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Everything We Know About Outlander Season 7

In March 2021—a full year before season six of Outlander began airing—Starz announced that it had picked up season seven from executive producer Ronald D. Moore and Sony Pictures Television. Since then we’ve returned to Fraser’s Ridge, and a lot happened: Claire struggled with the aftermath of sexual assault, Bree and Roger embarked on a new future as their family grew, the Christies came to town, what really happened during young Ian’s last few years was revealed, Jamie came to terms with the upcoming Revolution, everything fell apart with Malva’s claim that Jamie fathered her unborn child which led to Claire wrongfully accused and arrested for Malva’s death. 

Yeah, a lot happened. But the season—especially the finale, which aired on May 1—was one of the most breathtaking and event-filled of the series. 

Now with season six over, fans are already looking ahead to a super-sized season seven. It’s double the amount of episodes from season six, which was truncated due to star Caitriona Balfe’s pregnancy and pandemic-related scheduling issues. Production is already underway, and the show has been sharing photos from set. 

So when will season seven air? Who’s joining the cast? And what else do we know about what’s to come? Here’s everything we know.

When will season 7 of Outlander air?

Production on the new season began in late March 2022. The show’s official Instagram account announced the news on April 6. Matthew B. Roberts will return as showrunner.

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In late April, Caitriona Balfe told Glamour that filming on the new season has “been really good. We’re almost finished with the first block of episodes, but it’s been really fun.” 

As for when we’ll actually get to see those episodes, given that this will be a much bigger season of Outlander, plan for sometime in early 2023. Starz has given no official airdate, but it’s such a massive show to produce and edit so anything before then would be highly unlikely. The good news is that Droughtlander shouldn’t be anywhere like it was between seasons five and six, which was a little over two years. 

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