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Madonna And Swae Lee Dance Like Their Lives Depend On It In ‘Crave’ Video

Madonna loves danger, she craves it. She says so in the intro for her new video for “Crave,” her sultry collaboration with Swae Lee. The simplistic video finds the pair prancing around what looks like an abandoned building as bright neon lights flash around. Also, if you ever wanted to know if Madonna can outdance you, this video offers proof that, undoubtedly, yes she can.

“Crave” is shot in color and black-and-white. Madonna’s viewpoint of her dancing conquest of this building has color while Swae Lee, moving slowly as if in a trance, sees the world without it. The contrast is beautiful. Madonna’s exaggerated movements burst with life, as does her perspective, bursting with bright neon strobe lights. Swae Lee appears as if he’s a heartthrob in a fragrance commercial, smiling and giving each closeup the most of his tattoos that he possibly can. Madonna also shows throughout the course of the video that she can dance at a higher frequency than most. She moves like a chicken without a head, sending her body into energetic spasms between words in the slow song. It’s astounding. Peculiar and marvelous.

“Crave” appears on Madonna’s forthcoming album Madame X that drops on June 14. The spy-themed LP will also feature the Quavo-assisted “Future,” empowerment anthem “I Rise,” and her Maluma-assisted tune “Medellín.”

Watch Madonna and Swae Lee take over a building in “Crave” up above.

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