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Mulan’s Jason Scott Lee Reveals The Scene That Was The Most ‘Complicated’ To Shoot, And It Wasn’t The Final Fight

What’s interesting is that, when you get on a film of this size, you train for so many things and with so many combinations of choreography. And then, sometimes there’s a time crush or things shift around and the timing’s not right for it, so it gets deleted. You get worked up, memorizing many different fights. At the top of the movie, when Böri Khan shows up, there was supposed to be a more complicated fight scene, but the effort that was taking place was done off-screen. We have such a big library of things that maybe didn’t make it into the film, but the big effort was trying to get all of these different things to the fore. I think a lot of it was the opening, and then some of the horse riding stuff, which was complicated, just because of the nature of that.

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