Dave Bautista Wants In On James Gunn’s Suicide Squad 2

News broke this afternoon that James Gunn is going to potentially both write and direct DC’s upcoming Suicide Squad 2, and while there is nothing official to report yet, Dave Bautista has not hesitated throwing his hat into the ring via Twitter. His message is simple – “Where do I sign up?” – but it’s massive in terms of context.

Right now, Dave Bautista plays what is arguably one of the more popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starring as Drax the Destroyer in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies and Avengers: Infinity War, but apparently he’s game for a brand change. It’s worth noting that he wouldn’t necessarily have to give up his Marvel role to do Suicide Squad 2, as there are a number of actors who have appeared in both the Marvel and DC movies, but he would also be the most significant name to straddle that line.

As we’ve written about before, it’s hardly surprising that Dave Bautista has been so supportive of James Gunn. While he had been a popular wrestler, and had launched his acting career, no filmmaker before Gunn had given him a chance to perform on such a massive stage, and it wound up totally changing his life. Since then he has been a part of some huge films with other immensely talented writers and directors, and one could make an impenetrable argument that those movies wouldn’t have happened without Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s only right to support the people in your life who have that kind of monumental positive impact, and it seems that’s exactly what Dave Bautista is doing by offering his services for Suicide Squad 2.

Whether or not a James Gunn-directed version of Suicide Squad 2 will ever happen remains a mystery for now – but it’s a tantalizing one with potentially fascinating effects on the future of both Marvel and DC. This is obviously a story that is still evolving, so stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more updates.

And to see what’s ahead on the big screen – including all of the comic book movie releases – be sure to check out our release schedules for both the rest of 2018 and 2019.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Day One Patch Is Basically Just The Game

Gamers have been quite vocal these days about the surge in day-one patches for AAA games. It started with a few megabytes to fix a few glitches or catch a few bugs that were missed before the game went gold, but it’s started to become a tradition now of having to download multiple gigabytes worth of data once you boot the game up, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 takes it to the next level. The patch is almost the size of the game.

As revealed over on the Activision support page, Black Ops 4’s day-one patch is 50GB in size, which is massive all on its own. In fact, it’s about the average size of single-sided Blu-ray disc, which is typically 50GB.

Now the patch size alone is ginormous, but the real kicker is that you won’t be able to play most of the game without it. Even if you install the game from disc, which is 55GB, the day-one patch is more than 90% of the total disc installation size. There’s only 5Gb that isn’t apparently being replaced with the day-one patch.

You’re probably wondering exactly how important this patch is for playing the game and whether or not you’ll be able to at least dive into some modes before play? Well, according to the support page the update must be installed even if you do have the disc, if you want access to the multiplayer modes, the Zombies modes, and the Specialist Headquarters. Otherwise, you’ll be locked out of all those other modes.

Even with a partial installation you will be able to access the Blackout mode in Black Ops 4, which is Treyarch’s attempt at taking on the Battle Royale mode that has become some widespread and popular among the shooting genre in recent years thanks to the skyrocketing success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Epic Games’ Fortnite. Blackout will be accessible after 30% of the game has been installed, which the company notes is around 16 — 20GB.

In total, it’s suggested that you have at least 112GB free if you want to install Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which is just absolutely massive in size. This has been part of the standard operating procedure for some of the newer Call of Duty games since Black Ops 3 from back in 2015. The sizes have been skyrocketing ever since. Most of that overhead free space is for future patches and the DLC roadmap that Activision has laid out for the game.

Now this will pose a problem if you have a spotty internet or internet caps, because 50Gb is no small feat. You would be able to watch about 78 full-length SD movies on Netflix with that amount of space, which means that you could watch two and a half movies every single night within the span of a month from a streaming service for the same size of the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 day-one patch.

Even if you were trying to be frugal with your bandwidth for the month, you’re going to have to throw all of that out of the window if you plan on purchasing either a physical or digital copy of Black Ops 4.

Why James Gunn Is Great For Suicide Squad 2

In the last three-and-a-half months, one persistent question on the mind of cinephiles everywhere has been, “What does the future hold for James Gunn?” While the filmmaker was fired by Disney this summer due to inappropriate jokes written a decade ago, nobody expected that it would end Gunn’s career, and so fans have been patiently waiting to see what the next step would be. Today it seems that we’ve received our answer, with reports that he is now potentially attached to make Suicide Squad 2 — and while this is exciting news all by itself, what has us even more pumped is the fact that Gunn is an excellent match for the material.

For those of you who aren’t aware of James Gunn’s work prior to Guardians of the Galaxy, he formerly was what could be described as a master of schlocky cinema — a graduate from the Troma Entertainment school of moviemaking. You get tastes of it in his Marvel movies, but he used to be much more extreme, telling stories about more sincerely damaged people (see: Super) and enthusiastically grossing out audiences (see: Slither).

In short, his past work has reveled in the darker sides of humanity and society, and he should have a great opportunity to tap back into that with what is coming together as Suicide Squad 2.

To refresh you on the central premise, Suicide Squad centers on a group of incarcerated criminals — very specifically not good people — who are given the chance to reduce their respective sentences in exchange for performing insanely dangerous black ops work. In a way that he couldn’t really do with the rogues at the center of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn has a chance here to exploit the morally corrupt natures of all his protagonists, and make a comic book movie truly unlike anything we’ve ever seen, perhaps avoiding the third act hero turn that did zero favors for David Ayer’s movie.

The material is such a natural fit for the director, in fact, that there was even talk about James Gunn doing a Suicide Squad-equivalent project at Marvel Studios a while back. Prior to even the release of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, Gunn was asked about doing a Thunderbolts film for the franchise (centered around another supervillain-centric team) — and not only did he say he had personally suggested it to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, but a couple years later he even specifically noted that the existence of the Suicide Squad movie at DC probably took that project off the table.

Now it almost seems like it was fate’s will to have the writer/director making Suicide Squad 2 — though it would be a lot more exciting if there wasn’t so much drama that has unfolded over the last few months. It’s literally a case of Marvel’s loss being DC‘s gain, and it’s possibly a seismic shift in the world of comic book movies.

As of right now the future isn’t entirely clear, as the reported relationship between James Gunn and Suicide Squad 2 is still very new. It’s not even entirely clear that he will be working on the script for the movie, let alone taking the helm. Still, though, it’s very easy to understand why this would be a fantastic match, and if Gunn definitely isn’t going to make Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, this might be the best end result.

James Gunn Writing Suicide Squad 2 Isn’t As Surprising As It Seems

News just broke a short while ago that James Gunn is on board to write the upcoming Suicide Squad 2 movie for DC. He might also direct, as well. Given that he was fired from directing a prominent superhero movie just a few months ago, this may seem like a huge surprise. In some ways, it isn’t.

A long, long time ago, when James Gunn was still a Marvel darling with a successful set of characters under his belt, James Gunn actually talked about doing a non-Guardians project. At the time, he wanted to do Marvel’s sort-of version of Suicide Squad, a Thunderbolts movie, and he was told by Kevin Feige,

Well, then DC opted to put together a Suicide Squad movie, which is also a movie about a group of villains who end up doing heroic work when the heroes are unable to. This sort of negated the need for a Thunderbolts movie to need to be in the marketplace, although when has that ever stopped a movie studio before? (Just look at Mowgli and The Jungle Book getting announced at similar times, etc. etc.)

Once Suicide Squad was announced, it kind of took the wind out of James Gunn’s Thunderbolts sails. However, James Gunn was seemingly excited about the prospect of DC’s Suicide Squad project, noting:

Next, an alt-right blogger looked way back into James Gunn’s Twitter into tweets that were from nearly a decade ago to find out that James Gunn made a slew of inappropriate jokes. The House of Mouse, also meaning Marvel, promptly fired him, leading us to today when news broke that James Gunn is still in demand for big box office fodder. We don’t know if he’ll direct the movie, given Gavin O’Connor was previously attached. However, even having James Gunn on board as a writer could be a big win for the DC universe.

Therefore, James Gunn is free to write and direct for whatever movie with whatever studio he wants to next. Given we know he can helm a superhero movie and given we know this type of project was exactly something he was excited about, signing the writer and director on for Suicide Squad 2 actually is less surprising than it might initially seem.

If Marvel doesn’t want James Gunn, Warner Bros. and DC seemingly have no qualms about hiring on a talented writer to help expand its somewhat beleaguered universe. The new Suicide Squad sequel is expected to be a totally different take on the franchise than the first movie, which was directed by David Ayer.

Next, James Gunn has a secretive horror film BrightBurn set up at Sony. The movie was expected to be out in 2019, but was recently pushed back to 2019. The movie hasn’t had a big push since news broke about Gunn’s old tweets earlier this year.

Regardless, we’ll let you know as soon as we know more and you can see all of what is headed to theaters in 2019 with our full release schedule.

Watch This Fortnite Squad Set The Kill Record At 61

Again, I feel the need to reiterate a language warning in case you haven’t watched the video yet but, even if you have to play it with the sound off, it’s worth a gander just to see this kind of high skill in practice. It’s maybe nothing new for fans who follow major streamers, but there’s something hypnotizing about watching Fqrbes shoot, build, edit on the fly, communicate with his team and alternate between all of the above as if it’s second nature. It’s also super discouraging, as it demonstrates the caliber of play a scrub like myself is constantly up against.

Jumanji’s Dwayne Johnson And Jake Kasdan Are Doing Another Movie Together

When Hollywood finds something that works, it tends to stick with it. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a huge hit, so, of course, we’re getting a sequel, but that’s not all. Today it was announced that Dwayne Johnson and director Jake Kasdan will also be teaming up for an entirely separate project, a new family movie called John Henry and The Statesmen which will see Johnson in the title role, and will also see one of the biggest names in entertainment make the jump to Netflix.

The movie is written by Tom Wheeler who previously scripted The LEGO Ninjago Movie as well as the Puss in Boots spinoff to Shrek. While specific details are vague, it seems like the elevator pitch here is essentially, “The Avengers but with folklore,” with Dwayne Johnson playing John Henry, the African-American folk hero who was so good at driving steel on the railroad that he raced a steam-powered machine designed to do the same. The movie is set to include an ensemble cast that will apparently include other folk characters from around the world, though none of them are specifically named.

The announcement of John Henry and the Statesmen calls the project out as a “brand new franchise” and also refers to it as a “shared universe” so clearly all involved see the potential in this idea to be more than one movie. We could see solo spinoffs of some of the characters that are a hit with fans as well as sequels of this movie which will apparently set up some kind of team dynamic with all these folklore characters as a group called the Statesman. Not to be confused with the team of the same name from the last Kingsman sequel, which is apparently getting its own movie at some point as well.

One thing that seems clear is that the characters of John Henry and the Statesmen will stretch beyond American folklore and bring in other countries as well. The fact that Netflix has global reach and that Dwayne Johnson’s star power crosses borders is clearly important to this project. Most of Netflix’s growth in recent years has been outside the United States, and if that is going to continue Netflix needs to provide content that will be of interest to a global audience.

The fact that Dwayne Johnson, who is involved in so many active projects that it’s unclear if he actually sleeps, will be adding a Netflix project to his schedule also can’t be overlooked. It was a major get when Will Smith signed on to star in Bright, but this takes things to another level. Dwayne Johnson may be the biggest movie star in the world right now, and one of his new movies won’t be on the big screen.

Dwayne Johnson recently wrapped filming on Disney’s Jungle Cruise and with the sequel to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle set for a December 2019 release, that movie will probably begin shooting very soon. Johnson is also set to star alongside Gal Gadot in Red Notice which has a summer 2020 release date. Perhaps, once all that is done, Johnson will have time to film John Henry and the Statesmen.

Sam Benjamin’s Gives Details About Justice League Role Getting Cut When Zack Snyder Left

As well all know by now, when Joss Whedon took over for Zack Snyder on Justice League, the film changed quite a bit. Some of those changes resulted in actors who had parts in the film seeing their roles get cut. Among them was actor Sam Benjamin, who recently gave the details about his cut Justice League role, noting he was part of a storyline that would have been lengthy in the movie and revealing other intriguing details. He said:

Based on what Sam Benjamin told Flashback FilmMaking, it sounds like the writing was on the wall that a lot of stuff was going to change when the director switch for Justice League was made. Based on his reveals here, it sounds like a lot did change, with a ton of stuff getting cut, including his role.

As far as the specifics of his role in the film, Sam Benjamin played it coy, wary of how much he could reveal without getting in trouble. He mentions checking it out on IMDb and if you do so, you’ll see that he is credited as “Military Policeman 2.” So given that he doesn’t have a name it seems that his specific role wasn’t very big anyway, the actor doesn’t seem to have regrets about what was cut.

However, he mentions that the arc his character was a part of could have accounted for 20-30 minutes of the film before it was excised. It was reported that the film was mandated to be less than 2 hours so perhaps he was part of a whole subplot that was cut for time. You can take a look at what he had to say in full, below.

He mentions it being a dream come true and the fun he had working with Zack Snyder, so it is kind of sad that his role got cut. However, he now isn’t part of the official canon, so maybe he’ll get another chance to show up in the future?

There have been so many changes reported that we can’t really say for sure who his character was or what arc he was a part of, but there are enough clues here for fans to speculate about and get a better picture of Zack Snyder’s vision. Without telling us the story, Sam Benjamin also teases some more abstract things about Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which should be enough to add further fuel to the Snyder Cut fire. Snyder loyalists can keep holding their breath for a Snyder Cut of Justice League, but chances are we’ll never get to see it. Still though, all of the reveals like this tease such a different film that it’s hard not to be curious. Maybe a fan can cobble together all the reveals and everything we’ve heard and film their own Snyder Cut?

This is just the latest glimpse into the Justice League that might have been. Based on what we’ve heard since Justice League‘s release, the Snyder Cut may be both unwatchable and an emotional epic, featuring what seems like 45 more heroes and enough plot points to make a 4-hour director’s cut feel stuffed. It really could have run the gamut, being the greatest superhero movie ever made or the worst film period, or possibly something in between.

The next film in the DCEU is Aquaman, which hits theaters on December 21st. Keep an eye on our guide for everything going on in the DCEU and head on over to the release schedule to see the biggest movies to get excited about this fall.

Every Major Superhero Movie Opening Weekend That Venom Beat At The Box Office

By most accounts, Venom was rumored to be a flop. And yet, it went on to break the October opening weekend record, with $80.2 million in its pocket. Come to think of it, taking a look at domestic unadjusted numbers here, it has beaten a pretty fair number of competitors. You can see the results (only focusing on Domestic box office numbers) for yourself below:

Venom (2018) – $80,255,756

Ant-Man And The Wasp – $75,812,205

X-Men: Apocalypse – $65,769,562

Thor – $65,723,338

Captain America: The First Avenger – $65,058,524

Hulk – $62,128,420

The Amazing Spider-Man – $62,004,688

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer – $58,051,684

Ant-Man – $57,225,526

Big Hero 6 – $56,215,889

Fantastic Four (2005) – $56,061,504

The Incredible Hulk – $55,414,050

Watchmen – $55,214,334

X-Men: First Class – $55,101,604

X-Men – $54,471,475

Green Lantern – $53,174,303

The Wolverine – $53,113,752

Batman Forever – $52,784,433

Superman Returns – $52,535,096

Batman Begins – $48,745,440

Batman Returns – $45,687,711

Ghost Rider – $45,388,836

Batman and Robin – $42,872,605

Batman – $40,489,746

Daredevil – $40,310,419

Blade II – $32,528,016

Fantastic Four – $25,685,737

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – $22,115,334

Kick-Ass – $19,828,687

Spawn – $19,738,749

Blade – $17,073,856

Catwoman – $16,728,411

Blade: Trinity – $16,061,271

Superman II – $14,100,523

The Punisher – $13,834,527

Superman III – $13,352,357

Kick-Ass 2 – $13,332,955

Elektra – $12,804,793

Superman – $7,465,343

Supergirl – $5,738,249

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace – $5,683,122

The Phantom – $5,072,346

Punisher: War Zone – $4,271,451

Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – $1,189,975

Now as you’ll see above, that’s a pretty big list of titles that Venom has topped when it comes to opening frames. However, there are some interesting points that should be noted with this data. The first is that, for the most part, the titles crushed beneath Venom’s might are pre-MCU hero flicks. Naturally, the business of superhero movies was different back then, so pitting Eddie Brock up against 1980’s Clark Kent is borderline unfair.

However, even comparing this to the more recent entries in the canon, for instance this summer’s Ant-Man and The Wasp, Venom has done pretty well for itself. It’s a smaller margin than most of the combatants listed here, with a little over $4 million putting Venom in the driver’s seat. But for a character who hasn’t been on screen for just over a decade to overperform against a major competitor (in a sequel) who’s had mass exposure over the past three years is pretty fantastic.

Even in the area of franchises rising from the ashes of disappointing precursors, like X-Men: First Class, or even Peter Parker’s return in The Amazing Spider-Man, Venom is up by at least the neighborhood of $18 million in opening weekend money. Though speaking of X-Men, four different titles connected to that series are listed above as casualties. Something that Sony will undoubtedly be happy about, as they try to retain as much of Marvel’s IP as they can.

Though, Sony also has quite a bit of shame on this list themselves, as both Ghost Rider films, and again, The Amazing Spider-Man, are all on that list as well. It’s not a huge amount of marks against them, and nor is that a knock on their practices. Rather, that’s a credit to their efforts, as this is another win for them in the superhero game, right next to pairing with Marvel Studios of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

So what’s the take away from Venom’s success? Well, for starters, the fact that the film was released outside of the normal tentpole paid off in spades. October isn’t normally known for superhero fare, and much like Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool before it, Sony took a lesser used property, scrubbed it up, and shipped it out at an off-peak window. Also, there might be a bit of a pre-Halloween bump at work, as the spookier look and feel of the film may be a good appetizer to the season at large.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway though is the fact that while Venom shouldn’t work without Spider-Man entering the picture, in the case of this movie’s financial success, it totally did. This could lead to even more studio driven output that separates heroes from villains, and possibly other heroes, in order to create more viable spin-off content. Even better, Venom’s success does open one more window to keep a watch on later this year.

Some sort of Deadpool project is dropping with a PG-13 rating this December, and now Venom did so well in that very rating bracket, despite being a title folks thought required an R rating. So with that victory in hand, there’s a possibility that if this new Deadpool project does similar business, or at the very least gets enough praise for its efforts as a PG-13 property, we might see that character stripped of requiring such a restriction themselves. Something that Disney would undoubtedly love, should it happen.

Ultimately, time will tell if Venom was a hit driven by the desire of fans to see the exact sort of film it was selling, or if it was a morbid curiosity that landed at the right time. Judge for yourself, as the film is currently in theaters. However, if you’re looking for something else, might we suggest using our 2018 release schedule to plan out the rest of your box office calendar.

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Station 19 Is Giving Its Newest Character A Lot More To Do In Season 2

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and when it comes to Station 19‘s newest arrival, ABC isn’t ready to pour any cold water on him. That’s right! The action-drama’s fans are about to see even more of one of its new key players, Boris Kodjoe’s Captain Sullivan, who was introduced in the Season 2 premiere. With one episode having aired, the show is buckling down by promoting Kodjoe to series regular.

Following his first episode as Captain Robert Sullivan, Boris Kodjoe will be seen on a more frequent basis as the newest Station 19 series regular, per TVLine. The new captain made his presence known in his debut by demonstrating determination and leadership right out of the gate. The actor’s promoted status signals that fans are about to enjoy getting know a lot more about Captain Sullivan.

That possibly even means diving deep into Capt. Sullivan’s past. When the casting of the character was announced, Sullivan was described as being an experienced firefighter who has a “mysterious past.” We all know what mysterious means!

There is a mystery at play when it comes to the backstory of Station 19‘s new character. Now that Boris Kodjoe will be starring on the series in a heightened capacity, it is only a matter of time before that mystery is further developed and then solved to some extent. It will probably take some time, seeing how Station 19 has lots of other main characters to focus on as well.

There could be a secret pain that has impacted his leadership approach, unless that’s just his natural take on things. The confirmed mystery surrounding his past indicates the latter may not be the case. In his debut, Captain Sullivan said that Chief Ripley had brought him aboard because the station saw an opportunity and that the crew needed a “kick.”

When Andy told him how they usually start their day at the station, Captain Sullivan made it clear that is not what he had in store to begin their shift. With Captain Sullivan sticking around, fans can rest assured that he will be kicking Station 19 into high gear as the season continues.

Boris Kodjoe is fresh off his run on CBS’ medical drama Code Black, which finished its three-season run back in May. Fans of that show are still holding out hope that the CBS series will eventually be revived, but this casting news isn’t good for that cause. Code Black fans will have to watch Kodjoe on their screens in another setting while they wait for word on the medical drama.

Find out how Capt Sullivan will kick things into high gear when new episodes of Station 19 air Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC. The series is among a large slate of new ABC programming debuting over the fall.

The Greatest Showman Cover Album Has Some Insane Talent

Couldn’t get enough of last year’s blockbuster musical The Greatest Showman? You’re in luck, because the bestselling soundtrack is rewriting the stars of the circus spectacle, with an upcoming cover album. It will feature the larger-than-life powerhouse vocalists such as P!nk, Panic! At the Disco and Kelly Clarkson in place of the original cast recording.

The memorable music of The Greatest Showman written by La La Land songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul is coming back for an encore with some stunning talent at center stage. The film starring Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron and Zendaya made over $400 million worldwide, becoming one of the highest-earning live-action musicals of all time, just behind 2017’s Beauty and the Beast and 1978’s Grease. The new musical was highly praised for its hit songs, including Oscar nominated original song “This is Me”.

The upcoming album features an impressive selection of artists pulled from a variety of genres. The Greatest Showman cover album will bring a refreshing take on each of the memorable songs and breathe new life in the catchy show tunes from the highly-successful film loosely based on the life of P.T. Barnum’s rise in show business. Take a look at the track list, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly:

Exciting huh? The track list for The Greatest Showman cover album seems to include the perfect assortment of artists, each name a great pick to add their own signature talent to the songs. Opening the album with Panic! At the Disco belting out “The Greatest Show” seems a match made in heaven as the towering track introducing the film will soon bring rock star Brendon Urie to the forefront. The sweet ballad “A Million Dreams” will also be given a new strength as P!nk transforms it into another pop song to add to her long list of radio hits.

Oscar nominated song “This is Me” will still include its original singer Kaela Settle, but also will feature Kesha and Missy Elliot accompanying her after Kesha previously lent her voice for a solo release of the song in December. Impressive female pop vocalist Kelly Clarkson will sing “Never Enough” along with Sara Bareilles taking over Michelle Williams’ solo “Tightrope.”

Alternative pop singers Years & Years and Jess Glynne will duet for the sparkling and energetic pop song “Come Alive” led by Hugh Jackman. R&B artist MAX and rapper Ty Dolla Sign will also team up to reimagine the memorable duet between Jackman and Zac Efron, “The Other Side.” Fresh pop talents Anne-Marie and James Arthur are also taking over for Zendaya and Efron for their hit “Rewrite the Stars” but Zendaya will also sing on the cover album with an acoustic version of the track.

The hit musical songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul have teamed up already for new songs for the live-action Aladdin coming in 2019. The Greatest Showman cover album will be released on November 16.