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Hollywood Celebrities on Being Child-Free by Choice

Some of us want kids; some of us don’t—and either of those two options are equally valid. Statistically, the most recent numbers show that more and more American women are having kids later in life, if they’re having them at all. In 2016, for example, only 62 babies were born per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44—the lowest the fertility rate has been since we started keeping track. But for women who choose not to have kids, it can feel like they’re fighting a cultural expectation, whether it’s through fending off annoying questions about when they’ll have kids or adopt with their S.O. or by fielding rude comments about how they’re bound to change their mind. But some celebrities who have opted to be child-free are using their platforms to speak out and help shift the cultural mind-set. Here’s what 14 of them have to say about their decision.

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