Netflix’s To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2 Is Definitely Happening

Netflix is starting to get into the sequel game and this week the subscription streaming service announced it would be moving forward with a sequel to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Even better news? Series leads Noah Centineo (who has become wildly popular overnight) and Lana Condor will be back for the new movie too.

So, there you have it. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2 is definitely happening, although that “worth the wait” comment makes me think it could be quite a while before the movie becomes available streaming.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was original a book written by Jenny Han. That book is part of a trilogy and the second story in the series is called P.S. I Still Love You. Only time will tell if Netflix chooses to roll with that title or tie in to the original movie’s title, but considering P.S. I Love You is already a similar movie title, the streaming service may go in a different direction.

P.S. I Still Love You the book actually features some events that did go down in To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, including the ski trip hot tub video getting out and Peter and Lara Jean realizing they might be a good couple even with flirtations and relationships with other people.

A third book in the trilogy, Always and Forever, Lara Jean, features Lara and Peter trying to figure out if they can attend college together as the end of high school is approaching. A combination of events from the second and third book may work for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2.

Currently, there aren’t a ton of additional details Netflix is releasing for the upcoming rom-com project. We do know that Awesomeness Films, Ace Entertainment and Overbrook Entertainment are producing the project and Sofia Alvarez is penning the sequel. Alavarez also wrote the script for To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Original movies on Netflix that aren’t being floated as awards contenders don’t often get a huge promotional push from the subscription streaming service. However, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before has definitely been well-liked and we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as a full trailer for the new movie–not to mention a title–is released.

First Look At Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry And Her Dogs Together In John Wick 3

There are a few things that every John Wick movie needs, one is great action sequences, another is great dogs. Canines have always been an important part of the John Wick franchise ever since one of them became the inadvertent catalyst for John Wick to come out of retirement. Now, a new image of the John Wick: 3: Parabellum shows Keanu Reeves’ character alongside new co-star Halle Berry and a pair of new pooches. Check it out.

The image is reminiscent of an early promotional shot of John Wick: Chapter 2 which showed John Wick walking toward the camera alongside his own dog, who he had rescued at the end of the first film, across a bridge. The backdrop here is obviously quite different, but the tone of the image is the same.

Where John Wick’s dog is in this moment is unclear, but with pretty much every professional assassin currently hunting him, he probably hasn’t had a chance to go home.

The dogs are Belgian Malinois and there are two of them, who apparently both belong to Halle Berry‘s character who’s name is Sofia. According to EW, Sofia and John Wick have a past, which causes him to go looking for her, as he believes she might help him. Apparently, she’s one of the few people, seemingly on Earth, not gunning for John Wick. Based on the fact that this picture shows them together, we can rest assured that John Wick will find an ally in Sofia.

The desert is there because the place John Wick will find Sofia in the Middle East. John Wick: Chapter 2 took us on a slight detour to Europe before coming back to the familiar New York City setting. Hopefully, we’ll get to see some more impressive scenery in Parabellum.

As far as the dogs go, they do have a story, and will apparently also be part of at least one significant action sequence. While we still don’t know the details, Keanu Reeves says the dogs have a similar connection to Sofia as John Wick’s first dog had to him.

Halle Berry’s character won’t be the only newcomer to the franchise. Anjelica Huston will also have a significant role in the film as a woman who is responsible for John Wick’s upbringing in the criminal underworld that he had tried to retire from.

Of course, still images don’t ever really do justice to a franchise like John Wick. The real fun will start when we can see the first trailer for the new action film. The franchise is highlighted by impressive, visceral action sequences and we can only imagine what the third chapter of this saga has in store for us. Director Chad Stahelski calls the new film something of an origin story, so it looks like we may be getting a lot of details about Wick’s life, and likely the larger underworld as well.

One of the things the John Wick movies have been great at is creating a world that feels deep and rich without having to spend a lot of time explaining much of anything. Hopefully, any actual answers we get will be worth the wait.

John Wick 3: Parabellum will arrive in theaters in May.

First Men In Black International Trailer Is Nostalgic And Action-Packed

It’s no secret that nostalgia is a massively popular trend in the film world. As such, studios are green-lighting plenty of projects that tug at those heart strings, bringing back beloved franchises for long awaited sequels and reboots. Sony is getting in on this trend, and bringing the Men In Black franchise back to theaters with a brand new cast.

The first trailer for Men In Black International has just arrived, and teases a super fun and action-packed adventure for the titular agency. You can check it out below.

8 Marvel And DC Characters That Need Their Own Animated Theatrical Movies

The superhero genre is mostly populated by live action offerings, but 2018 was actually a banner year when it came to theatrically-released animated movies in this realm. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was released this past weekend and has been met with critical acclaim, and it was preceded by Incredibles 2 and Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, both of which also were also met with praise.

It’s not difficult to find direct-to-video animated superhero movies (particularly from DC Comics), but looking at looking at the success of these three movies, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in particular, you’d think that Marvel and DC are considering churning out more animated movies for fans to enjoy the theater. If both companies decide venture down this creative path, these are the characters (and one team) that could thrive in an animated setting.


While not quite at the same level as Batman, Superman has been adapted numerous in animation, including for several direct-to-video movies and the still-iconic Max Fleischer cartoons. However, unlike the Caped Crusader, we still have yet to see the Man of Steel lead his own feature-length, theatrical animated adventure. Just imagine getting to see Superman leads own 90 minute-two hour movie with a top notch budget. Not only would this allow for Superman villains who haven’t appeared on the big screen yet to finally get their due, but similar to The LEGO Batman Movie, this could be an opportunity to pay tribute to Superman’s over 80 year history. Plans to continue Superman’s story in the DCEU appear to have stalled, but that doesn’t mean DC can’t utilize him in an animated setting.


This entry is accompanied by a big ol’ ‘DUH!’ Seriously, while all the entries on this list work solidly leading their own animated movies, Deadpool and someone else we’ll talk about later work best within the slapstick cartoon realm. Wade Wilson’s healing factor means he can survive to all kinds of injuries and mutilations that might be too ridiculous to show even in a live action movie, and his penchant for breaking the fourth wall could come across even funnier as a cartoon, as his inner monologue from the comics could be brought to life via talk/thought bubbles. Since plans to give Deadpool his own animated series on FX fell through, it’d be worth seeing how the Merc with the Mouth fares in an animated movie instead. It might even be funny if Deadpool 3 were entirely animated, and Ryan Reynolds’ Wade only addresses it in passing at the beginning of the movie.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern’s theatrical debut in 2011 was a critical and commercial disappointment, and although a Green Lantern Corps reboot is in development for the DCEU, it’s hard to see when that movie will finally arrive. However, although it only lasted a season, Green Lantern: The Animated Series showed that the Emerald Knight’s mythology can look amazing in animation. One would imagine it’s easier bringing to life all the aliens and cosmic craziness that Hal Jordan, John Stewart and the other members of the Green Lantern interact with on a daily basis in a fully animated movie than it would be crafting them as CGI creations in a live action movie, as looking “realistic” is no longer a concern.

Ms. Marvel

Like Miles Morales, Kamala Khan, a.k.a. the new Ms. Marvel, is a Marvel Comics character who’s become extremely popular in a relatively short amount of time. Introduced in 2013, Kamala, Marvel’s first Muslim character to lead a comic book series, is a shapeshifting Inhuman who balances her superhero life with going to high school and staying close to her family. While the previous movies mentioned on this list might be able to get away with being PG-13 (Deadpool definitely), a Ms. Marvel movie would definitely need to follow in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse‘s footsteps and be PG to appeal to that younger demographic that will latch onto Kamala like they did to Miles. We’ve already seen Kamala in animation through the direct-to-video offering Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, so the next logical step forward is for her to snag the spotlight for herself.

Plastic Man

Earlier I mentioned that there was only one other character as equally suited as Deadpool, if not more so, to live in the slapstick cartoon realm. That other individual is Plastic Man, arguably DC’s most well-known stretchy hero (sorry, Elongated Man). Aside from his ability to turn himself into all kinds of shapes and sizes lending itself well to animation, Plastic Man is also just a natural goofball, meaning you can deliver an animated Plastic Man movie that has a Looney Tunes vibe to it. It was recently announced that a live action Plastic Man movie is in development, but it’s hard to imagine that could be more entertaining than a fully animated movie starring Eel O’Brien. Just look to Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Justice League: Action for proof.

Fantastic Four

It’s no secret that the Fantastic Four (yes, we’re cheating with this one) haven’t fared well on the big screen, with the 2015 reboot turning out to be particularly disastrous. With the Disney/Fox deal nearing finalization, it’s only a matter of time before Marvel’s First Family is incorporated into the MCU, but why stop there? Like with Green Lantern, Fantastic Four is a property that lends itself to animation well because you can go all out with all the cosmic craziness Mister Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Thing and Human Torch run into while traveling in space and the Negative Zone. The Fantastic Four have been adapted for live action three times on film (four if you count the never-released 1994 movie), so isn’t about time to see how they can be used as the stars of an animated movie?


I’ll admit, originally this was going to be a Justice League Dark entry, but that’s already gotten a direct-to-video animated movie, so it’s hard to imagine was a theatrical presentation could do differently, let alone better, unless it was based of Guillermo del Toro’s script. However, one of its key members, Zatanna, could be a worthy lead for a standalone movie. Although she publicly presents herself as a stage magician, her magic is definitely real, so tackling her through animation allows you to go even kookier with the spells she conjures. Unlike Justice League Dark, a Zatanna movie could also be marketed as a more family-friendly movie since there’s not quite as much need to feature horrific monsters.


Although the Hulk has been an integral player in the MCU since the beginning, due to Universal Pictures still holding the distribution rights to the Green Goliath, he hasn’t been able to lead another movie, subsequently resulting in most of his supporting characters and villains not getting any attention. Ideally this could be rectified in an animated movie, whether it was a Marvel/Universal partnership project or Universal found a way to do it themselves. Hulk could finally be the star of the show, we can finally meet/reunite with allies like Betty Ross and Rick Jones, and see him tangle with foes like The Leader and Tyrannus. It’s nice having Hulk around in live action, but it’d be even better if causal moviegoers knew more about his mythology, and cinematic animation would be the best way to go to make that happen right now.

Which of these characters would you like to see lead an animated theatrical movie?

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Phil Lord And Chris Miller Snuck Some Personal Easter Eggs Into Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have a long history in animation, and while they are now best known for films like Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and The LEGO Movie, it was with the cult television series Clone High that they got their start. Obviously they’ve come a long way since they, but they definitely haven’t forgotten their roots, as evidenced by the special Easter eggs that they included in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse:

It was because of Clone High that I first became a fan of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, so I was delighted when it came up in conversation when I sat down with them a few weeks ago at the Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse Los Angeles press day. Knowing that there were many little hidden details featured all throughout the film, I asked if they had any particular favorites. After acknowledging the special nod to writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli — the creators of Miles Morales — the duo made special mention of the references back to their first television show.

Clone High — which was an animated series following the high school adventures of the clones of historical icons — only lasted one season, never seeing its main characters graduate, but Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse has a special callback to an institute of higher learning from that series. Specifically, there is a poster for Clone College, featuring the visage of Abraham Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte in the show), located in Times Square.

But that’s not all. One of the weird trademarks of Clone High is that it had either a dolphin or a dolphin sound in every episode, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller have kept that tradition going during their movie career. All of their movies, both animated and live-action, have included the sound of a dolphin, and that includes Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (even though they didn’t actually direct it). It’s not immediately noticeable, as I actually didn’t catch it during my first viewing of the feature, but according to the writers/producers it can be heard during all of the massive chaos in the big climactic third act fight sequence.

The Clone High references are clearly close to the hearts of Phil Lord and Chris Miller, but they definitely aren’t the only ones featured in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse. As we’ve written about, there are fake Seth Rogen and Edgar Wright movies that are advertised — titles Hold Your Horses and From Dusk Till Shaun — and if you pay attention you’ll notice that the number 42 appears a lot, which is a number important in the history of Marvel Comics, but also itself a reference to A Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. Hell, if you look at the television being watched by Uncle Aaron when he is introduced you’ll notice he is watching Donald Glover on an episode of Community, which was a huge source of inspiration for the creation of Miles Morales.

Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse is a film that is going to be immensely rewarding when watched over and over again, as there are tiny, special little details littered throughout that you’re not paying attention to as much while you’re trying to follow the plot. It’s a little extra special in that way, on beyond just being a truly phenomenal experience.

Why Mary Poppins Returns Is A Practically Perfect Sequel

The following contains significant SPOILERS for Mary Poppins Returns.

Disney tried something dangerous when it made a sequel to Mary Poppins, and somehow, it pulled it off. The mere idea of making a sequel decades later to a movie as well loved by fans as Mary Poppins had so much potential to go bad. Anything less than perfection was going to be met with derision. But in my humble opinion, the filmmakers did everything right. They’ve produced a textbook example of how to make a sequel to such a well-loved movie. Mary Poppins Returns walks a tightrope where it pays homage to the classic that came before, while still being sure that it was its own movie first.

Mary Poppins Returns starts things out simply with a kite and a snowglobe that will look familiar to fans. These are simple nods to the original film that are nice if you recognize them and not distracting if they don’t mean anything to you.

Certainly the basic setup of Mary Poppins Returns isn’t all that different from that of the original film. Mary Poppins comes in to look after some children when it turns out she’s actually there to aid the parents. The children go on a series of adventures, which are, for the most part, unrelated and irrelevant to the larger story.

Of course, that’s one place where Mary Poppins Returns does handle things a little differently. The sequel has one thing that the original never did: a villain. Colin Firth plays Wilkins, the manager of the bank where Michael Banks works, who is, in actuality, actively working to take the Banks’ family home from them.

We also see that one of the children’s’ adventures, inside the Royal Doulton Bowl, isn’t as unrelated to the plot as it at first appears. Colin Firth also voices the Wolf, who is also actively trying to steal the Banks’ possessions.

How exactly all that works, how the Wolf and Wilkins are somehow the same person isn’t clear. Let’s just call it Mary Poppins magic. But the fact that it’s there is a strong departure from the original Mary Poppins formula. The music and the magic are all there to be enjoyed, and the Wilkens plotline isn’t a distraction if all you want to do is enjoy the show, but there’s no confusion which Mary Poppins movie you’re watching.

The original Mary Poppins had no villain. The conflict of that story is almost entirely internal, and it spends most of its time in the background of the film. The sequel sets up a plot with a goal early on, and all the adventures the children go on are, for the most part, at least tangentially related to this goal, even if they get interrupted by big song and dance numbers.

On the topic of the music, let’s talk about it. 99% of the music you hear in Mary Poppins Returns Returns is original to the film. However, in a few places, the movie has hidden the strains of some of the classic music into the score. It’s only in a few places, so the movie never overdoes it. But when the movie wants to draw a connection between Michael Banks and his father, the music does the work, reminding you of when George Banks stood in that place.

While the musical numbers are all original, they all pay homage to the original Mary Poppins. The most obvious being the Lamplighter number “Trip the Light Fantastic.” It’s clearly designed to remind you of “Step in Time,” the uptempo number starring Bert and the chimney sweeps from the original film. It’s the male lead of the film, and his colleagues, who all happen to be dressed in black, performing a blowout song and dance number.

The new song is designed to make you think of the old one, but at the same time, the songs themselves are very different. You’d never mistake one for the other.

The same goes for the most obvious homage to the original Mary Poppins, the animation sequence. Walt Disney was a pioneer in the combination of animated and live action. He was doing it as far back as the 1920s with his Alice comedies. Mary Poppins is by far the studio’s most famous use of the technique, at least since nobody can watch Song of the South anymore.

Mary Poppins Returns could have tried to do something entirely different, but they chose to make this sequence animated on purpose. Part of what sets these new scenes apart is simply the evolution of technology in the last 50 years, but there’s more to it than that. The animated section of the original Mary Poppins was the most fun and silly portion of the film. Carousel horses jump off the merry-go-round and everybody sings a song about the strangest word you’ve ever heard.

In Mary Poppins Returns, the new animated sequence will never be confused for the original. It’s actually the darkest part of the movie with the Wolf stealing the Banks’ family possessions and attempting to make off with them.

And can we talk about the song? Mary Poppins practically performs a burlesque. “A Cover is Not the Book” is the most mature song we’ve heard between the two films, complete with jokes about sex and nudity. It’s so different as to be shocking, but at the same time, it’s such a great performance that you can’t help but embrace it. It’s in this moment that Mary Poppins Returns makes it clear that it’s doing something truly different, right in the middle of the part of the movie that is most like the original.

Mary Poppins Returns certainly relies on nostalgia for some of its success. Literally every sequel wants to remind you of what made the original film good enough to warrant a sequel in the first place. The film could have hit that button harder and while it probably wouldn’t have received the critical praise that it has, the film certainly would have drawn in the audience and made money.

Now the movie has the critical praise, it’s only a question of whether the box office will follow.

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The Surprising Way Steve Carell And Robert Zemeckis Came Together On Welcome To Marwen

Most actors come aboard a film in one of two ways: either they audition, or they are specifically chosen for the part. This was not the case for Steve Carell in the making of Welcome To Marwen, however. Rather than going out for the part or reading a script, Carell’s path to the film was motivated by the fact that he was inspired by the source material, and through that inspiration just happened to discover Robert Zemeckis was already making the movie. The actor recently told me,

I sat down with Steve Carell earlier this month during Welcome To Marwen Los Angeles press day, and learned about his serendipitous path to the project at the start of the interview. Acknowledging that he has three movies out this fall (Marwen, Beautiful Boy, and Vice), I asked about his project selection and he explained that the way he teamed up with Robert Zemeckis wasn’t the typical Hollywood way.

Funny enough, Steve Carell’s reaction to the Marwencol documentary was very similar to his director’s. I first spoke with Robert Zemeckis about the project — then called The Women Of Marwen — during the press tour for his last film, Allied, and he explained how he had seen the film while channel surfing and found himself filled with immediate desire to adapt the story as a narrative feature.

In particular, Steve Carell was struck by the story of Mark Hogancamp, a man who survived a brutal beating and suffered debilitating memory loss, but rediscovered artistic expression via the creation and photography of a sixth-scale World War II-era Belgian village. Carell felt a special need to expose the world to Hogancamp’s story, and felt the best way to do that was through Welcome To Marwen. He explained,

After learning about Steve Carell’s particular path to the film, I had the chance to follow up with Robert Zemeckis — though the writer/director actually downplayed the influence of the fact that Carell came to him with his own interest in making the movie. Instead what he was far more interested in was the actor’s incredible talent and ability to connect with an audience.

You can watch Steve Carell discuss the origins of his involvement with Welcome To Marwen — as well as his apology for being in so many movies this year — by clicking play on the video below.

Co-starring Leslie Mann, Gwendoline Christie, Janelle Monae, Merritt Wever, Leslie Zemeckis, Eiza González, and Diane Kruger, Welcome To Marwen arrives in theaters everywhere this Friday, December 21st.

Rami Malek’s Bohemian Rhapsody Teeth Really Helped His Performance

Queen‘s Freddie Mercury was a frontman unlike any other, and thus, the biopic about the late singer, Bohemian Rhapsody, required a truly larger than life performance to match. That performance was found in the form of actor Rami Malek, who embodied Freddie Mercury studying his movements and stage presence, and even wearing false teeth to look like him. It turns out that the fake teeth really helped his performance too, as Rami Malek explained:

From the outside looking in, you would think that acting would be much more difficult when one of your primary tools, your mouth, has a set of fake teeth in that change how you speak and feel, making you uncomfortable. And at first it sounds like that’s how it was for Rami Malek, who told The Wrap that the teeth made him feel insecure, not entirely unlike Freddie Mercury himself, who would frequently cover his teeth.

But after getting over that initial awkwardness and embarrassment, Rami Malek found that having the teeth in actually helped his performance, as he sat up a little straighter and had more confidence. That confidence and as he describes it “elegance” in turn likely helped him feel what it was like to be Freddie Mercury, thus helping the actor to become the singer onscreen.

You saw something similar happen in the film too, when Freddie first introduced himself to Roger Taylor and Brian May. They comment on his teeth, which seems to hurt Freddie’s feelings before he finds his confidence to stand a little taller, explaining that they make his mouth bigger and thus give him greater range before giving an impromptu audition that gets him the spot in the band.

The filmmakers actually tried different sizes of fake teeth for the film, going all the way up to the size of Freddie’s real teeth. Those proved too big for Rami Malek’s body and they opted to go with something that was a little more proportional, while still capturing Freddie Mercury’s look.

You can’t argue with the results either. While Bohemian Rhapsody on the whole has received fairly mixed critical reviews, that Rami Malek delivered a great performance as Freddie Mercury is generally agreed upon. While critics were split, audiences really took to Bohemian Rhapsody, propelling it like a tiger defying the laws of gravity to become the most successful musical biopic ever in North America.

It is just further testament to the enduring popularity of Queen’s music among people of all ages, as well as the enthusiasm for Rami Malek’s performance as the guy with the weird teeth who was called “Bucky” as a kid and went on to leave an indelible mark in rock music history.

Bohemian Rhapsody is now playing. For all of next year’s biggest movies, check out our 2019 release schedule.

Well, The Hellboy Trailer Was Not Exactly What I Was Expecting

Earlier this morning, the first trailer for the Hellboy reboot leaked online, a day earlier than Lionsgate originally planned to release it. Now the studio has officially posted the trailer for all to enjoy, and it’s… an interesting look at what this new adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics property has in store. In terms of entertainment value, Hellboy certainly isn’t lacking in excitement and thrills, but the tone of the trailer is a sharp contrast to what we’ve been sold on this movie being: a darker, more horror-infused tale.

To wind the clock back a little bit, we first learned that a Hellboy reboot was on the way in May 2017. Since the numerous attempts to get Hellboy III off the ground over the previous decade all fell through, it was decided to give Big Red a fresh start on the silver screen, this time with Stranger Things star David Harbour wearing the red makeup and The Descent’s Neil Marshall directing. That’s fair enough; we’ve seen numerous cinematic versions of Batman, Superman and Spider-Man, so why can’t Hellboy join those ranks?

Then we started learning more about how the Hellboy reboot would differentiate itself from the Guillermo del Toro-helmed films. First off, it would be R-rated, thus making it a more adult offering than the PG-13 adventures Ron Perlman starred in. More importantly, though, it was going to feel more like a horror movie, with co-writer Andrew Cosby saying that Neil Marshall wanted to “walk a razor’s edge between horror and comic book movie.” Hellboy creator Mike Mignola reiterated that earlier this year, saying:

While del Toro did a more fanciful version of Hellboy, Neil has done a darker, more horror version of Hellboy. The both started with the source material but then they each have led it in very different directions.

Having now seen the trailer, there’s hardly any sense that we are indeed getting a darker Hellboy movie next spring. Frankly, it seems like it would pair nicely with the Guillermo del Toro movies, and for a reboot, that’s not a great sign, as usually the point of pressing the restart button is primarily to deliver something that feels different from what came before. Obviously the same source material is ultimately being used, but it’s a welcome challenge for the new creative minds to come up with a fresh spin, and that’s not the vibe the Hellboy trailer gave off.

First off, the tone of this Hellboy trailer comes off as energetic rather than scary. Even ignoring the strange song choice, Billy Idol’s “Mony Mony,” the action-packed footage presents Hellboy more as if its your standard superhero blockbuster. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that, but it flies in the face of what we’ve been sold on this movie being for more than a year. If you’re wanting to present this Hellboy adaptation as scarier, wouldn’t it have been better to give the trailer a subdued, moody feel?

There’s also a lot of lighthearted and humorous moments in the first Hellboy trailer, from the eponymous protagonist freaking out at fellow B.P.R.D. (Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense) agents shooting at him to being asked for identification after he, Alice Monaghan and Ben Daimio arrive at the B.P.R.D.’s secret headquarter (he’s the last person on Earth who needs to break out ID). Just like with the action, there’s nothing wrong with having a Hellboy movie with humor. The character has always been witty in the comics, so David Harbour’s version of the character would be depicted similarly, just like how Ron Perlman‘s version was handled. Still, emphasizing humor over scares with this footage was an odd move.

Also, slight digression, but did anyone else find it strange that Hellboy was walking around in broad daylight in the middle of a city and nobody batted an eye? Maybe there’s some kind of magic at work that makes Hellboy look normal in front of humans, or maybe this movie takes place in a world where the general population knows about monsters and other magical entities. It’s worth thinking about, although if it’s the latter option, that would seem to further move this reboot away from the horror realm, as rather than being initially seen as some frightening beast, the average person might instead have their fear melded with simple curiosity.

To be fair, it does look as though the Hellboy is deserving of an R rating through both cursing and gore. As an example of the latter, we see Hellboy shooting a guy in the head, and naturally, there’s a lot of blood splatter. And as one would want and expect from a Hellboy movie, there will be plenty of horrific monsters. Nevertheless, if you were to compare Hellboy to another comic book movie using just this trailer as the basis, tonally speaking, it’s more similar to Guardians of the Galaxy than the upcoming The New Mutants, the latter of which is also touted to be filled with horror.

I can’t say with certainty whether or not Hellboy will be any good. As much as you might like or dislike a trailer, that should never be taken as indication of the final product’s quality. And maybe the next Hellboy trailer will do a better job of selling the reboot the way that David Harbour, Mike Mignola, Neil Marshall and others have promised us. But as of right now, there’s definitely a disconnect between what’s been promised to fans and what’s being advertised. I have to admit, though, that last shot of Hellboy with his horns fully grown, a fiery crown floating above his head and a flaming sword in his hand was pretty awesome

Hellboy opens in theaters on April 12, 2019, and will follow the demonic character and his B.P.R.D. allies trying to prevent a medieval sorceress from destroying all of mankind. Along with David Harbour, the main cast includes Milla Jovovich as Nimue the Blood Queen, Ian McShane as Trevor Bruttenholm, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan and Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for continuing coverage. In the meantime, find out what else is coming out next year by browsing through our 2019 release schedule.

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Sandra Bullock Says Hosting The Oscars Is A Thankless Job

It’s been over a week since Kevin Hart quit the Oscars and the search for a new host–or potentially even no host–has commenced. Sandra Bullock has been in the acting business for years and has been to her share of awards ceremonies. She recently told Hoda Kotb on Today that she understands why no one wants to take the reins.

In fact, according to Sandra Bullock, perhaps no one should take the reins on the property, considering that no matter what tact hosts seem to take and what types of comedy they try and throw in, there are complaints and criticisms from the audience.

During the Today segment, the actress also joked that she would be the auspicious talent taking on the huge event this year, saying,

Lest you get too excited, she’s clearly teasing. However, Sandra Bullock as the host of the Oscars in 2019 could be kind of fun, truly. Still, it’s clear from the clip that she’s really just not interested (even if she does have the format down pat).

She’s not the only one. Plenty of celebrities have been open about why hosting the Oscars doesn’t seem super appealing. Both Steve Harvey–who has hosted plenty of stuff before–and Oprah have said they aren’t particularly interested. Jerry Seinfeld has also been open about Kevin Hart losing the gig. Seth MacFarlane has also talked candidly about why people really don’t want the Oscars gig.

There’s been some talk that the 2019 Academy Awards could go rogue, meaning there would be no host. In that world, the Oscars would simply feature “buzzy people” to keep the show propelling forward through its lengthy run. I have no idea what that would look like, but it is an idea that seems to be on the table at this point.

Granted, there’s nothing to be worried about in regards to who will or won’t host yet. The Oscars don’t even air on TV until February 24, which means the show has a few months to figure out what it wants to do. In that time, a lot could change and we will keep you posted every step of the way.

In the meantime, the Globes recently got awards season really rolling with its own nominations; be sure to take a look at the full list.