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Kristen Stewart Recalling Teaching Dan Levy How To Do Beer Tricks On Happiest Season Is Delightful

Stewart: Of all the things that we did, ‘Hey Dan, give me an anecdote, what did you guys do on set?’ Well, we exchanged our favorite books, we talked about Autobiography of Red, Kristen taught me how to smash a beer on my head [and then drink it].

Levy: We’re like at the end of the night, anyway Kristen asks me if I’d like to participate in something which was the preface for this whole thing. And I said, ‘Sure.’ The idea is once you agree to it you have to do it. And you basically smash like a beer can on your head until it cracks open and then you chug the beer. And I tried it once, hit my head and was just like, ’This is not for me.’ Kristen of course does it flawlessly, finishes the beer, and I’m left holding a beer in my hand, like well this is why I wasn’t popular in high school.

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