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Dua Lipa Paired Her Cutout Bodysuit With Cutout Boots

A mere two weeks after pop star Dua Lipa utterly and completely revolutionized the footwear game with her joots (that is, boots that are jeans), the “Levitating” singer is back with another innovation: cutout boots.

In a sponsored post for alcoholic seltzer brand Truly—this will become relevant in a second, stay with me—Lipa posed in a neon green lace bodysuit, cut-off denim shorts, and pale purple knee-high boots that, like her top, have cut-outs secured with rhinestones.

So many questions! Are these socks she slipped over her heels? Did they begin their life as sleeves? I need answers. As one commenter wrote, “I speak on behalf of every girl who loves their shoes….. we need a link for those boots. The people wanna wear these boots 👏👏👏👏👏👏🇮🇪💚☘” Even if you don’t count yourself among the people who want to wear them, you might be among the people who would like to know more!

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Because I love you, I looked into it, and both pieces are from Poster Girl. The top is the “Lulu” bodysuit and the boots are from the Autumn/Winter 2022 line and don’t seem to be available for purchase yet.

And why did Dua Lipa (and her stylist) choose this outfit for this post? Here’s my theory: What does seltzer have? Bubbles. What’s a bubble? An air pocket. What’s the fashion equivalent of an air pocket? A cut-out. Or maybe she just liked the look. 

The next day, Bangsfluencer Lipa swapped her cut-out boots for cowgirl boots because she is, if nothing else, A Boots Girl. They are very cute and look how happy she is skipping around Europe eating fried food!

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