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Gigi Hadid on Her Favorite Scent, Travel Tips, and Disney World

It would be easy to cast Gigi Hadid off as just a pretty face. The model certainly seems comfortable decked out in couture or rocking an insane pair of eyelashes on the Met Gala carpet. And while Top Model life seems to suit Gigi just fine, she’s surprisingly grounded. From even a short encounter, it’s clear how grateful she is: “In this job, you meet so many different people and those can become the most fulfilling moments and friendships,” she tells Glamour.

One of these friendships is with fashion designer Michael Kors. The two have a longstanding partnership, and recently came together for the campaign of Kors’ newest fragrance, Wonderlust, a warm, spicy scent perfect for a summer full of adventure. In the campaign, Gigi emerges from the sea holding a giant perfume bottle and then proceeds to live her best life on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen (no, I’m not jealous). We caught up with the model to talk adventure, fragrance, and to answer some of Glamour’s Big Beauty Questions.

Glamour: What’s your first scent memory?

Gigi Hadid: My first memories of scent are based on fresh air, nature, and the things I like to do outside—whether that’s being at the barn or the way the sun hits flowers and makes the air fragrant.

What does wanderlust mean to you?

Being curious and seeing where that takes you. Adventure, discovery, and expressing yourself creatively fuels us and keeps us growing. That’s why I love traveling, being exposed to new cultures is a constant reminder that we’re all such a small part of this world and have so much to learn.

What’s your favorite place to wear the fragrance?

The afternoons when you’re basking in the sun, or even just wishing you were. I love to wear it on my neck and my wrists, and sometimes in my hair. The scent is like an escape—a little luxury that takes you away. I love the floral notes and the versatility, it goes from a day at the beach to a night out with friends.

Courtesy of Michael Kors
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