Why The Gifted Doesn’t Feature More Comic Book Locations

Like most comic book shows, although Fox’s The Gifted is inspired by source material, in this case the X-Men comics, creative liberties are taken to ensure these TV adventures stand on their own. One example of this is The Gifted‘s locations, as so far the series has operated in more “real world” settings compared to the comics, movies and video games. With that in mind, when I asked what the thought process was for designing the headquarters for the Inner Circle in Season 2, The Gifted production designer Seth Reed noted how most of the inspiration for designing these sets and locations comes from the characters themselves. As Reed explained during his chat with CinemaBlend:

I would say that in general, we don’t borrow much from the comics that we have all the references, and we have people here that are really very imbued with the material. To some extent we look at Days of Future Past and X-Men: Apocalypse, the two most recent X-Men films. Frankly, most of the inspiration just comes from the characters. I mean, the Frost sisters have blue eyes, they’re very elegant, they’re very clean and sharp in their features. And so is Reeva, our new character who is the head of the Inner Circle. So those characters themselves are the real inspiration for the spaces they inhabit, so that’s why you see this really beautiful architecture, and they tend to have a lot of blue associated with them. So just a very simplistic way, I would say the inspiration is coming directly from the characters.

Needless to say that as long as The Gifted is on the air, it will continue pulling from the larger X-Men mythology in some form or fashion. Nevertheless, there’s definitely more room for The Gifted to chart its own path, particularly concerning where the main characters spend their time. In the case of Reeva and the Frost sisters (a.k.a. the Stepford Cuckoos), who are now leading the Inner Circle after eliminating the Hellfire Club‘s leadership, their looks and appearances went into designing the fancy building where they’re hatching new plans to improve life for mutants everywhere. And it’s not just with the Inner Circle that this approach is used. Seth Reed also told me that the same holds true for the Mutant Underground, which is operating with significantly less resources and has to hide in more average places. Reed continued:

Yes, absolutely. Same exact idea. More earthy colors, more sort of ground level-based places that they’re in. The clinic and their place at the scrap yard and things that are all more normalized. Interesting, but normalized, and not exclusive. Like, they’re out in the middle of the world, so we want to make sure it’s clear that they’re interactive with humans all around, and they’re inhabiting buildings and spaces that humans are in all around them.

Because their previous base, an abandoned bank, was destroyed in the The Gifted Season 1 finale, the Mutant Underground was forced to set up shop elsewhere, with a scrap yard now serving as their new main base, among other areas. Seth Reed added that it’s important for Eclipse, Thunderbird and the rest of the Mutant Underground members to operate under the radar, hence why they’re hanging out in these “normal,” earthy places and doing their best to blend in with the general population. As time goes on, perhaps The Gifted will see its starring players traveling to more places familiar to longtime X-Men comics readers, but for now, the series will keep looking to said players to model its special, original settings after.

The Gifted airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. As for what else is returning/debuting this fall TV season, check out our handy premiere guide for that information.

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How Daredevil Season 3 Was Inspired By The Sopranos

When Daredevil premiered its first season on Netflix back in 2015, viewers were treated to a much darker superhero series than could be found on network TV. Whether Matt Murdock was delivering epic hallway beatdowns or the bad guys were battering the good guys, it was not a series for the faint of heart. The third season of Daredevil promises to return to some of that early darkness, and new showrunner Erik Oleson revealed that HBO’s smash hit The Sopranos was an inspiration for the new batch of episodes, saying this:

Daredevil‘s third season will be dark a la Season 1, but it won’t just be more of what we got when the show first kicked off on Netflix. By combining the tone of Season 1 with the tone of The Sopranos, Erik Oleson could raise the stakes significantly. CinemaBlend visited the set of Season 3 to hear what Oleson had to say, and there are a lot of reasons to be excited about what’s to come.

Fans clearly don’t have to worry that the show is dialing down on the epic action sequences for the third season, which is at least proof that Matt’s injuries from the end of The Defenders won’t leave him on the bench too long. He may not have his Daredevil suit, but he’ll still be the red devil when it comes to beatdowns on bad guys.

The very good or very bad news — depending on your point of view — is that Erik Oleson’s comments indicate that some characters will bite the dust, and he likely wouldn’t drop such hints if the characters who die are all Henchman #3 and Bystander #2. We may want to start worrying about characters that are major but not so major that they would prevent Season 4 and beyond, which are still very possible.

Personally, my fingers are crossed that Karen won’t die. Given the fate of her character in the comics, she may not have much time left. While it may be good for a superhero series to kill somebody major off and leave them dead to raise the stakes and reduce resurrections, big deaths are rarely easy on viewers.

That said, it seems that Daredevil won’t be pulling elements straight from the comics (or straight from The Sopranos, for that matter). The Born Again and Guardian Devil arcs clearly inspired aspects of Season 3, but the show won’t follow either arc beat for beat. Even avid comics readers may not have much of an advantage when it comes to predicting what happens next. We’ll have to wait and see.

Fortunately, we don’t have all that much longer to wait. Daredevil Season 3 will debut in Netflix’s lineup on Friday, October 19 at 12:01 a.m. PT. Wilson Fisk is on the way back, and Matt won’t be the hero he was before what happened at the end of The Defenders, so it should be an interesting experience.

New John Wick 3 Image Shows Keanu Reeves Riding A Horse Through New York City

Normally if you’re eager to make a quick getaway, you pick a motorized vehicle as your mode of transportation. Not John Wick. Somehow events in his third theatrical adventure will lead to him hopping on a horse and weaving through New York traffic to avoid the foes pursuing him on motorcycles. Judging by that gash on his head, John’s been freshly injured, so he’ll need to hightail it out of there before anything worse happens. And the insanity doesn’t end there. Director Chad Stahelski also told Empire that the “maelstrom” around John Wick 3: Parabellum‘s central character will include “horses, dogs, cats, a raven, a bunch of pigeons, a motorcycle chase, car chase, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane, Lance Reddick, shotguns and ninjas.” Some of those are to expected, like Fishburne, McShane and Reddick all reprising their respective roles, but ninjas?! Even by John Wick standards, that’s nuts, and now I’m wondering if these are your standard black-garbed ninjas with throwing stars, or if these ninjas will be wielding the shotguns.

CBS Has Officially Fired Former NCIS: New Orleans Boss Brad Kern After Investigation

A number of high-profile people in power have been toppled over the past year after allegations of abuse and misconduct, and now one more has lost his job. Former NCIS: New Orleans boss Brad Kern has officially been fired from the hit drama as well as CBS altogether. His firing ends the process of investigation first reported way back in 2017, and here’s how it finally happened.

Following a third investigation into Brad Kern’s behavior on set at NCIS: New Orleans, CBS Television Studios made the decision to fire him from his role as a consulting producer on the show and from his overall deal with CBS TV. Brad Kern’s firing actually went into effect on October 1, although news did not break the next day. The news comes four months after CBS shocked many by renewing Kern’s contract even as another investigation into his behavior on set was being conducted.

At the time, he had been demoted from his role as showrunner to “consulting producer,” and the investigation was to be handled by an outside investigator rather an somebody in-house in human resources at CBS. Sources then alleged that a “toxic” atmosphere at NCIS: NOLA had continued due to Brad Kern despite his demotion, and the outside investigation clearly provided the kind of results that were serious enough for CBS to make the move to fire Kern.

A key difference between the in-house investigation and the outside investigation is that the outside investigation was not limited to the complaints originally filed to CBS HR. Claims of harassment and abuse from his previous projects could be taken into account. Complaints against him from the likes of Beauty and the Beast, Charmed, and more were valid this time around.

News of Brad Kern’s firing comes only about a month after it was officially announced that CBS CEO Les Moonves was leaving the network after allegations of misconduct were levelled at him. THR states that multiple people who had previously worked at NCIS: New Orleans shared their opinion that Les Moonves’ ousting is what opened the door for Brad Kern to be fired from the network. If so, Moonves’ departure continues to impact the CBS slate. 60 Minutes executive producer Jeff Fager, also accused of harassment, left CBS shortly after Moonves, and Moonves’ wife Julie Chen decided to leave her long-running gig as co-host of The Talk to focus on her husband and child. (Notably, she does still work at CBS as host of Big Brother.)

We’ll have to wait and see if there are any notable changes behind the scenes at NCIS: NOLA in the wake of Brad Kern’s departure. He was already working on the show in a reduced capacity, although he was reportedly present in the writers room ever since it opened for work on Season 5, and then previous plan was for him to work with editors when production began. His role as “consulting producer” seemed substantial, if not quite as expansive as showrunner.

Disney World Has Added Alcoholic Push Pops, No Really

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World and especially if you’re a huge fan of the most magical place on Earth, you know that there are certain snacks that you simply have to eat on every visit. Examples include the Mickey Ice Cream Bar, a chocolate-shelled vanilla treat that keeps you cool in the hot Florida sun, the massive and juicy turkey leg that’s well worth its high price, and the refreshing cult favorite Dole Whip. These iconic snacks are synonymous with Disney World, and now, a new contender destined for similar greatness has entered the fray. Alcoholic push pops are now available at Disney World. That’s right, push pops, but with alcohol.

The new adult-only treats will be available at the Paddlefish restaurant located in Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, Walt Disney World’s shopping and dining district. That means you won’t be enjoying one of these drunken delights while riding It’s a Small World or the Jungle Cruise in the Magic Kingdom. According to People, the alcoholic push pops are made by Buzz Pop Cocktails and are 15% ABV, or the equivalent to one cocktail, so enjoy responsibly. The push pops come in flavors including blueberry pomegranate, Moscow mule, mango passionfruit, with white Russian and grasshopper sorbet on the way. The pops are also fat free and less than 100 calories each, just in case you want to tell yourself you’re being healthy while basically eating candy and getting drunk in Disney World.

Unlike some of Disney’s theme parks, there are plenty of options for inebriation in Disney Springs, so this isn’t a groundbreaking introduction of alcohol. If you’re going to Disney Springs, you’re either shopping, eating or drinking, and probably all three. The alcoholic push pops are the perfect transportable snack for the young at heart who still want to reap the mind-altering benefits of their advanced age while they admire art they can’t afford in The Art of Disney store and act like a kid in The LEGO Store.

The Disney parks have been going through something of a transformation when it comes to alcohol in recent years. Walt Disney himself famously didn’t want alcohol served in the parks, and that mandate was maintained for some time, at least in Disneyland proper and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. However, the addition of the Be Our Guest restaurant in 2012 introduced alcohol to the Magic Kingdom, and now it is served in all of that park’s sit-down restaurants. And now even the original Disneyland park will be adding alcohol with the addition of Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge, because you can’t really have a dry cantina.

Check out our guide to see all of Disney’s upcoming live-action remakes, and for all the latest reasons to visit Walt Disney World, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

Seattle Police Hope To End Swatting Tragedies With Database

With swatting incidents still popping up from time to time, the Seattle Police Department has come up with a measure they hope will help prevent additional “pranks” from turning into legitimate tragedies. The measure allows folks to opt-in to a potential swatting database, with the hope being that officers will then proceed to a reported incident with a different mindset.

This news comes to us from Ars Technica (via Gameinformer), which is reporting that the Seattle PD has implemented a measure to help prevent swatting that’s so simple, it’s surprising it has taken this long to go into practice. While their plan certainly won’t stop swatting from taking place (perhaps more severe penalties that stick would serve as a solid deterrent), the hope is that it will help prevent these instances from leading to more dramatic outcomes.

First, for those who are unaware what swatting is, it’s the practice of calling the police department and reporting a crime severe enough to get the SWAT team to respond, such as kidnapping. This primarily takes place in the world of streamers, specifically folks who stream while playing video games. While this isn’t always the case, the plan is usually to report the crime and witness the incident unfold while a person is streaming. The motivation is typically petty grudges from a lost match or an ongoing feud. Hard to believe, but some people think it would be hilarious to watch their rival, mid-stream, have the police bust through their door and restrain them all because they beat them in Call of Duty or Fortnite.

The issue, obviously, is how horrendously irresponsible and illegal this is. In fact, swatting has resulted in things such as damaged property and, as recently as last year, loss of life. A swatting attempt led to the death of Andrew Finch, of Kansas, as he lived at the previous address of the person a group of individuals were trying to swat.

While Seattle’s new measure probably wouldn’t have helped in that situation due to it being the wrong address, the hope is that it will at least cut down on the number of incidents going horribly wrong. In short, individuals who feel they might become the target of a swatting attempt can register their address with the police department. If you’re a streamer living in the area, it might not be a bad idea to contact your local authorities and look into the process. Apparently, all you have to do is submit your details and make it clear that you have “swatting concerns” and, once you have been approved, you’ll be added to their database.

The Seattle PD has made it clear that being in the database will not change their standard procedures, so they will still respond to these addresses even if they are included in the database. The idea is that, if you’re in the database, they will be able to proceed with the mindset that you are a potential victim of swatting.

How One Horror Legend Helped Make Netflix’s Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Even Creepier

If you have seen the trailer and teaser images leading up to the release of Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, then you know audiences are in for a lot of lush and stunning horror visuals. Well, it turns out the comic-based series got a helping hand in creating some of the haunting imagery that punctuates its heroine’s surroundings. The revelation involves a specific set piece and its ornamentations, specifically the art adorning the walls of the Academy of the Unseen Arts, which come form the private collection of works from legendary horror author and filmmaker Clive Barker.

The Academy of the Unseen Arts will was the temporary home to over 150 paintings crafted by Books of Blood author Clive Barker. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s production designer Lisa Soper revealed to io9 that Barker had actually contributed most of the artwork that can be seen in the mystical school, sharing that the man behind Hellraiser and Candyman was enthusiastic to contribute his pieces, going so far as to let her spend a weekend looking through his artwork and picking out what she wanted. Wondering how big the set must be to see all of Barker’s works?

That turns out to be more simple and complex than one would expect. The set actually isn’t all that big, since the schoolrooms are all shaped identically, so Clive Barker’s works will be featured within a single interchangeable set-piece that stands in for whatever room of the Academy characters are supposed to be occupying. Different rooms mean different sets of Barker’s artworks popping up, an added touch will undoubtedly provide a reason worth pausing the show to take a closer look at. Whether it potentially clues viewers into the story’s dark twists or not, one will have to watch carefully to discover.

The spooky imagery being brought in does not mean necessarily mean any of it hints at something specific to the story. Clive Barker’s works will undoubtedly lend an disturbingly penetrating backdrop for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, with the illustrations setting it closer to its horror comic roots. Barker does know a thing or two about supernatural evil, after all. And it’s flourishes such as these that serve a subconscious and pivotal role in enriching the series‘ visual pedigree. Based on early glimpses, the show will be leaning into its genre precursors.

Fans are drawing ever closer to the premiere of the highly-anticipated new series, which will be a drastic change of pace from what viewers saw of the eponymous character in Melissa Joan Hart’s sitcom. They do not have to much longer to wait before they get a complete look at Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the artwork that pervades the Academy of the Unseen Arts. The mysterious Dean of said academy has been glimpsed before in previously released images, hinting at an ominous show set to cast a spell on viewers.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will premiere just in time for Halloween, with the first season available to watch in its entirety starting on October 26 on Netflix. The supernatural drama will be joined by countless other shows making their debut before the end of the year on the streaming giant, including a fellow horror series. And tune into our fall TV premiere schedule to see what else is on the way soon.

Venom Should Make A Lot Of Money Worldwide Opening Weekend

If all goes as predicted, Venom is going to be a box office powerhouse, which should be music to Sony’s ears, as the studio has been pushing for it to be the first installment of Spider-Man-related spinoffs, like Morbius. Critically, on the other hand, Venom is already getting off to a rocky start. Early reactions have ranged from mixed-to-negative, with CinemaBlend’s own Sean O’Connell saying that the movie was plagued by “rough CGI, poor story plotting and a schizophrenic tone.” Nevertheless, as we’ve seen with the Transformers movies, just because a theatrical tale doesn’t earn the best critical reception doesn’t mean it won’t make a lot of money, and Venom appears to be on that track. And, of course, commercially exceeding expectations will likely result in Sony green lighting a Venom sequel, which could see either Venom and Carnage clashing or, fingers crossed, Venom going mano a mano with a certain Web-Slinger.

One Roseanne Character We’ll Probably Never Seen On The Conners

When Roseanne returned to the airwaves after many years back in midseason 2018, original series fans saw many of their favorite characters back on the small screen. The revival managed to nab most of the original cast to reprise their roles, even bringing both Beckys on board for an arc! One character that didn’t appear in the first season of the Roseanne revival was Jackie and Fred’s son, Andy, and fans shouldn’t get their hopes too high for an Andy appearance on The Conners. The spinoff showrunner Bruce Helford weighed in on Andy, saying this:

Andy was born as the son of Jackie and Fred in a Season 6 episode that aired in August 1994. He wasn’t old enough to be much of a player in the Roseanne shenanigans when the original series was still on the air, so his absence in the revival wasn’t altogether distracting. Still, longtime fans were undoubtedly taken aback by the fact that there was no mention of Andy at all. Jerry at least was established as on a boat. According to Bruce Helford’s comments to TVLine, Andy may not have been mentioned because he may not exist!

As many undoubtedly recall, the ninth and then-final season of Roseanne was a bonkers batch of episodes that seemingly featured the Conner family after they won the state lottery, but the finale revealed that the entire final season actually took place in Roseanne’s imagination as a way to cope with her husband’s death. Since Dan was very much alive (and John Goodman was almost in Emmy contention) for the revival, the dream season obviously didn’t happen, and the show could remove Andy from the Conners universe.

That possibility isn’t perfect, as Andy wasn’t born in the dream season. He was born back in Season 6 and was around in episodes well before Roseanne Conner started concocting a story that was better than dealing with her husband’s death. If The Conners wants to use the dream season as an excuse for the omission of Andy, it will have to expect viewers to fudge the timeline. Then again, most viewers probably won’t be too upset about a character who appeared for a few seasons as a very young child back in the 90s.

All of this said, it’s possible that The Conners will reveal that Andy has been off at college this whole time. He’d be 24 or so by this point, so higher education could have kept him out of the Roseanne revival. Now that Roseanne Conner has been killed off for the sake of the spinoff, perhaps there will be more time for characters like Jackie. Bringing her son back into the mix could certainly provide her with some stories. If Johnny Galecki and one more can come back, surely Andy can come back!

Find out how the characters are coping with the death of Roseanne Conner when The Conners premieres in the fall TV lineup on Tuesday, October 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC, ahead of the premiere of The Kids Are Alright.

What The Deadpool 2 PG-13 Re-Release Might Be Called

Captain America doesn’t have to cuss in his movies to sell tickets, but Deadpool does. Or at least, so we thought. In probably this past week’s most unexpected movie news, we heard that one of this year’s biggest movies, Deadpool 2, is heading back to theaters seven months after its initial release. Only this time it will be with a PG-13 cut. The PG-13 version of Deadpool 2 will reportedly be released on December 21st, just in time for Christmas. Now it seems like this re-release of Deadpool 2 will be leaning into the spirit of the season with a new title. Take a look:

Fox has yet to confirm the title reported by Lizo Mzimba on Twitter, but The Deadpool Before Christmas sounds about right. Deadpool 2 received a lewder, cruder, longer cut for its home video release, titled the Deadpool 2 Super Duper [email protected]%!#& Cut. So it makes sense that each new version of this film get a fun moniker. Considering that this Deadpool will be a bit more family friendly and is a holiday release, might as well embrace all of that with a title that references the Christmas classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Given Ryan Reynolds’ initial tweet teasing the re-release, which referenced The Princess Bride, you might have thought that this cut might be called The Princess Merc or Deadpool 2: Prepare to Die or simply Inconceivable!, which would echo many initial thoughts about a PG-13-rated Deadpool movie. But The Deadpool Before Christmas is also great.

Deadpool 2 and The Nightmare Before Christmas actually bear some similarities too, making the title quite appropriate. Like Jack Skellington, Deadpool is a bit of a deranged character that puts on a red suit and makes a terrible mess of things. While Jack Skellington learned the true meaning of Christmas, Wade Wilson found his purpose and learned the importance of family. Presumably the PG-13 cut will simply be omitting some of the raunchier dialogue and gorier violence. But given this title and the film’s release date, it will be interesting to see if The Deadpool Before Christmas adds in some holiday-themed dialogue and the like.

This PG-13 Deadpool is an intriguing experiment. Deadpool and the rest of the Fox X-Men characters will soon be under the Disney umbrella, along with Jack Skellington– where naughty words and R ratings are generally big no-nos. Bob Iger, keenly aware of the financial incentive to keep Deadpool R-rated, has indicated in the past that there may be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for the character to call home. So is this just a test run for the character under the restrictions of PG-13 or just a great way to let more people see this movie and add a few dollar signs to fifth biggest movie of the year domestically? Either way, it is a curious thing and there are certainly worse ways to spend the holidays than with Deadpool Claus.

We’ll keep you updated if The Deadpool Before Christmas becomes official and when we learn more about this re-release. In the meantime, to see all the movies coming to theaters this holiday season, head on over to our release schedule.