Kelly Marie Tran Loves That Raya And The Last Dragon Changes The Idea Of A Disney Princess

We started with Snow White, where our princess slept and had to be awakened by a prince. Fast forward to Tangled, where our princess chose to leave her tower and held the power in the film but still needed a man’s assistance. There’s nothing wrong with either of these films – I’m a huge Disney fan and love practically all of them. I was even a little sad that Moana and Elsa didn’t fall in love in their respective films. That being said, Raya is a brand new kind of princess, and here is what Kelly Marie shared with CinemaBlend about this:

Nomadland’s Michael Wolf Snyder Is Dead At 35

His father David Snyder was the first to break the news in recent days, telling those near and dear that Michael had not been heard from for a few days. So, David took a trip over to his son’s Queens, NY apartment where he found his son dead. The cause of death was suicide. David Snyder shared more about Michael Wolf Snyder’s final days on Facebook in the “hope that it could help others,” noting,

Daisy Ridley Explains What Seeing Tom Holland’s Thoughts Looked Like On Chaos Walking’s Set

This weekend’s latest theatrical release sees Patrick Ness’ award-winning novel The Knife of Never Letting Go get the big-screen adaptation treatment with Doug Liman’s Chaos Walking. The movie, starring Star Wars’ Daisy Ridley and Spider-Man’s Tom Holland, is a high-concept science fiction story about a new settlement away from Earth, which is made up of men plagued by a mutation that puts all their thoughts on display. When Ridley’s character crash lands on the planet, she is faced with the perpetual “Noise” of unfiltered thoughts, especially from Holland’s character. But what was Ridley actually looking at when the actors were on set?

Chaos Walking Ending Explained: What Happened And How It Sets Up A Potential Sequel

What Happened At The End Of Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking’s two heroes are challenged by two villains, Mads Mikkelson’s Davis Prentiss and David Oyelowo’s Aaron, all whilst trying to send a signal to Viola’s base in space. Let’s start off off with Oyelowo’s villainous preacher character, who is driven by a god complex and the belief that women are a sin. His violent noise has driven him to insanity. After pursuing Todd and Viola throughout the movie, his evilness is made apparent when he kills off Todd’s sweet doggo, Manchee, during a river chase sequence. Aaron taunts Todd and Viola, but it’s Viola who ends up getting blood on her hands in defense of Aaron’s attack on the abandoned ship in the third act.

Sounds Like Coming 2 America’s Eddie Murphy Already Has An Idea For A Third Film

Given that Coming 2 America was over three decades in the making, it’s not surprising that Eddie Murphy revealed a somewhat lengthy timeline for the next film. So if Murphy wants to wait until he’s 75 for another sequel, then fans will just have to wait a few more years. There’s no telling where a storyline would go with this new film though, with the new characters and relationships established, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities for another film.

Why Marvel’s Frank Grillo Originally Turned Down Appearing In Avengers: Endgame

The trajectory of Crossbones took a turn and he was out of the series really quickly, right?And I was a little pissed off about it because, y’know, I signed a seven-picture deal with them. And it was like, ‘Oh, you’re going to be part of the Marvel Universe, right?’ And it didn’t happen. And so they called me and they said, ‘Look, we need you to come down for a week for Avengers,’ and I’m like, ‘For what?’ And they go, ‘Well, we can’t…’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not doing it.’ So I hung up. I get a call back. I’m like, ‘I’m not coming. Leave me alone’ And like… who am I? Who am I, right?

Chloé Zhao: 7 Things To Know About The Nomadland Director

The Nomadland Director Is Now The Most Awarded Person In A Single Award Season

There is still a good deal of time before the 2021 award season wraps up with the 93rd Academy Awards in April, but Chloé Zhao has already made history by becoming the most awarded person in a single season, with more than 50 trophies for her work on Nomadland. In February 2021, Variety published a report pointing out that Zhao had received a total of 54 awards in directing, screenplay, and editing categories, which exceeded Alexander Payne’s previous record of 42 wins for Sideways following the comedy’s 2004 release.

Amazingly enough, this 54 number doesn’t include the 23 additional trophies Chloé Zhao currently has for serving as a producer on Nomadland, nor does it include her wins at the Golden Globes, which would bring her directing/screenplay/editing total to 55, and the grand total to 79, with several awards shows still on the way.

Nic Cage Went Full Nic Cage And Got Married In Las Vegas… Again

Nic Cage is irrevocably linked to the one and only, fabulous Las Vegas. Obviously, his Cameron Poe famously crash landed in “city of sin” in the 1997 action film Con Air, but then there’s the ‘90s rom-com with Sarah Jessica Parker, Honeymoon In Vegas, and his Oscar-winning role in Leaving Las Vegas. Last month, the actor returned to Nevada city to tie the knot with Riko Shibata in a beautiful and intimate ceremony.

No Time To Die’s Ana de Armas Reveals The Reason She Got A New Haircut After Breakup With Ben Affleck

It was a discussion with the directors I’m working with now—the Russo brothers—for this film, The Gray Man and, like I told you, it’s a very active role—a lot of action. We were supposed to shoot in January, but the movie got pushed a little bit, so now we start next month. But back in December when we started talking about the character and ideas and inspirations and the look, they suggested something like this [points to hair]. And then, we got into this back-and-forth and I loved it. I thought it really suited her and I went for it. It’s not a good idea or comfortable to wear wigs and things like that in an action movie. I love changing, I really do. It’s cool.

5 Marvel Characters Katherine Langford Would Be Perfect To Play


Before falling in love with the arts and hitting it big as an actress, Katherine Langford’s claim to fame in her home country of Australia was being one of the top nationally-ranked swimmers of her age group while she was still in high school. With knowing that, one might safely assume that playing a character who calls the ocean their home would be second nature to the actress. In that case, I have the perfect Marvel character for this situation.

The MCU still has yet to introduce Namor the Sub-mariner, who often referred to as the less popular Marvel Comics iteration of Aquaman, despite predating him by a few years. When they do give him his own flick, they should make it a team-up movie featuring his cousin, Namora, who is also gifted with all your basic semiaquatic abilities. Furthermore, I think no one would argue against giving the heroine her own movie instead, especially with Katherine Langford as the lead.