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The Next Major Attraction In Star Wars’ Galaxy’s Edge Just Got An Opening Date

The only date given when the “second phase” of Galaxy’s Edge was announced was “later this year” and it seems that things have taken even longer than anticipated, as, in the case of Disneyland, that broad window will actually be missed. Both of the new lands were actually given opening dates in advance of their original window. We didn’t expect Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World to open until late fall originally, but even if Disney Parks waited and didn’t open things until originally planned, it seems Rise of the Resistance still would not have been ready, which may explain why the lands were opened early to begin with. 

The reason for the delay is likely pretty obvious, Rise of the Resistance promises to be the largest attraction ever opened at a Disney Park. It’s just a physically massive location with a lot going on inside it. Getting so many animatronic, projections, ride vehicles, and whatever else is going on, to work seamlessly is never an easy task, and the size of this one just makes it all that much more complicated. 

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