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The Best Massage Candles to Heat Up Your Foreplay

When you think of foreplay, you might think of things like fingering or oral sex—but the best massage candles make a worthy addition, too. They not only help set the mood but can also give you (and possibly a partner) a fun activity to get you warmed up for sex or masturbation—or to enjoy on its own. What’s more, the more turned on you are before someone even begins pleasuring you, the more relaxed you’ll be—and the more pleasure you’ll feel.

Most massage candles work like regular candles, but along with wax, they contain naturally hydrating ingredients, such as jojoba and coconut oil, that are good for massaging into your skin. When they melt, that melted candle wax doubles as a warm body oil or lotion, so you can leave it on to nourish dry skin after playing with it. 

For the best results, light a massage candle about half an hour before you plan to use it, then blow it out and pour the warm oil on your or your partner’s body, or use your hands to gather some and massage it in. (You don’t want to give candle burns to yourself or your partner, so wait until it reaches a low temperature so you’re not working with super-hot wax.) You can use it on most parts of your body that you’d normally massage, like shoulders or feet, though it’s best to avoid the genitals—and definitely not to put it inside your vagina or use it as lube

Massage candles have different aromas, textures, and designs, so if the idea of using one piques your curiosity, there are plenty of options to explore. Here are a few of the best massage candles that customers rave about.

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