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I Had A Great Time Watching Jim Carrey Be A Complete Weirdo In Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic is not the best film you’ll see this year. It probably won’t even be the best movie aimed at children. It is, however, a very solid movie that’s worth making the effort to see. It has some great voice work from Ben Schwartz. James Marsden is a very capable straightman. Tika Sumpter has some nice scenes, especially opposite her sister in the movie. The graphics are much better than I expected, and Jim Carrey is everything you want from Jim Carrey. Whether yelling at people about Costco cards or staring at the ground for clues, he injects energy every second he’s on camera, and I had so much fun watching him do his thing, as did the 8-year-old girl who sat next to me and laughed throughout.

Jim Carrey Forever.

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