New Bumblebee Video Reveals First Look At Cliffjumper And Possibly More

When Bumblebee opens next month, we’ll see the Transformers like we’ve never seen them before, at least on the big screen anyways. The franchise is heading back to the 1980s with classic designs and some Transformers that haven’t had the chance to shine yet in live-action. A new video for Bumblebee gives us our first look at one of those characters, Cliffjumper, and possibly Arcee as well. Check it out:

At one point in the video, you’ll see Optimus Prime, gun in hand, running through a firefight, and if you pause the video or go frame by frame, you can see a bright red Autobot running beside him. That looks to be Cliffjumper, the paranoid hothead who absolutely hates Decepticons and transforms into a Porsche 924 Turbo.

We know that Andrew Morgado will voice Cliffjumper in Bumblebee so he’s definitely in the movie and it looks like he is fighting alongside Optimus just like in the original Transformers cartoon. And although you don’t get a great look at him here, it’s cool to see that this original hero is back.

A split second later in the video posted to the Transformers Twitter account, as Optimus Prime jumps from an explosion, you see a Transformer or Tranformers on the right side of the frame. Some fans think that they see Arcee in the mix there.

Arcee is a female Autobot who is traditionally pink and white was introduced in 1986’s The Transformers: The Movie. This character did sort of already appear in the Michael Bay-Verse in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen as a motorcycle, but maybe she’ll get a bit more to do here.

In addition to the brief glimpses at OG Transformers characters, what this video really seems to be stressing is that Bumblebee is taking the franchise back to its roots. The film is set in the ’80s, the time when Transformers became part of pop culture. As a result, the aesthetics for the Transformers in Bumblebee are directly drawing from the Generation 1 designs that fans fell in love with in the cartoons.

This has come through in the trailers, as just seeing Optimus Prime in his original more simplistic, toy-like design has a potent nostalgic effect. With potentially more Transformers of the likes of Arcee and Cliffjumper from the decade the cartoon was at its height of popularity only makes Bumblebee all the more exciting. It feels like Bumblebee has the potential to be the Transformers film fans of the cartoons and toys have wanted all along.

Jason Momoa Had The Best Response To Saturday Night Live Hosting Gig

Aquaman‘s Jason Momoa is hosting Saturday Night Live on December 8, and he could not be more excited about it. It’s obvious that Momoa has achieved tremendous success in his career so far, and as it turns out, hosting SNL marks a life accomplishment way up on the actor’s list. Momoa said:

It’s probably as rare for a person to become a movie star as it is for someone to have completed everything on their bucket list. Jason Momoa’s response to ET cements the fact that he has achieved both of these rarified things, even if he might have been saying it with his tongue firmly in cheek.

There is another thing Jason Momoa would like to have happen when he hosts Saturday Night Live that combines two of his accomplishments. When asked if wife, Lisa Bonet, would appear on the show with him, Momoa said he would “love” for her to be there, and that they would have to see what happens. So, it is not entirely out of the question.

Jason Momoa is closely tied to many of pop culture entertainment’s largest tentpoles. Hence, Saturday Night Live has a lot they could potentially touch on in his episode. Early in his career, he found success playing Ronon Dex on the sci-fi television series, Stargate Atlantis. Years later, Momoa landed a “game-changing” role as Game of Thrones‘ Khal Drogo and became one of the breakout stars off the show’s first season.

Jason Momoa’s contribution proved crucial in helping Thrones become the sensation it did in its early days, so will anyone be content if Saturday Night Live does not acknowledge his run on the HBO smash? It’s doubtful. At least, one Game of Thrones-inspired sketch would be fantastic, especially if they could get Lisa Bonet involved to play Daenerys.

It would all be in good fun, and it would not be the first time the NBC series took on Game of Thrones. For instance, when Brie Larson hosted, they did a sketch aimed at Jon Snow coming back to life.

As for Jason Momoa, he is preparing for his first solo film as the iconic superhero Aquaman, all the while keeping up his television career with his Netflix series, Frontier. The third season of the action-adventure series just debuted on the streaming giant. Momoa recently revealed his integral behind-the-scenes role in the Season 3 opener.

It is safe to say that he is a man of many talents. Soon enough, fans will learn how he does as the host of Saturday Night Live. Hosting the sketch comedy series is a big deal. Whether the show has fun with superheroes or Game of Thrones or both, only time will tell.

Jason Momoa will host NBC’s Saturday Night Live on Saturday, December 8, at 11:30 p.m. ET. It is among many shows airing new episodes this fall and throughout the midseason.

The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman Has A Crazy New Apocalyptic Show On The Way

As the brains behind the biggest comic-to-TV adaptation that doesn’t feature superheroes, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is flourishing in the entertainment industry, and his next project took a wild step forward. Now called 5 Year, Kirkman’s pre-apocalyptic TV series was first set up as a Korean drama, and already sounded ambitious. Now, the plan is taking 5 Year to countries around the world for a multitude of co-existing storylines.

Robert Kirkman is developing the 5 Year series from the central concept that the narrative will start five years before a meteor is set to collide with the Earth. Through a new deal set with eOne, which will co-produce while handling finances and distribution, 5 Year is evolving beyond its original Korean-centric plan to bring a different and localized version of the show to every country it’s produced in.

Much like if Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead had started airing during the same time, and without taking on any time jumps, 5 Year‘s new plan will see the same event being told through the eyes of many different characters from around the world. No word on if there would be room for crossovers in that respect, but there might not be as much of a call for it in this case. (Unless all of the different variations were available to stream internationally, I guess.)

At this point, international deals have been set up in Korea, Latin America, the UK, India, China, Russia, and Italy, so that’s seven different 5 Year iterations right there. Plus the U.S. version, assuming that does indeed happen, possibly as part of Robert Kirkman’s overall deal with Amazon. Though possibly not.

Here’s how Robert Kirkman himself explained the motivation behind expanding the initial idea for 5 Year, according to Deadline.

One of our biggest goals at Skybound is to elevate creators by offering them a platform to create compelling stories. Working on5 Year is an exceptional experience because it gives us the opportunity to see how writers and directors across the world tell different stories with the same core ingredients

Not that we’re looking for differences from The Walking Dead here, but Kirkman has a completely different goal in mind for 5 Year‘s lifespan. Its name not only indicates the amount of time its characters have left before being wiped out, but also the amount of seasons it’s meant to last. It’s an idealized way of preparing a TV show, perhaps, but considering The Walking Dead could last forever, Robert Kirkman has the precedence to think long-term for a project like this.

Beyond the ever-expanding Walking Dead franchise, Robert Kirkman also recently had the Cinemax show Outcast going for two seasons of demon-possessing fun. Next up for the multi-hyphenate will be another comic-to-TV take on one of his extremely popular titles, the now-completed superhero saga Invincible. 5 Year sounds like it’ll be quite a few steps away from those, but will still utilize Kirkman’s creative mind in interesting ways.

Stay tuned to hear what’s coming up for 5 Year in the future. Meanwhile, The Walking Dead will continue its emotional and hectic Season 9 when it returns to AMC on Sunday, February 10, at 9:00 p.m. ET. The fall TV season and the midseason TV premieres will keep you busy in the meantime, though.

Kevin Smith Explains Why Ben Affleck Won’t Speak To Him Anymore

For years, Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck appeared to be as close as Hollywood friends could be. They made movies together — six, in fact, and that’s not even counting Smith’s involvement with Daredevil. They swapped stories about each other regularly, and they appeared to be extremely chummy. But those days silently faded away not long ago, and it wasn’t entirely clear what happened. Well, Smith believes he’s the one to blame for the dissolve of their public friendship. To be more specific, the writer/director blames his “big mouth,” claiming he might’ve shared one story too many about them.

The honest confession came from Kevin Smith (obviously) on Twitter. While Kevin Smith is usually open and honest about many things, especially on social media (maybe to a fault), his fractured relationship with Ben Affleck was something that rarely comes up. It wasn’t entirely clear what went down. Was there a fight? Were insults thrown? Well, when someone on the social media site asked Smith upfront why they don’t talk anymore, the filmmaker gave the above extremely honest answer.

It’s hard when friendships fade. And since this is a private matter, we don’t know for sure Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck stopped being buddies. In fact, Smith might not be completely sure either. It’s possible that with everything going on in Ben Affleck’s life — from the rise of his directing career, to the fallout of his marriage, to his much-discussed role as Batman, to his stint in rehab — that he is focusing more on himself than his friends. But considering that Affleck is still (seemingly) BFFs with Matt Damon, one assumes that the cold shoulder Affleck extended to Smith was personal.

It’s a bummer for fans, but Kevin Smith is seemingly accepting the blame here. It’s hard to have consistent expectations when you are friends with an A-list celebrity, but it sounds like Smith thinks his own mouth is the reason for the divide. Smith apparently shared one too many secrets with the hungry public about Ben Affleck’s life, and that didn’t sit well with The Accountant star.

If Kevin Smith is going to keep divulging personal information to the masses, then perhaps Ben Affleck won’t feel comfortable sharing too many things with the prolific podcaster. Especially during this current vulnerable time in his personal life.

While Kevin Smith doesn’t seem to be happy about his broken friendship with Ben Affleck, he doesn’t sound defeated either. Rather than beat himself up, Smith is accepting his part in their feud, and admitting that these are the consequences of speaking out so publicly. So while both filmmakers are working regularly, Ben Affleck and Kevin Smith likely won’t work together again anytime soon.

Kevin Smith and Ben Affleck first became friends in the ’90s around the rise of their respective careers. Smith was instrumental in helping Good Will Hunting be seen by the masses, and Affleck appeared in a number of films directed by Smith. Those include Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Jersey Girl and a brief appearance in Clerks II, which was the last Kevin Smith movie to feature the actor. Smith was also the one who championed Affleck for the part of Daredevil, which didn’t go over too well. In fact, that film lead to Affleck meeting his wife, Jennifer Garner.

This Is Us Had Better Not Split Up Beth and Randall

SPOILER ALERT: This article includes spoilers from the This Is Us Season 3 midseason finale.

Nope. Stop now, This Is Us. Don’t even think about breaking up Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson) and Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown). Listen, fans were worried enough thinking “Her” referred to Beth and that maybe Beth died in the flash-forward timeline. Instead, we just found out in the Season 3 midseason finale that “Her” is Rebecca Pearson. We don’t know Rebecca’s status, but Beth was shown to be alive. However, the flash-forward also suggested some kind of estrangement between Randall and Beth.

This is not acceptable.

Beth and Randall cannot separate or [whispers] get divorced. The Season 3 midseason finale tried to suggest some cracks were pushing them apart, but it came across as forced manufactured drama.

This is not a fan service gripe. It’s whiplash from a storyline that just skidded off the road on a sunny day.

Randall had just told Beth her voice was his favorite sound in the world. She used that voice to pump him up before his big political debate, telling him to crush it like Serena. He did crush it. They both knew he did.

And then This Is Us presented the first of many twists. This one may have seemed minor by comparison to Nicky or Her, but it showed both Beth and Randall’s campaign manager Jae-Won Yoo (Tim Jo) approaching Randall after the debate to say he was too far down in the polls to win. He should drop out of the race.

First of all, have we learned nothing from the 2016 election? Polls don’t mean squat. Plus, as Randall noted, the poll was done before his big debate win with several weeks left before the vote. He should see it through. He didn’t make the argument that he’s come to far to back out, but — if he drops out now — Solomon Brown (Rob Morgan) will just go back to politics as usual.

Even if Randall loses, he will have made a statement, and the constituents could always tell Councilman Brown if he doesn’t step up, they will vote for Randall Pearson next time. No one will say that if he’s a quitter. Beth seems like someone who might bring up an argument like that, but instead she sided with Jae-Won — which is strange on its own, since they have never gotten along.

Later, Beth added more arguments for Randall to drop out of the race, saying they were both out of jobs, and they needed to focus on the girls. She even referenced Tess (Eris Baker) having a lot going on, as if Tess coming out as gay might be something the family would have to spend more time on than if she was straight. Beth reminded Randall that he had told her if she was ever uncomfortable with him running he would drop out.

When Randall said he wanted to see this through, she said he sounded like a politician. She then grabbed a pillow and blankets and made him sleep on the couch instead of in the bedroom.

What had changed since the debate, other than the poll numbers and Tess coming out, for Beth to go from Randall’s biggest cheerleader to Drop Out Now Or Else? That doesn’t sound like something Beth would do. Not only would she back Randall to keep going — polls be damned — she wouldn’t punish him after his big debate by making him sleep on the couch downstairs. This was all in the same day.

The timeline doesn’t make sense, and the idea that this was the first fracture in something that could push The Ultimate Goals Couple apart years later? No. Hopefully this is all a big mislead. It’s not like This Is Us doesn’t like to set false trails. Show creator Dan Fogelman hinted to tough times ahead for Beth and Randall in the second half of this season, but not necessarily The End. Here’s what he told Deadline:

Obviously the timing of them having as heavy a moment as these two characters have had on screen in their marriage, butted up up against that, when they’re not in the same place, leaves you with some new questions. I will say that Randall and Beth, and Sterling and Susan, have some heavy-duty stuff coming up in the back half of this season, which I’ve already read, written and seen. It’s real tour de force stuff for the both of them, both as a couple and as individuals. We’re going on a break right now for a couple of months, and there are so many things I’m excited to get back to. I just can’t wait for people to see these two go forward and backward in the back half of the season. It’s very special. The couple has been incredible throughout the series, and they’re a couple that people have really taken to. The back half of the season is a real showcase for them.

Dan Fogelman added that, when the show returns in 2019, we’ll be digging deeper into Randall’s campaign and seeing what happens there. Season 3 is also giving us a Beth-centric episode to further flesh out her character’s story. It’s good to see This Is Us treating Beth as the main character she is, complete with a focus on her history.

This Is Us Season 3’s second half will have a lot to cover, including Uncle Nicky, more flash forward “Her” details on Rebecca, plus Toby and Kate’s baby boy, etc. But now that this cloud has descended over Randall and Beth — with the potential that it lasts several decades into the future — the NBC show has threatened to derail its best modern love story into something nearly as tragic as How Does Jack Die.

I’m not convinced this is all leading to a real breakup between Randall and Beth. Even if they do grow apart, I think they have to get back together. They are the new Jack and Rebecca. Remember when we thought they, too, might divorce? Thankfully that didn’t happen. They went through rough patches, but stayed together … at least until the Crock-Pot.

This Is Us had a rough road in the ratings leading up to the Season 3 midseason finale, but we’ll have to see if these new twists entice more fans to watch in 2019 to see what happens next. This Is Us Season 3 returns Tuesday, January 15, at 9 p.m. ET. Here’s what is still coming in 2018, and what else is ahead in the 2019 midseason.

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Yes, James Wan Is Nervous About Aquaman Competing With Mary Poppins Returns

For the past three years, Disney has released a Star Wars movie in December, and made tons of money at the box office in the process. But 2018 is unique, as Lucasfilm is skipping a year before Episode IX arrives next December. This makes room for James Wan’s Aquaman to strike while the iron is hot. There’s just one problem: Mary Poppins Returns.

Aquaman will be competing with the Mary Poppins sequel this Holiday Season, with both highly anticipated projects expected to bring in a ton of money once they finally arrive in theaters. Aquaman director James Wan recently admitted he was nervous about this stiff competition, saying:

Well, thats a logical way of looking at it. Because while James Wan seems appropriately nervous about going up against a movie with such iconography and nostalgia as Mary Poppins Returns, he seems confident that cinephiles will be making their way to the movies more than once over the Holiday season.

Considering the excitement that has been building for both Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns, James Wan’s comments to EW make a great deal of sense. The two movies are drastically different in genre and tone, making plenty of room for each to bring in audiences. And the hardcore movie fans out there like yours truly will happily shell out the cash to see both projects on the big screen.

In his conversation with EW, James Wan specifically name drops Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle as a success story from an otherwise bloated December. Going up against a Star Wars movie seems like a fool’s errand, considering the franchise’s habit of breaking box office records and bringing generations of moviegoers to theaters.

But the Jumanji sequel was a critical and box office darling, and brought Sony the success it so sorely needed at the end of the calendar year. Another Jumanji is also being planned, with the talented cast likely returning to reprise their roles as video game avatars. If Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns can share the box office draw as much as that movie and The Last Jedi, then perhaps both blockbusters will be a success this year.

Aquaman will arrive in theaters on December 21st, while Mary Poppins Returns will arrive just days before on December 19th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Sylvester Stallone Says He’s Done Playing Rocky

Sylvester Stallone has been playing Rocky Balboa for more than four decades. The character has evolved from an underdog to a champion to a mentor of another young fighter, and Stallone seems to feel that with Creed II it might be time for Rocky to finally step out of the ring. The actor, writer, and director has posted a statement to Instagram which seems to indicate that he’s done playing Rocky. According to Stallone…

While Sylvester Stallone doesn’t come out and state that Creed II will be the last appearance of Rocky, a video which accompanies the statement above on Instagram has Stallone saying this is probably his “last rodeo.” While it’s sad that an era has come to an end, at the same time, as Stallone says, that day was going to come eventually, and Creed II isn’t a bad way for it to end.

Rocky would debut in 1976 and the film would go on to garner Oscar nominations for Sylvester Stallone as both the writer and lead actor for the film. The movie would win three Oscars including Best Director and Best Picture. Five sequels would follow and it seemed that following Rocky Balboa in 2006 the story of Rocky was finally over, but then Creed would come along and bring both Stallone and his character out of retirement.

This isn’t the first time that Sylvester Stallone has claimed that he was done with Rocky, so it’s always possible that something could come along to entice him back, but, at the same time, the Creed films aren’t about Rocky Balboa and at some point the character should probably step aside so that the story of Adonis Creed can be told without any unnecessary shadows being cast over the movies.

While Rocky may finally be retired, Stallone isn’t quite done with all of his classic characters. Production is currently underway on Rambo: Last Blood, which will follow the former soldier John Rambo one more time. Of course, based on the title, one assumes the plan is for this to be the swan song for Rambo as well. Once that happens then Stallone will be done with both his major franchise names. The time is right, both have served his career, and the fans quite well.

If you haven’t seen Creed II yet, you can now do it knowing that you’re saying goodbye to an old friend. When you last see Rocky Balboa on the screen there, you may never see him again.

The Cord Cutter Podcast #54: Netflix In December

Welcome to The Cord Cutter Podcast #54! The holiday season is finally upon us, and Mick and Adrienne have some great picks for what’s coming to Netflix in December, whether you need some Christmas specials to help you enjoy the season or you want to avoid thinking about holiday madness altogether! As usual, Netflix is primed to bring us tons of new content in the coming month, with lots of big name releases, Netflix Originals in the form of TV shows, specials, films and documentaries, and many of other bingeable series and movies. So, we’ll go over all the major releases that will be in store for you as the month goes on, just so you know what your options are when you need a break from Christmas shopping, decorating and cookie-baking.

John Krasinski Sobbed Uncontrollably Watching Emily Blunt In Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins Returns will feature the revival of an iconic Disney movie character. As such, it was always going to have a nostalgic factor for fans, but for John Krasinski, that factor was ramped up to the point where he sobbed uncontrollably while watching the movie. He recently revealed to Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen,

John Krasinksi is married to Emily Blunt, who plays the new version of the popular nanny in Mary Poppins Returns. So, not only did he get to see Mary Poppins’ debut early and not only did that debut tap into his earlier memories, but he also was seeing his wife master the role on the big screen. It was a lot to take in. Cue the tears.

According to Krasinksi, things got so bad during the viewing that he humorously went through an entire box of tissues before wildly searching around the room for other objects that could contain his tears and sniffles.

He also told Ellen that beyond the sobbing he kept having emotional moments where he’d murmur between tears things like “Oh it’s so beautiful.” While this humorous rendition of his viewing experience may not be exactly accurate, the sentiment is there.

In fact, John Krasinski isn’t the only person who has cried in relation to Mary Poppins Returns. We previously learned director Rob Marshall totally lost it when Dick Van Dyke was filming his scenes for the movies.

Later on in the interview, the amused actor also joked about Emily Blunt’s Mary Poppins performance not being her best, and if you want to catch the whole jokey segment, you can head to EllenTube.

If you’ve seen any of the trailers, musical moment videos or other footage for Mary Poppins Returns that Disney has sent out to the public, you may have gotten a glimpse of the emotional way the company has brought the new story to life on the big screen. From nods to the original via the cockney accent of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s new Jack character and animated sequences and more, the new movie will pay homage to the Disney classic. Seemingly that means it should also bring forth lots of feelings in its viewership.

We’ll just have to wait and see exactly how popular Mary Poppins Returns ends up being in theaters. You can catch it with your own eyes starting on December 19, 2018. Just be sure to bring your own tissues. Sadly, they won’t be given out with the price of admission.

New Movie Releases: 2019 Movie Release Date Schedule

It’s never too early, or too late, to take a look at a yearly release schedule. Knowing what came before, as well as what’s up ahead, is always useful when deciding what’s going to be of particular importance to the movie-going public. Though, as with any year’s box office line-up, the release dates below are still subject to change. So if you want to stay in the know, you should bookmark this list and come back often to see if there’s been any updates.

As usual there are plenty of movies that come up within a given year, and you should definitely take a look at what’s still coming up in 2018 with that schedule, as well. Now, without further delay, here’s 2019’s box office lineup, as it currently stands:

EliFriday, January 4th
Escape RoomFriday, January 4th

A Dog’s Way HomeFriday, January 11th
ReplicasFriday, January 11th
The UpsideFriday, January 11th

Arctic DogsFriday, January 18th
GlassFriday, January 18th

The Kid Who Would Be KingFriday, January 25th
SerenityFriday, January 25th
Untitled STX Action/ThrillerFriday, January 25th

Jacob’s LadderFriday, February 1st
Miss BalaFriday, February 1st

Cold PursuitFriday, February 8th
Everybody KnowsFriday, February 8th
The LEGO Movie 2: The Second PartFriday, February 8th
The ProdigyFriday, February 8th
What Men WantFriday, February 8th

Birds of PassageWednesday, February 13th

Alita: Battle AngelThursday, February 14th
Fighting With My FamilyThursday, February 14th
Happy Death Day 2UThursday, February 14th
Isn’t It RomanticThursday, February 14th

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden WorldFriday, February 22nd
Rhythm SectionFriday, February 22nd
The TurningFriday, February 22nd

Chaos WalkingFriday, March 1st
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family FuneralFriday, March 1st

Captain MarvelFriday, March 8th

UsFriday, March 15th
Wonder ParkFriday, March 15th

The Beach BumFriday, March 22nd
Five Feet ApartFriday, March 22nd
GreyhoundFriday, March 22nd
The InformerFriday, March 22nd
Where’d You Go, BernadetteFriday, March 22nd

Captive StateFriday, March 29th
DumboFriday, March 29th

The Best of EnemiesFriday, April 5th
Pet SemataryFriday, April 5th
PeterlooFriday, April 5th
Shazam!Friday, April 5th

AfterFriday, April 12th
BreakthroughFriday, April 12th
HellboyFriday, April 12th
LittleFriday, April 12th
Missing LinkFriday, April 12th
My SonFriday, April 12th

PenguinsWednesday, April 17th

The Curse of La LloronaFriday, April 19th
Under the Silver LakeFriday, April 19th

The IntruderFriday, April 26th
The AftermathFriday, April 26th

Avengers 4Friday, May 3rd

Detective PikachuFriday, May 10th
The HustleFriday, May 10th
UglydollsFriday, May 10th

A Dog’s JourneyFriday, May 17th
John Wick 3: ParabellumFriday, May 17th
The Sun Is Also a StarFriday, May 17th

Ad AstraFriday, May 24th
AladdinFriday, May 24th
BrightBurnFriday, May 24th

Godzilla: King of the MonstersFriday, May 31st
RocketmanFriday, May 31st
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IVFriday, May 31st

Dark PhoenixFriday, June 7th
FlarskyFriday, June 7th
The Secret Life of Pets 2Friday, June 7th

Men in Black UntitledFriday, June 14th
ShaftFriday, June 14th

Child’s PlayFriday, June 21st
GrudgeFriday, June 21st
Toy Story 4Friday, June 21st

Limited PartnersFriday, June 28th
Untitled Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis ComedyFriday, June 28th
Untitled Entertainment StudiosFriday, June 28th
Untitled James MangoldFriday, June 28th

Untitled Conjuring Universe FilmWednesday, July 3rd

Spider-Man: Far from HomeFriday, July 5th

17 BridgesFriday, July 12th
StuberFriday, July 12th

The Lion KingFriday, July 19th

Once Upon a Time in HollywoodFriday, July 26th

Dora the ExplorerFriday, August 2nd
New MutantsFriday, August 2nd
Untitled Fast & Furious Spin-OffFriday, August 2nd
Untitled WB Event Film IFriday, August 2nd

Artemis FowlFriday, August 9th

The Angry Birds Movie 2Friday, August 16th
Boss LevelFriday, August 16th
Good BoysFriday, August 16th
PLAYMOBILFriday, August 16th

OvercomerFriday, August 23rd

It: Chapter 2Friday, September 6th

Spies in DisguiseFriday, September 13th

The KitchenFriday, September 20th
Downton AbbeyFriday, September 20th

AbominableFriday, September 27th
The HuntFriday, September 27th

Gemini ManFriday, October 4th
JokerFriday, October 4th
The Woman in the WindowFriday, October 4th

The Addams FamilyFriday, October 11th
Are You Afraid of the Dark?Friday, October 11th
The GoldfinchFriday, October 11th
Zombieland 2Friday, October 11th

Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IFriday, October 18th
You Are My FriendFriday, October 18th

Untitled Aviron HorrorFriday, October 25th

Charlie’s AngelsFriday, November 1st
Untitled Terminator ProjectFriday, November 1st

MidwayFriday, November 8th
Sonic The HedgehogFriday, November 8th
Will Packer Comedy IFriday, November 8th

The Good LiarFriday, November 15th
Last ChristmasFriday, November 15th
Margie ClausFriday, November 15th
Untitled Kingsman MovieFriday, November 15th

Frozen 2Friday, November 22nd

Queen & SlimFriday, November 27th

Jumanji SequelFriday, December 13th
Untitled Blumhouse Productions Project IIFriday, December 13th

CatsFriday, December 20th
Star Wars: Episode IXFriday, December 20th

The Call of the WildWednesday, December 25th
Little WomenWednesday, December 25th
SuperintelligenceWednesday, December 25th

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