Black Adam’s Dwayne Johnson Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Working Out While Filming

Of course, it’d be a strange world if Dwayne Johnson wasn’t pumping iron and exercising regularly. The wrestler-turned-actor has been a hulking specimen for his entire professional career, and now that he’s one of Hollywood’s most famous action stars, it’s even more important for him to keep in shape. Granted, with the powers the Wizard Shazam bestowed upon him, Teth-Adam would still be a powerhouse even if he were skinny, but thankfully, the cinematic Black Adam will be physically imposing like his comic book counterpart.

Chris Hemsworth’s Latest Video Shows Off His Biceps And Thor’s Classic Hair

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Chris Hemsworth is currently in Australia filming his next entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Thor: Love and Thunder. What the future holds for his character is anybody’s guess at this point, but a couple things have been made perfectly clear. One is that Hemsworth is perhaps in the greatest shape of his life, and another is that, while the movie is already set to give us a new Thor, it’s also going to give us the old Thor we remember. Namely because Hemsworth will apparently go back to his longhaired look from the first two Thor movies.

The Best DMX Acting Performances In Movies and TV

Top Five (Himself)

As I just mentioned, DMX could pull off comedy just as well as he could pull off bravado and aggression. If you need proof, then look no further than his brief, but crucial, cameo in the Chris Rock comedy, Top Five. In this movie, we find him in a jail cell, which, according to him, is where he lives. Jail is his home.

But like the rapper himself, you can’t just pigeonhole the man, and in this great scene, DMX says he wants to be a singer, to which he belts out “Smile”. Chris Rock, of course, watches on in horror at just how horrible it sounds. But DMX never takes himself seriously and again plays against type. It’s actually a pretty sweet scene, and you can’t help but smile when you see it.

After Getting In Shape For New Movie Dog, Channing Tatum Is Still Showing Off His Magic Mike-Ready Abs

With Channing Tatum back in Magic Mike form, it’s only a matter of time before viewers start asking him about another Magic Mike. While fans might want this, it seems everyone involved might’ve moved on, including Tatum himself. If one were to happen, co-star Joe Manganiello probably wouldn’t be back as he mentioned being “retired.” But as evidenced by the reality series, Tatum has been aiming towards television for the franchise’s return. Viewers will get to see the actor in peak Magic Mike form when Dog arrives in theaters on July 6.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Actor Explains How He Felt About The Film’s Major Sacrifice

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It’s almost hard to believe it, but Zack Snyder’s Justice League has almost been out for a full month already. The streaming event has continued to make headlines since the titular filmmaker’s vision was finally shown to the public. Every frame of the four-hour project has been dissected, especially the extended stories for characters like Ray Fisher’s Cyborg. Terminator actor Joe Morton played his father Silas Stone, and recently opened up about his character’s sacrifice from the Snyder Cut.

Adam Sandler Made A Hilarious Happy Gilmore Reference For This Year’s Masters, And Will Zalatoris Approves

Will Zalatoris’ resemblance to the caddy led to a proliferation of memes and jokes, and the golf professional even picked up some new fans in the process. Of course, this all caught Adam Sandler’s attention, as he took to his Twitter to give Zalatoris some positive reinforcement. Check out Sandler’s funny Happy Gilmore reference below:

Star Wars’ Domhnall Gleeson On The Rise Of Skywalker Criticism

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No films in recent memory have been as contentious, while also being as successful as the newest Star Wars trilogy. A year and a half after the final film in the new series, fans can still be set off when discussing it. Some loved Star Wars: The Last Jedi and others did not. Some were satisfied with The Rise of Skywalker, while others were disappointed. Those unhappy sometimes place blame on the filmmakers of each movie, while others blame external forces or the studio for missteps. One person not jumping on that bandwagon is Domhnall Gleeson, who played General Hux in the last three Star Wars movies. He claims that The Rise of Skywalker is exactly the movie it needed to be.

After Mysterious New Star Trek Movie Is Announced, Zachary Quinto Reveals Original Cast’s Feelings On A Sequel

Star Trek Beyond was the last time Trekkies were able to see the franchise in theaters. While the property’s presence has grown on television, fans have been craving a big-screen return with the original cast. But Zachary Quinto and the cast have been waiting on the news just like the fans. With the recent announcement of a mystery Star Trek film, Quinto revealed the original cast’s feelings on a sequel.

Marvel’s Sebastian Stan Shared His Butt On Instagram, And Fans Went Wild

Overall, Sebastian Stan seems like he’s got a great sense of humor, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. The I, Tonya actor previously joked about how Gwyneth Paltrow can’t remember him, and what it’s really like working in the MCU. This latest booty shot further shows how Stan is willing to poke fun at himself, as long as it gets more eyes on his recent movie. One fan posted about how delightful the actor is on social media, saying: