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I Can’t Stop Staring at This Photo Kanye West Made for Kim Kardashian

I have a million things I should be doing right now—but instead I’ve dropped them all to stare at this “still life” photo Kanye West put together for Kim Kardashian.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I’m looking at. It’s a hodgepodge of fruits, vegetables, and flowers shot from above on what looks like…concrete? A driveway? Whatever it is, I’m mystified, perplexed, and entertained.

West made this art for Kardashian to celebrate her “officially becoming a billionaire.” (I’m not even going to get into the validity of that statement based on…ya know, past events. But Kardashian did just sell 20% of her KKW Beauty Brand to Coty for $200 million, reportedly increasing the value of the business to $1 billion.) “I am so proud of my beautiful wife Kim Kardashian West for officially becoming a billionaire. You’ve weathered the craziest storms and now God is shining on you and our family. So blessed this is still life. So I made you this still life. We love you so much,” West tweeted alongside the photo. Check it out for yourself, below.

On the one hand, this is actually a very sweet gesture. Homemade presents always hit harder—even for the rich and famous. But on the other, I have a million questions. Did West just have this assortment of objects around the house? Was the family having a chicken fajita night and he swiped some of the ingredients for an art project? What did West say to Kardashian to leave and put it all together? Regardless, I’m thrilled this exists in the world and already thinking about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode where it’s discussed. Kris Jenner will 100 percent barrel into the room and tell everyone, “Did you dolls see the little art piece Kanye put together for Kimmy?” and I will scream.

In more legitimate Kanye West news, his new song with Travis Scott, “Wash Us in the Blood” is out now:

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