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Pixar’s New Soul Trailer Is So Upbeat And Beautiful That We’re Crying Over The Film’s Delay

The new Soul footage focuses entirely on Jamie Foxx’s Joe. He’s the human middle school band teacher and aspiring professional musician who, we know from other trailers, will end up dying and become a disembodied soul. But we don’t see any of those souls here. Instead, this is just about Joe inspiring all of us to embrace the life we have and to do something beautiful and creative with it. 

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for November to get this inspiring story in font of our eyes. Assuming, of course, that things are actually back to something resembling normal by then. Pixar was originally going to release Soul on June 19, we actually would have seen this movie by now if 2020 had any decency. Instead, Disney Animation’s Reya and the Last Dragon was pushed into 2021 and Soul has taken over the traditional Disney Thanksgiving weekend release.

More to come…

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