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Glossier Brow Flick Review – See It on 4 Different Women

Despite all the memes about the brand’s skin care, when you hear the word Glossier, the first thing that comes to mind (besides maybe millennial pink) is Boy Brow. While the brand certainly caused buzz when it launched in 2014 with its “skin first, makeup second” approach, Boy Brow is what truly put it on the map a year later.

The brow pomade is beloved by almost every beauty editor, Insta girl, and millennial on the planet, and has generated a truly cult-like following. The hashtag #glossierboybrow has close to 11,000 tags on Instagram, and had a 10,000 person wait list only five months after launching. The product, which launched at the peak of the full brow craze, is unlike anything else on the market. It’s like a mix between a wax, gel, and powder, and somehow manages to fluff up, fill in, and keep brows in place while looking like you’re not wearing anything at all. Add in the fact that it’s extremely user friendly— a crux of Glossier’s brand—and it’s easy to see why one was sold every 32 seconds in 2018.

With a product as beloved as Boy Brow, it makes sense that Glossier has kept its hands off the brow category, and let Boy Brow do it’s thing. Until now. Today, Glossier is launching Brow Flick, a brush-tip detailing pen designed to compliment Boy Brow. While Boy Brow is more of a one-and-done type of product, the $18 Brow Flick is designed to fill in where needed, or for more elaborate shaping and definition.

That being said, don’t expect any Sharpie style markers here, Brow Flick is made with the Glossier girl in mind, so the pigment is sheer, and designed to look very natural, not drawn on. Like Boy Brow, the water resistant pens are available in three shades—Blonde, Brown, and Black. The brand recommends using the pen on clean skin (foundation is harder for the pigment to stick to) and using Boy Brow to set.

Bow Brow is such a game changer that it’s hard to compete with, but we still had high expectations for Brow Flick. We had four Glamour editors put it to the test to see how it stood up to our OG fave (spoiler: many of us were asked if we got microblading). Here’s what we thought.

Tara Gonzalez, commerce editor

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