How Sarah Silverman Felt About Singing An Alan Menken Song In Ralph Breaks The Internet

The following contains minor spoilers for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Ralph Breaks the Internet has a lot of fun at the expense of the Disney brand, as we see many corners of the massive studio make appearances, including the famous Disney Princesses. Music has always been a key component of Disney Princess movies and over the last few decades most of that music has been the creation of the great Alan Menken. The newest Disney Princess to sing an Alan Menken song is Venellope Von Schweetz herself in the new movie. Our own Eric Eisenberg asked Sarah Silverman what it was like to sing an Alan Menken song for a Disney movie, and as you can imagine, it was a dream come true. According to Silverman.

While exploring the internet in Ralph Breaks the Internet Vanellope Von Schweetz comes across the internet hub of all things Disney where she meets the classic Disney Princesses from Snow White through Moana. The scene has a lot of fun with the characters and the tropes that Disney has created over the years, including the characters’ tendency to sing deeply heartfelt songs about their greatest desires. As a princess herself, Vanellope tries to do the same, and she’s eventually successful, singing a song called “A Place Called Slaughter Race.”

The song is meant to be funnier than your average Disney Princess “I want” song, that’s how Ralph Breaks the Internet rolls, after all. However, in the end, it’s a Disney Princess singing a song about what she wants most in the world, which means it belongs right up there with Disney classics written by Alan Menken like “Part of Your World” or “When Will My Life Begin?”

The Disney related content is some of the funniest material in Ralph Breaks the Internet, especially if you’re a Disney fan who’s willing to laugh a little bit at the history of your favorite film studio. You get all your favorite Disney Princesses while also being able to laugh at the way Disney has handled those princesses over the years. You get to laugh a bit at the expense of Disney music, while still getting another great Disney song. It’s sort of the perfect combination.

While Sarah Silverman says singing the Alan Menken song was something special, there was one downside to it. The song includes a part for Gal Gadot, and it turns out she wasn’t available for the recording session. For more information on that, check out the full interview clip below.

Hugh Jackman Has A Colorful Way Of Describing His Wolverine Exit

Before comic book movies and cinematic universes became commonplace, the superhero genre was given new installments just sporadically. And Fox’s X-Men franchise has been going strong since 2000’s X-Men started it all. Hugh Jackman played Logan/Wolverine on and off for 17 years, before he took his final bow with James Mangold’s Logan.

Hugh Jackman’s departure from his signature character has been hard for fans– Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds in particular. And with Disney and Fox’s merger potentially bringing the X-Men to the MCU, the FOMO is real. But Jackman recently described his decision to leave Wolverine behind, and it’s pretty hilarious. As he tells it,

What a bummer. While Hugh Jackman seems to be a big fan of the Deadpool franchise, not even the Merc with the Mouth could bring the Oscar winning actor back to Wolverine’s shoes. Because after 17 years and seven starring movies, Jackman just needs to hang up the claws.

Hugh Jackman’s comments to MTV are sure to disappoint the 50 year old actor’s many fans. Hugh Jackman’s tenure as Wolverine is what made him a household name, and allowed for critically acclaimed roles in projects like Les Miserables, Australia, and The Prestige. And while Ryan Reynolds is constantly hounding his fellow mutant for a collaboration on the Deadpool franchise, we’re all apparently barking up the wrong tree.

As far as his X-Men opus goes, Hugh Jackman has been dancing for way more than an hour and a half. Jackman is arguably the face of the X-Men franchise, as he’s been the common thread that pulled together the spinoffs, the first trilogy, and the current franchise. But 20th Century Fox is going to have to pivot away from Wolverine, and focus on other stories to keep the fandom hitting theaters.

The Deadpool franchise is perhaps Fox’s biggest cash cow for the X-Men franchise. The R-rated and fourth wall breaking movies have both made a ton of money at the box office, and brought something totally new to the comic genre. Josh Boone’s The New Mutants is also hoping to break new ground, combining superheroes and horror for the first time.

Of course, the main X-Men franchise is also still going strong– even without Hugh Jackman’s inclusion. Dark Phoenix is currently in post production, and be the franchise’s second go at telling Jean Grey’s iconic cosmic storyline.

Dark Phoenix will arrive in theaters on June 7th, 2019, with The New Mutants currently set to arrive shortly thereafter on August 2nd. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Snooki Announces New Pregnancy With Adorable Thanksgiving Photos

Thanksgiving is a time of pigging out on lots of food and getting great deals on holiday shopping, but it’s also sometimes a great day to make a big family announcement. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi went with the latter when she took to social media to share some adorable photos to announce she’s pregnant with her third child.

Of course, Snooki had to bring her other kids into the mix for the big announcement as her 6-year-old son Lorenzo and 4-year-old Giovanna are seen posing with the ultrasound photo. The baby makes the third child Snooki will have with her husband Jionni, to whom she’s been married since 2014. The Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore Family Vacation star’s tweet and Instagram post were well received by fans, who liked the photo in droves.

Snooki’s timeline for her announced pregnancy is impeccable, as it syncs up with recent footage from episodes of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Snooki was seen running around in search of a pregnancy test, as she thought she may be pregnant. Snooki believed she was pregnant after vomiting, which is something she doesn’t do that often.

Snooki’s new announcement is exciting, although it’s another potential barrier to a Season 3 renewal of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Snooki is pregnant, Deena is expecting a child before the year’s end, JWoww is getting divorced, The Situation is headed to prison, and Ronnie’s baby mama has hinted she wants him to quit the show. Suffice to say, a new season may be a hard sell to the cast, even if it’s something fans want.

Having said that, Deena did not let her pregnancy get in the way of enjoying Season 2 of Jersey Shore Family Vacation. While she ended up skipping the Vegas half of the vacation, Deena came out for a handful of episodes that were filmed in New Jersey. Snooki has been a part of the show in the past when she was pregnant, but lived in a different house during the filming of Jersey Shore Season 6.

It’s possible Snooki might return, as one fan claimed she suspected the star was pregnant for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation “Friendsgiving” special. Apparently, Snooki wasn’t drinking during the episode, which showed the cast of the show enjoying a feast while reviewing classic clips from Jersey Shore and Jersey Shore Family Vacation. Snooki was seen with a bottle of water and glass of what appeared to be some kind of cola, but no wine glass.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation airs on MTV Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. For more on Snooki, check out how she stood by her friend JWoww after news spread of her divorce.

Tom Felton Hasn’t Rewatched The Harry Potter Movies

The Harry Potter films certainly mean a lot to Tom Felton, but that doesn’t mean he’s made a point to actually watch them since they came out. The actor, who played Draco Malfoy in all eight movies, recently admitted that, while he saw each of the movies when they premiered he hasn’t gone back to watch any of them since then. To be fair, he’s got a pretty good reason for not seeing them. He plans to make his first re-watch the first viewing for some special people that don’t actually exist yet, his kids. According to Felton…

Tom Felton will certainly be a bit older, as People points out he doesn’t have any kids yet, and thus he apparently won’t be watching the Harry Potter movies again until the youngest one is old enough to sit through a movie, which means it will likely be the better part of a decade at least before Felton actually decides to show his kids what he was doing when he was there age.

It isn’t all that surprising to learn that Tom Felton has never watched the Harry Potter movies since their premiere. On the one hand, a lot of actors never watch themselves, they just find the experience strange, and the fact that Felton was so young when he made the films, especially the first few, means watching them has to be even odder. Watching your ten-year-old self on the screen when you’re eleven is one thing, doing it when you’re 30 is something else entirely.

If you’ve waited this long, then seeing the movies with your kids sounds like a great way to reintroduce yourself to them down the road. Watching movies that they loved is something that many parents take great joy in. There will probably be a lot of very special viewings of the Harry Potter movies in the years to come as the generation that grew up watching them has kids and wants to show the series to them. The perspective is certainly different for Tom Felton, but the basic feeling is still the same.

One expects that, watching the Harry Potter movies with his kids, assuming the day comes, will be a pretty great experience. Kids almost always love every movie they see, which means they’ll probably adore something like the Wizarding World films, especially the first couple, which are very family friendly and full of magic. Whether or not the kids actually believe the blonde-haired jerk is actually their dad is an open question. Whether or not they like their dad as much when they see what Draco Malfoy does to Harry Potter is also interesting to consider.

The One Tree Hill Cast Just Reunited And Shared A Fun Revival Idea

The One Tree Hill cast members just had a couple of reunions on Thanksgiving. First, several stars appeared together on Lifetime’s The Christmas Contract. That was followed by a One Tree Hill reunion special with the actors discussing a possible revival of The CW series. Instead of bringing back the show for more episodes, Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer-Scott) shared this alternate idea:

Paul Johansson (Dan Scott) hosted the reunion and said the fans would love that. Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gattina) said they could even just set it in Wilmington, N.C., where the show was filmed, because that city is so beautiful.

In addition to those three stars, the ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion also featured Antwon Tanner (Antwon “Skills” Taylor), Tyler Hilton (Chris Keller), Bevin Prince (Bevin Mirskey), Stephen Colletti (Chase Adams), and Robert Buckley (Clay Evans).

One Tree Hill originally aired from 2003 to 2012 on The CW. Several stars sounded game to return for any kind of revival — of the show itself, or just a special Christmas movie following the characters today.

The stars speculated about where their characters would be now — including Hilarie Burton figuring Peyton might be in rehab, and Bevin Prince generously countering that Peyton might now be a life coach. If Burton does get the cast together for a Christmas movie revival, maybe we can see where Peyton is instead of just guessing.

A few months ago, when several stars were filming The Christmas Contract, they took some photos together and got fans excited for what was thought to be a One Tree Hill reunion. The photos were taken on set when no one was looking, and posted to Twitter — then were swiftly taken down. Taking down the pics just fed the speculation that a reunion might be happening, because The Christmas Contract hadn’t been announced at that point. Danneel Ackles said they may have gotten in a bit of trouble for that, but it all worked out.

In addition to the reunion special, Hilarie Burton talked to The Hollywood Reporter about working with fellow One Tree Hill stars Robert Buckley, Danneel Ackles, Antwon Tanner, Tyler Hilton, and Elisabeth Harnois for The Christmas Contract. She also revealed which other One Tree Hill costars she’d like to collaborate with on a future project:

That would be amazing. Now Sophia Bush and Bethany Joy Lenz just have to sign on — whether for Hilarie Burton’s Christmas in Tree Hill idea or something else.

As we wait for any official One Tree Hill revival/movie news, keep up with what’s coming soon on TV in our fall 2018 and midseason 2019 premiere guides. You can also watch ‘Tis the Season: A One Tree Hill Cast Reunion right now on Lifetime.

MCU Exec Talks Focus On Diversity On Screen

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is an ever changing place, and showing no signs of slowing down. And with the entertainment industry focusing on inclusion and diversity onscreen, Marvel studios has followed suit and begun telling stories featuring more people of color and women during its massively successful Phase Three. And it’s a change that seems to have paid off at the box office.

Victoria Alonso is Marvel’s VP of production, and recently spoke to Marvel’s concerted effort to tell more diverse stories. As the MCU exec tells it:

As if Marvel’s line up of films in Phase Three isn’t enough of a tell, Victoria Alonso makes the studio’s intentions crystal clear. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is trying to feature heroes of all shapes and sizes, and that’s a trend that we should expect to continue with the mysterious set of movies post-Avengers 4.

Victoria Alonso’s comments to BBC are sure to excite Marvel’s many critics, who took umbrage with the lack of diversity in the first two phases. Indeed, if you look back at the MCU’s roots, it’s mostly focused on white men. But Phase Three changed this, as women and people of color became more present throughout the various individual franchises.

Diversifying the MCU seems to have positively affected Marvel studios, as the box office has brought on even more record breaking results. Just look at Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther. T’Challa’s adventure in Wakanda resonated with audiences, making insane buckets of money while also being a significant moment in pop culture. Black Panther has quickly become one of the most popular characters in the MCU, with Wakanda favoriting heavily into Avengers: Infinity War.

Marvel’s Kevin Feige has also made it clear that the future of Marvel is female. Women were given more time to shine in Black Panther, and Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man and The Wasp put Evangeline Lilly’s character right in the title. And Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel will be the first female-led MCU installment in ten years of filmmaking.

It should be interesting to see how Marvel continued to diversify after Avengers 4. Black Panther will no doubt get a sequel, and it looks like Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow will finally get the movie she deserves. But other than Spider-Man: Far From Home, nothing is set in stone or revealed to the public at this time.

More answers should come when Avengers 4 hits theaters on May 3rd. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Amazon Streamed Next Doctor Who Episode Several Days Early, And BBC Isn’t Happy

The BBC is a bit miffed at Amazon after a Season 11 episode of Doctor Who aired several days before its intended airing. Customers who purchased and downloaded the Season 11 episode “Kerblam!” were surprised to find the episode they purchased was actually the following yet-to-air episode “The Witchfinders.” The BBC released a statement apologizing to any consumers who were upset by the error.

Some viewers who purchased the Doctor Who episode experienced some extra confusion thanks to the episode’s closed captioning. io9 reported captions scrolled the dialogue from “Kerblam!” despite the footage on screen being that of “The Witchfinders.” The result was a lot of text about robots and the future in an episode that’s set squarely in the past and involves villagers searching for witches.

What’s weird about Amazon’s error is that the mistake resulted in customers missing an episode of Doctor Who that somewhat poked fun at its brand. “Kerblam!” was centered around The Doctor and her friends traveling to an intergalactic shipping facility where they received a distress signal. Upon arrival, they learned that the Kerblam facilities were primarily automated with just 10% of its staff human. Perhaps Amazon’s exclusion of this episode wasn’t so unintentional?

Whatever the case may be, The BBC wasn’t thrilled about Amazon airing “The Witchfinders” several days ahead of when it would premiere the episode to the world. That episode is one Doctor Who fans have been looking forward to for a while due to a guest-star appearance by Alan Cumming. The error was likely noticed by quite a few American cord-cutting fans, as it’s the only way to stream the new season of Doctor Who without the BBC America app.

Obviously, Doctor Who fans who weren’t able to see “The Witchfinders” before Amazon removed it should be cautious, as some fans are revealing their thoughts and feelings on the episode a bit early. Those who don’t wish to be spoiled on the episode may want to withhold from any searching on the series until the premiere rolls around in a couple of days.

Season 11 of Doctor Who airs Sundays on BBC America at 8 p.m. ET and on Amazon and the BBC America app for those that like to stream their television. For a look at other things coming to television in the near future, be sure to visit and bookmark our fall and midseason premiere guides.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Is Making Huge Money At The Box Office Already

The long Thanksgiving weekend has barely gotten started but Ralph Breaks the Internet is already on track to break some box office records. The Disney sequel brought in $18.5 million on Wednesday, which has resulted in the movie getting its five-day weekend total estimate raised up to $94 million, which would make it the biggest Thanksgiving weekend opening of all time.

It’s a busy Thanksgiving weekend at the movies with three major releases, including Ralph, Creed II, and Robin Hood. The numbers are looking good for two of those movies, as in addition to Ralph Breaks the Internet‘s $94 million Creed II is looking to bring in something upwards of $60 million. However, Robin Hood is in much worse shape. It only brought in a little over $3 million on Wednesday and is tracking to do about $17 million by the time the weekend is over.

Needless to say, an opening weekend that, according to THR, some believe might exceed $100 million, is a huge opening for Ralph Breaks the Internet. The original film, which opened in early November back in 2012, didn’t quite break $50 million in its opening weekend and while we are talking about comparing five days to three in that case, it still shows that the audience for Ralph has grown over the years. The current Thanksgiving weekend record holder is Disney’s Frozen which brought in $93.6 million.

Disney has pretty much owned the Thanksgiving weekend over the last several years, with recent successes like Coco and Moana but neither of those has really competed for the best ever crown as Ralph is currently doing. The fact that Ralph Breaks the Internet is a sequel is certainly a large part of that reason. The characters are already known and loved by fans. Of course, theatrical sequels to animated Disney films are a rare thing. Only the Rescuers Down Under and Fantasia 2000 have previously hit the screen.

Disney has had rules against theatrical sequels in the past but that is clearly over as next November will see the release of another high profile Disney sequel, Frozen 2. Interestingly, it might not be the box office champ over the Thanksgiving weekend next year. While it was originally set to open on the Wednesday before the holiday, the film has now been moved up to open on the previous Friday. It may still win the long weekend, but it may not set any records since the biggest crowds will likely be there on its opening weekend.

Have you been to see Ralph Breaks the Internet this weekend or are you planning on checking it out before the weekend is over? Let us know in the comments.

Hulu’s Four Weddings And A Funeral Series Adds Star From Original Film

The story follows four American friends who reunite in London for a wedding. Since this is a series, not a TV show, there’s a lot more to the story. This time, according to Deadline, “after a bombshell at the altar throws their lives into turmoil, they must weather a tumultuous year of romance and heartbreak. Relationships are forged and broken, political scandals exposed, London social life lampooned, love affairs ignited and doused, and of course, there are four weddings… and a funeral.”

Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Moments We Need From Season 15 In 2019

Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 just stranded half the cast in elevators until early 2019. When the show does make its midseason return, we have a list of things we’d like to see. Since this is the “Season of Love,” most of the requests are tied to Grey Sloan romances.

Someone Has To Cure Catherine

Please? In Season 15, Episode 7, Grey’s shocked us with the news that Catherine Fox (Debbie Allen) has Grade 3 chondrosarcoma in her spine. So far, the cancer is unresponsive to chemotherapy and tough to treat. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo), Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), and — thanks to Meredith — Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary) are the only ones to know the truth heading into 2019.

Catherine is worried about what the news will do to her husband, Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), who is already a bit of a mess this season. We’re not ready to lose Catherine. Neither is Richard, or her son Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams). Plus, Grey’s fans do not need to see another beloved character die, from cancer or anything else. That list includes matchmaker Cece, too, whose fate was also left up-in-the-air in the winter finale.

Bailey Needs To Manage Her Stress And Get Back With Warren

It doesn’t make sense for Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to want a break from her husband Ben Warren (Jason George) because she’s too worried about him as a firefighter over on Station 19. Has she missed how dangerous Grey Sloan is on a daily basis? Stepping down as Chief of Surgery has not helped her stress at all. She is too invested in the hospital to just walk away — and she’d probably worry even more if she stayed home.

For her health, Bailey does need to figure out a way to manage her stress. It seems like low-key Ben could actually help with that. Their non-separatation separation feels more like manufactured drama than anything that makes sense. Just let them be each other’s refuge.

Alex Needs To Step Up As Interim Chief

Bailey won’t really be able to manage her stress until Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) rises to the job he was hired to do. He’s still getting used to the gig, but the winter finale showed his messy, disorganized office — plus he overslept and wasn’t there to lead during the big wind storm. Instead, he had a second honeymoon with his “wife” Jo, who isn’t even technically his wife because they forgot to mail in the marriage license.

Alex needs to pull himself together and really take charge in 2019, at least until Bailey returns full-time to that role. Alex definitely has a leader inside of him, and he has already shined a few times in the role, but Bailey needs to be able to trust that the hospital is in good hands with Alex.

Meredith Should Hook-Up With DeLuca, But End Up With Koracick

You’re going to disagree on this, but while Andrew DeLuca made a swoon-worthy case in the winter finale, I’m still pulling for Tom Koracick to be Meredith’s next lasting love. Meredith and Tom bonded over treating Catherine, and they seem to be equals on so many levels. Plus, they already survived a flight together, and for Meredith that’s half the battle.

But since the 2018 ended with Mer and DeLuca in an elevator, sure — let them have some fun in there. I’m all for that. Mer has already had sexy dreams about DeLuca after their wedding kiss, so let that play out. Koracick hooked up with both April and Amelia, so Meredith can play with DeLuca and maybe even Link. But I like Koracick for her long-term.

Maggie And Jackson Need To Be Together For The Right Reasons Or Not At All

Meredith convinced Maggie to stop being mad at Jackson for the time-being because Catherine is sick, and Jackson is going to need Maggie for support. That makes sense for now, but it’s not enough of a foundation for a lasting relationship. Maybe this will give Jackson an opportunity to open up to Maggie the way he still does to April — and that random new friend Kate. Maybe Maggie will be exactly the right shoulder for him to cry on, and maybe she’ll even open up to him in return. If so, good for them.

I’m still getting used to Jaggie as a couple, despite them being stepsiblings and not having much chemistry, from my perspective. Jackson and Maggie were just starting to grow on me before Grey’s ripped them apart with Jackson ghosting her for a monastery trip. They have deep issues to work through, and his mother being ill (don’t say dying!) isn’t really enough to keep them together.

Owen And Amelia Should Stay Together While Focusing On Parenting

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) were a mess as a married couple, but they have really found themselves and each other as foster parents. I love Omelia right now. I also refuse to blame pregnant Teddy Altman (Kim Raver) for “coming between them” since this is really Owen’s doing. This is also what Owen always wanted — to be a dad. It can work. It should work with Owen and Amelia staying together, and Teddy co-parenting with Owen.

Owen, Amelia, and Teddy are now stuck in an elevator together, which is super awkward. But they worked well as a team when trying to track down young Betty, so hopefully they can all stay a team instead of turning this into something ugly. They are adults. Let them be adults about this.

Let Teddy Find Her Own Lasting Love … With Link?

Right now new “ortho god” Atticus “Link” Lincoln (Chris Carmack) is into Meredith Grey, but I’m not seeing a future there at all. But what about Link and Teddy? She deserves someone who would put her first. He’s also pretty good with kids. This would be a slow-burn situation, but I like the idea of planting seeds late in Season 15, and maybe seeing them bloom next year in Season 16.

I’m not married to this Link/Teddy idea, but I’m done with the Poor Teddy angle. She doesn’t have to have her own man — it would actually be cool to just see her bond more with the ladies, hanging out and dancing with Mer, Maggie, and Amelia. Just don’t let her storyline be the third wheel to Owen and Amelia. She deserves better.

Glasses And Nico Need More Air Time, Together And Apart

I love a blossoming Grey’s love story, but that’s not the only reason to put a character on screen. The relationship between Levi “Glasses” Schmitt (Jake Borelli) and Nico Kim (Alex Landi) is already a win, and things just took a sexy turn inside that wind-shaken ambulance.

I’m looking forward to seeing them date, even though Nico is conflicted about being Glasses’ first gay romance. He doesn’t want to go through another big coming out. But Glasses made a great case for himself in the winter finale, and they definitely seem to be a couple entering 2019. But I still need to see more of them as individuals, as well as practicing doctors. Who are they? Show us. Let them thrive on their own as well as together.

Give More Backstory And/Or Standalone Episodes To Lesser-Known Characters

This may be controversial, since not everyone loves standalone episodes — or minor characters. But I, for one, am interested in seeing more of the other hot DeLuca, Carina. I also cannot get enough of Greg Germann as Tom Koracick. He is winning me over with his cocky sarcasm, but he’s also hinted to some tragedy of his own. I’d like to dig deeper there.

Also, as much as I groaned when they added more interns, I’m ready for Jaicy Elliot’s Meredith Grey-loving Dr. Taryn Helm to have her own episode — or tag-team her with fellow surgical intern Dr. Dahlia Qadri (Sophia Ali).

Let’s Have More Adventures Outside Grey Sloan

I love that hospital, but I love it even more when we briefly leave it behind for group activities elsewhere. From weddings and boat rides to road trips, I love seeing Grey’s characters bonding in awkward or just unexpected situations. It’s also just delightful to see our favorite docs out of their comfort zones — whether that’s in Seattle or literally anywhere else.

This idea could be paired with the standalone/backstories idea for, say, Carina and DeLuca heading to Italy, or the interns getting stranded in a mall coffee shop, etc.

Bonus: Clarification On the Show’s Future

Ellen Pompeo’s fancy contract extends through Season 16 next year, but will that be the end? If so, start pulling things together for a satisfying ending. We need Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) to come back, at the very least, but start making calls for other stars/characters to return too.

Fans would love to see Callie, Arizona, April, Izzie, etc. one last time. Also, maybe start angling characters toward their end-game romances. Hint, hint, Meredith.

As the sun now stands, just days after the Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 winter finale, ABC has not released a 2019 midseason return date for Episode 9. But the show always comes back on a Thursday in January, so just clear your calendar and stay tuned to see how they resolve all of that wind storm elevator drama. And check out our fall 2018 premiere guide for more TV shows to watch.

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