Justin Bieber Is Releasing A Greatest Hits Album — But Will There Be New Music?

Wanna feel old? Justin Bieber‘s career turns 10 this year. Yes, ten. Belieb it or not.

Back in 2009, the then-teenage YouTuber caught Scooter Braun’s attention and released his first EP, My World, which boasted fan-favorite bops like “One Time” and “One Less Lonely Girl.” The rest, of course, is history: four studio albums, four world tours, and three No. 1 hits later, JB is unquestionable pop royalty.

To celebrate that defining (though plenty topsy-turvy) decade, the newly married singer is compiling all of his best songs into a greatest hits collection called, appropriately, The Best. Bieber hasn’t commented on the release yet, but Universal Music Japan confirmed the news on Instagram, unveiling the album’s black-and-white cover and revealing its release date: February 27, just a few days before the pop star’s 25th birthday.


With four albums under his belt, Bieber certainly has no shortage of material to fill out the album’s tracklist. But it’ll be interesting to see if he uses the compilation as a chance to drop new music. The “Sorry” hitmaker has remained mum about his recent time in the studio, but on Instagram last year, he did hint that something’s in the pipeline. Alongside a video of a young fan who was worried he’d quit music indefinitely, JB wrote, “Don’t believe everything you read sweet little girl. You will hear something from me sooner than you think.”

That promise — coupled with Braun’s since-deleted tweet about #JB5 arriving in 2019 — could mean we’ll hear fresh material soon. Either way, get excited to celebrate The Best of the Biebs next month!

Normani Barges Into 2019 With The Sultry Sam Smith Collab ‘Dancing With A Stranger’

In fall 2017, Sam Smith stepped into James Corden’s SUV for a particularly memorable Carpool Karaoke segment. In it, he got a surprise from the ladies of Fifth Harmony, his well-documented absolute faves, and the gang sang his choice 5H cut, “Work From Home,” all together. It was a nice moment.

Since then, the 5H members have gone their separate ways, all launching solo endeavors in 2018, and Smith has teamed up with Calvin Harris for a house track and contributed a song to Netflix’s reboot of Watership Down. But now, Sam’s ultimate dream has been realized, thanks to a new collab with Normani.

On the sultry “Dancing With a Stranger,” the pair flex their respective cavernous voices, with Smith’s warm depths mirroring Normani’s airier delivery. Though the song tackles the mystery and excitement of new possibilities in the wake of heartbreak, the beat’s very reminiscent of Ariana Grande’s preservation anthem “Breathin,” which makes the twin voices on “Dancing With a Stranger” feel even more resilient.

It might be a nice surprise on Normani’s live set, as she takes her solo material on the road opening for Ari on the mega Sweetener World Tour beginning in March. (She just hit the cover of Billboard, too.) Smith, for his part, celebrated the “gorjjjjy” song’s release with a glass of wine and some selections from Patti Smith’s memoir, M Train. Good stuff.

Check out “Dancing With a Stranger” above. Maybe throw it on as you go out and dance with strangers.

Does The Weeknd’s New Song With Gesaffelstein Take A Shot At Drake?

All this week, The Weeknd has been teasing a new collaboration with French electronic maestro Gesaffelstein in the form of spooky, oblique social media posts featuring the R&B star and a seemingly Solo-in-carbonite version of the DJ. The pair had previously teamed up for two tracks on My Dear Melancholy, the Weeknd’s 2018 EP, and on their new collab, “Lost in the Fire” (which dropped Friday), their joint sound is wiggly and liberated.

It came readymade with an atmospheric video, directed by Manu Cossu and complete with crisp flower imagery, blazing visions, and creepy nightmarish visions. It’s got shades of David Lynch or something you’d find in a contemporary art museum. But it looks great.

Along with its examination of a potentially sexually fluid relationship, “Lost in the Fire” features a line that some have already taken to be a shot at Drake, the Weeknd’s former collaborator and Toronto pal. “And I just want a baby with the right one / ‘Cause I would never be the one to hurt one,” the Weeknd sings in the song, according to Apple Music’s official lyrics (as Pitchfork points out).

But some have heard the line as “I would never be the one to hide one,” a potential reference to the revelation of Drake having a son, as aired out by Pusha T last year on his dis track “The Story of Adidon.”

Neither artist has weighed in on the line, and they likely won’t, but if they do, we’ll update this space with new information. In the meantime, you can watch the video, and listen to the song, above and decide for yourself.

Surprise! CupcakKe’s New Song ‘Squidward Nose’ Is Actually About Sex

“His dick smaller than my toes,” CupcakKe reveals on the hook of her new song. “I’d rather ride Squidward nose.” It’s called, naturally, “Squidward Nose,” named after the plump, dangling appendage that hangs in the middle of the beloved SpongeBob Squarepants character’s face. And it is, I’m very pleased to inform you, a banger.

Eschewing the more skeletal production of modern hip-pop, “Squidward Nose” is brassy and bold, largely bypassing clever innuendo for real talk: “All about the head like I’m in beauty school / I said roses are red, might turn your balls blue.” That’s just the tip of the iceberg of CupcakKe’s lyrical prowess, but I won’t spoil the fun. Just listen.

Earlier this week, CupcakKe was admitted to the hospital after an alarming tweet where she referenced suicide. A day later, though, she posted that she was doing OK: “I went to the hospital & im finally getting the help that I need to get through , be happy , & deliver great music . thanks for all the prayers but please don’t worry bout me.”

The next day, she posted that “Cleaning has been so therapeutic for me lately” with a trio of photos at Walmart.

“Squidward Nose” is the first bit of new music we’ve heard from CupcakKe since last year’s Eden album. She’ll be hitting the road for some U.K. and Ireland tour dates in a few months. Check those out here, and listen to the great new song above.

Lauren Jauregui’s ‘More Than That’ Is A Swaggering, Hypnotic Flex

After wallowing in frustration and jadedness on “Expectations,” Lauren Jauregui is turning the tables. On Friday (January 11), the former Fifth Harmony singer kept her debut solo era going with “More Than That,” a sultry number that finds her cooly asserting her dominance.

“If I’ma take a gamble then you better come correct / I need more than them diamonds that you got around your neck/ Shit, anybody can flex,” Jauregui sings on the swaggering first verse. She rides the hypnotic, 808-tinged beat straight into a hook that’s as confident as it is catchy: “Boy, you better come stronger than this liquor / Wanna take me home? Better be more convincing / It’ll take more than that to get to me / More than that to get your way.”

There’s a reason this track came with such ethereal artwork: If god is a woman, then the dude Jauregui’s singing about better stop playing and bow down.

Jauregui’s new single is the latest taste of her hotly anticipated debut solo album, expected to release this year. Despite “More Than That” sounding tailor-made for an R&B feature, the 22-year-old previously hinted that there would be no collaborations on the project. “It’s just gonna be my voice,” she said last year.

No complaints there — after years spent sharing tracks with four other girls, she’s earned the spotlight.

Post Malone And Swae Lee Gas Each Other Up In New ‘Sunflower’ Video

It’s been nearly three months since Post Malone and Swae Lee dropped their majestic Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse collab, “Sunflower.” Since then, the track’s only gained momentum, climbing to its current No. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, so Swae and Posty decided to keep the party going by showing fans how their hit came together.

Unlike the track’s original lyric video — which featured footage galore from the animated flick — their new one is completely Spider-Man-less. But you won’t even miss the Webslinger a bit, because Post and Swae supply plenty of chemistry. Together, they go from the stage to the studio, where they lay down feel-good verses in the booth as the room fills with smoke. The black-and-white vid also includes footage from the film’s premiere, where Post gushes of his collaborator, “Me and this guy right here, he’s the genius behind everything and we’re just makin’ trouble.”

If listening to “Sunflower” makes it sounds like these two had the best time ever recording, that’s because they so clearly did.

“Sunflower” appeared on the star-studded Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, alongside contributions from Lil Wayne, Vince Staples, Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign, and more. The collab also features prominently in the film, which just picked up the Golden Globe for Best Animated Motion Picture. If you still haven’t seen it yet, what are you even waiting for?!

Kehlani Is An Android Whisperer In Erotic ‘Nights Like This’ Video

Last October, we got a big, unexpected burst of positivity from Kehlani when she revealed she was four months pregnant with a baby girl. She’s inching ever closer to a due date, and on Thursday (January 10), she stopped by Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show to spread even more good news in the form of a new collab with Ty Dolla $ign. It’s called “Nights Like This” and it’s got a sound as cinematic as its accompanying video.

Kehlani told Lowe it’s from a mixtape she’s planning to release in February, though she couldn’t say what it’s called, who’s on it, or exactly when it’s coming. So that’s the bad(ish) news, OK, but! The video features her and Ty ostensibly fixing up a robot/android (and what happens after) and it has a slightly erotic Black Panther/Logan-type vibe in terms of its evocation of superheroes.

And there’s more. Expect her new mixtape in February, Kehlani said, but after that, it’s album time. Specifically, she’s working on something of a concept record based on the relationship of her parents. “It’s my parents’s story articulated into mine, articulated into a gift for my daughter, so she knows where she comes from,” she told Lowe.

“It’s been a really big energetic purge for me to even, like, not only draw out of myself, but attempt to obtain the stories from them, because they’re from different, you know, big crazy backgrounds,” she continued. “And my father isn’t here, and my mom is doing her thing, so we’d have to go find her to do get these stories to do that. So, that was becoming just a serious thing. And then also a really heavy load to process while I’m pregnant. It’s like breaking down my mom as I’m about to be a mom.”

Check out the “Nights Like This” video above, and look out for her new mixtape next month.

Troye Sivan Has A Literally Heart-Wrenching Crush In New ‘Lucky Strike’ Video

Troye Sivan‘s “Lucky Strike” video is here, and in the immortal words of Katy Perry, it’ll make you feel like you’re “living a teenage dream.” Much like Perry did in that anthem’s 2010 visual, Sivan heads to the coast for a dance-filled romp on the beach. His day on the sand, however, turns into a slightly gory, still sweet, and definitely surreal scene.

The vintage-looking vid opens on a back-to-blonde Sivan lusting after a jacked, tattooed bartender. He eventually musters up the courage to order “just… whatever,” and his crush seductively stirs up a cocktail, squeezing Sivan’s literal beating heart into the cherry-colored concoction. Director Emma Westenberg — who helmed Janelle Monáe’s Grammy-nominated “Pynk” video last year — definitely has a gift for striking, unexpected scenes, and this one is yet another stroke of candy-coated genius.

Turns out, Sivan and Westenberg have a lot more “Lucky Strike” content coming our way — they collaborated with Dropbox for two short films that will document the making of the vid. The first will be available on Monday (January 14) at noon ET, while the second will post on Wednesday (January 16) at the same time.

“Lucky Strike” continues the Bloom era’s streak of stellar visuals — Sivan had a warehouse party for one in “My My My!”, turned in an avant grade performance for the title track, and then linked up with Ariana Grande for “Dance to This.” The album dropped back in August, but as the “Lucky Strike” vid proves, there’s still plenty of life in it.

EXCLUSIVE: Cub Sport Falls In Love All Over Again In New ‘Party Pill’ Music Video

If you haven’t already heard the love story of Cub Sport’s Tim Nelson and Sam “Bolan” Netterfield, an exclusive first look at their brand new music video for “Party Pill” should drop some hints.

Tim and Sam, the band’s lead vocalist and keyboardist, respectively, barely go a frame together without embracing as the song’s lyrics narrate the couple’s journey from catching feels to a lifelong romance. The two got married in August 2018 after falling in love while writing Cub Sport’s 2017 album, BATS.

“Bolan and I first fell in love when we were 17 but I was super scared of what would happen if I came out and decided it’d be better for us to just be friends,” Tim said in a statement about the “Party Pill” music video. “This part of our story had been weighing on my heart for a long time and I’d held onto a lot of shame and embarrassment, but I realized last year that I needed to let go.”

Tim, Sam and the rest of the Cub Sport crew – lead guitarist and bassist Zoe Davis and drummer Dan Puusaari – channeled that experience into Cub Sport, the self-titled album the band is set to release on January 18. After teaming up with the Dolan Twins for their final music video of the BATS era, Cub Sport has already teased fans with songs “Sometimes” and “Summer Lover” off the new album.

“I finally turned the pain of those years into something beautiful and it feels like I’m setting myself free,” Tim said about how “Party Pill” captures the Cub Sport love story. “Love is stronger than fear. When you live in love, there’s a lightness that follows.”

Get an exclusive first look at Cub Sport’s “Party Pill” music video below!

Lady Gaga Apologizes For 2013 R. Kelly Collab, Pledges Support For His Accusers

Since it aired last week, Surviving R. Kelly — Dream Hampton’s probing Lifetime docuseries into the artist’s history of alleged abuse against women and girls — has given a megaphone to Kelly’s victims and may have even roused a Georgia D.A. to open a new investigation into their claims. Another key takeaway is the reaction of the music community itself, made up of many artists who continued to work with Kelly despite persistent rumors of abuse.

John Legend, on one hand, readily appeared in the series and denounced Kelly, tweeting, “I believe these women and don’t give a fuck about protecting a serial child rapist.” Hampton herself revealed that she’d asked artists like Lady Gaga, Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, and more to appear in the series, but they all declined.

Early Thursday morning (January 10), though, Gaga — who collaborated in Kelly in 2013 for the song “Do What U Want” — took to Twitter to clarify her stance: “I stand behind these women 1000%, believe them, know they are suffering and in pain, and feel strongly that their voices should be heard and taken seriously.”

Gaga called the allegations against Kelly “absolutely horrifying and indefensible” and after acknowledging that she, too, is the victim of sexual assault, she went in detail about the genesis of their joint song and video, which she said was created “at a dark time in my life.” “My intention was to create something extremely defiant and provocative because I was angry and still hadn’t processed the trauma that had occurred in my own life,” she wrote. The song’s single artwork and its unreleased video were both shot by Terry Richardson, who also has a long history of troubling sexual abuse allegations against him.

Gaga said she’s grown since then, in part because of therapy, and pledged to keep supporting “women, men, and people of all sexual identities, and of all races, who are victims of sexual assault.” The first step, for her, is removing “Do What U Want” from “iTunes and other streaming platforms.” She concluded her note with a vow to never work with Kelly again, and a message of love.

Elsewhere in the note, she writes, “Til it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels.” In 2015, she co-wrote and performed “Til It Happens To Youwith Diane Warren for The Hunting Ground, a documentary about rape on college campuses. Kesha later covered it.

Read Gaga’s entire note above.