Apparently China Is Really, Really Into Green Book

This year’s recent Oscars ceremony may have ended in shock for many when Green Book took home Best Picture, but the movie’s Oscar success has definitely been beneficial. Since the win, Green Book has seen been showing off its “Oscar halo” in 63 markets – including a 121% boost at the domestic box office and has just become No. 1 in China.

That’s right, China loves Green Book! The 2019 Best Picture opened at an impressive $17.2 million opening weekend behind How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (which made $33 million) and Alita: Battle Angel ($24 million) before rising to the top spot on Monday with an overall $25 million by Wednesday, per The Hollywood Reporter. Green Book is now the country’s second highest-grossing Best Picture winner, behind Titanic.

The movie is also scoring seriously high reviews from Chinese critics and moviegoers. For example, the movie received a 9.6 out of 10 rating on Maoyan, a Chinese ticketing app. But wait… Green Book is an all-American story about race relations in the deep South. What about that screams an instant hit for China? There are a few reasons why.

The answer is timing. The Academy Awards are well-followed in China and the Best Picture winner opened in theaters across the country just three days after the telecast. The award show created some effective buzz for Green Book, since the film took home three Oscars out of five nominations – including a second Supporting Actor win for Mahershala Ali and Best Original Screenplay.

Additionally, the richest man in China, tech tycoon and CEO of Alibaba Pictures, Jack Ma, was an investor on Green Book and made it well known to Chinese media. The film studio has also had a hand in investing Mission: Impossible – Fallout and Star Trek Beyond which made $181 and $65 million in China, respectively.

Another contributing factor to Green Book’s success in China is the same reason why the film was met with backlash and controversy over from American audiences. Many have criticized the movie for its mediocre approach in presenting the complexity of race relations and its use of the tiresome “white savoir” trope.

Green Book was also called out by the family of Don Shirley (played by Mahershala Ali), who called out the movie for being “full of lies” and the film is based off one of the film’s writers Nick Vallelonga recalling his own memories from his father (played by Viggo Mortenson). One important perspective of the race relations movie may seem to be missing due to this.

Many moviegoers in China don’t have intricate understanding of America’s complicated ties with racism, just as with Americans, many of us don’t claim to understand the history of the Chinese people. So what might have seemed “uninspired” to many in Green Book, may have been just China’s speed ­– as they needed little background knowledge to follow along.

Factors such as these is a good reminder of why some Hollywood movies become hits in unexpected markets and Green Book is the latest example.

Idris Elba Will Replace Will Smith As Deadshot In Suicide Squad 2

When it was reported last week that Will Smith was not going to be available for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, it didn’t seem like that big of a deal. After all, previous word about the project suggested that the new movie was going in a different direction than the first, and there was an assumption that the blockbuster could simply use another character instead of Deadshot and save Will Smith’s second DC Extended Universe appearance for an alternate project. It turns out, however, that isn’t going to be the plan going forward, as the latest news says that Idris Elba will be taking on the role of Floyd Lawton in the 2021 feature.

More to come

American Gods’ Ricky Whittle Has Had Talks About Playing Green Lantern

It’s no secret that Green Lantern’s theatrical debut wasn’t the hit that DC and Warner Bros were hoping for, as the hero’s 2011 movie was met with negative reception and didn’t make a profit. However, the Emerald Knight’s mythology is getting a chance at cinematic redemption with Green Lantern Corps, and in late 2017, Green Lantern writer Michael Green suggested that American Gods star Ricky Whittle would be a good actor to don the power ring next. Since then, Whittle has actually met with certain parties about playing Green Lantern, as he explained:

Remember that just because an actor has had conversations with people working on a movie doesn’t mean that said actor will necessarily obtain the role, but it’s definitely a step up from campaigning to play a character. Ricky Whittle is clearly interested in getting to be Green Lantern, so maybe he sends a better than most of obtaining the role. Of course, he’s currently starring as Shadow Moon on American Gods, but since that’s a premium cable show with less episodes compared to something on broadcast, that would presumably allow more freedom in his schedule to take on Green Lantern Corps (not to mention that there’s no word yet on if the Starz show will get a third season).

Announced back in 2014 as part of the initial slate of DC Extended Universe movies, Green Lantern Corps has been put on the back burner in recent years, but it is definitely still in the works. Geoff Johns, whose run on the Green Lantern comic book spanned nearly a decade and propelled the property to a new level of popularity, is writing the script. As for which Green Lantern he’d portray, Ricky Whittle also mentioned in his interview with Syfy Wire that’d he’d be up for playing John Stewart or Simon Baz, though he noted that bringing John in particular to life would “be the dream.” He continued:

All we know for sure about Green Lantern Corps so far is that it will involve Hal Jordan and John Stewart teaming up, although back when the script was being written by David Goyer and Justin Rhodes, the project was described as Lethal Weapon in space.” It’s unclear if that description still applies, but at the very least, Green Lantern Corps could be used to dive deep into the DCEU’s cosmic corners.

Green Lantern Corps was originally set for a 2020 release, but it’s currently undated, with Birds of Prey and Wonder Woman 1984 holding down the DC fort next year. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for any major updates concerning Green Lantern Corps’ development.

Jean-Claude Van Damme Has His Own Version For Why He Left His Predator Role

’80s action icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jean-Claude Van Damme didn’t square off in a movie until decades after their primes in 2012’s The Expendables 2. They almost crossed paths much earlier though, because before his breakout role in Bloodsport, Jean-Claude Van Damme was cast to play the titular alien hunter in Predator. There are seemingly countless stories about why the Muscles from Brussels left that role, but he has his own version of what happened, as he explained:

The Predator originally didn’t look like how we know it now. When Jean-Claude Van Damme was a part of the movie, it looked way less awesome and more like a lobster. From what JCVD told The Hollywood Reporter, it sounds like getting that costume molded for him was an extremely unpleasant experience. The actor felt like he was unable to breathe as the hot cast was poured all over his body.

It sounds torturous and claustrophobic, and Jean-Claude Van Damme admits that he didn’t think he was going to make it. Then, when the actor was wearing some sort of stilts and was asked to jump in them, he couldn’t do it or didn’t feel safe to. So he was unable to showcase the athleticism that he showed out of the costume. He couldn’t do what producer Joel Silver needed him to do for the role and he was replaced.

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve heard about an actor leaving a role or hating their time in it due to nightmarish makeup or costumes. James Purefoy left V for Vendetta because of the mask. He was replaced by Hugo Weaving, who didn’t seem to love the makeup he wore as Red Skull in Captain America: The First Avenger. And Jennifer Lawrence’s feelings about the Mystique makeup are well known. So JCVD is not alone.

We can now add Jean-Claude Van Damme’s version of why he left Predator to the many existing accounts of what happened in what has essentially become a cinematic urban legend. Director John McTiernan said that they never shot anything with Jean-Claude and the whole situation was a mess because of his agent.

The visual effects supervisor on the film Joel Hynek’s account is one of the more outlandish and hilarious. According to him, Jean-Claude Van Damme wouldn’t stop kickboxing because he saw the alien hunter as having prodigious martial arts talents. When he was asked to stop, he refused. So producer Joel Silver fired him and JCVD fired off an insult and left.

Given Jean-Claude Van Damme’s seeming willingness to laugh at himself late in his career, someone really should put together a short or an internet video with the actor about this situation. It could have a Rashomon-like structure with each of the accounts of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s exit from Predator as a different chapter, with the audience left to decide where the truth lies.

Whatever happened, it all worked out for the best. Predator eventually changed the creature design for the better and became an action classic, and Jean-Claude Van Damme broke out in Bloodsport, where he was able to do all the kickboxing he wanted.

Jean-Claude Van Damme’s latest film, We Die Young, is now in select theaters and on demand. Check out our 2019 release schedule to keep track of everything else you can look forward to seeing this year.

Fifty Shades Scenes That Weren’t Sexy To Film In Real Life

It’s been a little over a year since Universal released the final movie in the Fifty Shades trilogy, Fifty Shades Freed. We’ve said our big screen goodbyes to Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and author E.L. James has moved on to a different book series. However, the fascination surrounding the “kinky fuckery” between the two characters has not particularly waned.

As Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed were released, we’ve learned plenty about the ins and outs of making these romantic films and to be honest, a lot of times the scenes weren’t so sexy in real life.

In particular, we hate to burst your bubble if you were a fan of Fifty Shades Freed’s big ice cream scene, but don’t take it from me…

Fifty Shades Freed Ice Cream Scene

That Ice Cream Scene

If you caught Fifty Shades Freed, you’ve already seen a moment between Christian and Ana when she’s looking for ice cream in the kitchen. He ends up thrusting his partner onto a table in the kitchen and uses it for some naughty play.

As it turns out, however, Jamie Dornan wouldn’t recommend it. He told NBC that the scene may have made ice cream more popular but it hasn’t made ice cream more popular with him.

It might help the sale of ice cream after Freed. I wouldn’t recommend that myself; I think it was quite sticky. It gets dry and sticky quite quickly, the icec ream. I wasn’t a big fan of it.

In addition, in order to amp up the sexy factor, the scene actually shot at night, meaning both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were tired, trying to pretend they were engaging in a super stimulating shot and basically just dealing with getting dirty in the process. According to Jamie Dornan, that’s all in a days work, however. He said:

It was a bit of a palavar in real life. Messy and cold and I think we shot that as a night shoot. It was the middle of the night. We were tired. Who cares for us as long as it sort of looks sexy in the final thing. Who cares? I can go shower at home.

So, yeah. Ice cream 1, actors 0 after that scene.

Dakota Johnson Glued on Thong Underwear For Fifty Shades Of Grey

Gluing On Underwear

Being naked onscreen generally doesn’t involve actually being naked onscreen. Both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have talked about wearing modesty underwear while filming sex scenes—Dornan even calls his a “wee bag”—however, it’s Dakota Johnson’s modesty thong that sounds particularly uncomfortable.

The actress previously revealed she actually had to glue the dang thing on with a sticky substance to keep her private parts from showing on set for everyone to see. It didn’t work all the time. As she put it:

Oh yeah, Jamie’s little pouch. It’s super not glamorous–it’s really unsexy. He wore that, and I had these sort of strapless thongs that had glue on them. It’s not glue, but it’s sticky. They’re, like, basically if it were a nipple pastie, but underwear. But it’s only sticky at the top, it’s not sticky the whole way. It would also come off because the adhesive would wear out, so then they would superglue it to my body so that it wouldn’t fall off.

Yes, they would sometimes superglue the modesty thong to her body in order to make it work, as Tim Gunn would say. Yikes.

Jamie Dornan using whip on Dakota Johnson In fifty Shades Darker

Anything With A Whip

Ahead of the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan was happy to talk about the odd types of training he had to do for the movie, which involved working at learning to use the whip for scenes. It’s a skill set he told Variety he is not talented at, leading those scenes to be decidedly unsexy on set.

In fact, to illustrate this point, he even compared whip usage to fly fishing.

There’s probably a technique to using a whip, I wasn’t talented at it. But I got there in the end. It’s really like fly fishing.

The director of the first film, Sam Taylor-Johnson, even tried her hardest to keep the actor from harming himself and others on the Vancouver set. She also said:

Jamie, how can you make something so straightforward so hard? Why would you pick [the whip] up like that? I think there was a bit of rope burn. I’d have to remind Jamie to hold back with the crop.

Would you rather be sticky with ice cream or dealing with rope burn for several days? As Dornan said about Fifty Shades Freed, with the ice cream, at least you can always shower.

fifty Shades Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson laughing during wedding scene.

The Wedding Scene

Love can be really sexy, so it was surprising to learn that Christian and Ana’s nuptials were anything but for those filming. Faking a wedding apparently was just as goofy and off-putting as some of the other stuff Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan had to do on set. In fact, the two kept dissolving into giggles, which made shooting the Fifty Shades Freed wedding scene particularly challenging. According to Jamie Dornan’s account of filming,

It’s very strange saying vows to someone when it’s not real. When we were rehearsing it, we were sort of giggling quite a lot, because it just seemed so silly. But then, obviously, by the time the cameras were rolling we were in character and it was fun.

Dakota Johnson looked more fabulous than she looked sexy in this scene anyway, and while I personally dig Jamie Dornan in a suit, I think most people probably prefer the Dornan of the shirtless variety, at least in these films. Still, due to the nature of the scene and how it stood out in stark contrast to some of the other scenes, the wedding ranks highly in unsexy scenes to film. At least this one wasn’t sticky.

In addition, this one was decidedly more difficult to shoot than you might guess, especially considering the scenes appear at the very beginning of the film, before the couple can really get into any hanky panky on their honeymoon.

While leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have continued to do press for new projects in the time since Fifty Shades Freed hit theaters — A Private War and Robin Hood in Dornan’s case and Suspiria and Bad Times at the El Royale in Johnson’s case — they still get plenty of questions about the four+ years they spent playing a kinky couple. I’m sure we’ll learn much more regarding the ins and outs of the Fifty Shades films in the time moving forward, and we’ll be here every step of the way.

In the meantime, you can learn about the new project E.L. James will be embarking on next with our full guide.

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What Surprised Jude Law and Gemma Chan The Most About The Captain Marvel Set

The MCU family continues to expand with each new release, perhaps until each and every actor in Hollywood has a Marvel Comics inspired role. Captain Marvel brings in some red-hot names – on the planet of Hala, we will meet a handful of Kree officers including Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg and Gemma Chan’s Minn-Erva. The two actors had some of the buzziest adapted roles in 2018, as Law took on playing a younger Dumbledore in Fantastic Beasts: Crimes of Grindelwald and Chan played Astrid in summer hit Crazy Rich Asians.

I got the chance to speak to Jude Law and Gemma Chan together, during recent press in Los Angeles for Captain Marvel, and asked them if there was something unique about starring in a Marvel film for the first time that took them by surprise. They both chipped in agreement with these words:

Cloaks, huh? If only Jude Law could steal away Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility. Too bad, wrong timeline! Jude Law had to be especially covert, as the identity of his character was kept under wraps until just recently. We’d been speculating between the actor portraying Mar-Vell and Yon-Rogg for months and after hopping off set, Law had to dodge questions left and right about his Captain Marvel role.

Few movies have the combination of being high-profile and extremely secretive as Marvel films are – except maybe Star Wars. Check out the actors talk about their experience on set of Captain Marvel from our interview, below:

Being in the MCU sounds a bit stressful. The two actors sound like they are describing their lives as spies, though it’s all about going the extra mile to give audiences a good experience at the movies when Captain Marvel comes out. Even though much of the time Marvel fans are hungry for any sliver of info about coming releases, many of us can say we do appreciate the actors remaining a little concealed on set and tight-lipped in service of their characters.

In Captain Marvel, the pair are members of a Kree military unit called Starforce that Carol Danvers is also a part of when we first meet the character. Jude Law’s character has been teased to be a mentor to Danvers, while Minn-Erva looks like a bad-ass soldier fighting at their side. You can see for yourself when Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8.

Aquaman Producer Explains Time Gap Between Films

After Aquaman exceeded all expectations and became a box office leviathan, a sequel was basically guaranteed, and given the first film’s success, it would be natural to assume that the sequel would be fast-tracked to theaters. But while Aquaman 2 is indeed on the way, it won’t arrive in theaters until 2022, four years after the first film. Aquaman producer Peter Safran explained the reason for the gap between the films, saying:

Of all the reasons that a film will take a long time to reach theaters, this is basically the most encouraging and the one you want to hear. As Peter Safran told The Hollywood Reporter, he, director James Wan and executive producer and DC Films head Walter Hamada aren’t going to rush Aquaman 2. They aren’t concerned with delivering the film quickly, a move that could be detrimental to the final product. They are purely focused on doing it right.

There is a quote from Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto that says “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.” This is the philosophy that Peter Safran is espousing here. Aquaman just came out, so Aquaman 2 isn’t technically delayed, but it was decided to give the movie plenty of time to come together and be the best movie it can be. That way, there’s a better chance for it to make the kind of splash that the first film did.

However, the movie business is a business, and Aquaman made over $1 billion at the box office, so you would think that there would be pressure to hurry Aquaman 2 to theaters to capitalize on the momentum from the original. Yet, that is not the case because the producer also told THR that there was no pressure from Warner Bros. to get the sequel done faster.

DC could have rushed Aquaman 2 out after the $1.13 billion grossing original, but as far as Peter Safran is concerned, that shouldn’t be the focus because the ‘what’ is more important than the ‘when.’ DC also has plenty of irons in the fire at the moment, and with the Atlantean now the universe’s crown jewel, it makes sense to protect him and not mess with the desires of the team that made the first one such a hit.

Even though we now have a long four-year wait to see Aquaman 2, that doesn’t mean that we won’t be returning under the sea in the DCEU before that. Peter Safran expects the Aquaman spinoff film The Trench to arrive well before Aquaman 2. That film won’t have Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry or Amber Heard’s Mera in it, but the horror-tinged spinoff will take place after Aquaman and will return audiences to one of the most exciting areas of that film.

We still don’t know if James Wan will return to direct Aquaman 2 because he was only signed on for the first movie, but it is nice to see DC not making a knee-jerk decision to rush Aquaman 2 here. Four years should give the film plenty of time to churn out a great script, shoot and take all the time it needs for the ridiculous amount of visual effects work these films require.

When it arrives, it will again likely own December. There was a question of whether Aquaman 2 was avoiding a December showdown with the Avatar sequels (December really is the new summer), but it seems that the main concern was just doing the film right.

Aquaman 2 dives into theaters on December 16, 2022. That’s a long way off, so to know what you can see before then, check out our 2019 release schedule.

ReelBlend #59: The Netflix Vs Spielberg Debate And An Exciting Announcement

ReelBlend has its Patron Saints. Christopher Nolan. Martin Scorsese. Steven Spielberg. But that doesn’t mean that we blindly follow the words and thoughts of these filmmakers. Sometimes, we vehemently disagree with something that one of our icons has said… which makes this week’s ReelBlend all the more interesting.

Episode #59 of the weekly podcast kicks off with a description of Nolan’s next film. And if you want to hear three brains simultaneously melt, then explode, listen to Sean, Kevin and Jake read the logline for Nolan’s new movie. It sounds incredible. The hard part will be waiting for this movie to get into theaters!

Speaking of theaters, the ReelBlend guys transitioned to the big conversation of the week, which is Steven Spielberg’s belief that no movie made for a streaming service should be eligible for an Oscar – even if it gets a theatrical release. Spielberg allegedly sided with Green Book over Roma in the recent Oscar competition, mainly because Alfonso Cuaron (yet another Patron Saint of ReelBlend) made his deeply personal movie for Netflix.

Spielberg wants to implement rule changes that would block films like Roma from competing for Oscars. The guys have a lot to say on this topic, so give it a listen.

Only Kevin managed to see Captain Marvel before the guys recorded this week. Jake and Sean will have seen it by next week, which mean you all have homework. Go see it before Episode #60, because while Kevin teased his reaction to Marvel’s latest in this episode, the guys will take a full dive in next week’s show, spoilers left and right.

The #Blend Game this week was dedicated to a personal favorite of the ReelBlend hosts: Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. They played #ChivoBlend, and Sean’s pick literally stunned Jake and Kevin. It’s times like this, we wish that we still did the Facebook Live video.

Finally, the boys have a very big announcement about a future meet up that we hope people can make it to. Listen all the way to the end for details!

ReelBlend is a weekly podcast that we do on CinemaBlend. You can download the latest episode (and all of our past episodes) for FREE on our iTunes page! Visit. Subscribe. Like and comment. Review! Apple loves when you have star ratings and reviews, so if you listened, and you liked it (or even if you didn’t), let us know. We also are on Spotify. And Google Play. And basically everywhere that you download podcasts. So download us.

New Brightburn Trailer Shows Off Terrifying Superpowers

This is the moment that Brandon starts to realize just how powerful he is, as demonstrated by him putting his hand through a wood chipper and breaking the machinery. (Didn’t this happen on Smallville, too?) With the evil inside of him growing, Brandon doesn’t waste any time using his powers against others, with his first target being the mother of the girl he harmed, as she wanted him thrown in prison. Super strength, super speed, flight, heat vision, this kid basically has the same power set as Superman, making it easy for him to bring down planes and destroy houses. Despite his actions, Brandon’s mother still believes there is good inside of him, but his father is less convinced.

Triple Frontier Reviews Are In, Here’s What Critics Are Saying

Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac in Triple Frontier

Whatever some famous director’s might think of Netflix, the streaming service/film studio has put together a solid list of movie releases over the last few years. From fantasy blockbusters starring Will Smith to Oscar nominated dramas, Netflix has it all. The next big release from Netflix is the Ben Affleck-led Triple Frontier, and while it probably won’t win any Oscars, the movie is likely to be worth checking out for everybody who has Netflix, so basically everybody.

Our own Michael Reyes gave Triple Frontier a solid four star score and thinks the movie does a solid job of blending the film’s multiple genres into an enjoyably complete film.

As an action film, as well as a dramatic character study, Triple Frontier works as an extremely cohesive combination of two types of stories that usually don’t mesh together well.

At its core, Triple Frontier is the story of group of former vets of the same unit, played by Oscar Isaac, Ben Affleck, Pedro Pascal, Charlie Hunnam, and Garrett Hedlund, decide to go on one last mission strictly for themselves, stealing from a drug kingpin. It’s a military/heist movie, something that isn’t exactly new to moviegoers, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work.

The review from Entertainment Weekly compares Triple Frontier, directed by J.C. Chandor, to the work of Peter Berg, though it claims Chandor’s film has more nuance to it than the frequently nuance free works of Berg…

Chandor films their mission and its male-bonding lead-up using the Peter Berg playbook — you know, lots of backslapping peppered with military jargon. But Triple Frontier isn’t as cheesy and embarrassingly jingoistic as Berg’s films. It’s more ethically murky, especially when the haul they find at the kingpin’s compound turns out to be much, much bigger than they expected.

The biggest thing about Triple Frontier is likely the cast. A movie starring Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac being a Netflix production is still a big deal, even if the streaming service has had growing success wooing major performers and directors to the platform. Will Smith made Bright with the director of Suicide Squad only a couple years ago and following that we saw the likes of Sandra Bullock, and Alfonso Cuaron join him. Marten Scorsese has directed Robert De Niro for Netflix’s upcoming The Irishman, and just typing those words still feels strange.

Understanding how these theatrical release films (Triple Frontier is in theaters for one week starting today before hitting Netflix next week) work on a streaming service is something everybody, from the industry to the viewers, is trying to figure out. For what it’s worth, Slashfilm thinks Triple Frontier is a movie made for Netflix.

A film where big, angry men with scruffy facial hair strap on tactical vests and glower their way through one burst of violence to the next. It is, in a sense, the perfect Netflix movie. Something to stream from your bed in the dark after you’ve knocked back one too many beers.

While the majority of reviews for Triple Frontier are positive, it’s certainly the case that none are necessarily glowing. Even among those that praise the film, there seems to be a feeling that there could have been more here then we ended up getting. It seems to want to be more than military dudes shooting guns, but doesn’t necessarily get there. Although, if military dudes shooting guns is your thing, you’ll likely enjoy this version of that.

Of course, there are some who are far from that kind. Variety feels that, in trying to be a smarter action movie, it ends up failing at being anything resembling smart, and ends up trying too hard, reventing it from being the dumb action movie that could have been equally enjoyable.

Yet I’m sorry, there’s a dullness at the core of Triple Frontier. We’ve seen these sorts of situations once too often, done tighter and better, with more surprise. And though Chandor has assembled an ace cast of aging machos, they’re working with stale crumbs of dialogue. The movie made me wish I was watching either a truly heady thriller (which this is not) or a zippier version of The Expendables.

This does go to show how different people can see the same movie in very different ways. One praises the film for being more “ethically murky” complimenting the movie for not simply being military gun porn, while another sort of wishes it had been closer to that, because it misses the mark at being anything more.

There are certainly audiences for both sorts of films, it will be interesting to see if this film, which seems to fall someplace in between will be able to find an audience. At the same time, everybody has Netflix right, so a lot of people could end up watching this one simply because it’s new and available. When audiences do flock to Netflix’s new releases the movies can see a viewership on par with some blockbusters.

For, THR, the problem with Triple Frontier is something a bit more fundamental. While the movie has an impressive cast, it fails to do anything impressive with them. All of the team members come across as being the same character and lack enough detail to let the audience understand or empathize with them.

Despite the heavy dose of action and numerous tense situations, this Netflix offering has trouble staying in high gear once it gets there and the characterizations remain one dimensional – the men all speak exactly the same way.

Triple Frontier may not be the next Roma, but then few movies will be. It’s great that, just like any other theatrical movie studio, Netflix can create a wide variety of movies for a wide variety of audiences. With the massive user base that Netflix has there’s a lot of people who like a lot of different movies. Triple Frontier clearly isn’t every critic’s cup of tea, but it looks like many might still enjoy it. If you’re lucky enough to be in the right town you can see it in theaters now, otherwise, it hits Netflix next week.

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