Proposal Video Goes Wrong At Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, But There’s A Happy Ending

In the first video, she takes a picture and simply moves on. She doesn’t realize he’s back there and the poor guy just has to stand there like a goof with a ring in his hand. He waits, in case she happens to turn around, but she does not. Eventually, he’s forced to get up and follow after her. It’s all sort of depressing. This incredibly romantic moment was lost, and it was probably not how he envisioned things going.

Buckle Up, Ezra Miller’s Flash Movie Is Nearly Done Filming

The above post comes to us from Barbara Muschietti’s personal Instagram, and features a set photo of her brother-collaborator Andy. The siblings have been sharing some thrilling photos from the set of The Flash, including glimpses at characters’ superhero suits. And the sooner the movie wraps, the sooner fans might be treated to the first bits of footage. Fingers crossed.

The DC Extended Universe has found its streaming home on HBO Max. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

How Marvel Hilariously Threw Shade At Old Captain Marvel Criticisms

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The MCU is constantly growing, and Phase Three was notable for featuring more women in leading roles. Chief among them was Brie Larson in Captain Marvel, who made a strong impression as one of the most powerful heroes in the entire franchise. And Marvel hilariously threw shade at old criticisms of Larson’s hero.

Universal’s First Super Nintendo World Just Opened, And It’s Already Getting A Bananas Expansion

Super Nintendo World is currently under construction at Universal Studios Hollywood, expected to open some time next year. The land will also be part of the new Epic Universe theme park under construction at Universal Orlando Resort. It seems likely that the Donkey Kong expansion will come to Epic Universe, it may even get built as part of the new theme park at the start. Universal Studios Hollywood has always had to deal with a significant lack of available space, which makes it less likely, though certainly not impossible, that the expansion could happen there as well.

Venom 2 Has Screened, See What People Are Saying About Let There Be Carnage

Whether Venom: Let There Be Carnage is better will be up to each individual to judge. What does seem clear, however, is that the movie is, ultimately more of the same, which is to say that it’s absolutely bonkers. The first film surprised people with just how off the rails it was willing to go, and this movie is certainly continuing that tradition. If your favorite part was the battle between Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock and Venom, then there’s good news because that relationship gets even more insane in the sequel.

Netflix Debuts The Harder They Fall Trailer And The Idris Elba-Led Cast Is Too Impressive To Fit Into This Headline

Thankfully, Netflix released a trailer for The Harder They Fall, and you can see the cast do their thing at 24 frames per second. As the main conflict seems to rest between Rufus Buck (Idris Elba) and Nat Love (Loki’s Jonathan Majors), factions start to become apparent. With a bench that also includes stars like Regina King, Delroy Lindo, Zazie Beetz, and LaKeith Stanfield, there’s going to be an insane amount of action, shootouts, and quips flying on screen. And from what it sounds like, Elba might be the bad guy in this showdown; though there’s always room for a twist or two to land on the table.

After Jackass 4 Lawsuit And Custody Issues, Bam Margera Picked Up By Police And Taken To Rehab Facility

The latest update regarding Bam Margera comes to us from TMZ. The report claims that the Viva La Bam star recently came into contact with police officers on Florida while in a stay at the Don CeSar Resort Hotel in St. Pete Beach. They were called when for Margera reportedly being “emotionally distressed” at the hotel, and ended up picking him up and transporting him to a rehabilitation facility in the back of the cop car. There were no new charges filed against him, with the TV personality instead hopefully getting some much-needed help.

The Lost Boys: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The ‘80s Vampire Movie

Kiefer Sutherland Broke His Wrist While Trying To Impress A Girl On Set

Kiefer Sutherland and the actors who played the other motorcycle-riding vampires in The Lost Boys did their own stunt work during production. And, though this makes all the classic motorcycle scenes look even more badass, there were some drawbacks, like the time Sutherland broke his wrist while trying to impress a girl walking along the Santa Cruz boardwalk.

During the 2019 Dallas FanExpo, Kiefer Sutherland shared the story and explained that he performed a wheelie in an attempt to show off, but by doing so he failed to notice a train track. Upon hitting the obstacle, the actor was thrown off the bike and broke his right wrist in three places. After that a special cast had to be created for Sutherland, who also had to start riding a bike with the brake and clutch on the left side because of the injured wrist.

One Marvel Director Seemingly Wants The Snyder Cut Treatment For His MCU Blockbuster

As Marvel fans have seen, Disney and Marvel Studios aren’t about looking back but moving forward. So, Alan Taylor getting another shot with Thor: The Dark World probably isn’t in the cards. If Taylor got the chance to, it would be a wonderful way for him to redeem himself and the sequel within the MCU legacy. It would be nice to see what scenes were left on the cutting room floor. But the Terminator Genisys director wasn’t done speaking on the film’s difficult journey to theaters.

The Best Drew Barrymore Movies And How To Watch Them

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When I think of child actors, I have some of the fondest memories of them appearing in my favorite films and TV shows, from classics like Home Alone to Netflix series like Stranger Things. Some of those child actors turned into full-fledged movie stars, like Selena Gomez, Macauley Culkin, Daniel Radcliffe, and more, but one of the many I always think of first is Drew Barrymore.

An actress whose career has spanned decades, she has appeared in some of the most iconic films, like Scream, E.T., and so many others. If you’re looking for the best Drew Barrymore movies that are streaming right now, look no further than here.