Why Daniel Craig Regrets Those ‘Slit My Wrists’ Comments From When He Was Thinking Of Quitting James Bond

While Daniel Craig has been playing James Bond, the long-standing franchise has been making a variety of exciting changes. The five-film story embraced storytelling, allowing the character’s decisions and losses to affect his decision making with each new release. No Time to Die will see the return of a number of characters, including Léa Seydoux, Jeffrey Wright, and Christoph Waltz. It remains to be seen who survives the delayed spy blockbuster.

Kristen Stewart Disappears Into The Role Of Princess Diana In Full Spencer Trailer

When Kristen Stewart was cast as Princess Diana of Wales, it was a left-field pick. And yet, here we are in awe of her performance prior to her latest film’s release. The actress has already blown critics away during its tour on the film festival circuit and now as we gaze upon the first full peak of her in the role, it looks like Spencer could very well be a movie that’ll stay on our radar throughout award season.

Pixar Reveals Key Rules To Making Animated Shorts In Exclusive Clip From Disney+’s A Spark Story

For the most part one assumes that the rules that Pixar does have, that a short must have a narrative story, and that it must be suitable for all audiences, probably aren’t much of a hurdle. While it might be interesting to see something more abstract from Pixar, story has always been the focus at the studio, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. Likewise, we expect animation from Pixar to be suitable for all, even if seeing something more mature from the studio isn’t without its appeal.

As Ryan Reynolds’ Safe House Trends On Netflix, He Reveals The Time He Injured Denzel Washington On Set… Twice

Safe House first released back in 2012, which was before Ryan Reynolds really came into his own and started doing the roles he is overwhelmingly known for now like Deadpool. If Reynolds were to bash his head into Denzel Washington’s face now it would still be pretty embarrassing, but back then it was probably mortifying. Now, if it had been Hugh Jackman that would be a completely different story.

Black Widow Star Gives Honest Reaction To Scarlett Johansson’s Case Against Disney

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While the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a well-oiled machine, there’s still the occasional controversy. Perhaps the biggest in recent memory came when longtime Avenger Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit against Disney over the release of Black Widow. And now one co-star has offered their honest reactions to ScarJo’s case.

Since It’s Frodo’s Birthday Week, Here’s Elijah Wood Talking LOTR And That Time He Kicked Off Filming With A Fart

If there was any tension on the set of Lord of the Rings, one assumes it was broken when the guy playing the biggest role in all three films just farted at the end of a scene. At a certain point, even if you’re not the sort of person that finds bodily functions all that funny, it’s probably hard not to laugh when everybody else starts laughing when a scene ends in a fart.

Amazing Spider-Man’s Andrew Garfield Recalls The Downside Of Playing Peter Parker

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Given the massive popularity of the superhero genre, countless actors have become comic book characters. The Social Network’s Andrew Garfield is no exception, as he starred as Peter Parker in both Amazing Spider-Man movies. Although he recently recalled the downside of playing the beloved Marvel hero.

Matt Damon Confirms Two Saving Private Ryan Stories About Robin Williams And Steven Spielberg

Firstly, if you’ve ever heard the rumor that the young actor, who actually played the titular Private Ryan, was kept away from the rest of the gang during the pre-production and making of the 1998 classic, Matt Damon has confirmed it’s a true one. In fact, he says he wanted to go to boot camp with the rest of the actors, telling Hot Ones host Sean Evans that if the goal was for the Saving Private Ryan task to be a little resentful of the actor, that goal was achieved.

Justin Lin Reveals The F9 Story Detail That Took Months To Decide

Justin Lin originally didn’t want to include a world-ending device in F9. Imagine the film without the Aries device! In the film, the device can allow the user to control all the world’s computers and weapons systems. It was split into two to keep this from happening, Jakob Torretto (John Cena), Otto (Thue Ersted Rasmussen) and Cipher (Charlize Theron) having one half and the Fast family finding the second half with the help of Mr. Nobody. Of course, the bad guys take possession of both pieces which is why we have a movie! I wonder what Lin had in mind for the story without the Aries device.

Is Lucasfilm Concerned About Star Wars Exhaustion? Here’s The Latest

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While Star Wars has been a pop culture sensation for decades, there’s no denying that the franchise is bigger than ever. Along with movies still coming down the pipeline, the galaxy far, far away is continually expanding through various TV series (both live-action and animated), video games, novels, comic books, etc. But have we reached a point where Lucasfilm is concerned about over-saturating the public with Star Wars content? For now, not yet, but it is something that the company keeps in mind.