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Pierce Brosnan Reveals He’s Now On The Female James Bond Train

Bond 25 is finally coming together, which means we are inching closer and closer to the end of Daniel Craig’s run as the infamous James Bond. Since we expect the actor will be leaving the franchise, it’s left plenty of opportunity for previous James Bond actors, like Pierce Brosnan, and other people related to the franchise, to weigh in on who could play Bond and whether or not James Bond could ever be a lady.

Recently, Pierce Brosnan waded into the female James Bond debate, noting gents should “get out of the way” and make room for a leading lady in the franchise. He said:

The actror expressed an enthusiasm for the role flipping genders. Although, it’s also worth pointing out that Pierce Brosnan has absolutely commented on the next James Bond before and never said anything about a female taking on the role. In fact, he recommended Venom actor Tom Hardy for the big role in another interview. Perhaps he simply likes talking out “what ifs” related to Bond, particularly given that he also commented at the Deauville Film Festival (via THR), that he’ll be asked about Bond for the rest of his career.

While we’ve been fan-casting 007 for years, ultimately Pierce Brosnan is right that Barbara Broccoli and co. have the final say on whether James Bond will remain the same figure or could eventually be gender or race-swapped.

As Pierce Brosnan notes, Barbara Broccoli likely won’t change James Bond to a lady Bond. In fact, Barbara Broccoli has spoken out on the topic previously, noting definitively that she sees James Bond as male. She said:

Granted, Bond 25, otherwise known as No Time To Die, already looks to be playing a little bit with expected gender norms, at least where 007 is concerned. While James Bond will remain James Bond in the movie, recent casting news indicates that a new 007 will be hired as Bond is out of the game at the start of the movie and that the new 007 will be female.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, a new James Bond will eventually be cast. For now, I’m sure the studio is happy to keep the spotlight on No Time To Die. Once Daniel Craig’s run has officially wrapped and he’s (likely) made a bunch of statements about his time working on the series, I’m sure a new announcement will come down the pipeline.

We’ll be right here to bring you the big news as soon as it happens. Meanwhile, there is a giant list of names that has been bandied about regarding who could potentially take over the major studio role. Timing can sometimes be everything and we’ll have to see which direction the wind blows in the coming months.

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