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The 1975’s Matty Healy Bounced Around Like A Kangaroo On Corden

Matty Healy, frontman of The 1975loves jumping on stuff. That much is apparent in the band’s recent performance of “I Like America & America Likes Me” on The Late Late Show With James Corden last night (July 22). Matty bounces around like a kangaroo on stilts trying, so enchanted by the performance that he even lands on Corden’s desk. The host is even wise enough to be off the stage, ceding control to Matty, the band, and the twin backup dancers that elevate the entire show to the next level.

Matty’s pouncing presentation began calm enough, with him serenading into the autotune-infused mic while the twins hit the “Woah” dance. Matty himself twirled his hands in a circle before popping in place, his mouth making an uppercase “O.” Once the music swelled, the holy musical ghost took him over, causing him to catapult into the stratosphere and land his red Converse sneakers on Corden’s shiny wooden desk. As he sang sweet notes into the microphone while the band provided lush music from another corner of the stage, Matty made his way across the stage before jumping in the air again, this time landing on a drum. His balance never left him, surprisingly, and he finished out the performance calmly, on the stage this time instead of mid-air.

The 1975 are currently prepping to release a new album, Notes On A Conditional Form, sometime this year. In April, they teased its release on Corden where they also gave a performance of “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You).”

Check out the performance of jumping jacks up above.

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