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The 3 Things I’m Shopping After Watching Hallmark Christmas Movies Nonstop

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Confession time: I’ve been watching Hallmark Christmas movies nonstop since November 1. You don’t need to ask me why: These movies are magically, inexplicably addictive. The never-ending supply of hot cocoa! The fact that everyone is always roasting literal chestnuts! The low-stakes and nonsensical plot points! I love it all, in complete sincerity, and I’m not ashamed.

And while my mind is mostly turned off as I watch my Hallmark Christmas movies, I’m still low-key mining them for style ideas. Hear me out. The women in Hallmark movies are always—I repeat, always—impeccably dressed. Their jeans are perfectly tailored, their boots are unexplainably shiny, and no one has ever gotten so much as a coffee stain on her T-shirt. There’s a wholesome coziness to the Hallmark lady aesthetic that I try to emulate every holiday season, and this year I’m determined to get it right.

I’ve essentially watched every new Hallmark Christmas movie this year and have determined there are three keys to nailing the cozy character look. Spoiler alert: It’s actually not that difficult.

Long-sleeve T-shirts (with or without buttons—your choice!) are all over the Hallmark Christmas movie universe. (Probably because they work in any climate—and in some of these movies, it goes from snowy to sunny in six hours flat.) Rich fall colors and wintery neutrals feel especially festive.

David Dolsen/Hallmark

What else are you supposed to wear for a snowball fight? Peacoats are functional but also stylish—perfect for all the winter errands you’ll have to run with your high school sweetheart, who’s all grown up and super-sexy. Magical.

Steven Ackerman/Hallmark

This is the only way to top off every single winter outfit. Wear yours however you like, but the colors are non-negotiable.

Fred Hayes/Hallmark

Now that you’ve shopped, turn on a Hallmark Christmas movie. Here’s this year’s lineup.

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