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Dame Memorial Day Sale 2020: The Best Sex Toys Are 25% Off Now

First things first: Masturbation is great. We won’t get into all of the benefits of female masturbation here, but we will say the Dame Memorial Day Sale has everything you need to spice up your self-pleasure sessions, and your sex life with your partner. The women-owned company, which began its mission to close the “Pleasure Gap” (aka the disparity in satisfaction between women and their cis male counterparts), has some of the best-looking sex toys we’ve ever seen—and they happen to be 25% off through Memorial Day.

Aside from expertly-crafted design that hits all the right parts of the female form, the toys are more chic than half of the decor scattered across our apartments right now. Thanks to Dame’s muted hues and smooth, subtle shapes, your Zoom party guests probably wouldn’t blink an eye if you accidentally left one lying on the counter. If there were ever a time to upgrade your pleasure chest, it’s now, because quarantine life has us all a little on edge—so sit back, relax, and shop our picks from the Dame Memorial Day Sale.

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