Wow, Henry Golding Filmed The Gentlemen And Last Christmas At The Same Time

As you can see from my conversation with Henry Golding above, the Crazy Rich Asians star actually really enjoyed filming both Last Christmas and The Gentlemen at the same time. Because while it may have been exhausting (even for his wife), it was a challenge to wake up every day possibly working on a different movie. Especially since the roles, and the films themselves, are so very different.

11 Great Movies Coming To Netflix In February 2020

Not to mention, with a cast that boasts Lee Marvin, Donald Sutherland and Charles Bronson, among others, you can definitely see why this movie has maintained its reputation as a film of cool badasses. Also, chances are if you’re watching The Dirty Dozen at your parent’s place, someone’s going to want to get in on the action, which makes this an easy Sunday’s entertainment.

World War Z Producer Explains Why He Still Wants A Sequel To Happen

As fans of the universe of World War Z, Jeremy Kleiner seems to believe that there are still things to explore and ideas to mine in this world. The sponge has not yet been wrung dry and because of that, it’s hard to say World War Z 2 will never happen. The story doesn’t feel like it’s over to Jeremy Kleiner and because of that, he’s leaving the door wide open for a possible sequel.

Paul Rudd Gave Halloween Kills’ Anthony Michael Hall His Blessing To Play Tommy Doyle

The horror genre has been in a renaissance over the past few years, with plenty of new and exciting projects hitting theaters. Many of the recent blockbusters come from Blumhouse Productions, although that horror studio recently turned its attention on the classics. 2018’s Halloween made a ton of money at the box office, while also being a critical darling. Two more movies were quickly green lit, the first of which is Halloween Kills. Plenty of characters from John Carpenter’s original Halloween will pop up, with Anthony Michael Hall playing an adult Tommy Doyle. That role was previously played by Paul Rudd in the 1995 movie Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, and recently gave the Breakfast Club actor his blessing to take on the mantle.

Meet Florence Pugh: 7 Things To Know About The Up-And-Coming Oscar Nominee

Florence Pugh Is A Master Of Hiding Her English Accent

You might not know it from her more high-profile characters, but Florence Pugh is actually a Brit. With the exception of her recent roles in Fighting with My Family, Outlaw King, Lady MacBeth, and the BBC-produced miniseries The Little Drummer Girl, the actress, born January 3, 1996, in Oxfordshire, England, is best known for playing an American in Midsommar and Little Women and even as a Russian assassin in Marvel’s upcoming Black Widow solo movie.

Justice League’s Snyder Cut Campaign Has Raised A Ton Of Money For Charity

Zack Snyder’s daughter committed suicide while the director was working on post-production of Justice League, forcing him to step back from the film, making it not just a worthy, but a fitting, cause for the Snyder Cut fans to get behind. There’s no reason to believe they’re anywhere close to done raising money either. Somehow, the Snyder Cut movement is at least as strong now as it was at the beginning, and it shows no sign of fading away. As long as there are people calling to “Release the Snyder Cut” they will likely continue the charity campaign as well, as a way of raising awareness of both the charity cause, and their own.

Colin Farrell Clears Up The Batman Rumors About His Hair

The Batman is finally gearing up for production, with the actors all getting into the right shape and appearance for their respective comic book roles. For instance, Zoe Kravitz cut her hair into Selina Kyle’s signature pixie cut. Photos of Colin Farrell with silver hair recently arrived on the internet, which made DC fans think he was rocking those locks to play Oswald Cobblepot. But he recently shut down those rumors, while rocking his regular brown locks. As Farrell put it,

Wait, Is Rami Malek Confused About His No Time To Die Character’s Name?

Security on big blockbusters is notoriously tight, as the filmmakers and crew attempt to keep secrets and plot points until the theatrical release. This applies to Star Wars, superhero movies, and of course the James Bond franchise. Rami Malek’s role as Safin has been largely kept under wraps, with only a few brief appearances in the upcoming blockbuster’s trailers. While promoting No Time to Die‘s upcoming release, Malek seemed to put his character’s identity into question, saying:

Here’s When Walt Disney World Will Add Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run To FastPass+

waiting in lines at theme parks comes with the territory, but theme parks also know that doing so is the least fun part of any vacation. As such, many have tried to implement systems that cuts down on the standing around. At Walt Disney World, the FastPass+ system allows you to book a limited number of rides in advance where you’ll be able to skip past most of the queue, however, the newest, and most popular rides in the park, the ones at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, have not used the FastPass+ system since they opened, However, today Disney revealed that the first Galaxy’s Edge attraction, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, will begin to use FastPass+ on February 19.

This means that if you already have a Walt Disney World vacation booked for February 19 or after, you can book your FastPasses right now. If you happen to have the trip scheduled right at the beginning of the time frame, you even have something of an extra jump. Normally, guests staying at Walt Disney World resort hotels can book their FastPasses 60 days before their vacation, while those staying off property can only book 30 days out. This frequently means that high demand attractions like Flight of Passage end up giving out all the FastPasses to those staying on property, and those who are not are out of luck. But in this case hotel guests aren’t getting the extra jump, at least not for the first couple days.

FastPass+ works on a two tier system at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run is a Tier A attraction as is the Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster in Toy Story Land. This means that when selecting their three FastPasses of the day in advance, guests can only choose one ride or the other. The other two FastPasses of the day can come from the Tier B attractions, which covers everything else in the park that uses the system.

While Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened at Walt Disney World after the version at Disneyland, the park has been seeing advancements in the land first. It got Rise of the Resistance first, and now its seeing the FastPass addition first, as Disneyland’s Smuggler’s Run still has not been put on the FastPass system there.