Epic Avengers: Infinity War Behind The Scenes Video Shows How One Scarlet Witch Fight Came Together

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When we’re first reintroduced to Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Infinity War, she’s on the run with her beloved Vision (Paul Bettany), hiding out in Scotland of all places. As their storyline across the two-part juggernaut that reunited Earth’s mightiest heroes looks like it’s going to be a little more on the romantic side of things, Thanos’ Black Order invades their privacy and proceeds to engage in some fisticuffs with the pair of lovers. And, as we can see in a recent video that’s been discovered on the internet, that fight took quite a bit of stunt work to come together.

Tenet Star Reveals The Unique Way Christopher Nolan Works

Of course, this is the type of thing one would expect from a director who’s employing tons of CGI in their films, but Nolan has a particular affinity for using practical effects whenever possible, so I can imagine that one of the things Elizabeth Debicki is talking about probably has to do with the director making sure scenes are designed in a way, and locations are chosen and set up in a way, that makes such practical effects easier. I mean, the man blew up a real 747 airplane for Tenet, so he’s not afraid to put that budget on the big screen.

Palm Springs Had Crazy Ideas For Andy Samberg’s Character The Hulu Film Just Couldn’t Afford

As it stands, Palm Springs makes the most of its single location. Yes, Nyles wakes up every day at a desert resort. But he’s also forced to endure a wedding reception (for which he was meant to be a guest), and he spends his time messing with other characters, romancing Sarah, and… well, let’s just say “avoiding” the character played by J.K. Simmons.

Chris Hemsworth’s Hulk Hogan Movie: 5 Things I Really Hope We See In This Film

The Rise Of Hulkamania Better Be Told Through A Montage

If the Hulk Hogan movie focuses on the rise of Hulkamania in 1984, then I really, really, really hope that a lot of what leads to the first WrestleMania is told through the hallmark of any great ’80s movie: the montage. Just imagine about halfway through the movie when Hogan returns to WWF and finds himself selling out arena after arena, appearing on late-night talk shows, recording an album, and just being the superstar that he was at the time all told through a montage.

Greyhound Ending: What Happened At The End Of The Tom Hanks Movie, And What It Means

Warning: spoilers for Greyhound are in the water. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, turn around and come back once you’ve experienced it for yourself.

This weekend sees Tom Hanks headed into another perilous adventure based on a true story, as Greyhound makes its debut on Apple TV+. However, if you’re a Hanks fan, or a World War II history nut, you probably already knew this. In which case, you’re here to read more about what exactly Greyhound’s ending entails, as the film is a little vague about where it leaves Hanks’ Captain Ernest Krause. As it turns out, the finale to the film actually takes on a bit of a different meaning when you really look at it.

Why I’m Convinced Hamilton Is Actually Named After Eliza

Eliza Completely Embodies The Intentions Of Hamilton

To round out my point, Eliza Hamilton has a place in the title more than any other character (including Alexander) because she embodies the story Lin-Manuel Miranda is looking to tell within the framework of his hip-hop musical. In Hamilton, the playwright cleverly used actors of different backgrounds than the actual Founding Fathers to add a contemporary take on their vision at a time when they were underdogs in America. However, this cannot mask these characters actually being white men of privilege who have been glorified for centuries since. More intensely than Alexander’s status as an immigrant and orphan were the struggles of women at the time, especially for Eliza, one who lost her child and husband, who would have provided her with the money she needed to survive.

7 Hunger Games Supporting Actors Who Are Crazy Famous Now

Elden Henson

The final two installments of Hunger Games which broke apart Suzanne Collins’ final novel introduced a slew of exciting new characters to the cast including Elden Henson’s Pollux, a documentarian who follows Katniss throughout the final act. The performance certainly wasn’t enough to showcase the actor’s full-on talent considering the character doesn’t have a tongue, but it led into Elden Henson taking his most high-profile role yet as Foggy Nelson in Daredevil, which expanded into Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and The Defenders. Sadly, Netflix’s plans for their own Marvel universe have since been cancelled, but Henson’s Foggy is iconic!

Could We See An Old Guard 2? Here’s What The Director Told Us

Netflix’s The Old Guard debuted on the service today, but if you’ve already seen the movie, you know that it sort of betrays its graphic novel origins by setting up the idea that we could see more of it in the future. So is Netflix already planning to turn The Old Guard into a franchise? We asked the film’s director, Gina Prince-Bythewood, that very question, and while it seems there are no specific plans for such things at this moment, it certainly could happen.

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