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Sephora Just Announced Its Biggest Holiday Sale Ever

As if Sephora’s early Black Friday deals weren’t exciting enough, the retailer just announced more Sephora deals are on their way as part of its first “Sephorathon”—a month-long savings event for the holiday season.

On November 20, the beauty megastore revealed a series of offers for both online and in-store that will kick off on December 3 and last all the way through January 1, 2021. The one caveat (there’s always a catch): the deals apply to Beauty Insiders only. The higher your ranking, the higher your savings. The beauty of its Insider program, though, is that it’s free and ridiculously easy to sign up for. All you have to do is click here

So, back to Sephorathon: Here’s everything you need to know about the various Sephora deals that’ll be up for grabs, and exactly when they’re going on so you won’t miss a thing. Frankly, with my continuously mounting skin care obsession thanks to TikTok, I’m nervous about how all these events are going to affect my wallet. Oh, we’re supposed to be shopping for gifts? My bad. 

Scroll on for all the Sephora holiday deals you don’t want to miss. 

December 3-9: Dollar Savings

For the first seven days of Sephorathon, Beauty insiders will earn money off of purchases equal to or over $75 dollars. Insiders will receive $15 off, while VIBs will get $20 off their purchase. Rouge members come in hot with $25 off. 

Remember, these rankings are based on your spending history at Sephora. A regular Insider can sign up for the program for free, a VIB spends at least $350 a year, and Rogue members spend at least $1,000 a year.

How to save: Use code 2020SAVE online or in-store.

December 10-16: Point Multiplier

Okay, so this one is all about your Sephora points. As of May 29, points equal cash, not just gifts. At checkout, all members can use their points for special offers or get money off on their purchase—i.e., 500 points will get you $10 off in-store and online.

So, for the next seven days of the event, you get more points for every single dollar you spend. Insiders earn double the points per dollar, VIBs take home three times the points, and Rouge members multiply their points by four for every dollar they spend. 

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