Frozen II Just Helped Push Disney To Another Major Ticket Sales Record

As expected, Disney’s long-anticipated animated sequel Frozen II was an immediate hit at the box office in its opening weekend. The film from directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck continued to rack up numbers in its sophomore frame, where it set a Thanksgiving weekend box office record. Well, records beget records and after setting a new holiday weekend mark, Frozen II just helped push Disney to another major ticket sales record.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Frozen II’s stellar box office has launched Disney past $3.2 billion in domestic ticket sales on the year. That huge figure is a new industry record, eclipsing the $3.09 record from 2018 that was also put up by the Disney juggernaut’s slate of films. Having long since lapped the field, Disney is basically just trying to beat its own time at this point.

What’s particularly notable is that the Mouse House’s $3.2 billion in 2019 does not take into account the box office receipts from the movies that Disney inherited from 20th Century Fox when it purchased that studio earlier this year. So the ticket sales from movies like Ad Astra and Ford v Ferrari are just icing on that record-breaking cake.

Thanks to the success of Frozen II pushing Disney to $3.2 billion in ticket sales, Disney now holds a dominant domestic marketshare of over 31% through Sunday according to Comscore estimates. Behind Disney is Warner Bros. with 15% and $1.5 billion on the year, Universal with 14.1% and $1.4 billion on the year and Sony with 10.7% and $1 billion on the year. Coming in fourth and fifth place domestically are Lionsgate, which holds a 6.6% marketshare and made $678.1 million in ticket sales in 2019 and Paramount, with 5.4% marketshare and $557.6 million so far this year.

As of now, it’s Disney and everyone else, and this ticket sales record is just the latest in the studio’s record-breaking year. Back in July, Disney set a record for worldwide ticket sales with $7.6 billion thanks in part to a record $5 billion at the international box office. Again, records beget records and Disney is coming for all of them in 2019.

Frozen II will continue to add to Disney’s 2019 totals. Following its $130.1 million domestic opening weekend and $123.7 million, five-day Thanksgiving frame, the animated sequel sits at $287.6 million domestically through this past Sunday. With $738.6 million worldwide, Frozen II is racing towards $1 billion and would be the sixth Disney film to do so this year, following Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Toy Story 4 and The Lion King.

And remember, all of these records and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still to come… and that will probably do pretty well.

Quentin Tarantino’s 3 Favorite Movies Of 2019 Might Surprise You

Quentin Tarantino has a movie out in theaters this year. Arguably, it’s one of his best films, ranking right up there (in my opinion) with Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. But does Tarantino actually think that his OWN movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is one of the best movies of 2019?

Not according to a Tweet by entertainment journalist Erick Weber, a member of the Broadcast Film Critics’ Association who covers the Oscar race for his site, Awards Ace. While attending an L.A. event on behalf of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Weber asked the director his three favorite movies this year, and was told:

Quentin Tarantino has been on that Crawl bandwagon for a few weeks now, professing his love for Alexandre Aja’s alligator thriller online recently. But apparently, in recent weeks, he caught up with Martin Scorsese’s masterful crime epic The Irishman, because now it leads the charge as the best movie released this year, according to Quentin Tarantino.

And do you know what? He’s right! Even with the existence of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – which is EXCEPTIONAL in its own right – the scope, ambition and accomplishment of The Irishman still triumphs over virtually every other movie dropped into theaters (or on streaming) this year. It’s miraculous, and I understand why Tarantino would fall in love with it.

In fact, I recently hit CinemaBlend’s own YouTube channel to tell you why any hate being directed at The Irishman was simply misguided and wrong. Listen to my reasoning.

For his third pick, Quentin Tarantino went with Doctor Sleep, and OK, that’s more than a little unexpected. Not that there’s anything wrong with Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel. It’s actually quite good. But third best movie of the year? This leads me to suspect that Tarantino is more of a massive Stanley Kubrick fan, because Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep is a love letter to The Shining as much as it is an interpretation of King’s novel.

Or, Tarantino loves Rebecca Ferguson as much as I do.

It’s getting to be the end of the year, and Top 10 lists will be flying in from all corners of the industry. Some will be predictable. Others will be strange. I’m willing to bet that a LOT them are going to include Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, even though his personal list does not.

What’s the best movie that you have seen so far this year? Head to the comments and let us know your thoughts.

Yes, Chris Hemsworth And His Wife Have Arguments About Thor’s Hammers

One thing we’ve learned about Thor over his MCU run is that the God of Thunder is very attached to his hammer. So too it turns out is actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays the Odinson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For a bachelor like Thor this might not be a problem, but for a married man like Chris Hemsworth, it most certainly is. And yes, Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky have arguments about where he puts Thor’s hammers, as she confirmed:

Kind of like how UFC champions used to get a new belt for every title defense, Thor apparently gets new hammers for each MCU movie he’s in; he’s not reusing them. And it’s not just one new hammer either; he gets multiple fresh hammers for every movie too as his wife Elsa Pataky explained. If he only got one hammer for every MCU appearance that would still be eight hammers, but at five per movie that’s 40 hammers!

Even if Elsa Pataky is overestimating the quantity of hammers in her house by half, it still seems like they have a lot of them. All those hammers laying around leads to a question of where to put them and this is where her and husband Chris Hemsworth come into conflict. As she told Fitzy & Wippa on Nova radio, Chris Hemsworth always picks the best places in the house to put his hammers.

It would seem that Chris Hemsworth, in true Thor character, believes that his hammers are awesome and deserve to reside in a visible and prominent place of distinction within his household. So rather than put a nice bit of pottery by the front door, he might put Mjolnir there. Instead of books on a coffee table: Mjolnir; instead of a potted plant on a side table: Mjolnir; instead of a piece of art or picture of the family on a mantle: Mjolnir.

The MCU actor apparently previously told the radio duo that he thought one of his hammers should go in the middle of the dining room table. It sounds like a great idea for a centerpiece to me, but his wife is none too thrilled with such suggestions and constantly has to tell her live-in Asgardian that his hammer can’t go there. It’s almost like a parent telling their kid to stop leaving the toys all around the house.

She must have felt like she was being trolled when in Avengers: Infinity War, Thor upgraded from Mjolnir to Stormbreaker. As if her house wasn’t already full of large hammers, now she needed to find places for a giant one. Perhaps Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky should look into building an armory onto their house to accommodate these prop weapons.

Thor: Love and Thunder opens in theaters on November 5, 2021. Check out when the other Phase 4 movies are arriving along with all of next year’s biggest movies in our 2020 Release Schedule.

Adam Sandler Says He’ll Make A ‘Bad On Purpose’ Movie If Uncut Gems Doesn’t Win Awards

It’s not every year Adam Sandler finds himself among the year’s award season contenders. The comedian made a drastic turn to star as a New York Diamond District dealer that goes down a dangerous rabbit hole in the Safdie Brothers’ Uncut Gems. Depending on how Oscar season shakes out, Sandler’s name could be called along the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, Christian Bale and Adam Driver at award shows. His thoughts? In his words:

Watch your back! Adam Sandler is ready to make Jack & Jill 2: Double Trouble– if he doesn’t get that golden trophy on Hollywood’s biggest night. Of course, the actor was joking in his recent appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Or was he? I mean, the first Jack & Jill already exists… not to mention Grown Ups 2. This could actually be a legitimate threat. Be advised, Academy!

It’s a clever comment since in recent years the actor has received a ton of flack for his comedy movies (enter our Murder Mystery review). It’s been a hot minute since Adam Sandler has been highly praised for one of his movie roles. Many would claim he kind of always plays himself. But, then there’s Uncut Gems.

As diamond dealer and gambling addict, Howard Ratner, Sandler completely disappears into his role in the A24 release. Uncut Gems is an anxiety-fueled epic by the filmmakers behind Good Time and Sandler’s performance has been named an unmistakable highlight. Now the potential of the actor receiving his first Oscar nomination is by no means outside the realm of possibility.

When Adam Sandler was asked gaining Oscar attention for his Uncut Gems role, he talked about how he didn’t work any harder than he does on his comedy films but he really “loved every day at work”. The actor learned a lot about the jewelry district in New York and almost got choked out while playing the part. Uncut Gems currently has a near-perfect 95% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Back in 2002, Adam Sandler previously took on a much buzzed-about dramatic role (and one of his best movies to date) in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Punch-Drunk Love. When he didn’t get nominated for the role, many believed he’d been snubbed.

Does he have a chance during this year’s award season? Uncut Gems comes at a particularly strong year in movies when films such as The Irishman, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Joker, Ford v. Ferrari and such also exist. Stay tuned with us here on CinemaBlend as the season unfolds!

Jeremy Renner Is Psyched About The Black Widow Movie

Yesterday we got our first look at the beginning of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Black Widow. The trailer looks great and it has everybody excited to see Scarlett Johansson take the lead for the first time in her long MCU career.

However, one person that is especially excited is Johansson’s MCU co-star Jeremy Renner. Black Widow and Hawkeye are close friends in the Marvel movies, and Renner is now showing the sort of support Hawkeye would have for Natasha to Johansson.

Jeremy Renner took to Twitter to say that he thinks Black Widow looks great, and that he can’t wait to see it. This echos the sentiments of most of the fans who checked out the trailer yesterday. For many, it’s taken Marvel far too long to put Black Widow front and center in the MCU,

Because Black Widow will take place at an earlier point in time than where the MCU currently is, and because this character won’t be moving forward in the story, it does raise a big question about why the Black Widow movie is happening now. It certainly can be a standalone story that won’t lead to any major developments within Phase 4. However, since this is the first movie out of the gate, there will certainly be a lot of interest in trying to figure out just where this batch of movies, and Disney+ series, are headed,

Of course, some are wondering, even in reactions to this tweet, if Jeremy Renner’s excitement for Black Widow might be for more reasons than simply the fact that he supports Scarlett Johansson. Because Black Widow is a flashback story, and because we know that Hawkeye and Black Widow worked together long before we met them in the MCU, many have wondered if Clint Barton may actually show up in the movie at some point.

Everybody is staying quite quiet on that topic of course. If a cameo, nevermind a significant role, for Jeremy Renner, is part of Black Widow, that’s being kept under wraps.

Although, you know I found the fact that Taskmaster was using a bow and arrow to be quite interesting. Is that a hint?

Even if Hawkeye doesn’t show up, Renner is right that Black Widow is looking pretty great based on that trailer. It’s got a remarkable cast that goes beyond Scarlett Johansson to include Florence Pugh, David Harbour, and Rachael Weisz.

We’re still five months away from Black Widow, and since this first trailer was officially a “teaser” according to Marvel, that means we’ll get a “full” trailer at some point down the line, that will likely fill in a few of the gaps and explain a bit more of the story.

Knives Out’s Rian Johnson Says One A-List Cast Member Is Way Funnier Than The Rest

Casual moviegoers might not think of Michael Shannon as being funny, and that’s a damn shame. Yes, he has done serious dramas over the years, but when used properly in the right comedies, Michael Shannon can be a scream. Rian Johnson’s Knives Out is the latest example of a movie that understands how to use every tool in Shannon’s creative box. So it should come as no surprise that Johnson considers Shannon to be the comedic MVP of his troupe.

During a Q-and-A following a Los Angeles screening of the whodunit comedy Knives Out, Rian Johnson was asked by moderator Scott Mantz who stole the show behind the scenes while they were making the movie. And Johnson happily explained:

Some of these classic lines almost can get overlooked on an initial viewing of Knives Out. There’s a lot of bustling energy in the movie, with several characters talking over each other as they deal with the madness that flows in the wake of the murder of Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer). Members of the family are often accused, confused, and blustery. This leads to the ability for a talented comedian to venture off script with a well-timed line. And it sounds like Michael Shannon became the best one at doing this while filming Knives Out.

I’m not surprised that Michael Shannon had the ability to riff, comedically. The man stole scenes in seriously funny movies like The Night Before and They Came Together. What surprises me more is that Rian Johnson would allow detours away from his scripted dialogue. Not that the Brick and Looper director is precious about his words. But more that there’s a rhythm and cadence to the way that lines are delivered in his screenplays, so ad libs could threaten to rock that boat.

Apparently Michael Shannon’s additions were just that good. Rian Johnson also appeared as a guest on CinemaBlend’s own ReelBlend podcast, so to give that full conversation a listen, press play on our most recent episode.

Knives Out continues to perform well in theaters, so if you haven’t yet checked it out, do so now!

Walt Disney World’s Star Wars: Rise Of The Resistance Reactions Are In, Here’s What People Are Saying

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When Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opened earlier this year at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, what we got was actually only Phase One of the new land. Two major attractions were promised when Galaxy’s Edge was first being announced, and while we got Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run on day one of the new land, we all had to wait for a massive new attraction called Rise of the Resistance.

Now, that wait is almost over, Rise of the Resistance opens at the Walt Disney World version of Galaxy’s Edge tomorrow, but this morning, media, and some VIPs got to check out the ride first. To put it simply, it really seems like Rise of the Resistance is everything we’ve been promised it would be.

One of the lucky people to check out Rise of the Resistance was CinemaBlend’s own Mick Joest, who I’m not at all jealous of, who said the ride was so amazing it nearly brought him to tears.

Needless to say, that’s a glowing endorsement for Rise of the Resistance. We’ve seen some details about how the Rise of Resistance is broken up into segments, and the final portion, which is the actual ride, is only part of the experience.

The ride sees guests joining the Resistance but being captured by the First Order. The “ride” portion of the attraction is an attempt to escape from a first order Star Destroyer. The portion where you are recruited by the Resistance and are captured aboard your transport, are technically, as Mick points, out, only part of the line.

The more we learned about Rise of the Resistance the more it was clear that the reason it wasn’t ready for Galaxy’s Edge’s opening was the simple fact that the attraction was so massive that it simply couldn’t be finished in time. The Orange County Register says that everything about the new experience will leave guests wowed.

Walt Disney Imagineering has been blowing people away since the 1950’s. You can learn all about that in the Disney+ series The Imagineeering Story (and you can get a seven day free trial of Disney+ here in order to do so). You’d think that eventually they’d run out of way to surprise us, but that day hasn’t come quite yet.

The idea of theme park attractions, especially at Disney Parks, is to give the guests the experience of feeling like they’re inside their favorite movies, according to IGN, Rise of the Resistance does exactly that, and does it better than any theme park ride before it.

The closest thing I have found to a negative comment about Rise of the Resistance comes from one theme park writer, who says it’s “not a perfect ride” while still saying the experience left her speechless.

Media aren’t the only ones who got to check out Rise of the Resistance early. Neil Patrick Harris who did the reading at Walt Disney’s World annual Candlelight Processional last night, got to check out the ride, as did Josh Gad, who got to check out the ride alongside Scott Trowbridge, who leads the team of Imagineers handling all Star Wars related projects. .

It seems that Rise of the Resistance is a true triumph. Walt Disney World guests will get to experience the attraction for themselves beginning tomorrow. The attraction is set to open at Disneyland January 11, 2020.

Rise of Skywalker’s Richard E. Grant Has Seen The Movie And His Response Is As Delightful As You’d Think

It’s a very exciting time to be a Star Wars fan. We are just weeks away from the release of The Rise of Skywalker, which will essentially end the franchise as we know it by wrapping up the Skywalker Saga. J.J. Abrams could take the blockbuster seemingly anywhere, and will connect his second blockbuster in the franchise with the previous eight installments. The contents of the movie are being highly guarded, although actor Richard E. Grant recently got the chance to see the movie. And his reaction is as delightful as you’d think.

Richard E. Grant has had a long career as an actor, but gained special notoriety for his Oscar nominated performance in Can You Ever Forgive Me? Grant also became an internet sensation for his honesty and excitement about Awards Season. And now he’s taking that same enthusiasm to the galaxy far, far away. Because after seeing a screening of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and filmed a reaction video. Check it out below.

Well, it’s safe to say that Richard E. Grant was satisfied with how Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker turned out. He seems almost stupefied by the final product, and is especially proud to have a role in the beloved space opera.

Richard E. Grant’s reaction video comes to us from his personal Twitter, which the actor regularly uses to directly communicate with his fans. In this clip, Grant passionately speaks about the theatrical experience of The Rise of Skywalker, just weeks before it finally arrives. He first of all gives a warning, claiming that “nothing prepares you for this.” Despite how cued into the experience he was as a cast member, it looks like Episode IX provided more than one surprise during the course of its 141-minute runtime.

Watching Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker elicited a mixture of emotions from Richard E. Grant, which is certainly an exciting prospect for the fans. J.J. Abrams had quite the task ahead of him, ending both the current trilogy and decades-long overarching narrative. He’s likely got plenty of surprises up his sleeve, with the inclusion of Palpatine serving as one of the biggest mysteries. And according to Grant, the movie is “everything you hoped it was going to be.”

Not much is known about Richard E. Grant’s new character Allegiant General Pryde. He wasn’t mentioned in the last two movies, although he’s a high ranking member of The First Order. Pryde didn’t make it into any of the trailers for the movie, so he’s going to be another big mystery going into theaters for The Rise of Skywalker. He’ll no doubt be mixed up in the toxic relationship that is Kylo Ren and General Hux. And after the upcoming time jump, who knows how The First Order has changed.

J.J. Abrams has a ton of balls in the air for The Rise of Skywalker, and it should be interesting to see where they fall in the upcoming blockbuster. Kylo Ren’s fate will ultimately be decided, and Abrams will be wrapping up Leia’s story through unused footage of the late Carrie Fisher. It’s the final battle of good vs. evil, and Palpatine will somehow factor into that conclusion.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will fly into theaters on December 20th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies. And our 2020 release list to look ahead toward the New Year.

Bond 25: Let’s Discuss That Massive Secret That’s Teased In The No Time To Die Trailer

No Time To Die Madeleine with a concerned look in front of James

After growing pains, scheduling shifts, and some rather unfortunate injuries and incidents plaguing the production of No Time to Die, director Cary Joji Fukunaga’s entry into the legendary James Bond series finally showed the world its first look at its action packed contents. To say that the result was impressive is an understatement, as there’s not only some massively satisfying action present, but a new mystery that Daniel Craig’s superspy will have to uncover. And it’s all down to a secret that Lea Seydoux’s Dr. Madeleine Swann may or may not be hiding from him, which could tie her to the notorious terrorist organization SPECTRE.

There’s a 90% chance that there is some great big shadowy secret that No Time To Die has in store for Dr. Swann, and considering what’s been shown above, one theory starts to stick out. Before we go to much further into discussing this theory, take a look at this morning’s trailer for yourself.

And now, let’s talk about just what Madeleine Swann could be hiding in her complicated past:

No Time To Die Madeleine crying over something off screen

Madeleine Swann Might Be A Former/Current SPECTRE Operative

Right now, the big theory seems to be that Madeleine possesses a hidden tie between herself and the organization her family has served in the past. As we learned in the previous James Bond film, also named Spectre, Swann’s father, Mr. White (Jesper Christensen,) was entrenched in the operations of Ernst Stavro Blofeld’s (Christoph Waltz) nasty enterprise as far back as her own formative years.

So there’s a possibility that Madeleine Swann is either a former or current SPECTRE agent, who could have been in the family business at a very young age. It might feel strange, but there’s already enough clues to start solidifying this assumption in a comfortable manner. There’s another, wilder theory that spawns from this assumption, but for now let’s discuss this more grounded possibility.

Spectre Madeleine walks through the dining car

Madeleine Swann Is Already Weapons Trained

As discussed in Spectre, Madeleine Swann has a distaste for guns. The reason being, there was once an intruder who tried to kill her father in her childhood, and she didn’t hesitate to shoot that man dead in his tracks. This story could play an important part in No Time To Die, as the British publication Express reported that the film formerly known as Bond 25 will have a flashback to this very encounter.

Madeleine Swann already knew how to assemble a gun thanks to her childhood with a SPECTRE employed father. So either he taught her these skills to protect her throughout life or, in a more chilling scenario, there’s a possibility that she could have been a child soldier working for Blofeld. That is, until she turned away from that life and became a psychologist. Which brings up another interesting point.

No Time To Die 007 and Madeleine stopped in the hallway

Swann Seems To Be Working For MI6 At The Worst Time Possible

Throughout No Time To Die’s trailer, there seems to be an assumption that the relationship between James Bond and Dr. Swann at the end of Spectre hasn’t lasted. Be it his own insecurities, or a general falling out between the two, it seems the potential secret that Madeleine is hiding broke their coupling in two. Which makes it all the more awkward that the two seem to be working for MI6 after Bond comes out of retirement.

As it just so happens, Blofeld is in MI6 custody, and if Swann were to be a SPECTRE agent in hiding, this would be the perfect opportunity to stymie Bond’s professional efforts to thwart their organization. Between their failed relationship, and Blofeld’s Hannibal Lecter like imprisonment bringing him into the fold after all, the man we once knew as 007 is in a tighter spot than he’s ever been.

No Time To Die Safin with a chilling look

No Time To Die’s Villain May Have Been Part Of SPECTRE As Well

Thinking backwards to the assumption that Madeleine Swann’s childhood run in with an intruder, if No Time To Die does show us that particular moment, it seems to be reasonable to assume that Rami Malek’s Safin is indeed the man that attacked Mr. White and Madeleine Swann all of those years ago. Facial scarring on both the masked assailant and Malek’s face during the big reveal show that he’s chasing someone wearing the broken mask that Madeleine tears up upon seeing.

With a more complete look at that mask being shown in the No Time To Die trailer, the flashback theory seems to be in play. If this is the case, Madeleine and Safin know each other from way back, which could confirm that not only Madeleine but also Safin were child soldiers for Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Though there’s one other possibility tying both parties to Blofeld’s organization that could prove to be more outlandish than anything we’ve seen in the recent run of James Bond movies.

No Time To Die Blofeld taunts James . Bond from his cage

Madeleine Swann And Safin Could Be The Results Of A SPECTRE Science Experiment

There’s an exchange between Safin and Bond that seems to hint at a much darker possibility when it comes to the existence of No Time To Die’s villain.

Safin: Your skills die with your body. Mine will survive long after I’m gone.
Bond: History isn’t kind to men who play God.

As of this moment, the James Bond series canon starting with 2006’s Casino Royale seems to be a much more grounded affair than the more classic adventures. In the past, there have been villains trying to use genetic engineering/warfare, the very subject that’s rumored to be at the center of Safin’s schemes in No Time To Die.

Put together with the dialogue above, there’s a possibility that Safin is a clone, or at least another variant of a genetically enhanced soldier that SPECTRE has been tinkering with. So if Madeleine Swann does have ties to this man in her past, it could be because they were competing agents within Blofeld’s family of operatives.

No Time To Die James Bond on the verge of tears

Why Madeleine Swann’s Secret Could Prove Fatal To James Bond

One final note should be mentioned when it comes to Madeleine Swann’s big secret in No Time to Die. No matter what this hidden truth turns out to be, it appears to be something so horrific, it’ll ruin James Bond; possibly even drive him into the path of further and fatal harm. Blofeld tells him as much, when he speaks the following line in the trailer:

When her secret finds its way out, it’ll be the death of you.

This might not be a literal death, but rather a metaphorical, and even emotional one. If Swann’s secret is confirmed to be SPECTRE related, this would definitely be reminiscent of the time Vesper Lynd snuck under Bond’s radar, and eventually killed herself as a twisted act of atonement. We all know how that affected Bond’s psyche, so there’s a potential for James to become more reckless, and even more cruel, in his operations. Meaning that the film intended to wrap Daniel Craig’s tenure as the legendary British agent could end with him losing his life; freeing up the next participant to start their own chain of adventures in the future of the famed franchise.

Of course, all of this discussion about No Time to Die is predicated on the first trailer we’ve seen for the film, and a lot can change between now and the film’s April 2020 release window. But it feels like this new adventure in the James Bond series is a more personally plotted affair, with Madeleine Swann sitting square in the middle of the proceedings, hiding something that could unhinge the man himself.

No Time to Die reveals all its secrets on April 8th, 2020. Should you want to size up the competition for the box office dollar that weekend, take a look at our 2020 release schedule and see who else is gunning for glory.

More From CinemaBlend


Zack Snyder Just Released Proof His Snyder Cut Of Justice League Exists

Justice League may have been released back in 2017, but the conversation around the ill-fated DC blockbuster hasn’t slowed down since. Much of those talks have been around the Snyder Cut of the movie, which would have been quite different than the one that ultimately arrived in theaters. Zack Snyder departed the project after a family tragedy, with Joss Whedon coming in to rework and finish Justice League in time for its intended release date. And now Snyder has seemingly confirmed that his cut of the movie does exist.

The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut movement has been growing steadily over the past few years, making some major strides recently. After crowdfunding to advertise at San Diego Comic-Con and even getting the support of the Justice League cast, there was still some question as to whether or not the Snyder Cut actually existed. But now the filmmaker has put that conversation to rest, posting on Vero:

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of countless fans cheering. It looks like the Snyder Cut does indeed exist, and the Zack Snyder seemingly has access to it. As such, the campaign to get it released to the public will likely become even louder in the near future.

It looks like the 300 and Batman v Superman filmmaker does indeed have his own original cut of Justice League. Zack Snyder has been revealing unseen images from his version of the film on Vero for months now, but there was still some question as to whether or not the full Snyder Cut existed. But his recent post made things clear. In the comments to his post, he also responded to another Vero user, and made it clear that he was sick of hearing that his cut of the movie didn’t exist.

There you have it, the Snyder Cut of Justice League is a real thing. But just if/when we might be able to see his original vision for the blockbuster remains a mystery. The movie was a big fiscal loss for Warner Bros. when it arrived in theaters, so it seems unlikely that the studio will invest more money in a re-release. But given how much fan interest is involved, perhaps WB can be convinced.

Of course, the now-confirmed Snyder Cut likely isn’t a finished product. While the movie’s principal photography might have been covered, Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League likely has plenty of missing visual effects and CGI. This process is usually done during post-production, but everyone working on Justice League had to work hard in order to complete the theatrical cut on time. So if Zack Snyder’s version of the movie ever becomes available, there should still be some elements missing.

It should be interesting to see how the campaign for the Snyder Cut continues to gain speed, especially given the director’s recent revelation about its validity. The pipe dream of the alternate Justice League seemed impossible following the movie’s box office and critical failure. But the past few months have seen some major steps forward. The cast of the movie recently joined the movement, including the likes of Gal Gadot and even Ben Affleck. But Warner Bros. hasn’t revealed any plans to make this a reality, so the conversation will continue.

The next installment in the DCEU is Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), which will arrive on February 7th, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies. And our 2020 release list to look ahead toward the New Year.