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Kaci Walfall Is Navigating Senior Year While Playing The CW’s Newest Superhero

The pilot sets it up in such a great way. That last moment…you want to know. You want to come back next week. Every episode, every scene almost, a character is unraveling things and finding out things as the audience is watching. I think it’s really intriguing in the way that the episodes are set up. It feels like they’re special episodes. I encourage everyone to watch every episode because every episode is different. Every director is different, and it’s written in different ways. That is one of my favorite aspects of the show. It’s not a typical setting, a typical scene at school, it’s very different.

As an actor, what’s a big goal of yours?

Everything that comes to me comes to me at a right time. I have never done a movie before, so I would love to do a movie, and I would love to play a real-life, character. I’ve played characters from a book adaptation or a movie adaptation, but I’ve never played someone in real life. Whether that’s a biopic or someone who just exists.that is a challenge as an actor. I also think that it uncovers some of your best work. I would love to do something like that.

What’s your favorite movie that’s based on a real person?

Malcolm X is such a great movie. Ali is such a great movie. Denzel Washington and Will Smith really went there. I just watched King Richard. That was so good. It immersed you in that world, and you almost forgot they were acting. They really committed to those characters.

Do you have a dream co-star you’d love to act alongside?

I watch a lot of Jonathan Major videos on YouTube because he is just so smart at what he does. To learn something from him and work with him would be an honor. And then, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, and Regina King. Oh my goodness. To even be in a room or be in a space with them, let alone work with them, would be an absolute dream.

What’s your favorite part about being an actor?

The research process. Digging in and reading scripts like 200 times. That’s a lot of times, but if I have the time, just reading them, reading them, reading them again because I uncover something. It almost feels like I’m a detective. Also, the joy and the euphoria of losing yourself in a scene. I don’t do it so much to watch myself and watch the final product. If it feels real then you’re not lying anymore. That’s very hard to do, but there’s such a joy in that.

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