6LACK and Khalid’s ‘Seasons’ Shows Affection Often Isn’t Grand, It’s In The Details

It took some time, but 6LACK and Khalid have finally released the video for “Seasons” from 6lack’s 2018 album, East Atlanta Love Letter. The svelte and heartfelt video is all about the minutiae of real love, not the sweeping gestures of wet and sloppy kisses and bedrooms full of roses. Instead, the pair show everything that exists between these kinds of grand gestures, creating a video that’s heartwarming, emotional, and slightly creepy (there are dancing tattoos).

There’s a lot to love about the depictions of love in “Seasons.” 6LACK is a participator while Khalid is a surveyor; the former nuzzles at his partner’s head affectionately while the latter watches a couple embrace each other on the horizon while they watch clouds in the sky. Around these depictions of love, there’s a father who braids his daughter’s hair, a couple who look to be at wits’ end in a bedroom with each other, but still entranced by each other’s appearance, and another set of partners who bask in each other’s scents with their eyes clothes. There doesn’t need to be anything said by any of these parties aside from the fuzzy notes sung by 6LACK and Khalid; we can see the feelings in the touches and expressions by each and every person.

6LACK appeared in Kehlani‘s video for “RPG” earlier this year, which was inspired by Netflix’s series The OA. In February, he collaborated with Normani for the misty and seductive tune, “Waves.”

Watch 6LACK and Khalid show off true love in “Seasons” up above.

DRAM And H.E.R. Bring The 1970s To The Future In ‘The Lay Down’ Video

DRAM‘s isn’t about flippant melodies and half-rapped songs anymore, he’s about heartfelt music with bone-chilling constitutions. His latest release is “The Lay Down” a warm, soulful collaboration with H.E.R. Today (August 9), he’s released a video for the song that’s wet and wonderous, silky and flowing. The visual somehow manages to be both futuristic and strangely nostalgic, like a rendition of Soul Train that took place in an alternate, Tron-like dimension. Let the magical experience flow through your body and transfer you to another realm.

It’s clear that DRAM understands how to create an enticing atmosphere. It’s dark in this new realm, save for DRAM, his backup dancers, and the three instrumentalists clad in different shades of silver. Serenity radiates here. H.E.R. watches the scene from above as she sits on the moon in a flowing dress, providing dim light for the soulful experience. It’s like something out of a dream as H.E.R. We’re thrown through the cosmos as stars speed by blindingly fast, preparing us for the scorching guitars that make the last minute and a half of the video a mesmerizing audio and visual experience. It ends with the camera pulling out of the scene to show us that the entire thing takes place on a record player while a couple lays on the floor, in awe of the experience.

DRAM told MTV News in May that his upcoming LP is “going to be more mature, and sound more grown-up.” His debut studio album Big Baby Dram came out in 2016.

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Dark & Handsome: Blood Orange ft. Toro y Moi

Move over “chill music.” Get out of here “lofi hip hop beats to relax/study to.” With each new project under his Blood Orange moniker, Dev Hynes continues to redefine how R&B and electronica can dance, intertwine and then fuse together to make us feel. Case-and-point: his new album, Angel’s Pulse, is a lesson in vibes, moods, thoughts, and lucidity.

“Dark & Handsome” starts off with ambient thoughts and drawn-out chords, giving way to Hynes’s smooth-as-butter vocal. He breaks the space with existential musings on where life has taken him, “Losin’ touch of everything I know / Prayin’ for my heart to turn to stone.” And synth-wave star Toro y Moi validates his fears only to dismiss them, spitting through distortion, “Don’t be actin’ dumb / Cookie’s gonna crumble / Wipin’ up the crumbs / I do this sh*t casual.” Falling to pieces never sounded so f*cking chill. – Carson Mlnarik

Trippie Redd’s Sophomore Album Is A Feast Of Melodies Featuring Playboi Carti, Lil Baby, And More

Trippie Redd‘s sophomore album, !, is out today, and it’s indeed quite the exclamation point thanks to its surprising array of features from artists like Playboi Carti and Lil Baby. Fourteen tracks long, it serves as a welcome follow-up to 2018’s Life’s A Trip. At its concise length, it’s enough to give the world a taste of where he’s at right now without overstaying his welcome. And, true to form, it’s thick, emotional rap-singing that fans will eagerly drink up.

The album explores many sides of Trippie Redd’s mind and artistry. “Snake Skin” is a heavy track that touches on topics like self-harm, which he elaborated on in a recent interview with Billboard, saying, “It’s kind of suicidal in a stay away from it type of shit. That’s the whole concept of it, stay away from suicide.” Then there are his fierce raps on tracks like “Be Yourself” and “Mac 10” that remind you he’s a rapper first and a melody-maker second. Diplo is credited as a producer for the title track and, in addition to the previously unveiled artists, The Game and Lil Duke also make appearances.

Trippie Redd’s been on a roll since becoming a member of XXL 2018 Freshman Class last year. He released Life’s A Trip that August and followed up with a mixtape, A Love Letter To 3, in November. Earlier this year, he shared a collection of unreleased tracks called Old Self.

Listen to Trippie Redd’s sophomore album up above.

Nasty Cherry’s ‘Live Forever’ Video Is An Infectious Slice Of Big Webcam Energy

Cherry Pits, your wait is over.

Since debuting earlier this year with the sleek, ’80s-inspired mini-anthem “Win” and the more contemplative ballad “What Do You Like in Me,” Nasty Cherry have been hard at work. The hybrid British-American band began after some behind-the-scenes matchmaking by Charli XCX (who co-wrote “Win” and co-directed the video) and their music does retain a sonic similarity to some of Charli’s early 2010s work on True Romance.

But as their latest single proves, the quartet are making music all their own. On Friday (August 9), Nasty Cherry returned with the glossy, surging “Live Forever,” which also credits Charli as co-writer and Justin Raisen as producer. They also dropped a new video that they shot themselves. Big 2005 webcam energy incoming.

The self-shot visual is heavy on joy, a fitting complement to the song itself. It centers around the quartet — Gabby on vocals, Debbie on drums, Georgia on bass, and Chloe on guitar — hanging out, giving each other Nasty Cherry tattoos, and hitting the arcade. When they come together to sing the chorus, the camera positioning and infectious attitude they emit radiates the early days of webcam-assisted YouTube uploads. It’s really nice.

In June, Nasty Cherry ran through “Live Forever” as a blazing set highlight at their Brooklyn show after an equally animated cover of ’60s bubblegum-pop classic “I Want Candy.” It’s all part of the patchwork of the band itself.

Though their logistics are still tricky, as Debbie and Georgie live in London while Gabby and Chloe reside in L.A., in July, the four were back together writing again, as they posted on Instagram. When they next find themselves on the same continent, let’s hope they’re working toward cranking out more jams like this one.

Blast “Live Forever” loudly via the new black-and-white video above.

Blueface Links With Offset, Lil Pump, And More For First Project Of 2019

Fresh from being introduced as a member of XXL‘s 2019 Freshman Class, Blueface is on a mission to prove to any and everyone that he is the best lyricist of his generation. He’s released a new EP, Dirt Bag, his first full-length project of the year. What’s better than eight Blueface tracks that could make his case on eight separate occasions? Consisting of both old and new tracks, this looks to be the soundtrack of the end of summer, and quite possibly, a signal that these leisurely months should be extended.

Dirt Bag is a hilarious statement because Blueface has never tried to be the likable, charismatic rapper. He just is and it’s been working tremendously for him so far. So that “anything goes” atmosphere extends to the EP and its collection of lively, uncompromising tunes. It contains the recently released braggadocious cut “Bussdown” that features Offset, the sensual Father’s Day anthem “Daddy‘ with Rich The Kid, and even slightly older records like “Bleed It.” In addition to the previously announced guests, there’s The Game on “Stop Cappin,” Lil Pump on “Bussin,” and Mozzy on “Gang.” It’s a compact package, but one busting out the seams with large personalities and even bigger performances.

Blueface released two mixtapes in 2018, Famous Cryp and Two Coccy. Earlier this year, he was featured on G-Eazy‘s “West Coast” with AllBlack and YG.

Listen to Blueface’s new EP up above.

Rick Ross’s Champagne-Bathing New Album Is Out With Features From Drake, Nipsey Hussle, And More

It has been a long journey since Rick Ross dropped his debut studio album Port Of Miami on August 8, 2006 – a little more than 13 years to be exact. That’s practically forever, and in the time since, Rick Ross has become one of rap’s biggest lyricists, releasing a steady stream of well-received albums that positioned him as a legend. It’s only right that he revisits the album that made this career possible and gives it a proper sequel with Port of Miami 2. The massive LP with guest features from Drake, Swizz Beatz, and more, is out today.

Port Of Miami 2 is only 15 tracks, but it has a whopping 16 features from artists such as Drake, Teyana Taylor, Wale, the late Nipsey Hussle, and more. Ross’s long-running “Maybach Music” song series returns with “Maybach Music VI” which features John Legend and Lil Wayne. The LP also contains the three previously released singles, “Act a Fool”, “Big Tyme” with Swizz Beatz, and “Gold Roses” with Drake. If you’re looking for that special brand of luxury talk that only Ross can deliver, this is the album for you.

Port Of Miami 2 is Ross’s first album in two years. His last release was 2017’s Rather You Than Me. It featured “I Think She Like Me” with Ty Dolla $ign.

Stream Ross’s new album up above.

Megan Thee Stallion Turns Her ‘Hot Girl Summer’ Lifestyle Into A Banger With Nicki Minaj And Ty Dolla $ign

Hot girls, rejoice: the soundtrack to the rest of your summer is here.

Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Hot Girl Summer” arrived on Friday (August 9) after a week-long delay that she promised would be “worth the wait.” To absolutely no one’s surprise, she was completely right — Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign join her on the soon-to-be smash, the name of which has become an inescapable catchphrase, captioning thirst-inducing selfies the world over and providing a mantra for people’s no-fucks-given summer fun.

The song itself takes those self-empowerment vibes to hype levels, with the Houston rapper firing off instant quotables like, “Should I take your love? Should I take that dick?” Nicki comes through with an equally sizzling verse, and the ever-reliable Ty handles the hook, singing, “Hot girl summer so you know she got it lit.”

Speaking to The Root about the “hot girl summer” lifestyle, Megan explained, “It’s about women and men being unapologetically them, just having a good-ass time, hyping up their friends, doing you, not giving a damn about what nobody gotta say about it.”

“Hot Girl Summer” is Megan’s first solo release since her debut full-length, Fever. She also lent a buzzy feature Chance The Rapper’s album The Big Day, and joined Drake onstage at OVO Festival last weekend. Get into the new track in the video above, and enjoy the animated cover art, which features Megan and Nicki straddling a Hennessy bottle while surrounded by flames. As one does.

Katy Perry’s ‘Small Talk’ Is Here To Soundtrack Those Weird Run-Ins With Your Ex

Katy Perry‘s new single “Small Talk” is here, and from the sound of it, KP5 might be shaping up to be a breakup album for the ages.

The pop star kicked off her fifth album era in May with the heartbreak anthem “Never Really Over,” and “Small Talk” follows in the same vein, as Perry describes that universal awkwardness of interacting with an ex. “Isn’t it weird / That you’ve seen me naked / We had conversations about forever / Now it’s about the weather, okay,” she sings on the slow-building track, which was co-written by pop connoisseur Charlie Puth and features a hilariously brilliant “blah blah blah” bridge. “Had every inch of your skin / There’s nowhere your hands haven’t been / Ain’t it funny, ’cause now there’s nothing left but small talk.”

No sign yet of the track’s official music video, but the single did come with a cute (and Katy-less) lyric vid that chronicles an office romance gone sour. Check it out below.

“Small Talk” arrived on Friday (August 8) on the heels of a shocking verdict in the copyright case against Perry’s “Dark Horse.” It seems like it’s been a rough few weeks for the singer, but at least she’s fixing her focus on new music. And though the album has now been preceded by not one, but two breakup bops, she’s happily engaged to Orlando Bloom IRL, so it’s nice to see that art doesn’t necessarily imitate life.

Ed Sheeran Is Basically A Stranger Things Kid In His ‘Nothing On You’ Video

Ed Sheeran has been particularly generous with music videos in his No. 6 Collaborations Project era, and he returned with another one on Thursday (August 8).

This time, it’s “Nothing On You” — featuring London rapper Dave and Argentinian reggaeton star Paulo Londra — that’s gotten the visual treatment, and it appears Sheeran has been binging Stranger Things lately. How else can you explain these three basically becoming Lucas, Mike, and Will before our very eyes?!

The vid stars the three unlikely collaborators performing inside an abandoned building and taking a late-night bike ride through the streets of London. That nocturnal scenery perfectly fits the song’s futuristic beat and visceral lyrics about a one-night stand: “I got everything I need in this room / Smoke clouds and a scent of perfume,” Sheeran sings from the seat of his two-wheeler.

“Nothing On You” is the sixth video from Sheeran’s star-studded No. 6 album, which topped the charts for two weeks upon its arrival in July. Among the well-connected pop star’s other recent visuals are the Travis-Scott featuring “Antisocial” and the Justin Bieber-assisted “I Don’t Care,” which earned him a VMA nomination for Best Collaboration. Stay tuned to find out if Sheeran’s got more video tricks up his sleeve… he’s certainly been on a roll.