buzzed-about new series bowing this fall and fans are undoubtedly pumped to see the costumes and other surprises it has in store for them.

The time to see Starfire, Robin, and Beast Boy, among others is almost here. Titans premieres Friday, October 12 on DC Universe with new episodes of the 12-part season debuting on a weekly basis on the new streaming platform. With some time left to pass before Titans is released, there are a lot of other fall offerings to watch in the meantime.

The Hate U Give Writer Audrey Wells Dies Just A Day Before Its Opening

2017 young adult novel The Hate U Give personified the #MeToo movement by telling the story of a teenaged girl who experiences the death of her friend firsthand. Following the original story written by Angie Thomas, screenwriter Audrey Wells took on the task of translating it to screen in the new film starring Amandla Stenberg, from this summer’s The Darkest Minds. Sadly, the talented writer will not see her latest work reach the masses, as Wells passed away just one day before The Hate U Give‘s release. The 58-year-old died on Thursday after a five-year battle with cancer.

Prior to adapting The Hate U Give to film, Audrey Wells penned other films including The Truth About Cats & Dogs, George of the Jungle, The Kid Shall We Dance and A Dog’s Purpose. Wells also directed two films: 1999’s Guinevere and 2003’s Under the Tuscan Sun. Her biggest box office earnings stemmed from her collaborations with Disney on family films George of the Jungle in 1997 and The Kid in 2000. The screenwriter leaves behind her husband Brian and daughter Tatiana along with her contributions to the film industry.

Co-President of United Talent Agency David Kramer has since praised Audrey Wells for her strong, independent female characters that will “be a part of her legacy always” Additionally, The Hate U Give novelist Angie Thomas tweeted the following:

News of her death comes via CBS News, just before The Hate U Give‘s limited release on October 6th. The topical teen drama premiered at Toronto Film Festival last month to high praise from early critics. Entertainment Weekly’s Leah Greenblatt detailed in her review that the film has a “a message that feels too fresh and important to dismiss — not of hate but of hope, and faith that even if sharing these stories can’t magically fix what’s broken, telling them still matters.” The important film will campaign for Oscar recognition for its discussion of racial violence in the United States. It follows a teenaged girl named Starr Carter who is thrust into the spotlight to tell her story and speak out after her childhood friend is shot in front of her by a police officer when he moved his hands to pull out a hairbrush.

The Hate U Give starring Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russel Hornsby, Anthony Mackie, Issa Rae and Common is now playing in select theaters and will expand nationwide on October 19.