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There’s Going to Be a Major Casting Change in Bridgerton Season 3

She added, “[The writers] got a little bit creative so we’re already hard at work writing season 3…. That is already in progress and you’ll see. Give it time.” But asked directly which sibling would get the star treatment next year, she said, “I can’t tell you! That is a spoiler, I can’t.”

If the series does follow the books, next season would focus on Benedict, played by Luke Thompson. Series creator Chris Van Dusen told ET, “I love Benedict’s story. I love his story and all these siblings, all these characters for different reasons. They all offer something new. I think it was really the appeal to me in a project like this, the fact that we could tell these close-ended love stories and shift focus season after season.” In terms of following or not following the books, he said, “I think it depends on story, and it always comes down to character for me…. I think we do a lot of work in these first two seasons to set up characters in these future seasons, and every one of these siblings is going to eventually carry their own season, so it’s important to flesh out these characters and set them up for success.”

Translation: They’re gonna do what they want to make the setups and payoffs work. Readers who have seen the first two seasons will have noticed that Eloise’s storyline has already been shifted. As for Benedict, back in season one he went to an orgy and hooked up with the modiste…neither of which happen in the books.

But if you wanna know what happens with Benedict, whenever his season arrives, here’s how Glamour deputy editor Anna Moeslein sums up his book: “Benedict Bridgerton is the star of this story, a play on Cinderella, that begins at a masquerade ball. There, Benedict becomes entranced by the mysterious Sophie, a servant girl with a wicked stepmother. He doesn’t know it, but she’s posing as a member of the ton until the clock strikes midnight. If this does become the source material for Bridgerton season three, there’s plenty to work within this story, in part because this is one of the sexier Bridgerton novels. Benedict and Sophie don’t have the will-they, won’t-they aspect of the first two books because there’s a sexual attraction between the couple almost immediately. Instead, Sophie spends a significant portion of the novel toying with the idea of becoming Benedict’s mistress. Spoiler: No, they don’t wait for a wedding night.” Sounds hot.

Some fans have theorized that season 3 could focus on Penelope (Nicola Coughlan) and Colin (Luke Newton) instead. When Glamour asked Van Dusen to tease what we’ll see next season, here’s what he told us: “Where we leave Penelope and Colin [in season 2] sets them up for some really interesting stories in future seasons. Whether that’s season 3 or beyond, I can’t say at this point. But we’re definitely going to return to visit them and explore that in the next season.”

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