The New Ghostbusters Movie Has Found Its First Stars

Back in January, it was announced that a new Ghostbusters movie is on the way, only rather than being a sequel to the 2016 reboot, it will be set in the same continuity as the first two films. Naturally there have been questions about whether any of the original Ghostbusters will appear in this new movie, but it also goes without saying that there will also be plenty of new characters introduced. According to the latest update, The Leftovers’ Carrie Coon and Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard have been eyed to play some of these newcomers.

According to Variety, these two actors are in talks to star in the latest Ghostbusters installment. While Sony wouldn’t provide any story details, the outlet’s sources say that the movie will focus on a single mother and her family, with Carrie Coon as the mother and Finn Wolfhard as her son. It remains to be seen specifically how either of these characters will connect to the new Ghostbusters team, but evidently this mother, son and the rest of the family will be involved with the latest battle against the supernatural in some capacity.

Samuel L. Jackson Really Doesn’t Think He’s In Avengers: Endgame

Come Avengers: Endgame, there will be a lot of MCU characters to keep track of. Who will live and who will die (or stay a dust pile anyway)? What characters will team up this time around and will they measure up to Thor and Rocket’s chemistry in Infinity War? The list goes on. But don’t count Nick Fury in on all the Endgame action, per Samuel L. Jackson’s recent words:

Hmmm… I don’t know about you, but I refuse to believe the man who brought the Avengers together won’t make an appearance in the upcoming final chapter of the MCU’s Phase 3. Samuel L. Jackson’s character has been a common thread that has run right through 2008’s Iron Man to Endgame’s precursor, Captain Marvel. While he doesn’t have “superpowers,” he can certainly be of help to the Avengers, that is if him and the rest of the dusted heroes survive by some miracle.

The actor insisted that he is not in Avengers: Endgame during a visit to The Jonathan Ross Show (via Metro). When he was asked of his role in the upcoming Avengers flick, the title of the film basically slipped his mind, as he said “What’s the name of that? Endgame?”

Is Samuel L. Jackson playing with us? He’s either absolutely serious or messing with fans’ anticipation for the MCU film by throwing us off and keeping us guessing. Given the tight-lipped secrecy surrounding Avengers: Endgame, we likely won’t be able to confirm the validity of Jackson’s statements until we see the movie in April.

Infinity War ended with Nick Fury witnessing the tragedy of Thanos’ snap, leading him to call Captain Marvel on his pager before turning into dust himself along with Spider-Man, Black Panther, Star-Lord and half of the universe.

Captain Marvel will follow Nick Fury in the ‘90s as he meets Carol Danvers, his first ever extraterrestrial sighting. The movie might give fans answers to why he called upon Captain Marvel in Infinity War. Since the call continues to involve Fury in the important events of the MCU, his complete absence in Endgame doesn’t make a ton of sense – though it is possible.

Samuel L. Jackson recently teased a popular theory by saying that Captain Marvel has time travel abilities. These comments are also strange to hear from the actor considering it feels a bit spoiler-y to the outcome of Avengers: Endgame.

To believe or not to believe Samuel L. Jackson? The plot thickens. The good news is Avengers: Endgame is under two months away from release. The blockbuster will hit theaters on April 26, and is currently expected to make $282 million in its first weekend alone.

AMC Stubs A-List Just Passed Another Big Milestone

While MoviePass and its many triumphs and tribulations were taking up a lot of the headlines last year, some other movie theatergoing subscription services hit the scene and began growing with less fanfare. One of those services was AMC Stubs A-List from AMC, the nation’s largest theater chain. AMC Stubs A-List has been steadily growing since its launch last June and has now passed 700,000 subscribers.

AMC Theatres’ Stubs A-List program passed the 700,000 subscriber milestone after adding 100,000 new subscribers in January and February of this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The service has been a hit for AMC and the chain said that since it was launched, it has resulted in 14 million trips to AMC Theatres, including the friends and families of subscribers.

AMC’s CEO and President Adam Aaron spoke to the benefits the Stubs A-List program is bringing to its business by highlighting the fact that members are seeing more movies than they ever have before the program and that they are seeing movies more than once. More importantly, Stubs A-List subscribers are bringing along friends and family members who aren’t subscribers and are paying full price. One imagines there are probably some benefits to that on the concession end as well.

The rate of growth of AMC Stubs A-List has well exceeded AMC’s goals because when it was rolled out last June, the chain was hoping to hit 500,000 subscribers in a year’s time. The subscriber base is now well past that with several months to spare. It may not be the rocket-like growth that MoviePass had prior to its woes, but it is still steady, way ahead of AMC’s goals and, according to AMC, more sustainable.

What makes the 700,000-subscriber mark and the 100,000 new members added in the first two months of the year especially impressive is that January and February weren’t exactly stacked with must-see blockbusters. Nevertheless, 100,000 people were still interested in a way to see more movies and saw enough value in AMC Stubs A-List to sign up.

This continued growth also seems like a positive sign, although the long-term will be more telling, that its recent price increases haven’t diminished interest in the service. In November, AMC announced that it was raising the monthly price for AMC Stubs A-List from $19.95 a month for three movies a week in any format to either $21.95 or $23.95 depending on where you live. Your state dictates which of the three price tiers you have to pay.

There is always a tipping point for consumers when it comes to price and perceived value; judging by Stubs A-List’s continued growth, AMC hasn’t hit it yet.

In other movie theater subscription service news, Cinemark, the nation’s third-largest theater chain, is also enjoying the success of its own program. Cinemark Movie Club, which costs $8.99 a month for 1 ticket, plus other benefits like snack bar discounts, has grown 26% in three months to 560,000 members. According to Cinemark’s CEO, Movie Club is driving attendance and members are buying more concessions than regular patrons.

It has long been postulated that while MoviePass’s future remains murky and it is still fighting and trying to fix its mistakes, even if it disappears, the disruption it caused in the industry will remain. The continued growth of these theater-specific services is testament to the interest of the moviegoing public in this kind of model and shows that people still like seeing movies in the theater when the value is right.

We Finally Know What’s In Star Wars Blue Milk Thanks To Galaxy’s Edge

For reasons that are far from clear, one of the most iconic images in the original Star Wars: A New Hope is Luke Skywalker pouring himself a tall glass of blue milk. From the earliest days of the announcement of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new land coming to Disneyland and Walt Disney World, it was promised that blue milk would be one of the beverages on offer, but now, we know what it’s actually going to be. Turns out, it’s not actually milk.

Blue milk purchased at the milk stand at Galaxy’s Edge is actually a plant based beverage, something closer to rice milk than anything from a cow. It’s also been sweetened with berry and melon flavors and it’s also much thicker than actual milk, closer in consistency to a milkshake or smoothie.

Green milk, as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, will also be on offer, it will be the same stuff, just with a mix of citrus flavors.

It sounds like just what you’re going to want to drink on a hot afternoon in Southern California or Orlando. The “milk” will be available from a cart on Batuu that’s dedicated to the purpose, but, of course, there will be a lot more food and drink available throughout Galaxy’s Edge.

We already knew a bit about Oga’s Cantina. The watering hole will be the first public location in Disneyland’s history to serve alcohol. In addition to an exclusive list of specialty beers and wine, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails will be available with Star Wars appropriate names like Bloody Rancor and the Fuzzy Tauntaun.

This also where you’ll find RX-24, aka Rex, the former pilot of Star Tours who has now become a DJ and is providing music while you enjoy your drink. Also, Paul Reubens has provided the voice once again.

Batuu will feature two food locations. Docking Bay 7 is the land’s table service restaurant, which means you’ll need to make reservations for this one, probably for the next decade or so. The building will be recognizable as the one with a Sienar-Chall Utilipede Transport parked on the roof. That’s the kitchen of chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs. Basically, it’s a Star Wars food truck. This all-new character has his own Star Wars connection, as he apparently learned his culinary skills working on the planet Takodana for one Maz Kanata.

The other place to grab some real food, as reported by EW, will be at Ronto Roasters. A Ronto is a large four legged creature that looks like some sort of dinosaur. It’s probably most recognizable as being one of the creatures added to the Special Edition of Star Wars: A New Hope.

As the name implies, this is essentially a bbq joint where you’ll see droids roasting meat from heat generated from what used to be a pod racing engine. This is a quick service food location, and it’s a nice choice for a food option, as it seems to be an homage to the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue which had previously inhabited the space now taken up by Galaxy’s Edge.

Finally, if you just need a snack Kat Saka’s Kettle will have a sweet and salty grain based treat on offer. It’s popcorn, but of course it will be available in a multitude of flavors as is the Disneyland way.

Food is always one of the highlights of Disneyland and Walt Disney World and there looks to be a lot of really tasty looking stuff that will be available. Beyond that, who doesn’t want to walk around a planet of the Star Wars universe with a refreshing glass of blue milk?

Why I’m Excited For The Detective Pikachu Movie Even Though I Don’t Know A Thing About Pokemon

Detective Pikachu

This week, the second trailer for Detective Pikachu hit the internet, and what was even more bizarre and incredible than the little yellow fuzzball that sounds like Ryan Reynolds was the response online. People are sort of losing their minds over this movie, and while almost none of it makes any sense to me, I am absolutely in love with the enthusiasm. Because while I don’t “get” Pokemon, I have been there with my own beloved characters, so that part makes sense to me.

I know next to nothing about Pokemon at all. I’ve never seen an episode of the animated series. I’ve never played a dedicated Pokemon video game. The closest I’ve ever come is using one of the Pokemon characters in Super Smash Bros. What I’ve picked up about the franchise has largely been through osmosis hanging out with friends who are fans. I was already half way through college when the first Pokemon video game came out in North America and I viewed them (rightly or wrongly) as games meant for younger players. By the time Pokemon became a thing, I was too far behind to get on board that particular train.

The fact that Nintendo tends to release two Pokemon games at once, with different titles, but they’re apparently the same game for the most part, still makes no sense to me.

So when people got absolutely batshit crazy on Twitter for Mewtwo showing up in the trailer for Detective Pikachu, I don’t really get it. I recognize the character, again, only because he showed up in Super Smash Bros. And the scene is pretty cool with the explosions, but beyond that, I don’t really see why this moment was so epic. If you haven’t seen what I’m talking about, check out the new trailer below.

While none of this really makes sense to me, I’ve sort of been caught up in it all because it clearly means a lot to a lot of people. Excitement can be contagious and I’m enjoying a vicarious thrill by watching the people who love Pokemon get hyped for Detective Pikachu.

Part of that, without question, comes from the fact that many of these same people were far from certain that this movie was a good idea in the first place. These fans have been waiting for a live-action Pokemon movie for years, potentially most of their lives, and when it was announced that one was finally happening, it came with the title of a Pokemon spinoff game that, at the time, hadn’t even been released in North America yet. To say fans were skeptical would be an understatement.

And even when the first trailer hit, I didn’t necessarily see a lot of people super excited. Most of the focus was on Ryan Reynolds, not the actual Pokemon. Thankfully, this new trailer has really given us a better idea of just how broad the world of Pokemon is going to be and how many of people’s favorite characters will appear, and now a lot of people are on board.

I could easily turn up my nose at Detective Pikachu and decry how these kids are getting excited by this silly video game movie, but not every film needs to be made for me. I am, by some standards anyway, old. I’m outside of the key demographic, and while I’ve been spoiled with so many movies in recent years hitting many of my nostalgia buttons, that’s sort of my point here. Some movies need to belong to other generations, and this one is clearly hitting other people’s nostalgia buttons.

I may have been in college when the first Pokemon game came out, but that was over 20 years ago. Lots of people who never grew up without Pokemon games are now seeing those characters from childhood come to life on the big screen. How awesome is that?

The reason I think I’m getting so excited is that, while I can’t necessarily wrap my head around being so pumped for Pokemon specifically, I can absolutely understand what it’s like to see a movie like Detective Pikachu finally happen.

It’s the way i felt when I was 12 years old and Tim Burton’s Batman was released in theaters. It was the first time I ever made a point to see any movie on opening weekend. I didn’t even realize having to wait in line at a theater was a thing until then. We’ve seen countless Batman movies since then, including at least one that is unquestionably a better movie, but you can’t recreate the magic of seeing a comic book come to life for the very first time.

Then, a year later, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles got their first live-action movie. I remember the feeling I had watching the first trailer and seeing these characters that I loved becoming “real” on the screen. It was amazing. I have little doubt that if the internet had existed in 1990, a lot of adults online would have mocked a live-action Ninja Turtles movies mercilessly. Heck, the names of the characters are, without question, quite silly, about as silly as Pokemon.

For whatever reason, we have largely decided as a culture that the film adaptation is the ultimate version of any given pop culture property. Regardless of where it started, your favorite character hasn’t truly made it until the “film version” arrives. For Pokemon, that day is almost here.

And it has to be said, the movie looks pretty good. Ryan Reynolds sounds really funny and while I may not know who all the various Pokemon are or why they’re important, they still look really impressive.

Even if Detective Pikachu turns out to be a fantastic movie, it probably won’t turn me into a serious fan of the franchise. I still won’t pick up a game. I still don’t think they’re for me (even if my age has nothing to do with it). Even if I don’t love the movie, I’m not going to be too bent out of shape too much, especially if others do love it. We all love different things for different reasons. I’ve been given an entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and a modern generation of Star Wars movies. If you love Pokemon as much as I love those things, I hope Detective Pikachu is as great as you want it to be.

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Looks Like Edge Of Tomorrow 2 Is Finally Moving Forward

Whether you prefer calling it Edge of Tomorrow or Live Die Repeat, the 2014 sci-fi movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt proved to be a success for Warner Bros, grabbing numerous positive reviews and making over $370 million worldwide. In the years since, there’s been various updates on how the sequel is coming along, but today brings word that Edge of Tomorrow 2, also known as Live Die Repeat and Repeat, is officially in development at Warner Bros.

Although Edge of Tomorrow director Doug Liman was previously working on a rewrite of the Edge of Tomorrow 2 script with Jez Butterworth, who co-wrote the previous movie with John-Henry Butterworth and Christopher McQuarrie, Deadline reports that after pitching his own take, The Invention of Lying’s Matthew Robinson has been brought on board to write the sequel. The plan is still for Doug Liman to direct again and for Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to reprise their respective roles, but the actors won’t make deals until they read a script to their liking. That said, Cruise and Blunt are reportedly being kept in the loop and Liman is working with Robinson on the story.

Our last major update on Edge of Tomorrow 2 came back in September, when Christopher McQuarrie said that it was being worked on, but he had no idea “how or when it will happen.” It’s unclear if McQuarrie will be involved with the sequel, although given that he’s returning to write and direct both Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8, his schedule might just be too packed. In any case, apparently Warner Bros is confident enough in Edge of Tomorrow 2 that it’s willing to make public that the sequel is in development. I wonder if the success of Netflix’s Russian Doll, a series with a similar Groundhog Day-like premise, helped push the studio to prioritize Edge of Tomorrow 2. Probably not, but it’s fun to think about.

In case you missed Edge of Tomorrow, the movie followed Tom Cruise’s Major William Cage, a public relations officer for the United Defense Force who’s forced into combat against the alien Mimics that humanity has been battling for years. Cage dies on the front, but because he was covered in one of the alien’s blood before perishing, he learns he’s now stuck in a time loop that resurrects him and brings him back to a specific point in time whenever he’s killed. Mentored by Emily Blunt’s Sergeant Rita Vrataski, who also once had this same time loop ability, Cage improves his fighting skills and is eventually able to neutralize the Mimic threat.

No specific story details for Edge of Tomorrow 2 have been revealed yet other than that it will pick up where Edge of Tomorrow left off, but also go backwards in time, thus serving as both a sequel and a prequel. Doug Liman also said that will introduce a major new character who will “steal the movie” from Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt’s characters, although we’re still in the dark about who this important new player is.

A release date hasn’t been set yet for Edge of Tomorrow 2, so keep checking back with CinemaBlend for that information and other updates. In the meantime, don’t forget to look through our 2019 release schedule to learn what movies are hitting theaters later this year.

Warner Bros. Wants More Mad Max Movies From George Miller

Warner Bros. is coming off an impressive year, as hits including Aquaman, A Star is Born and Crazy Rich Asians helped propel the studio to $5.6 billion in worldwide earnings. Moving forward, it is expanding the DC Universe, starting with an impressive 2019 slate and looking to forward a few more of their popular properties. Here’s what Warner Bros. film and television chief executive Kevin Tsuijihara said:

Though the studio’s biggest hits in 2018 were not sequels, Warner Bros. looks to be focusing on continuing and reimagining the beloved stories it’s previously established going forward. In his recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, Kevin Tsuijihara discussed the studio’s particular interest in moving forward with another Mad Max sequel from writer/director George Miller.

Thirty years after Mad Max Thunderdome, George Miller revitalized his franchise with 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road, which became the highest-earning installment with over $378 million worldwide. It was also recognized with six Oscars out of an impressive ten nominations.

A follow-up to the post-apocalyptic action flick starring Charlize Theron’s Furiosa and Tom Hardy’s Max Rockatansky has been delayed due to an ongoing lawsuit between the Fury Road filmmakers and Warner Bros, concerning an unpaid bonus of $7 million. Due to expensive reshoots for Fury Road that went over budget, the studio has refused to pay the bonus, while George Miller has explained the reshoots were at the fault of the studio.

Per Kevin Tsuijihara’s recent comments, maybe the studio is willing to pay the difference or settle the deal once and for all so more Mad Max movies can finally move ahead? Considering the success and appeal of Fury Road, it would be a smart move and investment for the studio to develop the sequel, which George Miller previously revealed he had plans for.

Tsuijihara also mentioned plans to delve back into Looney Tunes and Hanna-Barbera as well. The studio already has plans to bring back Bugs and Lola Bunny for Space Jam 2, starring the Lakers’ own LeBron James, produced by Black Panther’s Ryan Coogler and Fast & Furious 6’s Justin Lin, and Terence Nance directing. The movie will begin filming this summer and hit theaters on July 16, 2021.

So amidst more DC origin stories, we can hopefully expect Warner Bros to move forward with Mad Max and more big screen reboots of beloved childhood Sunday morning cartoons. Check out CinemaBlend’s 2019 movie release guide for upcoming releases coming closer to theaters.

Brie Larson Teases What Sets Captain Marvel Apart From Other Superheroes

We’ve seen a lot of superheroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe during its decade-plus existence, and even more when you factor in the wider comic book movie genre, so it takes a lot for a hero to stand out. In one short week, audiences will be introduced to a new hero in the MCU: Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel. In a conversation with CinemaBlend’s own Sarah El-Mahmoud, Brie Larson spoke about what sets Captain Marvel apart, saying:

For Brie Larson, Carol Danvers’ imperfection is what makes her interesting and also what sets her apart from many other superheroes. She’s not an all-powerful Boy Scout like Superman or even someone like Captain America who is almost always in the right. Captain Marvel is bold, brash and she takes big chances trying to do the right thing, and sometimes she screws up royally.

Those kinds of failures, making the wrong decision, suffering the consequences and then trying to fix things, is a very human trait that we can all relate to and clearly what appealed to Brie Larson about the character. Those lessons are how people grow, and with Captain Marvel, we are not meeting someone that is a perfect, fully formed individual, but someone who is still figuring things out and will stumble along the way.

That humanity, the fact that these superheroes have problems and flaws just like any other person, is a hallmark of Marvel characters, and while I wouldn’t say it is exclusive to Captain Marvel (Tony Stark’s screw ups have been a driving story of the MCU), in some ways it is more necessary for her.

Captain Marvel is so powerful that it will be rare that she comes up short in terms of ability or firepower. That makes her badass and an exciting addition to the MCU, but a character that is too powerful and always makes the right call could come off as boring. Yet with Carol Danvers, her Achilles heel is that she is a flawed person who makes mistakes and bad choices.

Having a huge gun like Captain Marvel in the fight against a big villain is great, but only if you can count on her to make the right calls in the moment, otherwise she’s a liability. That makes Captain Marvel compelling because those flaws can have serious consequences, just look at the results of Peter Quill’s poor choices in Avengers: Infinity War.

You can see Brie Larson talking with Sarah about what sets Captain Marvel apart from other superheroes in the video below:

Captain Marvel opens in theaters on March 8. Check out our 2019 release schedule to keep track of all this year’s biggest movies and for all your movie news, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

The Flash Movie Just Took A Hopeful Step Forward

The DC film universe has been a hectic place in recent years with more announced projects than we could keep track of but not a lot of movement on any of them. While the next couple years worth of DC movies look to be set and moving forward, one project that has been on the books for a while, a solo movie for The Flash, has remained standing still. However, it’s possible that might be about to change, as a new producer has been brought on board the project.

Former New Line Cinema executive Michael Disco has left the studio to start his own production company. The Disco Factory is already looking to help produce the planned Sopranos prequel film as well as The Flash.

While the film has directors, little has been reported about the project since they came on board. A couple years ago at San Diego Comic-Con it was announced that the Flash solo project had been transformed into a Flashpoint movie, but more recently it has been implied that won’t be the case. We don’t actually know one way or the other what the truth is.

The one thing this new producer announcement from THR does, at the very least, is confirm that a Flash movie starring Ezra Miller is still an active concern at Warner Bros. and it hasn’t been swallowed completely by development hell. Hopefully, this also means that there will be a renewed push to get the movie made.

Exactly why this one has seemingly been moving so slowly hasn’t been clear. One assumes that there have been issues with the story, perhaps that’s where the confusion regarding whether this will be a Flashpoint film or not comes from.

Recently the head of Warner Bros. film said that the future of the DC universe, at least for the next while, will focus on individual stories rather than massive crossovers. A Flashpoint movie has the potential to be a pretty big crossover as it would likely be used to reboot significant parts of the current franchise. Perhaps DC has decided not to do anything quite so drastic and had to then start over with the story.

Ezra Miller’s Flash was one of the high points of Justice League and he’s somebody I certainly want to see again. Hopefully this announcement will be followed by giving the film a solid release date, which would be an indication that the movie is ready to go into production.

Awesome Avengers: Endgame Clip Shows How Much More You See In IMAX

It’s an extremely exciting time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are just two movie left in Phase Three, and the stakes have never been higher for the franchise’s heroes. While there’s plenty of buzz for Captain Marvel, all eyes are on what will happen when the Avengers and Guardians reunite to battle Thanos again in Avengers: Endgame. The Russo Brothers’ next blockbuster is just weeks away, so moviegoers are eager to get their hands on tickets once pre-sales become available. But what ticket should you get?

Avengers: Endgame was actually shot with IMAX cameras, meaning that IMAX screenings of the movie will feature a longer and wider view than traditional theaters. In an attempt to persuade moviegoers to pony up for the full experience, IMAX released a side by side video of Endgame‘s trailer, showing just how much larger the frame will be in those screenings. Check it out below.

Does anyone else have chills? As if Avengers: Endgame didn’t already have enough going for it, now you can see even more of the massive blockbuster by going full IMAX when it hits theaters. Considering that Endgame is the cumulation a decade of filmmaking, there are quite a few moviegoers who will be willing to shell out cash for the biggest and best theatrical experience.

The clip above shows the first trailer for Avengers: Endgame, which sets up the upcoming film’s morose tone in the world after Thanos’ snap (aka The Decimation). When side by side, you can truly see how much more of the frame will be visible to moviegoers willing to upgrade to the IMAX experience. Endgame should look especially good in IMAX, and it is only the second Hollywood film in history to be shot entirely with IMAX cameras. As such, the last installment in Phase Three has the possibility of being all the more immersive.

Now, you might be wondering which movie preceded Endgame as the first movie shot entirely with IMAX cameras. Fear not, because Marvel kept it in the family. That honor went to Avengers: Infinity War, so clearly The Russo Brothers planned on breaking new ground in a variety of ways through their two Avengers flicks. In addition to assembling a massive cast and filming a movie that is chock full of dazzling visual affects, the duo of directors also filmed both movies with IMAX cameras.

If there’s any movie that deserves the IMAX treatment, it’s Endgame. The stakes for the upcoming crossover film are sky high, as the last decade of movies will be wrapped up with that upcoming release. The Russo Brothers did the impossible with Avengers: Infinity War, expertly balancing the all-star cast and telling a story with equal parts action and heart. It was also a visual masterpiece, even earning an Oscar Nomination for Best Visual Affects. And part of the language of the visuals has to do with the camera, and the wider frame used through IMAX.

You’ll be able to see Avengers: Endgame in whatever format you prefer when it arrives in theaters on April 26th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.