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Kylie Skin Review: Everything Worth It From Kylie Jenner’s Skin Care Line

We toss around the phrase “break the internet” a lot, but there are few people who truly manage to. The Kardashian-Jenners always do, particularly Kylie. In 2015, she did just that with the launch of her makeup line Kylie Lip Kits (now Kylie Cosmetics). Her signature lip kits sold out in mere seconds, with resellers on eBay charging up to $3,000 for certain shades. Four years and a billion dollars later, Kylie Cosmetics is an empire in its own right, and has branched out into nearly every color cosmetic category.

Now, she’s venturing into skin care, another savvy business move, given that the category is quickly outpacing makeup sales. Fans caught on that she might have skin care in the works back in October, and the formal announcement—and separate Instagram page—came earlier this month.

What’s most notable (besides the very Glossier-esque baby pink packaging) is the price—nothing costs more than $30, which isn’t too surprising since her fan base skews younger. The same can be said for the products themselves. While nothing in it is going to be a potent gamechanger for someone with serious concerns (think acne, discoloration, or wrinkles), Kylie makes good on the basics. The line’s got two different types of face washes: a foaming cleanser and a walnut scrub (which was met with some skepticism on social media when Jenner announced it). There’s also a vanilla-scented toner, an eye cream, a vitamin C serum, and a moisturizer. Or you can get everything in a bundle for $125.

Diehards no doubt will drop the cash for the full line, but for the rest who are curious if Kylie Skin stacks up to her makeup, we recruited Glamour editors to give the products an initial test run ahead of the May 22 launch. Here are our first impressions.

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