How To Train Your Dragon 3 Just Crossed Another Box Office Milestone

Although Dumbo didn’t soar quite the way Disney probably hoped when it opened this past weekend, another family friendly film continues to fly high at the box office over a month after its release. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, the final film in DreamWorks Animation and Universal/Comcast’s venerated series, crossed another milestone at the box office this past weekend: $500 million worldwide.

If you’re going to go out, do it on a high note, and How to Train Your Dragon 3 is doing just that, earning over half a billion dollars worldwide to date, according to Forbes. The animated threequel actually crossed a pair of box office milestones this weekend, with its roughly $4.2 million domestic haul, good for 7th place in its 6th weekend in release, pushing it past $150 million domestically.

These box office milestones are just the latest accolades that The Hidden World can claim after a domestic debut of $55.5 million that broke records for the franchise on opening weekend. The Hidden World is also the third-biggest film of 2019, and Toothless and Hiccup’s soaring performance thus far ensures that this $129 million film will be viewed as a success, but it may not wind up being the biggest movie in the franchise overall.

The first film in this franchise, 2010’s How to Train Your Dragon, finished its run just shy of the $500 million mark, earning $494.9 million worldwide with $217.6 million of that coming from the North American box office, according to Box Office Mojo. By passing the $500 million milestone, the third film has now eclipsed the original’s worldwide total, but is still a ways away from matching it domestically.

The original had a pretty close split in terms of domestic and overseas box office revenues, but the sequels have been much more heavily weighted towards the international box office. How to Train Your Dragon 2, which opened in 2014, still stands as the biggest film in the series overall, with a huge $621.5 worldwide haul, with less than 30% of that, $177 million, coming from the domestic box office.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World has yet to match either the domestic or worldwide total of its predecessor with the biggest difference coming internationally, where How to Train Your Dragon 2 made close to $100 million more than the third film. So with The Hidden World winding down its run here and abroad, that $621.5 million may be out of reach.

It should be noted though that the second film also cost a fair bit more, so that narrows the gap between the two when all the numbers are being counted. And with over $500 million worldwide, sterling critical and audience reviews, and perhaps an Oscar case, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is a great and successful way for this franchise to fly off into the sunset.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is now playing. Check out what we thought of the film and keep up with our 2019 release schedule to see all the movies headed your way this year.

Walt Disney World’s April Fools Day Joke Is So Great I Wish It Was Real

You’ve got to be careful when you’re checking out social media on April 1st, because there’s a good chance a lot of what you’re seeing isn’t real. Unfortunately, the way a lot of April Fool’s Day jokes get you is by telling you a story that you want to be real. That was the way that I felt when I first saw Walt Disney World’s Twitter post this morning, revealing the newest addition to the park, a glorious combination of theme park merch and theme park food. Check out Snears.

While the attractions are always a major draw when it comes to visiting Walt Disney World, the importance of the food and gear cannot be overlooked. As such, it makes perfect sense to combine these two popular elements with Snears, which take the most popular piece of merchandise in the park, Mickey Mouse ears, and gives them cups which can be filled with your favorite park snack.

This is, of course, not real. It’s an April Fool’s Day joke. As somebody who writes news for a living, I sort of hate this day with a deep passion. However, I can get behind a joke like this, because it’s clearly and obviously a joke. You might be taken in for a brief instant, but then you realize that if these things were real they’d be ridiculous. It’s just a funny thing that Disney Parks did, as opposed to something truly meant to fool you. Although, if, in that brief moment, you considered buying a pair of Snears, you might not feel like this is a very nice joke.

Putting a pair of turkey legs in your ears might sound awesome, but actually walking around with them in there isn’t feasible. The weight distribution is so uneven they’d obviously fall out. Filling them with popcorn might work slightly better, as long as you don’t look down at your phone to confirm your upcoming FastPass+ reservation, because then it’s all coming out. It’s a shame that this isn’t practical because sometimes you want to carry your favorite snack while also keeping your hands free to take pictures or while checking out the gift shop.

Although, I do like the idea that the band is supposed to be refrigerated, because keeping cold Dole Whip on your head might actually work out ok, and it would be nice to have it available whenever you needed it. I could use some right now.

While Snears might not be practical, that doesn’t make them less fun. The essential premise, that Mickey Mouse ears and Walt Disney World food are two essential parts of any vacation to the park, is absolutely true. My biggest problem when visiting Disney World or Disneyland isn’t that I might not have enough time to experience all the attractions I want, it’s that my stomach isn’t big enough to eat all the food that I want. There are simply too many great restaurants and too many tasty snacks worth checking out.

8 Differences Between the Animated and Live-Action Dumbo

Warning: SPOILERS for the new Dumbo are ahead!

Last weekend, Disney released the latest live-action remake of one of its classic animated films. This time the spotlight shined on Dumbo, who first appeared in 1941. Directed by Tim Burton, the new Dumbo fell short of expectations at the box office and received mixed reviews, so it hasn’t caught on fire like many of Disney’s other remakes. However, what sets Dumbo apart from those films is that it isn’t afraid to deviate from the source material.

Not since Pete’s Dragon has there been a Disney remake that changed so much from original movie. You can argue that Dumbo had to make those changes because the cartoon was only about an hour long and some of its elements haven’t aged well. Regardless, the remake is really different from the original and most of the changes make it an improvement. Here are eight things that the new Dumbo did differently from its predecessor.

Dumbo 2019 Danny Devito Colin Farrell

More Emphasis On Human Characters

1941’s Dumbo was all about, well, Dumbo. Even though Dumbo never spoke, thanks to the power of animation, audiences were still able to identify with him because of how expressive he was. Plus, he had a small cast of animal characters to speak for him and to keep the plot moving. For his live-action debut, Dumbo is photo-realistic, which means its harder to base an entire movie around just him because he can’t be as expressive. So, you need human characters to interpret Dumbo’s feelings. Colin Farrell stars as World War I veteran Holt Farrier, who returns home to the circus to raise his two children, who become the caretakers of the newborn Dumbo. The original Dumbo only really had one human character, the ringmaster, who is played here by Danny DeVito.

Dumbo 1941 timothy mouse

No More Talking Animals

Seeing as how the remake is a mostly grounded take on Dumbo (excluding the whole flying elephant thing), the film made a decision not to include any talking animals. Dumbo never spoke anyway, but that meant no sassy elephants and no Timothy Mouse, Dumbo’s sidekick. The latter is probably the most notable exclusion, but Timothy’s role as Dumbo’s emotional support is fulfilled by the Farrier children, so there’s no real loss from a story perspective. Timothy does still have a cameo as a mouse being trained to perform in the circus. Another benefit of this approach is that the film doesn’t have to deal with the talking crows, who in the 1941 version were a racial stereotype of African Americans. (The lead crow was actually named Jim Crow!)

Dumbo 2019 michael Keaton

Almost The Entire Plot

1941’s Dumbo is barely over an hour long, so a modern day remake would naturally have to reenvision most of the original to fit a two-hour runtime. Additionally, most of the original is just Dumbo going through various shenanigans while trying to reunite with his mother until he learns to fly in the final five minutes(!!!) of the movie. So, a lot of the plot is entirely new to the remake. About the first 30 or so minutes of the movies are the same before the remake deviates from the path. Once Dumbo becomes an overnight sensation, theme park mogul V.A. Vandevere buys Dumbo’s circus and brings it to his Dreamland amusement park so that Dumbo can be his star attraction. From there, the film is about Dumbo preparing for his debut while the Farriers hatch an escape plan after learning that Vandevere isn’t such a nice guy.

Dumbo 1941 drunk

Dumbo Doesn’t Get Wasted

Probably the most memorable sequence in 1941’s Dumbo is “Pink Elephants on Parade,” in which Dumbo and Timothy (accidentally) get drunk and have a trippy hallucination of dancing pink elephants. I hate to be the one to break it to you, but no, a baby elephant doesn’t get wasted in this movie. In fact, the remake makes a very quick nod to that when a clown offers to give Dumbo a celebratory drink and DeVito snaps “No champagne near the baby.” However, this doesn’t mean that the pink elephants don’t make an appearance. In the remake, they are massive bubbles that are conjured at Dreamland before Dumbo’s big act. They don’t play their trumpets like horns, but it’s a satisfactory sequence that doesn’t leave Dumbo with a hangover.

dumbo 2019

Dumbo Is Born The Old Fashioned Way

Rather than have Mrs. Jumbo be pregnant and need to explain to kids how babies are born, the original Dumbo had a stork deliver the baby elephant to his mother. It’s actually really cute, but the live-action version obviously wasn’t going to go that route. Nope, Dumbo is born the old fashioned way. The actual birth isn’t shown, but Dumbo shows up about 10 minutes into the movie. The movie does have another nod to the original when the pregnant Jumbo spots a stork right outside her cage the night she gives birth to Dumbo. Dumbo’s father is a no-show in both versions.

Dumbo 2019 clown

Uh, Someone Dies

Dumbo is about as light of a kid’s movie as you can get, though, it can be really sad in places. However, no one ever died in the original, which you can’t say about the remake. Early on in the film, there’s a mean circus worker who hates Holt because of… reasons, and he especially seems to hate the elephants. With Holt in charge of the elephants, the worker tries to jeopardize him during Dumbo’s very first show by agitating Jumbo and setting her loose in the big top. It doesn’t help that everyone was making fun of her big-eared baby, but Jumbo inadvertently knocks over one of the supporting columns during her rampage, and it crushes the worker. The movie whizzes by this and no one sheds a tear for the guy, but it’s still pretty weird to say that there was death in a Dumbo movie.

dumbo and mother 2019

Jumbo Is Sold From The Circus

The inciting incident in Dumbo is that his mother is imprisoned after she attacks people for making fun of her son. She’s chained up and locked away in her own cage, which happens in both movies. However, the remake goes a step farther and sells Jumbo back to her original owner, truly separating her from Dumbo. Thus, Dumbo tries to become a circus star in the hopes that his act will raise enough money to buy back his mother. Jumbo is later sold to Vandevere and reunites with Dumbo when he arrives in Dreamland, but Vandevere decides to send her away and have her killed so that Dumbo won’t have any distractions. In the original, Jumbo stays in elephant jail and is simply let go once Dumbo starts flying.

Dumbo 2019

Dumbo Is Released From Captivity

Perhaps nothing highlights the differences between the two movies and the decades they were created than the ending. At the end of the original film, Dumbo learns to fly and is reunited with his mother, living a life of luxury at the circus as a superstar. The remake goes in the exact opposite direction. The Farrier family and the circus performers decide to help Dumbo and his mother escape Dreamland after learning Vandevere will kill Jumbo. Realizing that Dumbo shouldn’t be forced to live a life of captivity performing, the Farrier’s get Dumbo and Jumbo on a boat to East Asia, where the two can live in freedom. The film ends with Dumbo soaring above a herd of elephants and the circus flourishing with no animal captivity.

The Dumbo remake made a ton of changes to the original, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The original is less than perfect, and if Disney was gung-ho about redoing it, then a lot needed to be updated and changed. Again, Dumbo doesn’t fly until the last five minutes of the original, which is INSANE. The remake has him airborne relatively fast, which is an example of a change that was for the better. While none of these changes necessarily make Dumbo a better movie, they certainly don’t hurt it.

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Dark Phoenix Was Always Going To Be The End Of The X-Men Franchise

Superhero movies are everywhere, as it has become the most profitable genre in the filmmaking world. As such, plenty of studios have gotten in on the action, and attempted to create their own cinematic universe. But years before Marvel Studios changed the filmmaking world with Iron Man, Marvel’s heroes had hit theaters with the X-Men franchise.

The X-Men movies began with Bryan Singer’s original blockbuster back in 2000, and was a big risk for Fox in regards to budget and fan interest. But the property is still going strong today, extending to both spinoffs and main installments. Dark Phoenix will arrive in June, and is expected to be the final installment in the franchise, as Fox and Disney’s merger has been finalized. But it turns out the upcoming release was always meant to end the long running narrative. As director Simon Kinberg recently revealed:

Well, that’s a relief. While some cinephiles have been scared for Dark Phoenix to be the finale of the X-Men franchise as we know it, looks like that was always the plan. As such, the conclusion will hopefully end up satisfy the generations of X-fans out there.

Simon Kinberg’s comments to Comic Book should be a relief to lovers of Marvel’s mutant group. Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox has put much of the developing X-Men projects in jeopardy. Just look at The New Mutants, which may not even make it to theaters, and whose reshoots haven’t occured yet. So when it comes to Dark Phoenix being the big finale, moviegoers assumed the ending would fail to wrap up the narrative. But if Kinberg’s directorial debut was always meant to be the finale, then perhaps the movie can deliver in the end.

Ignoring the merger with Disney, it does seem like a good time to finally wrap up the X-Men franchise. The property has been going for nearly two decades, and has a long and convoluted canon. There’s been two generations of cast members, and their timelines should be pretty close to colliding. So it’s best to end franchise, especially as the current cast departs their roles.

Dark Phoenix will arrive in theaters on June 7th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Final Pet Semetary Trailer Is All About Creepy Kids

With the remake of Pet Sematary hitting theaters this Friday, few probably need any more encouragement to check it out. It’s either your kind of movie or its not. However, one final trailer has been released ahead of the film, and if you were at all worried that the new version of the classic Stephen King story wasn’t creepy enough, the final trailer should have you covered. Check it out.

While the final trailer for Pet Sematary might be fairly brief, it’s incredibly effective. The creepiness scale is off the charts. Watching Jason Clarke brush his daughter’s hair in the bath shouldn’t be the most awful thing ever, and yet it is, as we hear the child speaking in a voice that’s barely more than a whisper, and the fact that we never see her face makes it clear that we may not want to see her face.

A lot of people are looking forward to the new Pet Sematary, some with excitement, some perhaps with trepidation. It’s one of Stephen King’s more popular novels and it was previously made into a film that many have fond memories of, even if the movie’s ultimate value might be questionable at best.

I don’t have a dog in this fight. While I’ve read my share of Stephen King, Pet Sematary is not one of the books that I have any particular connection to. The trailers for the new movie, up to this point, while they’ve made the movie look reasonably good, haven’t particularly made this one a “must see” for me.

That’s changed quite a bit with this new trailer. The reanimated daughter being both a constant presence in the new trailer, while also being kept mostly hidden, works remarkably well and makes everything feel extra sinister. The trailer makes you want to see the movie in order to see what it’s not showing, while also making you (or at least me) a little afraid to actually see what’s being hidden.

Jason Clarke looks great as the heartbroken father who is willing to do something drastic because he’s not willing to let his daughter go. It gives the story an emotional resonance that makes him sympathetic, even though what he’s decided to do is clearly wrong.

By virtue of the one major change that this version of the story has made, even those well versed in Stephen King’s story will certainly want to check out the new movie in order to see just how much else has been changed around and how it impacts the story as a whole. We could be getting a very different movie than people are expecting, which isn’t a bad thing if it turns out to be good. Based on the early reactions, it seems that it very much is.

Pet Sematary hits theaters Friday.

Avengers: Endgame Tickets Are About To Go On Sale

It an extremely exciting time for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just one movie is left in Phase Three, and it’s likely going to be one of the most epic and devastating installments from the last decade of filmmaking. Avengers: Endgame will pick up after the harrowing events of Infinity War, which saw Thanos unite the Infinity Stones and wipe out half of all life in the galaxy. It was an ending no one could have predicted, and it’s been a long year of waiting for answers to finally come.

But Endgame will arrive in a matter of weeks, so the wait is nearly over for the rabid Marvel fanbase. Moviegoers are eager to reserve their ticket and pick a seat for The Russo Brothers’ massive blockbuster, and luckily that time is coming up soon. According to the latest report, Endgame tickets will be available for pre-sale tomorrow, April 2nd.

This news comes to us from Comic Book, who has reportedly confirmed the information with the studio. So round up your favorite group of fanboy friends, and see who is available to see Avenger: Endgame. Because if you want the best seats in the house, you’ll need to hop online tomorrow to snag your choice tickets.

Avengers: Endgame‘s tickets going on sale make the upcoming blockbuster all the more real, and should get cinephiles seriously excited. Physical tickets make the release all the more real, as its been a long year between Infinity War and Endgame. Fans have been left to wait and theorize regarding what the upcoming blockbuster could contain, especially after the last movie’s shocking ending.

Infinity War ended with Thanos winning, and wiping out half of all the galaxy’s life. Moviegoers were left to watch in horror as countless fan favorite characters faded to dust before our eyes. It was a twist that seemed to put the future of the shared universe in jeopardy, as fan favorites like Spider-Man, Black Panther, and most of the Guardians of the Galaxy perished.

With so many of the OG Avengers coming to the end of their contracts with Endgame, smart money put Peter Parker and T’Challa in larger roles in the MCU after Phase Three. But in order for that to occur, the survivors are going to somehow find way to reverse Thanos’ snap. There are a variety of theories about how this might occur, including time travel and the mysterious Quantum Realm. And with countless fan theories currently floating around the internet, moviegoers are eager for some concrete answers when Endgame finally debuts in theaters. And that wait is almost over.

Avengers: Endgame will fly into theaters with action and heart on April 26th, one year after Infinity War blew our minds. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Why Us’ Twist Ending Was Necessary, According To Jordan Peele

The following contains major spoilers for Us.

Us is a movie that has a lot of audiences talking. It’s a horror movie with a lot of symbolism and metaphor that has sent many back to see the film more than once and still left them with questions. However, nothing has more people talking than the film’s twist ending. At the end of the story we learned that not everything was exactly what it seemed. According to director Jordan Peele, that twist was necessary because it served the entire theme of the story.

In the final moments of Us we discover that the character that we’ve known as Adelaide isn’t exactly who we thought she was. She had changed places with her “above ground” counterpart and taken over her life as a child. This confusion over who was the “hero” and who was the “villain” of the story was exactly what the story was always about, as the director tells the Empire Podcast (via Collider). According to Jordan Peele…

Jordan Peele had spoken at length, even before Us was released, about how the idea of the movie was about looking at ourselves and realizing that the true enemy might not be some sort of nebulous “other,” but actually ourselves. This is obvious in the fact that the “monsters” of this horror movie are dark and twisted versions of the main characters.

However, this idea is taken to another level when the film’s twist is revealed. The audience is forced to question who the real monster is. We now have some degree of sympathy for the character we knew as Red, who had her life stolen from her at an early age. At the same time, the character we know as Adelaide is largely still the same person that we’ve known through the movie. She’s still the same wife and mother trying to protect her family, even if it all came about following a questionable act as a child.

Even if you figured out the twist early in the film, as I was unfortunately, able to do, it doesn’t really lessen the impact of the moment. In fact, if anything, seeing where the movie is going early on only causes you to consider the movie’s questions for a longer period of time, as you watch the events unfold. That’s probably the mark of a good twist.

This Fake Aquaman 2 Trailer Is Hiding A Funny DC Gag

Of course, one area where Shazam! would like to be able to be compared to Aquaman for sure is in the realm of box office receipts. Aquaman became the highest grossing global hit for the DC universe so far, which, to be sure, was something of a surprise for a character that has largely been viewed as one of the Justice League’s punchlines up until now. Shazam! isn’t expected to do quite that well, but then, Aquaman wasn’t either. The fact is that, because of the wider audience that Shazam! is likely to attract, it’s very possible that the movie could do incredibly well by selling tickets to kids who might not have been allowed to go see something like Aquaman.

Why Dark Phoenix Is Keeping Jessica Chastain’s Character Such A Mystery

The X-Men franchise has been going strong for a decade now, but the franchise looks like it may come to an end with Dark Phoenix. Simon Kinberg’s upcoming blockbuster will attempt to tell the iconic comic book story, after The Last Stand failed to impress fans back in 2006. The pressure is very high for Dark Phoenix, especially as it’s been delayed a few times already.

Dark Phoenix will pick up on the X-Men a decade after the events of Apocalypse. The story will largely follow Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey, who is struggling with a powerful cosmic force inside of her. Helping to guide her through this journey is Jessica Chastain’s mysterious character, who was shown as some type of mentor figure during the film’s trailers. But the character hasn’t even been named yet, and Kinberg recently spoke to CinemaBlend about this decision, saying:

It looks like Simon Kinberg’s decision to keep Jessica Chastain largely under wraps ahead of Dark Phoenix‘s release has much to do with the galaxy far, far away. The director/producer wants to keep the secrets of the film secure, and therefore allow moviegoers to get a full theatrical experience in theaters.

Simon Kinberg’s comments about Jessica Chastain’s mysterious Dark Phoenix role come from CinemaBlend’s conversation with the cast and crew at WonderCon. And considering what we know about the film world, his idea makes a great deal of sense. Spoilers have become essentially a curse word with popular franchises, as cinephiles want to be able to experience major releases as filmmakers intended. Studios are known to keep their cards close to the chest, and that’s exactly what Kinberg is doing when it comes to Chastain in Dark Phoenix.

You can check out our conversation with the Dark Phoenix cast and crew below, including Simon Kinberg himself.

To this date, there’s no official character name or detailed description of Jessica Chastain’s Dark Phoenix character. While she’s an integral part of the marketing material, she’s only known as some shapeshifting alien who will manipulate Jean Grey. And that’s all the information we’re likely to get until the blnockbuster finally arrives in theaters. At least, if Simon Kinberg is to be believed.

Luckily, there isn’t all that much time left before we get some answers. Dark Phoenix will arrive in theaters on June 7th. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

How Tim Burton Is Different From Every Other Director Danny Elfman Works With

Dumbo on a platform ready to fly in Dumbo 2019

The collaboration between Tim Burton and Danny Elfman is one of the great director/composer relationships in modern cinema. The two men first came together for Pee-wee’s Big Adventure back in 1985, and while they’ve both worked with other filmmakers in the time since then, that does nothing to undercut the fact that they’ve made 17 features together (18 if you count Henry Sellick’s The Nightmare Before Christmas). Clearly it’s a special relationship for both men, and as I recently learned during an interview with Elfman, it’s one that is unique in some very key ways.

Specifically, it comes down to the amount of time that Danny Elfman and Tim Burton actually spend talking about the work. When working with other filmmakers, having discussions about music and the proper approach can take multiple days of analysis, but that just apparently isn’t the way that Burton functions. As I learned from the legendary composer during the recent Los Angeles press day for Dumbo, going through a score discussion with the director apparently barely takes more than an afternoon. Said Elfman,

The spotting sessions we do, where we go through the whole film and talk a little bit about each piece of music, Tim is quicker than any director I’ve ever worked with. I’m working right now on a film where the spotting session will take two days. We did half of it last week, and I do half of it tomorrow. And with Tim, if it’s a two hour movie, the spotting sessions are two-and-a-half hours. If it’s an hour and 45 minute movie, it’s two hours and 15 minutes.

That’s pretty intense, but one could argue that it very much speaks to the power of the collaboration between the two men.

When I followed up by asking why it is that Tim Burton is able to plow through those spotting sessions, Danny Elfman’s explanation was simple: he doesn’t like to dissect, and instead is more interested in just jumping around and just expressing where it is that he wants specific cues. Music is apparently a detail of the filmmaking process that he doesn’t put a tremendous amount of thought into – but Elfman also made it clear that part of that extends from the fact that there is a lot of trust in their collaboration:

He doesn’t want to talk about it. It’s just like, ‘Okay let’s start the music here. And then skip to the end of the scene.’ He skips to the end. ‘I think this is a good place to come out.’ And then he might have like three words. He goes, ‘Keep it kind of understated here. Okay, next.’ It’s like, ‘Oh yeah, make sure you play the something here. Okay, next.’ He doesn’t analyze. Some people get very analytical, and they really want to talk about the psychology of a scene, and Tim doesn’t. He’s like, ‘You know, there’s music. You’ll find it. When you find it, I’ll know it.’

What’s extra funny about this, though, is that it’s not exactly a recent development that began with their work together on Dumbo. This whole conversation was accessed when I asked Danny Elfman about the evolution of his relationship with Tim Burton since they first started working together in the mid-1980s – and the four time Oscar nominee explained that things have basically been the way they are now since the very beginning. Said Elfman,

It’s still more or less the same, other than he’s much more sure of himself and what he likes and doesn’t like then when we started, obviously, in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure, and he was just like, ‘Oh, great. Music. Cool.’ And now he’s much more selective. But other than that, the process is really similar. He doesn’t talk about the movie a lot, and he doesn’t talk about the music a lot.

It’s pretty incredible to learn this when you consider the power of their work together – but also clearly a situation of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.”

Audiences can now hear the latest score from Danny Elfman in theaters everywhere, as Dumbo is now playing in wide release. And for those of you interested in playing it at home, the MP3 album is available now, and CDs will be released this Friday, April 5th.

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