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Joker And Deadpool 2’s Zazie Beetz Explains How Her R-Rated Comic Book Movies Really Aren’t That Similar

It’s no secret that superhero movies are everywhere. Comic book adaptations have become the film world’s most profitable and popular over the past few years. But while there are plenty of comic book blockbusters in theaters, only a handful have been released with a hard R rating. Atlanta actress Zazie Beetz happens to appear in two of these projects, Deadpool 2 and Joker. But according to her, the projects couldn’t be more different.

The Deadpool franchise was a game changer for the superhero genre, proving that an R rating wouldn’t prevent superhero blockbusters from making tons of money at the box office. A few projects have followed suit, the most recent being Todd Phillips’ dark psychological drama Joker. But while projects like Joker and Deadpool 2 have been lumped together due to their rating, Zazie Beetz recently spoke to their inherent differences. As she put it:

You’ve got to hand it to her, Zazie Beetz has a point. Her two comic book movies use their R-rating in vastly different ways. And in many ways they represent all the genre is capable of. One is a fourth-wall breaking comedy, while the other is a dark and tense psychological descent into madness. In fact, Beetz is one of the only similarities of the two respective blockbusters.

Zazie Beetz’s comments to THR make a great deal of sense from an audience perspective. Her two comic book credits inspire very different feelings in the theater, resulting in an almost polar opposite moviegoing experience. So I can only imagine just how different the movies were on the set. Additionally, Domino and Joker’s Sophie Dumond had very different fates in their respective movies.

The 28 year-old actress also make a point about the superhero genre’s need to continue exploring. Given the popularity of the superhero genre, plenty of studios have gotten in on the action and created their own cinematic universe. While movies continue to make money, there has been some concern over superhero fatigue. This concept indicates that the market will become oversaturated, with movies failing to bring something unique to theaters.

But both the Deadpool franchise and Joker have brought something wholly unique to the comic book world. While one used high concept and adult humor, the other was a dark and upsetting story that didn’t contain the typical flash and action of a comic book movie. These unexpected perspectives both really resonated with audiences, making tons of money in the process. And both projects benefit from having their R rating.

Joker is currently in theaters now, while we’ll have to continue waiting for updates regarding Deadpool 3, and Zazie Beetz’ Domino. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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