That Time Disney Reminded Sarah Silverman Wreck-It Ralph Was A Kids Movie

Sarah Silverman has had an impressive career as a comedian, actress, writer and producer, but she’s not exactly known to be family friendly. So when Disney Animation hired her to voice the role of Vanellope von Schweetz, they must have known that some of her hilariously off-color personality would come through somehow. Silverman recently admitted that during a press junket at Disneyland for Wreck-It Ralph in 2012, she was constantly reminded she was part of a movie for kids. After one interview, she said one Disney representative told her this:

In an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, the comedian said she felt a bit insulted to be constantly drilled about the wholesome nature of her role as Vanellope, but looks like you can’t completely filter Sarah Silverman. I mean that slip-up is an easy one to mend (‘She was referring Coca-Cola! Ha!’) and she didn’t say it in the movie or in a public setting among children. Disney is a studio who aims to keep it PG for all its content and press around it, so that understandably made a few publicists sweat when the line slipped out.

During the recount of the uncensored slip-up between Sarah Silverman and Seth Meyers, he tried to make her feel better by agreeing that the arcade game character Q*Bert does have the nose for the stimulant, Silverman adding he is also constantly talking inaudibly. While this conversation clearly suits late night television than a Disney interview, Q*Bert is technically one of Silverman’s co-stars and talking ill of him in interviews isn’t to be taken lightly. I mean, he could press charges for defamation…

All jokes aside, Sarah Silverman’s anecdote about her dealings with interviews for Disney is a hilarious one. Disney Animation casting Silverman as Vanellope and John C. Reilly as Ralph was a bold choice to make, since both leads usually joke about primarily joke about mature content in their previous work. Reilly is likely best known for his role in Step Brothers alongside Will Ferrell, though he did appear in Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. Casting the two actors does bring a sort of edge to the studio and additional audiences who are fans of them. Plus, Silverman and Reilly are perfect in their arcade game character’s roles.

Just six years after Wreck-It Ralph, Sarah Silverman has the distinct honor of getting to reprise her character of Vanellope in the sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet. Not many Disney animated films have been given a sequel, so Silverman’s slip-up looks to be water under the bridge. The upcoming film has Ralph and Vanellope venturing to the World Wide Web and hitting a bump in the road of their friendship, and it comes to theaters on November 21.

Why John C. Reilly Really Feels Emotional About Ralph’s Arc In Ralph Breaks The Internet

John C. Reilly has taken a special ownership over Wreck-it Ralph. It’s rare that an actor in a Walt Disney Animation feature gets the chance to return to voice a character (unlike Pixar, Disney hardly ever greenlights sequels to its properties), so Reilly was protective of where Wreck-it Ralph went in the new sequel, and what happened to this tender lug. During a recent conversation with CinemaBlend, Reilly told us why he was emotionally attached to Ralph in Ralph Breaks the Internet, elaborating:

The world of Wreck-it Ralph owes itself to a fictional video game. In it, Ralph (John C. Reilly) was the villain who destroyed buildings, and players played as Fix-it Felix (Jack McBrayer), a magical fix-it man.

The concept gets blown out to much bigger proportions in Ralph Breaks the Internet, as Ralph and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) leave their arcade for the World Wide Web, in search of a replacement part for Vanellope’s busted game, Sugar Rush.

But the core of the duo’s friendship is very much the beating heart of Ralph Breaks the Internet, and as the story progresses, some interesting developments occur, which we asked John C. Reilly about.

The rest of this is a mild spoiler. Nothing major, but stop reading now if you don’t want to know ANYTHING about Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Ralph, in this sequel, is very insecure. He’s constantly worried that Vanellope is going to leave him, probably for the much cooler racing star, Shank (Gal Gadot). It’s unfounded, but these insecurities create issues for the duo in the story, so we asked Reilly about letting Ralph’s insecurities become a problem, and he clarified:

So there’s a lot to chew on in this sequel, beyond the thrill of Sugar Rush racing, and brand placement in Oh My Disney. You can start digging into the material in Ralph Breaks the Internet starting tonight. And listen to John C. Reilly talking about friendship in our exclusive clip:

Dolph Lundgren Thinks Creed II Gives Ivan Drago Redemption

Sylvester Stallone‘s Rocky Balboa went up against some tough opponents during his boxing career, but arguably the most dangerous of them was Ivan Drago, a.k.a. The Siberian Express. As far as personality goes, though, there wasn’t much to Ivan in Rocky IV, as he was presented as a mostly emotionless brute driven solely to win. More than 30 years after his debut, Ivan is returning to the Rocky franchise in Creed II, and Dolph Lundgren thinks that this movie finally redeems Ivan as far as characterization goes. As the actor said while recalling Rocky IV.

It was my big break, but it also pigeonholed me. People think, ‘He’s a robot and he has no emotions.’ Now I can do the opposite, and it’s very, very satisfying.

Ivan Drago was the third major antagonist of the Rocky franchise. The eponymous protagonist went up against Apollo Creed twice, and while Carl Weathers’ character was boastful, brash and willing to taunt Rocky as needed, ultimately he and Rocky became friends. Then there was Clubber Lang in Rocky III, who was especially belligerent and indirectly caused the death of Rocky’s trainer, Mickey Goldmill. Ivan Drago was a sharp departure from both of these men: quiet and unwilling to engage verbally with his opponent outside of a few choice words (“I must break you” will always be a classic).

While this robot depiction helped Ivan Drago distinguish himself from the previous Rocky rogues, as Dolph Lundgren pointed out , this led to Rocky IV viewers thinking that the actor himself didn’t have anything to offer emotionally. Playing such an iconic character in his first major movie appearance clearly gave people the wrong impression of Lundgren, but with Creed II, not only does he get to reprise the character, he also gets to finally give him some more emotional depth and humanity.

When we last left off with Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, he and Rocky were in the heart of Mother Russia duking it out, Ivan determined to truly be the best boxer in the world and Rocky seeking to avenge Apollo Creed’s death. It was a tough match, but in the end Rocky came out victorious and delivered an impassioned speech for the United States and the Soviet Union to finally, for all intents and purposes, end the Cold War. Who knew that one boxing match could be so impactful? Then again, Rocky IV‘s reality does feel more heightened and extreme compared to the other movies.

However, even if you’re victorious in a fight against a brute like Ivan Drago, that doesn’t mean you come out unscathed. As critically derided as it is, Rocky V did show that the pain Ivan inflicted on Rocky left him with brain damage, forcing him to retire from boxing. Rocky managed to circumvent this health issue over a decade later in Rocky Balboa, but as he says to Adonis Creed in one of the Creed II trailers about Ivan, “He broke things in me that ain’t never been fixed.”

As for Ivan Drago, the decades following the events of Rocky IV weren’t kind to him, and Creed II will see him trying to regain the glory he lost when he was defeated by Rocky. Initially Dolph Lundgren was hesitant to reprise the character because he didn’t want to hurt Ivan’s image, but once he read the script, he changed his mind and was re-willing to visit his most iconic role.

As we’ve learned from the Creed II marketing and interviews, Dolph Lundgren lost everything when he was beaten by Rocky, which included him being thrown out of Russia and his wife divorcing him. All he had left was his son Viktor, who he’s trained to be one of the world’s best fighters. Through Viktor, Ivan sees a chance to take back what was taken from him, and having Viktor thrown down in fisticuffs against Adonis Creed, the son of the man Ivan killed in the ring, will help make that happen.

Even though Creed II will primarily follow Viktor Drago and Adonis Creed coming to blows, don’t think that means we won’t get any juicy scenes between Ivan Drago and Rocky Balboa. Later in his interview with THR, Dolph Lundgren recalled shooting the scene where Ivan and Rocky cross paths for the first time in decades and Ivan lays out how his life has been since their match. In Lundgren’s words:

That scene was rewritten a couple of times. Some things were taken out that I thought were wonderful, and I fought for putting them back in. Things were put back in because I said ‘I’m not going to shoot it any other way.’ People have to understand where I’m coming from, and that’s one of the few scenes where we understand what the hell this guy is about. And it was an important scene and I’m very pleased it’s in the picture, pretty much in the original version. There were like five versions of it.

There’s also been behind-the-scenes footage showing that Rocky and Ivan will get into at least one fist fight during Creed II, so clearly the passage of time has not changed how these to feel about one another. Who can blame them? Ivan killed one of Rocky’s closest friends and Ivan sees Rocky as the cause for why he’s suffered so much.

Creed II director Steven Caple Jr. also noted that rather than portray Ivan Drago as the “typical bad guy” in the sequel, he wanted people to feel for both him and Viktor by the end of the movie. So while Rocky IV presented Ivan as a villain all the way through, Creed II is grounding the character and making him more sympathetic. Compared to Rocky and Adonis, the Dragos aren’t as likable, but at least this sequel will ideally do a good job of getting the audience to understand their side of the story.

Creed II punches its way into theaters tomorrow, November 21, but you can read through CinemaBlend’s review of the movie now or check out our roundup of what other outlets thought of it. You can also look through our holiday premiere guide to learn what other remaining movies are on the way before 2018 is over.

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Everything Disney Just Revealed About Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

If you’re a fan of Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and/or Star Wars, there’s probably nothing on the horizon more exciting that Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new lands coming to both theme parks next year. While we’ll have to wait until then to actually fly the Millennium Falcon, there’s a lot of new information that recently arrived via the Destination D event for Disney’s D23 fan club members.

From the names of rides to our first real looks at some of those rides, here’s everything new you need to know about the land, the attractions, and the way they’ll all work together like never before.

Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

We’ve known for quite some time that one of the big E-ticket attractions coming to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was one in which guests will be able to pilot the Millennium Falcon. Now, the ride has an official name in Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run. In the trailer above you’ll get a look at the “real” version of the iconic spacecraft, which takes some cues from the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer in the way we see various switches being flipped and buttons being pressed. We also see the ship jump into hyperspace, which looks just about as awesome as you’d expect.

From what we do know, all that flipping of switches will be necessary, as the attraction will see up to four people piloting the Millennium Falcon, each taking over a different system. One of the things that makes this attraction unique is that outcomes can actually be different depending on how well you and your crew pilot the ship.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

While we’ve been given some details about the Millennium Falcon ride before, much less has been known about the other big E-ticket attraction. It had been said the experience would see guests in the middle of a battle between the Resistance and the First Order, but now we have a better idea what that means. A new trailer released shows that it will literally let guests watch the battle unfold from within the battle itself, as the attraction itself appears to be a First Order installation that will get attacked by the Resistance.

The trailer shows what appears to be an actual construction, rather than displays on a screen. Based on the description from the Disney Parks Blog that these images come from inside the actual attraction that would seem to be confirmed. We do also see actual people rather than animatronics here, which adds to the realism; however, it seems unlikely that the attraction would use real actors, but who knows?

The Music

We’ve already touched on this one, but it bears repeating. One of the things that makes Star Wars feel like Star Wars is the music, and nearly all of it has come from the great John Williams. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will, just like any feature film, have its own Star Wars music, and Williams is engaged in creating it. We already expected to hear a lot of our favorite Star Wars music while wandering through the land, but now we know there will be all-new music that you can only experience by going to Disneyland or Walt Disney World.

We know that John Williams will be ending his time with Star Wars with the score of Star Wars: Episode _IX_, but just like the films, the music from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will surely live on for decades after.

An Integrated World

One of the things that has been teased about Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the fact that the new land will be immersive in a way that even the Disney Parks have never been before. While we still don’t have a lot of detail about how that will work, we do know the land will use some sort of optional integration with the Play Disney Parks app to accomplish this feat. Currently, the app is mainly used to let guests play games while standing in line, but it seems that it will be taken to another level as part of Galaxy’s Edge. It was previously revealed that that the experience that guests have on attractions like the Millennium Falcon ride could impact the way they interact with other characters, such as inside Oga’s Cantina. It seems that the use of the app might be the way that this integration will work.

Perhaps you can use the app to record your progress on a ride, then get it scanned inside the cantina to get the appropriate result. The idea that each guest will be part of the adventure, almost like we’re each playing a character in the galaxy, far, far away, is almost too exciting to contemplate. this is unlike anything we’ve ever even considered in a theme park. It’s like being a step closer to Westworld, only less terrifying.

The Hotel

One of the most exciting parts of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is going to come after the land actually opens and it will only be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World. The hotel that will be adjacent to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is one of the most exciting new additions, and now it seems that the immersive experience will extend beyond the hotel itself, as guests won’t simply walk in the front door. The experience will begin before you even arrive, as you’ll arrive at the starship that is the hotel via a shuttle pod. Exactly how that works has yet to be explained, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if we had all the answers.

The hotel isn’t simply a place to sleep and keep your gear. It will actually be a set length experience that will tell a Star Wars story of its very own. Guests are welcome to become part of that story to whatever degree they wish. With the set multiday experience on board a “starship,” it seems like the hotel will be an intergalactic cruise ship, with one port of call being Batuu, the home of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

Now we just need the place to open. While the hotel has no estimated opening date, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is set for a summer 2019 opening at Disneyland, followed by a fall opening at Walt Disney World. Very long lines are expected after that.

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Cliff Bleszinski Explains Why He’s Done Making Games

After decades of making some of the biggest games in the industry, Cliff Bleszinski has announced that he plans to step away from development for good in order to spend his time with friends and family. Now, he’s gone into more detail about why he’s made that decision. In a recent post, Bleszinski said…

The above comes from a statement Cliffy B. posted to Facebook. He took to social media recently saying that he was stepping away from the games industry and, based on this follow-up, it sounds like he’s planning on making it a permanent move. Not a lot of game developers are as well known by the industry as Bleszinski, which is why this news is likely hitting folks so hard.

Bleszinski started in the games industry nearly 30 years ago, making his first round of major noise courtesy of Unreal Tournament in 1999. He eventually went on to spearhead the Gears of War series, which is when he became a household name for the games community.

Stepping away from Epic, Bleszinski went on to form his own studio, Boss Key Productions. His first game was an inventive arena shooter called LawBreakers, which hit the scene with a resounding flop. The game was actually a hell of a lot of fun, but Overwatch was really hitting its stride when LawBreakers launched, and PUBG was sucking all remaining oxygen out of the room at that time.

To try and keep the company afloat, Boss Key went on to create its own battle royale game, Radical Heights. That game launched in super early access but, while it was showing some promise, it never really caught hold. Fortnite had taken over the world by the time Radical Heights was being introduced so, again, Bleszinski’s game never really stood a chance.

Through all of that, Bleszinski became even more familiar with the inner workings of the industry and, as he states in his comments, it’s just not a life he wants for himself.

As we’ve seen in recent months, publishers have some insane expectations for games with massive sales for games like Destiny 2: Forsaken and Black Ops 4 still not enough to impress investors. Combine that with months upon months of hard work and uncertainty for a project that might not even find an audience and it’s easy to understand why Bleszinski has decided to step away. As he also notes in his statement, he’s good friends with a lot of folks in the business and, as best he can tell, things don’t seem to really get better, even for those who find success.

The New Halloween Originally Had A Much Darker Ending

Warning: The following contains major SPOILERS for 2018’s Halloween!

David Gordon Green’s Halloween rebootquel ends with the three generations of Strode women locking Michael Myers in Laurie’s basement and burning the house down. Although the ending does leave some ambiguity about Michael’s ultimate fate, it is still a moment of triumph and about as happy an ending as you’ll get in a horror film. It is also a far cry from the much darker ending in the film’s early script, which would have seen the death of Jamie Lee Curtis‘ Laurie Strode.

Like in the final film, the climax of the early script by David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley also took place at Laurie’s house, according to Bloody Disgusting. In it, Karen (named Jamie in the early script) and Allyson are hiding under the bed upstairs as Laurie is emptying her shotgun into Michael who, as he always does, keeps getting back up. When Laurie runs out of shells, she runs out of the room, leaving her daughter and granddaughter under the bed.

Michael Myers then pursues Laurie to another room where she appears to be hiding in the closet, just like she did in the original 1978 Halloween, only this time it’s a ruse and Laurie isn’t in there. When Michael continues looking for her in the hall, Laurie jumps out and stabs him with a screwdriver. This would have begun their final confrontation.

As Laurie stabs Michael over and over again with the screwdriver, Karen and Allyson climb out of the window and see the fight going on from outside. Michael drops his knife and grabs Laurie by the throat and lifts her off the ground. And as she stabs him one final time in the neck, Michael drops her, lifeless to the floor.

At that point, Karen would have went into the house and pushed Michael out of the window, only for him to escape into the night, just like in the original film. Then Allyson and Karen would go to Jamie Lee Curtis’ matriarch to confirm that she is in fact dead.

The original screenplay also had a different beginning that would have been a prologue that recreated the ending of the 1978 film. This ending where Laurie dies would have paired with that beginning, echoing a few moments from it and bringing the film full circle.

Having Laurie Strode die is obviously a completely different ending than the one we got in Halloween, and it actually may have been more along the lines of what people were expecting considering that this film was pitched as the final confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers.

You can see why the inclination was to kill Laurie too, since the film introduces her daughter and granddaughter, who can continue the fight and keep the franchise going. Killing Laurie would have definitely made for a much darker ending and one that would have left audiences feeling very different as they exited the theater. It’s tough to say whether or not keeping Laurie Strode alive was the right story decision. I think it probably depends on what happens next in the Halloween franchise.

Personally, I like the triumphant ending to the final film. Parts of the original ending feel a little bit too close to John Carpenter’s 1978 film, especially with the same ending of Michael Myers getting up after being pushed out a window. We already get that callback with Laurie in the new film, so the reference is still there, but the ending is new and different. I think if Michael had clearly gotten away, it would have seemed a bit too focused on setting up a sequel versus the mild ambiguity the final film leaves you with.

Let us know what you think about this ending in the comments below and check out our Holiday Movie Guide for the biggest titles hitting theaters this holiday season.

Should Laurie Strode have died in Halloween (2018)?

This Darksiders 3 ASMR Video Is More Creepy Than Relaxing

Darksiders III is set to launch next week and, to help prepare gamers for Fury’s onslaught, the folks at THQ Nordic have created an ASMR series featuring the apocalyptic horseman, candles and chains. And no, I’m not kidding. It’s..weird.

We’ve seen a lot of unique promotional videos over the years, but the above definitely belongs somewhere near the top of the list in the “Say what?” category. Using ASMR to promote Darksiders III isn’t quite as random as it may first seem, as the video description explains the team at THQ Nordic wanted to give folks a way to “de-stress this holiday season.” It’s also kind of funny since, you know, it’s Fury doing the ASMR and she’s anything but “chill.”

For this video, THQ partnered with body paint artist Ruby True. She’s decked out like Fury from Darksiders III and even her face is painted so that it looks like the game character. If nothing else, you’ve got to appreciate the fact that, to get the eyes right, she has to keep them closed. That means she’s doing all of this ASMR business while not being able to see what she’s doing. Also, she’s wearing costume gauntlets that have got to be making it tricky to feel exactly what’s going on.

It’s kind of spooky, if I’m being honest, but the ASMR stuff seems to be on point. If you close your eyes and pop on some headphones, maybe you’ll find the subtle sounds of flames gliding past and a wood wick candle soothing.

The team has five of these videos planned and, so far, only two have been posted. You can find the second video on YouTube, featuring Fury with a bunch of chains and what appears to be a leather replica of the whip she uses in the game. Again, if you haven’t dabbled in ASMR yet, it’s understandable that all of that would sound a bit strange. But everything here is super subtle, with the chains gently clinking as the bend of leather blends into the background. I’m getting sleepy just thinking about it.

While THQ Nordic is the publisher, Darksiders III is being developed by Gunfire Games. The series has been dormant for quite some time, with studio closures and license deals finally leading to this continuation. Darksiders is low key one of my favorite series of all time, so here’s hoping that Fury’s adventure is just as much fun as War and Death before her.

Fury’s quest takes place alongside those of her brothers, with the adventure set on earth following an unplanned start to the end of days. Her specific mission is to take out the Seven Deadly Sins, which are big monsters that embody their namesakes.

The good news is that Gunfire Games is largely made up from members of Vigil, the now disbanded studio responsible for the first two games. We’ll get to see how everything comes together on Nov. 27, when Darksiders III launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Diddy Posts Touching Tribute After Kim Porter’s Death

Diddy has opened up about the death of his ex-partner and co-parent, Kim Porter. On social media, the musician posted a tribute to the late actress and model, claiming that his life has been a “nightmare” since she shockingly passed away. In his emotional tribute, Diddy tries to “find the words to explain our unexplainable relationship,” but he’s grieving. There’s no denying he’s going through a difficult time at the moment. Here’s what he wrote:

The mournful tweet, accompanied with a video, finds Diddy expressing sorrow and anguish during the surprise death of his former partner. As it was reported by Today, Diddy and Kim Porter first started dating around the mid-’90s, and they shared a relationship that was on-and-off for several years until they broke off their relationship for good in 2007.

Despite not being romantically connected for more than 10 years, Diddy claims Porter was his partner in many ways. In a separate tweet, Diddy enthusiastically proclaimed his love and appreciation for Porter by exclaiming the following:

Despite not being romantically connected for more than 10 years, Diddy claims Porter was his partner in many ways. In a separate tweet, Diddy enthusiastically proclaimed his love and appreciation for Porter by exclaiming the following:

Diddy and Kim Porter were dating for 13 years, and even when they were no longer together romantically, they remained close friends and confidants. They share three children together: Christan (20) and twins D’Lila Star and Jessie James (11). Additionally, Quincy, Porter’s older son from a previous relationship, was also raised by Diddy as though he were his own. Diddy also has two children, Justin (25) and Chance (12), from other relationships.

It is always difficult to lose someone you love, particularly someone who guided you through life and helped bring your children into this world. While Kim Porter and Diddy weren’t together romantically during the final years of her life, they remained intimate and communicated with each other often. Given the unpredictable nature of her death, we cannot imagine the heartbreak and devastation Diddy and everyone in his family must feel at this time.

The cause of death for Kim Porter is currently left unclear, according to The Blast. She died on November 15th, and it has reportedly left investigators confused and without explanation at this time. The manner of the death is currently “pending investigation,” likely before she’s scheduled to be buried.

These tweets were the first time Diddy spoke publicly about Kim Porter’s death, and it’s unclear if he’s planning to release any more statements. For now, however, the family is left to grieve. And we once again express our sorrow and sympathies for Diddy, his family and his loved ones at this moment. We can only hope they find peace during this tragedy and they’re able to comfort and confide in each other as they grieve in this dark time.

For the latest news and updates in film, television, pop culture and a whole lot more, be sure to check back with CinemaBlend.

Sounds Like Sylvester Stallone Helps Out A Lot On Set Of The Creed Movies

Creed II marks the ninth appearance of Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. Now a retired Heavyweight Champion, Rocky trained the son of his foe-turned-friend Apollo Creed, giving a Stallone a supporting role in the new franchise. The film’s star Michael B. Jordan recently said he still played a vital role this round in ensuring Creed II looked authentic on screen. In Jordan’s words:

Sylvester Stallone has had an incredibly hands-on role in the Rocky franchise as the writer and star of the first six films, along with directing half of them as well. He stepped back from behind the camera for the most recent insallments, with Black Panther‘s Ryan Coogler to co-write and direct Creed in 2015.

After the franchise revival hit the mark at the box office and among critics, it wasn’t a surprise that we’d see Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa team up again for another big fight. Creed II has Sylvester Stallone reprising his role and going back to writing, as screenwriter with Juel Taylor and 30-year-old Steven Caple Jr. as director.

It’s great to hear that Sylvester Stallone could strike a balance on set as a collaborator, who could offer his advice and expertise on making a Rocky flick while also letting some new blood take the reins. If you had the most Rocky expert there is at your disposal, it would be a shame not to utilize him while also bringing something new to the table cinematically. Director Steven Caple Jr. also weighed in about the dynamic between him and Stallone on set to Entertainment Weekly. In his words:

Creed II follows Adonis Creed as he is faced with the opportunity of sharing the ring with the song of Dolph Lundgren‘s Ivan Drago, Viktor Drago played by Florian Munteanu. Fans will remember these names from Rocky IV when Drago killed Rocky’s friend Creed in the famous fictional fight in 1985.

The sequel sets up some deeply personal stakes for Adonis, who is caught between the desire for redemption and the contention between Rocky and his family to go through with it and fight Viktor Drago.

Sylvester Stallone has could step back and allow younger filmmakers to tell the story of Adonis Creed, because he believes it’s important to have a director to speak for this generation as he did for his. While the backbone of Creed II may have some similarities to the Rocky franchise, it’s good to have it made through the eyes of another and with Stallone by his side. Creed II hits theaters on Wed. November 21.

Sex And The City 3 Was Going To Feature Mr. Big’s Death

Sex and the City has had a long run in the public eye, with the HBO series’ first season airing back in 1998. Six season and two movies followed, with Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends remaining at the top of pop culture. A threequel was in the works for a bit, before Kim Cattrall reportedly departed the project, causing the developing movie to go under in the process.

Now that Sex and the City 3 seems like an impossibility, some details about the proposed project are beginning to leak. This includes the fate of series heartthrob Mr. Big (Chris Noth), who was Carrie’s main love interest throughout the franchise. The latest report indicates that Big was going to have a heart attack, which was also a factor in Kim Cattrall’s exit.

Holy plot twist. Much like the first Sex and the City movie brought the women together for Carrie’s wedding, it seems that the planned threequel would have found the girls supporting Sarah Jessica Parker’s character through loss. That is, until Kim Cattrall reportedly took umbrage with the plot point.

This new report comes from the recent installment of THR’s Origins podcast. It sheds a light on the details around Sex and the City 3, and why Cattrall ultimately said goodbye to Samantha Jones before the project got off the ground. In order to bring the four women together for another challenging point in their lives, the movie would have killed off Mr. Big. Carrie’s girls always have her back, and Big’s death was the catalyst to reunite the gang for cosmos and heartfelt talks in the threequel.

But Kim Cattrall reportedly didn’t think this gave Samantha Jones enough of an interesting story arc, and she ultimately passed on the project. Samantha was last seen going through the trial and tribulations of menopause and her continued single life, so perhaps Cattrall wanted something more meaty for her signature character.

Carrie and Big’s on again/off again relationship was the biggest love story to come out of the Sex and the City franchise, and spanned all of the show’s seasons and both films. After he left Carrie on the altar, the two reunited at the end of the first movie, and finally got married. Sex and the City 2 showed the pair dealing with the monotony of a healthy relationship and marriage, although the third film would have taken things in a much more dramatic turn.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things Sex and the City. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.