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Kylie Jenner Looks So Much Like Kris Jenner With This Pixie, It’s Crazy

One of the many things the Kardashian-Jenner family is famous for is their constant hair changes, whether that’s a dye job, wig, or $8,000 extensions. The latest sister to change her hair though drew some inspiration from close to home.

Yesterday, Kylie ripped some sort of hole in the Jenner time-space continuum when she FaceTimed her mom wearing, a wig that looks exactly like Kris’s iconic pixie. She shared the whole thing to her Instagram Story with the caption, “obsessed with you @krisjenner.” On anyone else, a lookalike wig and the word “obsessed” could ring a little too Fatal Attraction. But it’s just another day in the Jenner universe. And you’ve got to admit, the two do look alike.

It’s not even just the hair—from the round cheeks to the studded earrings to those sly “I’m a billionaire” smiles, the resemblance is uncanny. Of course, that makes sense, since they are mother and daughter. Now we’re just waiting for Kris to get her Kylie-inspired revenge and show up on Instagram in waist-length pink or blue hair.

Kylie Jenner Wore a Kris Jenner Pixie Cut on Instagram 1

PHOTO: kyliejenner/Instagram Stories

Kylie Jenner Wore a Kris Jenner Pixie Cut on Instagram 2

PHOTO: kyliejenner/Instagram Stories

Knowing how much Kylie loves to switch up her look, she may be just a few snips away from going full Kris. At least now we know she’d look just as good as a momager as she already does as a mom.

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