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The Tragedy Of Macbeth: Release Date, Cast And Other Things To Know About Joel Coen’s A24 Movie

Joel Coen Is Making This Movie Without His Filmmaking Partner And Brother

Going back to their 1984 feature-length film debut Blood Simple, Joel and Ethan Coen, known together as the Coen brothers, have written and directed some of the most important films of all time including Fargo, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, and No Country For Old Men. And even though Ethan Coen wasn’t credited as a director on some of those movies, he has very much been part of the process. That all changes with The Tragedy of Macbeth.

Upon reading about the movie, you might find it strange to only see Joel Coen’s name listed as the writer and director for The Tragedy of Macbeth, but that will be the case this time around. During a 2020 interview with Collider, composer Carter Burwell (who composed many of Coen’s movies including his latest) discussed working with Joel Coen on his own when they were first talking about this film. And even though things will “be a little different,” Burwell said he thinks the movie will have that familiar Coen voice.

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