Tom Hanks Is Disappointed In Most Navy Movies, Believes Star Trek Is To Blame

I must say, a film buff, and as a guy who reads and pursues history for pleasure, Navy films almost always disappointed me. Because in the 1950s, the technology in order to show them — like Run Silent, Run Deep or The Enemy Below or In Harm’s Way — could only do so much just by the relatively primitive aspects of filmmaking techniques. What you had in them was really great characters. What you had in them was portrayals by actors… Clark Gable and a myriad of the great legends of Hollywood that were put back in uniform (to) relive their days. As far as the actual Naval aspect of it, I must confess that most of, I think, the populace’s understanding of Naval strategy and protocol and behavior really came from the Starship Enterprise and Captain James T. Kirk. “Mr. Sulu, you have the con!” That sort of, that order of a chain of command that would go along with it.

Black Widow’s Florence Pugh Opens Up About Being Bullied On Social Media For Relationship With Zach Braff

Florence Pugh was candid about the mean-spirited commentary surrounding her personal choices when she joined The Great British Baking Show’s Sue Perkins on her podcast, An Hour Or So With…If Pugh was a minor, this would obviously be a much different conversation, but the Midsommar actress is in her mid-20s and capable of making her own choices at the end of the day. And as she touched upon, having a more mature significant other was perhaps intentional after past experiences with boyfriends her age.

Dwayne Johnson Sends Sweet Message To Fans After Jumanji Hits New Box Office Milestone

Jumanji: The Next Level originally had a strong start at the box office, as the film debuted with a near $60 million haul, making it the top film at the box office that weekend. The Sony-produced feature would eventually become the tenth highest grossing film of 2019. And even after theaters closed down following the start of the global health crisis, the film was still screened at drive-ins, which heavily contributed to it hitting $800 million. With all of this taken into consideration, one can definitely understand why another Jumanji film is currently in development.

How The Fantastic Four Should Be Introduced Into The MCU, According To Marvel’s Science Consultant

There are plenty of exciting characters set to make their debuts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the next few years. With the likes of the Eternals, Shang-Chi and She-Hulk on their way, the fan-favorite shared universe is about to look very different. However, a team fans are most looking forward to seeing is the Fantastic Four. Marvel’s First Family isn’t due to enter the franchise until at least Phase 5, but that hasn’t stopped people from speculating how they could be introduced. This includes Dr. Clifford Johnson, a science consultant for Marvel Studios.

Jonathan Groff’s Spit Is A Hamilton Highlight, But Groff Admits He’s Always Been A Spitter

If you’ve watched Disney+’s Hamilton film, chances are you’ve had a few reactions: “Wow, I didn’t realize I could cry that much in one sitting,” and “Wow, I had no idea that much spit could come out of a person’s mouth at one time.” For all its purely emotional moments, one of the most talked about parts of Hamilton is Jonathan Groff’s inspired, hilarious portrayal of King George — and the fact that he can’t stop spitting throughout his first song. Yes, by the way, Jonathan Groff knows he spits a lot, and he knows we can’t stop talking about it.

How Michael Keaton Reprising Batman In The Flash Could Be A DC Game Changer

Chris O’Donnell’s Robin Could Be The New Batman In His Universe

Michael Keaton’s Batman isn’t the only potential version of the character we could see in The Flash, as the Flashpoint story does open the doors to pretty much any incarnation you could think of. Case in point, there’s a chance that the world of Batman Forever will be invoked, and if Val Kilmer isn’t feeling up to suiting up again, there’s another Robin that’s available for duty. Chris O’Donnell’s portrayal of Dick Greyson could be seen as the successor to Bruce Wayne’s legacy of crime fighting, throwing another bat into the belfry for The Flash to work with. Which will be interesting, as Keaton’s Earth-89 version of the character might have some things to say about the flashier appearance of that film’s caped crusaders.

Universal’s Monsters Are Getting Another New Movie, But Not One We Were Expecting

It’s especially exciting how experimental Universal is getting with its plans for monster films, and I’d imagine it’s stretching itself across multiple genres and types of filmmakers can only help the studio succeed, following scrapped plans to build an extended Dark Universe with interconnected characters after the highly disappointing reception of The Mummy remake, starring Tom Cruise, in 2017.

Daveed Diggs Admits He’s Uncomfortable Singing In Hamilton And What Helped Him Get Through

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One of the most lasting presences among the talented original Hamilton cast is Daveed Diggs, who has since moved on to work in movies such as Blindspotting, and his new television series based on Bong Joon Ho’s Snowpiercer on TNT. During his time in the Broadway phenomenon, he played two characters (Marquis de Lafayette in the first act and Thomas Jefferson in the second) and, apparently, at one time he was self conscious about spewing Lin-Manuel Miranda’s lyrics on stage.

Snyder Cut: Justice League’s J.K. Simmons Is Ready For Reshoots If Zack Snyder Calls

Luckily, the things that HBO Max were willing to foot the bill for are no small potatoes, and Snyder has been promising to bring us a lot of the things which were missing from the original theatrical cut of Justice League, and which fans have been clamoring for, for so long now. This is said to include Superman fighting in his black regeneration suit, a lot more backstory for Cyborg (plus more for the Flash to do on screen), some Darkseid, and (wouldn’t you know it) more of the secondary characters. So, this could mean that we will get to see more than the quick snippet of J.K. Simmons as Gordon.

10 Times Tom Hanks Freaked Out On Screen And It Was Perfect

Cast Away – Chuck Cuts His Hand And Creates Wilson

Two Oscars and the several other high profile roles didn’t stop Tom Hanks from bringing his sense of comedic (or tragic) timing in the 2001 epic Cast Away which saw him playing FedEx analyst Chuck Noland who gets stuck on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific. Going in, you know there’s going to be a moment where Chuck loses all touch with reality (and sanity), and that moment comes when he slices his hand open and inadvertently creates Wilson. After cutting his hand, Chuck kicks water-logged FeEx boxes, grabs the volleyball, and yells to the heavens like a madman. There are other freak-outs here, but nothing comes close to this one.

Honorable Mention: Chuck creates fire.