5 Major Ways The MCU’s Spider-Man Is Different Than The Marvel Comics

Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery Is Comparatively Subtler

Like most supervillains, the baddies that Spider-Man tends to bump heads with have, to borrow from Batman Begins, “a taste for the theatrical,” meaning they incorporate whatever theme their persona or ability reflects into their outfit of choice. For instance, the Shocker dresses in yellow and red with large, high-voltage fists and the Vulture wears a giant, green bird suit that allows him to fly. Both of these villains are actually in Spider-Man: Homecoming but, outside of the fandom of eagle-eyed moviegoers, you probably would not know that unless I told you.

World War Z Writer Talks ‘History Repeating Itself’ With Coronavirus And His Work

From the Black Death and the Spanish flu to the SARS epidemic of the early 2000s, humanity has dealt with so many plagues over the centuries, so it was easy enough for Max Brooks to apply that history to a zombie apocalypse tale. Published in 2006, World War Z, which was a follow-up to Brooks’ 2003 book, The Zombie Survival Guide, was met with a lot of positive reception, and joins the ranks of stories from the likes of George Romero, Robert Kirkman and many more speculating on how Earth would be changed if zombies suddenly started roaming about.

Chris Pratt Talks Rewarding Parenting Moments, Watching Pixar Movies With His Kid

In the interview with Popsugar, Chris Pratt explained his point of view to Tom Holland, before telling the young Spider-Man and Onward actor it’s something for him to look forward to with his own kids down the road. Given Holland is only 23-years-old, we may be waiting a while for his own Pixar movie/parenting thoughts. However, interestingly Holland also admitted he’d hoped he could play a teenage version of Dash previously before we knew what Incredibles 2 was about. That’s the type of high-energy role he’d probably excel at.

Chinese Movie Theaters Had A Rough Start Reopening After Closing Due To The Pandemic

According to Variety, as of last weekend, over 500 movie theaters, which accounts for approximately 5% of total theaters, reopened following a 60-day closure. However, in that weekend, the opened theaters welcomed on average just one person per screening, and collectively, they only earned around $10,000, which isn’t even what just one theater would earn in one day during a normal business period.

The Time Mark Hamill Was Mistaken For Steven Spielberg On The Star Wars Set

I suppose when you think about it, the face of Mark Hamill and Steven Spielberg aren’t necessarily faces everybody would recognize. Mark Hamill’s older Luke Skywalker was only significantly seen in a single movie, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and as a director, Steven Spielberg is usually behind a camera, and not nearly as often in front of it. Serious movie fans would certainly recognize them, and be able to tell them apart, but maybe the general public would have a tougher time.

CinemaBlend Is Giving Away Bombshell, Judy And More Blu-rays For Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’ve paired up with Lionsgate to give away digital copies of films featuring some of our favorite leading ladies… Bombshell, as well as A Simple Favor, The Spy Who Dumped Me, Judy and The Hunger Games! Interested in winning a copy? Just fill out the poll below with your favorite to enter. We will select a winner for each film at random on April 1st. Good luck!

Will Ferrell’s Downhill And More Announce Early Release For Those Running Out Of Movies At Home

With theaters almost entirely closed around the country, the only place to watch movies is at home. Studios have already fast tracked several films that would otherwise be in theaters right now to digital platforms, but if you’ve already burned your way through those, Disney’s Fox divisions have you covered, as a pair of additional films, Searchlight’s Force Majeure remake Downhill, and 20th Century’s The Call of the Wild, will both be hitting digital platforms like Movies Anywhere, tomorrow, March 27.

Tom Cruise Wanted Mission: Impossible Sequels, Director Thought It Was Hollywood ‘Corruption’

For Brian De Palma, working on new and interesting projects was always more important to him than sticking with characters and properties that are better monetary guarantees. As part of the interview with the AP, he also talked about the Hollywood pushback against directors and how everything seems to be “endless streaming” these days, noting, ‘The directors, who knows who directs one of these things from another?’

The Best Way For Film Fans To Support Their Local Movie Theaters During Quarantine

The thing about movie theaters is that there’s no way, at the moment, for them to adjust their business model to still fit the needs of customers. Across the nation, restaurants (for example) are figuring out ways to convert to take-out service to maintain a portion of their revenue. Movie theaters, however, need customers to come to them, while also needing first-run movies to be able to show. That equation isn’t possible right now, but Phil Contrino, the Director of Media and Research for the National Association of Theater Owners, recently told our ReelBlend podcast how film fans can show support for theaters, while also planning for future nights at the cinema: