The Chainsmokers And 5 Seconds Of Summer Face Off For Duel In ‘Who Do You Love’ Performance

Last night, The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds Of Summer brought their new collaboration, “Who Do You Love” to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. It was a unique performance that brought together the opposing forces by highlighting the differences in their structure, with them standing opposite each other on stage. Talk about a live experience. If this is a preview of The Chainsmoker’s World War Joy tour, which features 5SOS, that kicks off in September, we can’t wait to see what’s next.

The two bands lined up opposite each other and let the guitar work speak for itself. The vocal work of both bands met in beautiful matrimony as the vocals of the somber, yet somehow vibrant song, soar higher and higher. Drummers Matt McGuire and Ashton Irwin corralled the buoyant voices with powerful percussive work as the steam billowed around the bands’ feet and the lights flashed rapidly. In the span of four minutes, the bands gave the world a brilliant appetizer of what’s kicking off this fall.

In addition to carving up the stage with a striking performance, the two bands played a rousing game of “Musical Beers” with Fallon. After a grueling match, 5 Seconds Of Summer’s guitarist Michael Clifford emerged with the win.

Watch the spectacular performance above.

Flipp Dinero’s Voice Is Raspy, But He Doesn’t Need Auto-Tune — Unless He’s With T-Pain

Flipp Dinero’s breakout hit “Leave Me Alone” was one of the biggest rap songs of 2018, but by talking to him, you’d assume that it was just another step en route to reaching the genre’s upper echelon. The Brooklyn rapper’s sound is unmistakable. His vocal chords sound like they’re being singed by a twisted dominatrix. Yet as harsh as it sounds, it’s all by design — and authentic too. It’s why “Leave Me Alone” peaked at No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100 and still continues to get prominent playlist placement.

These are bragging words for any artist, but in conversation, Dinero is happy yet humble. This success – the lights, the glamour, the opportunities – isn’t the product of overnight work. “I put out three projects prior to that song,” he says over the phone. “It wasn’t the first to get millions of views either. I’m just glad to be at this point in my career.”

Just two months after “Leave Me Alone”’s September release, it went gold. A month after that, it went platinum. It made Apple Music’s The A List: Hip Hop playlist and Spotify’s famous RapCaviar playlist. Urban rap radio stations played the song over and over. All of this introduced the world to Dinero, a rapper whose low eyes and wide, mischievous grin could give off the appearance of arrogance. In conversation, however, he doesn’t just tell the world how grounded he is — he shows it. “I thank my mother and father, my family and the people that surround me – God, also,” he says about how he remains this relaxed. “I read a lot, I read my Bible faithfully. This helps me stay grounded and keeps me from getting ahead of myself, contributing to my personality as an individual.”

His latest song, “Feelin Like,” released in December, is a little less vibrant than “Leave Me Alone,” choosing to embrace the sanctity of a moment instead of pushing away a lover’s embrace. He practically moans on the chorus with an everlasting cry of “ooh” that extends through harsh 808s and thunderous claps, before adding, “Feelin’ like I fucked up.” You can tell that his eyes are closed while singing it, his head to the sky, arms outstretched with a half-glazed smile on his face. “I was just in the studio having a good time, just freestyling,” he says of the song’s creation. “The only people in the studio were me and my brother Los, my engineer. We were just catching a vibe and I felt that if I put this onto wax, the world would be able to relate to it.”

Both “Feelin Like” and “Leave Me Alone” are the kind of raspy, melodic gems that make Dinero such an interesting character. His voice sounds like he needs to cough, or like he might need a glass of milk and a lozenge, but it isn’t grating, like someone who would be dismissed from an American Idol audition. In rap, that kind of imprecision normally doesn’t fly. It’s been Auto-Tune season for the last 14 years, since T-Pain’s mega R&B hit “I’m Sprung” reintroduced the sound to mainstream music.

“I’ve been offered it a couple of times but I always turn it down,” he says when asked about using it, after a brief pause. “The only time I allowed it was when I was working with my big brother, T-Pain.” He’s referring to “All I Want,” the collaboration from T-Pain’s recently released album, 1UP. “He put Auto-Tune on my voice and that was just because I was working with the legend. That’s the one we kept after cutting three or four tracks. Once we put the beat on, we just went instantly and made it in 20 minutes. We were laughing the whole time.”

Once you get past the rasp, especially when actually listening to how smooth and buttery his voice is on “All I Want” with the additional technical coloring, it’s clear to see that Dinero has the capability to really belt out moving melodies. “I love singing – it’s actually my first passion,” he admits with a slight chuckle. “In this new project that I have coming up, you’ll hear a lot of singing,” though he’s hesitant to reveal new details beyond “a lot of bangers, a lot of melodies.” There’s also going to be more than just singing. “You’re definitely going to hear the versatility because I want to emphasize the differences in my flows,” he says. “I don’t want to be grounded or stagnant; this project is going to be a mixture and melting pot.”

In that mixture should be DJ Khaled, someone who the rapper calls his “brother” and has been in the studio with on more than one occasion. “I learned to grind and stay focused through him,” he says of their relationship.” “I’m an individual who is really focused, but to see someone like that, to stay up and have the energy not to sleep, it’s crazy. He was up until, I kid you not, four or five in the morning. Watching him say ‘Another one!’ made me laugh and I was ready to get back to work.”

DJ Khaled and T-Pain aren’t the only legends he’s been in the studio soaking up game from, as he puts it. And there are a lot of lessons to take away. But when asked if he would give his old self advice based on what he’s learned maneuvering through the industry, he hesitates. “I don’t have a lesson, I have a voice,” he says. It’s wise to not think in the past because while reveling in what should have been done, rap moves on. “Feelin Like” is the latest Dinero cut that will replace “Leave Me Alone.” It’s time to focus on the present. “I just finished bumping 10 songs that I cut in the last two weeks,” he says. “My sound is my face and I have to show my face.”

Robyn Brings A Peaceful Groove To Colbert With ‘Ever Again’ Performance

Robyn was last night’s musical guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and she brought the funk – the warm, fuzzy kind that warrants slow bopping to the music while stepping from side to side. The singer performed “Ever Again” from her album Honey that came out in October. She kept it simple and focused on the music, giving an authentic, nostalgic experienced revolving solely around her feathery voice.

The stage was bathed in warm red lights that cast Robyn’s skin in an orange glow. When she began singing, the room grew at ease. She swayed as she sang, casually bopping to the subtle groove of “Ever Again,” keeping her energy muted while creating the atmosphere for the audience looking to the disco for nostalgia. She didn’t need lavish stage sets or extravagant dance routines to win over the audience; her performance’s simplicity made it magical.

The rollout for Honey is still in full effect; since its release, Robyn has released videos for “Send It To Me Immediately” and the LP’s title track. She’s currently in the midst of a tour in support of the album that wraps up in April.

Check out the smooth performance up above.

Kendrick Lamar’s New Profile Pic Has Fans Speculating About A New Album

It is a truth universally known that when a famous artist abruptly blacks out their social media profiles, it (possibly) means something’s brewing. We’ve seen it before with the likes of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, and now the latest rumors revolve around Kendrick Lamar.

As noted by the fan account @DailyRapFacts, the Compton MC has blacked out his profile picture and header on Twitter. The last time he did that was in March 2017, just before kicking off the DAMN. era with the loosie “The Heart, Pt. 4.” You can see where this is going: fans are now speculating that a new Kendrick project is imminent.

Making things more interesting, Kendrick’s TDE comrade Schoolboy Q hinted that he has some kind of a surprise coming on Wednesday (March 13), and he’s updated his own profile pic with a plain yellow shade. As another fan account noted, one of the first songs Kendrick and Q collaborated on was called “Birds & The Beez,” leading some fans to theorize that the two have a joint album on the way.

Of course, all of this is just wild speculation, and Kendrick’s profile revamp could just be his way of showing support for TDE’s other projects. That’s a strategy we’ve seen from the label time and time again — even now, SZA, Jay Rock, and Ab-Soul are among the TDE signees who have changed their pics to the cover of Zacari’s debut project, which is due out on March 15. But, given that Kendrick and Schoolboy are the only two not flying the Zacari flag online, there just might be something to the rumor that Zacari isn’t the only TDE artist dropping new music soon. Stay tuned…

Tierra Whack Swats Away Wannabe Daters With Shaq-Like Efficiency On ‘Wasteland’

At this point, new releases from Tierra Whack are becoming as certain as death and taxes. Her latest tune, during what she calls #whackhistorymonth, is “Wasteland.” It’s her fourth release in the last four weeks and it might be the biggest and boldest one yet.

Each of Tierra Whack’s songs opens up portals to new dimensions. This one’s no different. The track’s slight presence of church organ and honey sweet melodies open up a gateway to a relaxing, summer’s meadow that stretches to infinity. Her rap stick like warm putty as she slinks between slurred words with an electric jolt here and there when she emphasizes phrases. The effect is striking. It’s disorientating, yet peaceful. She raps and sings about the perils of being attractive and single. No, you can’t take her on a date. No, she’s not in the city, she’s in Los Angeles. Her Rolodex of ways to deny unsuitable suitors is impressive. “Can’t be seen with you/you don’t match my fly” she says at one point; “I came here alone/got a boy at home,” she raps at another. There’s no use shooting your shot. It’ll airball every time.

First came “Only Child” and “CLONES” during February’s last two weeks respectively, then “Gloria” that dropped in the first week of March. Now with “Wasteland”‘s fresh release, the anticipation for a new project is higher than ever. The excellent Whack World can only hold the globe over for so long. All of this new music practically screams that we’re getting a fresh project from Whack in the near future. This time, it looks like it’ll be made up of full songs too.

Listen to the soft, saccharine tune up above.

Selena Gomez And J Balvin’s ‘I Can’t Get Enough’ Video Is A One-Shot Optical Illusion

For her first music video appearance of 2019, Selena Gomez gets miniature for a star-studded slumber party with J Balvin, Benny Blanco, and Tainy.

The foursome recently joined forces for the poppy Latin-trap earworm “I Can’t Get Enough,” which now comes with a creative one-shot video. The collab itself is a seductive and steamy affair, but the foursome keep it light and fun in the accompanying, sleepover-themed visual. Directed by Jake Schreier, it opens on Sel wearing silk pajamas and waking up in a giant bed (if only we could all look that glam in the morning!). She skips the coffee and instead kickstarts her day by dancing and jumping around on the cloud-like mattress with Balvin, Tainy, and Blanco, who’s dressed as a fluffy teddy bear.

The only question is: Are Selena and company actually shrunken down? Or are they normal-sized and their bedroom surroundings are super-sized? Is this all some sort of optical illusion? Watch below and decide for yourself.

In a tweet, Gomez wrote of the video, “Can’t believe we pulled it off in one take- even if I did fall once or twice trying.”

Tainy added in a press release, “On the video, we wanted to do something that felt special, iconic, but at the same time fun and just natural, nothing forced. I’m 100% sure we nailed it. From talking about the idea and then being on set, it was mind-blowing.”

Sia, Diplo, And Labrinth Made An Album As ‘LSD’ — And You Can Hear It Very Soon

LSD isn’t just a hallucinogenic drug anymore, it’s the name of a supergroup made up of British singer Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo. Last November, they released their debut EP, Mountains. Get used to seeing those letters in this new capacity because the group has announced that its self-titled debut LP, originally slated to drop last November, is coming on April 12.

The trio made the announcement yesterday on Twitter with what looks like the album art depicting the trio in outrageous dress. Imagine Mortal Kombat characters at Easter dinner and you’ll get the general gist of this. Except instead of sitting at a table, the trio is outside in nature, soaking in the sun. If the previously released singles “Genius,” “Audio,” “Thunderclouds,” and “Mountains” are any indicators, LSD will be as chaotic and enthralling as their outfits are.

LSD will be the first studio project from Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo in some time. Labrinth’s last studio effort, Electronic Earth, came out in 2012. Sia’s Everyday Is Christmas came out in 2017 and Diplo’s Random White Dude Be Everywhere hit streaming services in 2014. We’re only a month out from finally seeing what the trio can cook up together.

Solange’s Dancing Melts The Webcam In Steamy ‘Binz’ Video

Solange is fresh out of surgery for removing her foot from our necks following the release of her new album, When I Get Home, and has shared a video of sorts for “Binz,” one of the album’s standout tracks. Although it’s only a minute, the clip shows off a wondrous amount of the singer’s easygoing personality. And she can dance her ass, off – that’s what we’re really here to see.

Yes, this video is about dancing. But it isn’t an expensive, in-studio performance with bright lights, big set pieces, and coordinated routines. Solange keeps it intimate, sexy, and, mysterious, all while an all-knowing smile never leaves her face. It’s from the perspective of a webcam that we see the singer set up at the beginning. Once the track’s percussive backbone began chittering away and the heavenly vocals began to play, she’s off.

Solange’s enticing figure never leaves the frame. Like a plume of smoke, she twirls and swirls in the wind, her body rolling side to side. It’s a collage of brief clips that also show off her many smiling moods; sometimes she’s wide-eyed grinning as she dances with her palms on her knees while gyrating her hips. Other times it’s a slight smirk while she twirls in a circle, showing off her figure. Other times, it’s not a smile at all; she’s lip-singing the song’s lyrics and bouncing her thighs. This filterless lens, combined with the percussive wonderland that is “Binz,” creates a surreal experience, one where it feels like Solange is serenading us as she wafts in the winds. It’s OK to need to take a breather once the video ends.

When I Get Home came out on March 1, followed hours later by a “Texas Film” companion to supplement the new body of work. The LP’s release was a pleasant surprise following a brief and mysterious rollout with a unique Black Planet page at its center.

Watch the simple, absorbing video up above.

Jonas Brothers Just Scored Their First No. 1 Single Ever, And ‘This Is Just The Beginning’

It’s official: Jonas Brothers are back and bigger than ever! On Monday (March 11), Billboard reported that the band’s recently released comeback single, “Sucker,” has claimed the top spot on the Hot 100. Incredibly, it’s the first No. 1 single for JB, doing what “Burnin’ Up,” “Lovebug,” and “S.O.S.” never could.

Taking to Instagram, the boys celebrated their big news with individual videos that let their respective personalities shine — Nick is pumped AF in his, Kevin is sweet and speechless, and Joe wears a Jar Jar Binks mask and kicks an inflated clown.

The official Jo Bros Instagram account compiled the vids into one compilation, captioning it, “Today’s a big day people. We’re officially celebrating our FIRST EVER #1 on the @billboard Hot 100 plus the first group this CENTURY (and second group EVER) to debut #1 🎉 We can’t thank you guys enough for all the support. We love you guys so much. … This is just the beginning.”

In his own post, Nick added, “AHHH!!! This is unbelievable. My heart is so full of gratitude. There was a time I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to be able to make music with my brothers again, let alone have a number 1 song on the Hot 100 on Billboard. … This is gonna be an unforgettable ride. Get ready!”

Before “Sucker,” the highest the trio had been on the charts was at No. 5 with “Burnin’ Up” in 2008. Clearly, their reunion is striking a chord with fans old and new — at the time of publishing, “Sucker” remains the top song on Spotify’s United States Top 50, and the accompanying video has racked up a chill 62 million views on YouTube. Welcome back, boys!

Tyga, Rae Sremmurd, And Zara Larsson Will Perform At MTV Spring Break

Better get your sunscreen ready: MTV Spring Break is back for 2019! But you already knew that. You’ve packed your best bikinis and are pumped to party in Cancún later this month. Of course, you can’t have MTV Spring Break without an all-star roster of performers. So who’s soundtracking this whole thing, anyway?

Don’t worry — Tyga, Rae Sremmurd, and Zara Larsson are all set to take the stage at MTV Spring Break to keep the party moving. Get ready to pump your fist, too, because DJ Pauly D is also primed to make an appearance.

They’ll all be joined by your hosts, Wild N’ Out‘s Justina Valentine and Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino.

To catch all the fun, be sure to tune in to MTV and visit from March 23 to 28 to catch those energetic, dance party-fueling live sets, and follow along with all the on-the-ground action via MTV’s social channels. It’ll feel just like you’re on the beach with them.

And the party doesn’t end there. MTV’s Siesta Key and The Challenge: War of the Worlds are set to feature special Spring Break Edition After Shows that week, featuring the stars stopping by the fun in Cancún for beach-themed challenges, interviews, and more. Additionally, an Ex on the Beach reunion show will also hit the sand to talk to spring breakers about love and romance.

For more information on the 2019 MTV Spring Break lineup and how to attend the events, visit the StudentCity site here. Spring break only comes once a year. You won’t want to miss it.