Dr. Manhattan Vs. Thanos With All The Infinity Stones: Could The Strongest Watchmen Stop Marvel’s Mad Titan?

Dr. Manhattan Vs. Thanos With The Infinity Stones

Like I said before, this is honestly a very tough call. In any other situation, it would not take Dr. Manhattan an ounce of effort to literally make dust particles out of Thanos, but, as we know, when equipped with the Infinity Stones, the Mad Titan can do the very same thing. In fact, both of them are capable of just about all of the same things which is, essentially, everything, so they would both be in for a pretty long fight.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Creating A Movie Theater Experience In Your Home


Do: The best time to watch a movie, especially one you paid a pretty penny for, is at a time you’re relatively certain you won’t be interrupted. For many, this is during the evening when work is done, the kids may be in bed and parents are done checking in. Of course, even the most optimal times can be interrupted, but planning a time where interruptions will be minimized will often result in a much more enjoyable movie experience.

Final Destination 6’s Plot Has Possibly Been Revealed, And Wow

Well, this is a completely new approach. The Final Destination franchise has often revolved around a slew of young people who find themselves attempting to escape death after someone involved in a massive accident has a premonition about their fate and stops it from happening. It sounds like Final Destination 6 will aim to center the story of first responders, who often have lives in their hands everyday. That could certainly add a layer to the upcoming movie.

It Was Actually John Krasinski’s Office Co-Star Who Said He Should Get Into Directing Movies

Before the end of The Office‘s nine-season run, John Krasinski ended up directing three episodes of the show. Once the series ended he then made his second feature film, The Hollars, which came out in 2016, and while that movie didn’t turn out to be a blockbuster either, he eventually struck gold with A Quiet Place. The horror movie had a very tight schedule, filming in September 2017 before being released in March 2018, but it successfully changed Krasinski’s entire profile in Hollywood.

What Does Superman Do In Isolation? Apparently, Bakes Bread

Of course, if we were talking about the real Superman, he probably wouldn’t have to worry about catching the coronavirus. Instead, he’d probably be splitting his time right now between helping people across the world in dire need of assistance and keeping Lois Lane company as she quarantines for the long stretch. Batman, on the other hand, would have to stay holed up in Wayne Manor, much to his dismay. Hey, whatever it takes to keep Alfred and the rest of the Bat-Family safe.

Ryan Reynolds And Other Celebrities Who Have Donated To Coronavirus Relief

This $5 million donation will go to a number of different organizations, including Direct Relief, Feeding America, Partners In Health, The World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, The International Rescue Committee, and numerous others. The foundation hopes to provide enough funds to support providing food, equipment for healthcare providers, training, and the distribution of respiratory supplies.

One Theater Owner Has Started Selling Popcorn In The Parking Lot To Help Employees

However, one Virginia theater owner is getting creative. For the first time in almost 30 years, Mark O’Meara was forced to shut down operations on his two theaters in Fairfax, Virginia. It’s keeping him up at night – mainly because he’s worried about his workers losing the paychecks they depend on. He’s since decided to sell concessions on the curb of his movie theater and he’s reportedly making $300 to $400 a day.

One Bond Expert Think Idris Elba’s Missed His Chance To Play 007

As Robbie Sims alluded to in his remarks, by time Roger Moore starred in A View to a Kill, the actor was 57 and starring with Charlie’s Angels Tanya Roberts, who was 29 at the time. With Idris Elba roughly the same age as Moore was when he was cast in the iconic role of Ian Fleming’s iconic superspy, an extended run with the character would yield some interesting pairings as time goes on.

Jumanji Actress Laura Bell Bundy Has Coronavirus And She’s Walking Fans Through Her Symptoms

Laura Bell Bundy also made a point of expressing some of the thoughts that crossed her mind while she in fact has coronavirus. She thought she might be paranoid about it and actually have allergies or acid reflux, so it sounds like it’s a good thing she caught the real diagnosis. Bundy also clarified that she did go to two separate events prior to quarantining herself on March 12. As she continued on her Instagram, she echoed the widespread message to stay home and said she believes a lot more people have it than we realize. Check out the complete message below:

Lebron James Gives Update On Space Jam 2 In The Wake Of Coronavirus

Maybe the only thing that could throw a wrench into that schedule is the return of the NBA, which is rumored to possibly be back in action in mid-May. If the Lakers make a deep playoff run, after this lengthy pause, will that cause a delay in when James is able to film? The creatives, right now, have time to figure that out, but we’ll see if there are more ripples from the ongoing delays.