Why It’s Ok Hamilton Isn’t Historically Accurate, According to Lin-Manuel Miranda

As a work of historical fiction, Hamilton is more than just something that entertains us. It’s helped people, young and old, brush up on their knowledge of American civics, and in some cases, learn something new altogether. That doesn’t mean Hamilton is perfectly historically accurate, though — and according to the show’s creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, the fact that it doesn’t always get the facts right isn’t that big of a deal.

Drag Queen Legend Divine’s 5 Best Performances, Ranked

3. Polyester (1981)

The 1981 comedy Polyester might have had a larger budget than John Waters’ earlier work, but that doesn’t mean the obscene director held back on the shock and awe of this sick and twisted story of murder, deceit, and broken families. 

Divine stars as Francine Fishpaw, a mild-mannered housewife whose family falls apart in front of her very own eyes. After her husband (an adult movie theater operator), her promiscuous daughter and glue-addicted son abandon her, Francine’s life continues to get worse and worse before she can find happiness once again. And unlike Divine’s other roles that saw him playing women hellbent on causing as much harm and destruction as possible, Francine just wants to be happy, even everyone around her wants nothing of it. But don’t worry, Polyester has plenty of the hallmarks that made the early Waters-Divine collaborations such treats to enjoy.

Anthony Ramos: 7 Great Things To Know About The Hamilton Star

Anthony Ramos Initially Wanted To Be A Baseball Player/Coach

Everyone has a different path, finding their talents and career destination along the way, though Anthony Ramos didn’t initially set his sights on being a young actor/musician of the stage and screen. No, in his early life, Ramos planned to be a baseball player, with aspirations to join the NCAA Division III in college, followed by a coaching career after graduation. The athlete had the highest batting average of his team, and he could see his future.

Alas, this plan didn’t come to pass. He claims he lost his love for the sport and he needed something else. Around this time, Ramos started performing in school assemblies in a student group called the Halsey Trio, where he sang Motown songs. This sparked a fire that kept burning, and rather than go to college for baseball, he sought out professional acting instead.

Selena: 11 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Jennifer Lopez Movie

Chris Perez Is Still Friends With Jon Seda, Who Portrayed Him In Selena

During his two-decade streak of not watching the film based on his late wife, Chris Perez still had a connection to Selena through the man who played him, Jon Seda. The actor, whom modern audiences may recognize as Antonio Dawson from the One Chicago franchise, primarily Chicago P.D., mentioned during the casts 1997 appearance on Leeza that he and the guitarist actually lived together for much of the time the movie was being shot. A 2018 profile by People reveals that, all these years later, Seda and Perez not only bear a strong resemblance to each other, but remain friends who continue to inspire each other artistically, especially Seda, who posted an Instagram video of him trying to “sound like [his] boy” on guitar.

6 Great Things About Drive-Ins We Should Appreciate

When you aren’t worried about whether or not the food you have can fit in a purse or oversized hoodie, the sky’s the limit. Pizza, footlong hoagies, every type of Asian food, and whatever damn popcorn you want to pop. Hell, you could set up a whole build-your-taco bar if you’re feeling extra ambitious, though the options are only as good as the car owners’ tolerance for possible spills. My tip would be to bring a blanket or something else to enjoy the meal outside, because freedom of food choice is by far the best perk of this experience.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Co-Signs A Hot Take About His 500 Days of Summer Character

In 500 Days of Summer, Tom kind of coasts through his relationship with Summer, believing she was the woman of his dreams because she checked these boxes he had in his head about his perfect, imaginary girlfriend. During the movie, there are a number of signs there for the character to look out for, such as Summer stating her disinterest in being more than friends with him multiple times – he chose not to see it because he didn’t want to. When they broke things off, it was “her fault” due to his own bias about what he wanted to happen.

Scoob! And 5 Other Movies I Put On For My Kids But Ended Up Loving

The 2020 remake/reboot of the classic Scooby-Doo, Where are You! series is just the latest in a series of movies that I have put on for my young children (a four-year-old, a two-year-old, and a six-month-old) that I ended up enjoying, and I’m not lying. Sure, there are some pretty wretched kids movies out there, but there are surprisingly some out there with great humor, action, and emotional beats that have left me an emotional wreck by the time the credits roll. Here are just a few of those movies…

Cristin Milioti Actually Got Into Quantum Physics In A Big Way For Palm Springs

The scene is impressive in and of itself, but we had no idea the actress actually studied up on actual black hole theories for Palm Springs. As Cristin Milioti told Vulture, quantum physics once had a much more prominent place in the script that she practiced for intently, but it didn’t end up making the final cut of the film. The three-page scene was apparently deemed too long, even though it explained the minutiae of a plan that ultimately saved the couple from an infinity of sameness.

What To Watch On Streaming If You Like Mark Wahlberg

Throughout the past two (coming on three) decades, Mark Wahlberg has established himself as an A-list Oscar-nominated actor/producer through his dedicated work ethic, his collaborations with many high-level directors, including Martin Scorsese, Paul Thomas Anderson, Peter Jackson, David O. Russell, Ridley Scott, Adam McKay, and more, and his unexpected acting range. He can play both lighthearted and serious, action-friendly or something more casual, and he’s certainly made some exceptional films throughout his extensive career (and a few not-so-good ones along the way).

Whether you’re looking for a suspenseful drama, a nuanced character study, a buddy comedy, a dynamic thriller, a massive action blockbuster, or practically anything else in-between, Mark Wahlberg has you covered. He’s made a variety of movies throughout his career, and you can watch quite a few of them on various streaming services. If you’re a Mark Wahlberg fan, this is where you can stream some of his biggest movies.

That Time William Shatner Advised Patrick Stewart To Wear Silk Stockings While Filming Star Trek Generations

Welp, now I’m never looking at that movie quite the same again. Actors have to do a lot of improvising behind the scenes in order to get through their scenes comfortably, and Captain Kirk’s advice to Jean-Luc was to don some stockings during their long hours on horseback to film a scene together. But Stewart heard him wrong and came to set with the stockings visible over his clothing. And lace too. Where are those photos, Shatner? I need to see that!