Star Wars: John Boyega Expands On ‘Honest’ Conversation With Lucafilm’s Kathleen Kennedy

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The Star Wars franchise has been passed down across generations of moviegoers, resulting in a deeply devoted fandom. And with galaxy growing through the sequel trilogy, standalone movies, and live-action shows, audiences have been known for voicing their opinions online. John Boyega’s tenure as Finn ended with The Rise of Skywalker, and since then the 28 year-old actor/producer has been open about the racist backlash he faced while working on the franchise. And now he’s further spoken to the honest conversation he recently had with Lucasfilm’s Kathleen Kennedy.

Universal Studios Finally Reopens Ride That Had Been Shut Down For Months, But What Are The Safety Measures?

Adding plexiglass would likely improve wait times because it would mean that Universal Studios could fill the ride up to a higher capacity, but there are two other things to factor in. The first is that the Fast & The Furious: Supercharged ride is an indoor ride and not an outdoor ride with open air, like the aforementioned Safari. The second is, if the ride were to fill up to higher capacity, there would also likely need to be changes to the queue as well.

The Batman Star Describes What It’s Like To Film The Movie During The Pandemic

As Jayme Lawson explained to THR, the new health protocols for The Batman might have been foreign to the cast and crew, but that didn’t diminish the energy on set. Folks were eager to give back into Gotham City after breaking for months, so the same moviemaking spirit is still very much alive. It should be interesting to see how these changes to the set affect the final product, and if new practices like social distancing read as such on the big screen.

Emma Stone’s Easy A: 6 Things To Look Out For Next Time You Watch It On Netflix

How Easy A Pays Tribute To Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

During the runtime of Easy A, Emma Stone says that she wishes her high school experience was comparable to an ‘80s movie such as Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Say Anything or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s easy to spot the number of ‘80s references within the film because it’s pretty cut and dry. The central movie Easy A references is Bueller, namely in two scenes in particular. At the beginning when Emma Stone is taking a shower, she forms her hair into a mohawk while singing “Pocketful of Sunshine” just like Matthew Broderick does in the opening of his own film. Additionally, Stone asks for “an awesome musical number” in reference to Bueller, which she gets in the form of her singing “Knock On Wood” in the school gym. Of course at the end, Penn Badgely’s character watches her confession and checks all the other ‘80s references for her.

Jonathan Groff: What To Watch Streaming If You Like The Hamilton Star

The Normal Heart – HBO Max

The Normal Heart is an HBO Original movie about gay men during the 1980s and the HIV-AIDS crisis. Mark Ruffalo is the main character, Ned Weeks. Ned is passionate about trying to stop the spread of HIV and saving gay men from dying. Ryan Murphy directed The Normal Heart and the cast includes Julia Roberts, Taylor Kitsch, Jim Parson, Matt Bomer, and Jonathan Groff.

Groff plays Craig, Bruce (Taylor Kitsch)’s boyfriend and a close friend of Ned. Groff’s part is small but a vital one in it helps set up the high stakes and severity of these men’s situation. The Normal Heart is a powerful film that leaves you devastated and angry, mainly due to the cast’s moving performances, and because of the movie’s real-life inspirations.

Stream The Normal Heart on HBO Max here.

Who Should Play The New Fantastic Four In The Marvel Cinematic Universe, According To CinemaBlend

The Runner-Ups

Of all the races, The Human Torch race was most definitely the closest, and considering the talent that was nominated, it’s not surprising. Between Moonlight, When They See Us and Mr. Mercedes, Jharrel Jerome has shown some tremendous acting chops. Given his star power, Zac Efron is inevitably going to get a superhero role, it’s only a matter of time. Between Kingsman, Eddie The Eagle and Rocketman, Taron Egerton has become one of the industry’s go-to young stars. And Riz Ahmed, has just continually impressed us more and more with each performance, starring in movies like Four Lions, Nightcrawler, The Sisters Brothers, and Sound Of Metal. But they all ranked behind our top pick for the part.

Mel Gibson’s Fatman And 6 Other Unconventional Santa Claus Movies

Fatman (2020)

Mel Gibson as a weathered, R-rated Santa Claus protecting his life and livelihood from a vengeful mercenary (Walton Goggins) hired by a rich, not-at-all-nice 12-year-old boy (Chance Hurstfield) who wants him dead. That’s the type of logline where you’re either with it or you’re not. If you’re like me, you’re sold instantly. If you’re asking, say, logistical questions, you might want to hold off on these crudely entertaining festivities.

About as dry and bitter as an off-brand seasonal IPA, Fatman may be an acquired taste. But if you’re in the right jolly mood, it’ll bring lots of holiday cheer for the adults. Benefitted enormously by a talented ensemble committed wholly to playing this goofy premise straight, without too many cutesy or winking moments, this darkly amusing lark from Eshom and Ian Nelms is a peculiar delight, one that’s refreshingly refrained in its approach. While the tone’s uneven, some subplots involving the elves become short-sighted, the visuals are sometimes too drab, and it overstays its welcome a bit, Fatman is a rollicking good time from start-to-finish. It’s unsuspectedly sweet at times, too.

The Funniest Superhero Movie Cameos (Not Counting Stan Lee)

Lynda Carter – Principal Powers (Sky High)

Calling Lynda Carter’s role in Sky High a cameo is honestly a bit of a reach, but she does make a pretty funny reference at one point to her years leading the Wonder Woman TV show in the late 1970s. Not to mention, she does get less screen time in the 2005 Disney flick as Principal Powers, head of the titular school for young superheroes in training, than her co-star Bruce Campbell, who essentially made his superhero character debut as Coach Boomer (a.k.a., Sonic Boom) despite a few earlier, small comic book movie appearances.

Watch Out Ryan Reynolds, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s The Latest Celebrity To Get An Alcohol Brand

A-list Hollywood actors make a great deal of money to star in movies — that’s not really a secret. Other than spending that money on nice cars and big houses, some actors hop into the investing game as well. Take Ryan Reynolds as a prime example. The Deadpool star has been well-known for purchasing a large stake in Aviation Gin. Now, it looks like he’s going to need to watch out, as Arnold Schwarzenegger and LeBron James are purchasing an alcohol brand of their own.