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Spider-Man: Far From Home Writers Explain That Big Captain Marvel Connection

SPOILERS are ahead for Spider-Man: Far From Home. So if you haven’t seen it & don’t have an eyepatch or a flerken handy to shield you from them, come back when you do.

Spider-Man: Far From Home was packed with tons of twists and moments of misdirection, all the way through to the end credits scene where it was revealed Nick Fury and Maria Hill weren’t themselves at all. They were Captain Marvel‘s Skrull couple Talos and Soren on a mission for Fury, while he took his own post-Endgame vacation.

Why did the writers go for this final twist? Was it just another opportunity to interconnect Spider-Man with the MCU further? Here’s what co-writer Chris McKenna says:

Looks like Skrulls were part of the Far From Home from the beginning, even more centrally at one point, as they were involved in Mysterio’s plot. As the writers decided to make Jake Gyllenhaal’s villain character a con artist instead, this was dropped. However, they still wanted to play with deception further, so still found a place for the Skrulls.

The end credits scene to this film was a highly-anticipated one, because many thought it might give fans some insight into what to expect from Phase 4, since Far From Home is the official conclusion to Phase 3. So, Variety also asked the writers if Skrulls will continue to play an important role in the upcoming Phase or fan-favorite Marvel storyline Secret Invasion. Here’s what co-writer Erik Sommers said:

Of course! Marvel Studios is infamously hush hush about its projects, even to its most important players. Tom Holland, for example, wasn’t trusted with an Endgame script, and was even told Tony Stark’s funeral was a wedding scene.

An MCU adaptation of Secret Invasion would be badass! The comic crossover event is about a long-term invasion by Skrulls who have secretly replaced many of Marvel’s heroes. However, Captain Marvel established Skrulls as the good guys in their big twist. But who knows, after Endgame and Far From Home anything feels possible.

The more important twist we’ll be racking our brains about is the reveal of Peter Parker’s identity to the world by J. Jonah Jameson! Living in a world where everyone knows who Spider-Man is completely new territory for the hero! Unless it’s another act of deception?

The Far From Home writers certainly did a good job of making us question just about every reality. What did you think of this Skrull twist? Would you like to see them play a vital role in Phase Four? Sound off in the comments below.

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