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Here’s How Much the Cast of Netflix’s Selena Series Looks Like Their IRL Counterparts

The Selena Netflix series is one of the most anticipated offerings of the TV season. Aptly titled Selena: The Series, the show will chronicle the late Tejano singer’s family life, relationships, and rise to fame. Selena is such a beloved figure, and one adaption of her story, starring Jennifer Lopez, already has the hearts of so many. Will this new TV show have a similar effect?

It certainly has the appropriate elements. Selena’s sister, Suzette, and her father, Abraham, are executive producers, so rest assured her story will be done right. The casting is also spot-on, with the actors looking very similar to the people they play. Below, check out 10 side-by-side pics of the Selena Netflix series cast with their IRL counterparts. The resemblance on some of them is uncanny. 

Selena: The Series premieres on Netflix December 4. For more info on what to expect, click here. 

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