Lin-Manuel Miranda Reveals How Hamilton Changes Due To The Politics Of Each Era

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s comments on WIRED highlight how much Hamilton has pierced the pop culture lexicon, and what a conversation started the Tony Award winning musical continues to be. The show itself is consistent, but it changes based on what’s happening in the real world, as well as who is in the audience. While there’s no doubt countless example of this, Miranda specifically mentions one lyric from the song Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down) about immigrants that has gained more popularity as a result of current events.

Why Disney+’s Frozen II Documentary Doesn’t Include Any Deleted Scenes

I recently had a chance to speak with Into the Unknown: Making Frozen 2 director Megan Harding about the process of creating the series. Since nobody knew where the movie itself was going, Harding and her team simply did their best trying to get the footage and the interviews that they thought would make for good stories, but that didn’t always happen. Sometimes threads that looked promising ended up going nowhere, but that meant that all the footage that had already been captured had no place in the final product.

Chicken Run Dealing With More Drama After Star Claims Sequel Is Ageist

It sounds like Julia Sawalha believes that, because the producers had already decided to re-cast Mel Gibson, they decided to simply do away with her as well, without even giving her adequate notice or a chance to show that she could still deliver the Ginger they wanted for the film. In her full post, she also said that the creative who got back to her after listening to her voice test admitted that she didn’t sound any older, and it’s clear that all of this really stings for Sawalha:

Is Fast And Furious 9 Finally Going To Space?

Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of… Dominic Toretto and his merry family of criminals? It sounds like that could be the honest truth, as what started as a joke about where F9, or any Fast and Furious sequel for that matter, could head to top the franchise’s already high bar of spectacle could become a very present reality. At least, that’s what Chris “Ludacris” Bridges seems to be suggesting, as he stoked the fires to this rather stellar possibility just recently.

Endgame’s Russo Brothers Respond To Anthony Mackie’s Call For More Diversity In The MCU

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become a behemoth presence in the film world over the last decade and change of filmmaking. And while the MCU has become a well-oiled machine of hit movies, it hasn’t been without some missteps. The franchise has previously been criticized for largely featuring white men throughout its first two phases. And while Phase Three took some major steps forward in regards to inclusion, Anthony Mackie recently spoke to the need for diversity behind the camera. And now The Russo Brothers have responded to Mackie’s concerns.

Johnny Depp Addresses Allegations Amber Heard Pooped In Their Bed

In court, Johnny Depp added there was no way the poop in the bed could have ever come from either Pistol or Boo, whom he described as weighing 3-4 pounds, though the lawyers for the other part did speculate on Amber Heard’s story the poop came from the dogs. What’s most interesting about these allegations is that while both parties don’t agree about what happened, what’s absolutely for certain is a short while after Amber Heard turned 30, poop was found in Amber Heard and Johnny Depp’s bed. Depp confirmed he laughed about the incident at the time and still finds the whole thing absurd, noting,

No, Jurassic World: Dominion Hasn’t Already Stopped Production Again

The Jurassic Park franchise has been entertaining moviegoers for decades, continuing to push the boundaries of technology, and both visual and practical effects. The dinosaur-centric property returned to theaters with Jurassic World, which has grown into its own bonafide trilogy. Jurassic World: Dominion will wrap up the story, with the threequel starting production back up in the U.K.. Rumors recently made their way around the internet that multiple crew members had already tested positive for COVID-19, but now production is setting the record straight.

What Disneyland Does With The Feral Cats That Live There

At the same time, the park needs to make sure the feline population stays under control. To that end, the park reportedly has a TNR program, which stands for “trap-neuter-return.” The cats are picked up, fixed, and then returned to the park to do their thing. They’re also given vaccinations against disease. This program was originally handled by an outside company but since 2007 Disney has been handling it internally. Kittens that are born inside the park are picked up and given homes. There are five feeding stations around the park for the felines, as well as shelters to give them a place to sleep.

Sylvester Stallone Hypes The Idea Of More Rambo Movies

Rambo has been an interesting franchise over the years. First Blood, saw Sylvester Stallone in a film that, while it wasn’t light on action, was much more focused on the character drama of a man suffering from PTSD. The sequels, however, have been unapologetic action movies. First Blood Part II actually has Rambo basically go back and refight the Vietnam War (and win). The latter two Rambo films, Last Blood included, have also gone hard on the visceral violence. I can only imagine how bloody the Extended Cut of Last Blood is considering the theatrical cut was not shy in that regard.