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Louis Tomlinson Could Quite Possibly Be Heading Out On Tour Next Year

Louis Tomlinson could be heading out on tour next year. He could also be working on new music for his long-awaited debut studio album. He was a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden where he engaged in a friendly conversation with the host and unveiled some interesting new musical tidbits for fans to latch onto with a smile on his face. But, most importantly, he seems to be in a good mental space after dealing with the death of his sister in March. It looks like the next chapter for Tomlinson will begin to unfold shortly.

Tomlinson’s plethora of good news came in the course of his conversation with Corden that covered everything from new music to pretending to be a cat. Tomlinson revealed that he’s been working on new music for his debut solo album, simply saying that he has “for a while now.” Additionally, some prodding by Corden let loose another nugget of hopeful info: he could be going on tour next year at smaller venues. It wasn’t a definite answer but, of touring, he revealed that it was something that he’s really excited about.

In March, Tomlinson released a somber tribute to his mother, “Two Of Us” that pays tribute to her memory after her death in 2016. With his debut studio album in the works, it looks like we’ll be hearing more from him soon.

Watch Tomlinson talk about touring up above.

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