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JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers Are Finally Married

After a year (plus) of pared-down guest lists and socially distanced receptions, big celebrity weddings came roaring back in 2021 (Paris Hilton, thank you so much) and will no doubt continue into 2022.

From epic themed gatherings to faraway destination nuptials to those I do’s we only hear about because TMZ finds the certificate, A-listers find all kinds of ways to get hitched. Kourtney and Travis—a.k.a. Kravis—have reportedly started planning theirs, and no doubt some of the engaged couples of 2021 are sitting in front of a Pinterest mood board right now.

And if you stumbled upon this page while looking for inspo for your own big day, first of all, congrats. And second, we hope you find it helpful! After all, despite their A-list guests and bloated budgets, at the end of the day celebrity weddings are just like normie weddings: a chance to drink champagne and eat cake in the name of love!

Here are the best celebrity weddings and marriages of 2022.

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