Bad Boys For Life Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows How They Did That Epic Helicopter Stunt

That’s when things get really wild though, because Will Smith’s stunt double then goes for a ride, hanging onto the helicopter ladder as the chopper flies off, swinging him about. It is pretty intense to see knowing, as someone says in the video, that a real person is hanging from that helicopter ladder high above the ground. To quote Bad Boys For Life co-director Bilall Fallah, it’s “next level shit” indeed.

Yes, Star Wars’ John Boyega Is Still Clapping Back At Haters Online

It’s almost hard to believe, but the Skywalker Saga is officially behind us. J.J. Abram’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker flew into theaters this past December, and wrapped up the nine-film narrative that began with George Lucas’ A New Hope. The secrets of the franchise are all officially out, with the starring cast freed of their contracts in the process. This includes Finn actor John Boyega, who has been clapping back at haters left and right since Episode IX was released.

To All The Boys 2 Was Never Going To Give Us A Satisfying Ending

It’s difficult to do romantic sequels in general, but if you add the complexities of growing up into the process, it’s really hard for me to believe there’s a future where Peter and Lara Jean’s relationship has a satisfying ending, particularly given it certainly doesn’t have a satisfying ending this go around. Maybe this is the cynic in me, but with the age Lara Jean and her compatriots are right now, a lot is in flux, and while that’s realistically portrayed in the movie, it’s also frustrating for viewers.

Fantasy Island Reviews Are Up, See What Critics Are Saying

Which is not to say that there aren’t a few reviews that are technically classified as “good.” As of this writing, there are exactly four positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, of the 20 currently posted. Even those reviews are fairly lukewarm if we’re being honest. They run the gamut from “what exactly were you expecting?” to “dumb fun.” Polygon sums up the technically positive reviews nicely, admitting the movie isn’t, strictly speaking “good” but…

How Much Sonic The Hedgehog Made On Opening Night

As far as those other films are concerned, The Photograph held preview screenings starting at 7 p.m. in 2,250 theaters last night, earning $650K. That romance is expected to make $12.5-$15 million over Valentine’s Day weekend. The numbers are not in yet for the Will Ferrell/Julia Louis-Dreyfus movie Downhill, but that is only tracking to open between $3.75 million and $4.25 million.

Ben Schwartz Admits He Goes After ’90s Projects Like Sonic And Ducktales Because He Loved Them As A Kid

And I mean, can you blame him? We all grew up as fans of something, a movie, a TV show, a video game, and if we had an opportunity to be part of that thing we loved, who wouldn’t jump at that chance? Ben Schwartz has simply been in the position to actually make good on that love. Most of us would be happy being part of one of our favorite movies or shows, and he’s been able to do several.

Why Roland Emmerich Is ‘So Sad’ About The State Of Independence Day Franchise

Independence Day: Resurgence was supposed to be the first in a new series of films, but the project fell mostly flat at the box office, which made the planned movies quite unlikely to materialize. At this point, under the new Disney bosses, it seems quite likely that even if a way forward is found, it won’t be with Roland Emmerich’s planned films, but anything is possible. As the director says, the movie industry is constantly changing, and sometimes that means ideas that were out of favor before gain new interest.