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The Bachelorette Season 15, Episode 10 Recap: A Note on Tyler, Luke, and Sex in the Fantasy Suites

Sadly, that’s where the positive moments of the episode end because the final two dates are with Jed and Luke. Jed goes first, but he and Hannah spend most of their time talking about Luke. If you’re this close to finding your future husband, he asks, why keep someone you’re uncertain about around? She stumbles over her answer before finally telling Jed that she and Luke have a connection; she knows it’s hard to understand, but he’ll have to respect it. “You’ve got to let me figure it out,” she says.

Over dinner, she thanks him for bringing up the Luke stuff. Jed admits it’s hard for him to understand how she can be falling in love with him but still holding onto someone who’s been toxic to her and everyone else. It makes him wonder if there are other bad situations she won’t let go of out in the real world. “I’m just really freaking sure about you, and I don’t want to be unsure,” he says. She gets so frustrated at that she leaves the table.

When they both sit back at the table, Jed insists that he trusts her decisions and has her back no matter what. Hannah says his conversation scared her, but ultimately it shows her that he cares. They go to the fantasy suite.

The next day, Hannah and Luke take a helicopter to Santorini. It’s fairly uneventful, though I did a spit take when Luke, a man who told Hannah that he was falling in love with her on their second date, says he doesn’t take “dropping the L word” lightly.

Their dinner that night starts off well enough, until Luke opens his mouth. “I want to make sure that from now on things are known how they’re supposed to be,” he says. “So let’s talk about sex.” Sex is a beautiful thing only when it’s in the “guidelines of a marriage,” he says. He concedes that he’s been abstaining from sex for almost four years—and he knows she’s not a virgin either—but he wants to know that she won’t be having sex with the other guys in the fantasy suites. He adds he’d “100%” go home if she did.

While I screamed at my television and threw my phone across the couch in horror, Hannah keeps her cool. “Sex is a very big deal to me,” she replies. That said, she doesn’t agree with him. “The way that you just said that…it’s like, why do you have the right to do that because you’re not my husband,” she explains. She feels he’s judging her when he doesn’t have the right too. “Pride is a sin too, and I feel like this is a pride thing.”

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